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[E.23] Behind the Scenes Building Coconut Whisk with Bella Lam

Restoring The Day Podcast with Susan Shannon

From immigrant family and sharing a closet for a bedroom, to starting a baking mix company in her home kitchen, to leading a team, growing a retail base, and opening a brick and mortar location, Bella Lam from Coconut Whisk opens up and shares what's all gone into building the business up to what it is today.Bella shares what it means for her to build a business that leaves a legacy, adds meaning to her community, and build up more and more dreamers and doers in the next generation.Follow Bella on Instaram @_bellalamFollow Susan on Instagram @susan_restoringthedayOrder from Coconut Whisk and learn more about their mission at https://coconutwhisk.com/Exclusive Gift for Listeners:Get $5 off your Coconut Whisk order at coconutwhisk.com when you use promo code SUSAN5


15 Feb 2021

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Episode 12 - Bella Lam, Coconut Whisk


Meet Bella Lam, creator, blogger, and founder of @coconutwhisk, the first coconut sugar-based, 100% vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free baking mix for all to enjoy. Originally a dream that began in her college apartment, the brand is now soaring and flying off shelves across the nation. Every mix purchased comes with a promise of donating another meal to fight food insecurity. In today's episode, we talk to Bella about overcoming fear, recognizing a sustainable opportunity in your work, and how to make people fall in love with your brand as much as you have. Keep up with Bella and Coconut Whisk by following @coconutwhisk and visiting them at coconutwhisk.com. Continue supporting Groundbreaking by subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review. Want more from FRNDLY? Check out what we're up to by visiting us at frndlymedia.com and following @frndlymedia on all platforms. You can also follow Jake at @jacobwittenberg. Know somebody we should interview or have a thought you'd like to share? Contact the show by emailing jake@frndlymedia.com.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jake-brewer/support


15 Sep 2020

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What It's Really Like Running a Small Foods Company with Founder + CEO of Coconut Whisk, Bella Lam

Health is Wealth

In today’s episode, I sat down with the founder and CEO of Coconut Whisk, Bella Lam to chat about what it's like running a small food company. Coconut Whisk is a mission-driven vegan & gluten-free baking mix company that helps busy families create healthy indulgences & positive kitchen experiences. Their yummy-tasting baking mixes are easy-to-make, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. From pancakes to muffins to cookies, they make sure to create products that are better-for-you yet indulgent. Get ready to hear this incredible entrepreneur story of starting a small food company out of a college apartment. Are you ready, let’s dive in!


8 Sep 2020

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Growing a Successful Food Company, Personal Branding for Business on Instagram & Applying for Shark Tank with Bella Lam of Coconut Whisk

Collective Marketing Podcast with Jenna Redfield

Growing a Successful Food Company, Personal Branding for Business on Instagram & Applying for Shark TankInterview with Bella Lam of Coconut WhiskBella (Nhi) Lam is the Founder and CEO of Coconut Whisk. A mission-driven vegan and gluten-free baking mix company that help busy families create healthy indulgences and positive experiences in the kitchen. They offer mixes for pancakes, muffins, cookies and more. With every purchase, Coconut Whisk donates a plant-based meal to a kid in need. Bella is a Mankato Alumni from the Community Health Education Program, a Anti-Hunger Advocate, a 2020 Aerie Changemaker and MSU- Big Ideas Winner. She's dedicated to using her unique experiences as an immigrant, first-generation college student and business leader to inspire others to dream big and take bold action. Bella enjoys green smoothies, morning yoga, board games with the family and creating vision boards.https://coconutwhisk.comwww.instagram.com/coconutwhiskwww.facebook.com/coconutwhiskbakingcoTik Tok: @coconutwhisk Pinterest: /coconutwhiskJenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small businesses, entrepreneurs & creatives. She is a well-known speaker, educator & social media strategist. You can work with her one on one with coaching or take one of the Academy classesFree Social Media Masterclasshttps://www.collectivemarketingacademy.com/Masterclass-SignupAcademywww.collectivemarketingacademy.comJoin the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/twincitiescollectiveCoaching https://www.jennaredfield.com/coaching-programsFind the podcast on all platforms http://www.twincitiescollective.com/podcast-linksFollow us on Socialhttps://www.instagram.com/twincitiescollective


27 Jul 2020

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A Community Rallies for Hungry Kids with Bella Lam of Coconut Whisk

Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

To help with meals during the COVID-19 crisis, Bella Lam and her company, Coconut Whisk shared free pancake and waffle mix. Her community came alongside her to help. Bella Lam is the Founder and CEO of Coconut Whisk, a vegan and gluten-free baking mix company. With every sale, Coconut Whisk donates a vegan meal to a kid in need. In March of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic struck. Children were sent home from school. Bella grew up depending on school meals. She realized that many school children would go without. She and her staff decided to donate a waffle and pancake mix to families in need. When word got out, members of their online community stepped up to give. As a result, fifty families received the help that was desperately needed. One mother wrote: "Thank you so much for sharing your amazing waffle mix and stepping forward to help people like me. I am a single mom of five who is already struggling to find things on store shelves. I truly appreciate it with all of my heart. The kiddos loved them too!" The Story of Coconut Whisk In the Spring of 2018, Bella was a senior at Mankato State University. She had been vegan and gluten-free for two years. She was excited to be invited to a family member’s wedding. “This person teased me about being vegan,” she told me. “When I found out his wedding reception was not vegan-friendly, it really hurt. I couldn't even eat the dessert. It was humiliating and frustrating.” Also, as an avid baker, Bella struggled with finding baking kits that fit her dietary choices. “It sparked a fire in me,” she says. “I wanted to show people that living vegan is healthier, better-for-you, and easy! I wanted it to be normalized and accessible. I didn't want anyone else to feel the type of disappointment that I did.” With that mission, Bella decided to start a vegan and gluten-free baking mix company that also gives back. “I wanted our brand to be as approachable and welcoming as possible, no matter who you are.” She entered a campus business pitch competition. They ended up winning the Food Division. “From that moment on, we've seen tremendous growth and support. We are in over 20 retail stores. We're donated over 500 meals. We have a thriving online presence and a loyal customer base. Launching Coconut Whisk has been my greatest adventure. We're excited to keep growing and to become a household name!” Lessons Learned Bella says, “The lesson I want others to learn from my story is to take heart-centered action. I didn't start a company to prove anyone wrong. I started it because I felt that there was a need, and I wanted to provide a solution. It's so important to make sure that your ‘why’ is clear. I didn't have the business background, but I was passionate about proving a solution. That was my north star. I focused my energy on doing good and being the best person that I could me. I challenged myself, and I acted. When you take the first step, everything else starts to fall in place.” Learn More About Bella Lam and Coconut Whisk: Coconut Whisk: https://coconutwhisk.com Coconut Whisk on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coconutwhisk Coconut Whisk on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coconutwhiskbakingco


11 Apr 2020

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003 // building the vegan baking company Coconut Whisk ft. Bella Lam

High Vibe Human

Meet Bella Lam, the founder of the vegan baking company Coconut Whisk. She shares her inspiration behind the brand, how she built it from the ground up, and where it's going in the future. Bella also shares her secret to success with her morning routine and her positive outlook on life. We also dive a little into her Human Design chart and share a little about Manifesting Generators - if this is you, Bella is completely living by her design! Connect with Bella bellalam.com @_bellalam Coconut Whisk coconutwhisk.com @coconutwhisk Sponsor: Educating Earthlings Offering listeners a discount link to all online programs including 1:1 coaching! 15% off Plant Based Difference: The "Go Vegan" Workshop 15% off Authentically You: The Personal Growth Workshop 20% off 3-month Coaching Bundle 20% off 6 month Coaching Bundle LET'S CONNECT High Vibe Human @highvibehuman highvibehuman.co Educating Earthlings @educating.earthlings educating-earthlings.com Human Design Reading Hit subscribe and leave a review for a chance to win a free Human Design Reading (worth $97) & a shoutout on the podcast! Thank you so much for listening. love & light Lexi --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/highvibehuman/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/highvibehuman/support


2 Apr 2019

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Coconut Whisk (ep. 131)

Makers of Minnesota

Coconut Whisk is a vegan + gluten-free baking mix company founded by Bella Lam and Myles Olson. Lam and Olson began testing recipes as students at Minnesota State University Mankato. They entered the resulting product in their college’s Big Ideas Challenge, an entrepreneurship competition and won the food and beverage division which came with a $3,000 prize. Now they are making their way to Lakewinds co-op and selling online.(ep. 131) Support the show (https://paypal.me/StephanieKHansen?locale.x=en_US)


4 Mar 2019