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Whole Man Academy

Join us as founder Anthony Astbury talks about getting over 25,000 views of our podcast! KABOOM! In this episode we talk about: A quick life lesson for men How we want to find 1,000 men to help do life better What our plans are for some more live events in london The ‘Whisper it quietly’ thoughts on a WMA Retreat in the U.K. Starting your side adventure Also, our latest Zoom event for men is this coming Wednesday 29th April. If you haven't already - subscribe to our eLetter where you will get all the updates, AND advance notification of events, and ticket release. Lastly, if you haven’t already, join the hundreds of men around the world who have signed up to get our weekly thought-provoking email for men. www.wholemanacademy.com/movement Get out there and live! Remember, the world needs strong men.


23 Apr 2021

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Whole Man Academy

Yep, it's a short podcast this week with our ever-popular quick life lessons.   WMA founder Anthony races through 7 life lessons which include one from a Police officer all the way from Canada.   If you have a life lesson you would like to share, feel free to let us know.  You know how to get in touch.   Now then, are you receiving our weekly game-changing eLetter for men?     If you want to live more, be more, and experience more go and sign up. www.wholemanacademy.com/movement    Follow us - We’re on Facebook and Instagram. And if you know other men who want to do life better, tell them about the Whole Man Academy!        The world needs strong men.


2 Apr 2021

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Whole Man Academy

We firmly believe that the world needs strong men, now more than ever, and we are here to give guys those golden nuggets to navigate this often challenging world. What if you could implement 1 or all of this week's 6 powerful suggestions to do life even better? In episode 60 of the pod we talk about: The power of the people you hang with The importance of personal honesty What your number one priority should be Your pursuit of greatness in life Clarity on what you are working on Next week we will be back with another belting podcast for guys who want to live life with adventure. Also - are you receiving our weekly game-changing eLetter for men? If you want to live more, be more, and experience more go and sign up. www.wholemanacademy.com/movement Want to join the WMA in wearing the latest t-shirts? Grab your clobber by hitting this link https://teespring.com/en-GB/whole-man-academy-merch The popular Whole Man Academy podcast, with Anthony Astbury, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. Follow us - We’re on Facebook and Instagram. And if you know other men who want to do life better, tell them about the Whole Man Academy! Let’s do life better together. The world needs strong men.


12 Feb 2021

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Whole Man Academy

What do you do when the shit hits the fan and you feel like things are all going wrong?   How important is your mindset at these moments in your life?  This week Anthony talks about a conversation he had with a man who had recently faced some challenging times but has come out the other side with a positive intention and a new regime.  Tune in as we go through some of the upgrades he has made and how learned something about himself on the way.   Maybe you can find some golden nuggets to tuck away for another day when you need them most.  Also, if you haven't already - remember to subscribe to our weekly eLetter for men.   We cover the hot topics of men's health, fitness, mindset, purpose, fulfillment, and taking action.  You can sign up here - www.wholemanacademy.com/movement Next week's pod is with a former Royal Marine - it should be a belter - released on 29th Jan.  If you know of other men who want to do life better, tell them about the Whole Man Academy.  The world needs strong men.


22 Jan 2021

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EPISODE 18 | ANTHONY ASTBURY | Cold Showers | Taking accountability | Speaking The Truth | Not to be slowed by others

Going The Ultra Mile

It is vital to your life to able to take stock of where you are and start creating your life by design. Anthony discusses the upcoming issues that the Covid-19 has created and why he felt he had to have a life with impact and provide a switch from the mainstream media.😊 For more information please visit: https://linktr.ee/goingtheultramile #goingtheultramile #motivation #motivated #motivationalquotes #patience #tuesdaytrivia #podcast #podcasting


22 Nov 2020

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Whole Man Academy

The Whole Man Academy is here to help men do life better (and women as well if they want to join in), but how do you do that?    Mainly to add value to your lives.    Through thought-provoking content, meet-ups, and opportunities for guys to raise their game through the network of brilliant gents we have on board.   Now then - if you haven't already subscribed, we have added an excellent bonus download which is now available to new subscribers.   A mind-blowing 30-minute exercise that will save you years of wasted life and future regrets so that you never feel life has passed you by.  So what’s it all about?   Men today are under more pressure than ever to be successful at work, to build and support happy and healthy families, to exercise and eat properly, to dress well, and to think and say the right things.  We are juggling so much expectation, and when your diary is busy you might not have time to sit down and evaluate what you really want in life.  It’s easy to sleepwalk from one week to the next, living moment to moment, not really understanding that the actions we take today, however small, can add up to larger changes further down the line.  We don’t want to live our life with regrets. Regrets can be things you did or didn’t do. The job you didn’t take, the person you didn’t ask out, the email you didn’t send, the risk you didn’t take, the thing you said that you instantly regretted. Could have, would have, should have.  You can avoid regrets by changing your behaviour.   But where do you start?   In the WMA How To Do Life Better Exercise, we look at the areas of your life that are important to you, and which you might choose to do better. The things you could and maybe should have worked on, but just didn’t get round to because you didn’t take the time, were scared to take action, or didn’t feel you had the resources and support to follow through on. Let’s take action now and start moving forward. But here is the challenge.   Give yourself the gift of some self-reflection    Download it,   have a go.   See what comes up   And then let us know what are the action steps you are going to take.   Subscribe here to access our 'How To Do Life Better' exercise - A FREE 30-minute exercise that will save you years of wasted life and future regrets so that you never feel life has passed you by. www.wholemanacademy.com/movement Let’s do life better together.  If you’ve enjoyed this podcast and would like more support, or just want to hear more about the Whole Man Academy, here’s where you can find us: Email Anthony would love to hear from you: anthony@wholemanacademy.com  Coming soon! Subscribe to our e-letter for news about the Whole Man Academy Mastermind programme, launching soon.   The weekly e-letter arrives every Friday, straight to your inbox.   Podcast The popular Whole Man Academy podcast, with Anthony Astbury, is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.  Website Read testimonials and check out our events at www.wholemanacademy.com Follow us We’re on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.  And if you know other men who want to do life better, tell them about the Whole Man Academy!  The world needs strong men.


9 Oct 2020

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Whole Man Academy

It’s easy to say that we should always look on the bright side of things and ‘cheer up’, and I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking. But we are in uncharted territory.  Being strong doesn't mean keeping your issues to yourself. A man who is comfortable in his own skin can say ‘it’s been challenging’. We think it helps to release the pressure valve and help navigate this sometimes topsy-turvy world.  This week we set all the men listening a challenge. The entire reason the Whole Man Academy was started is to encourage guys to get together to talk. What we soon realised is that talking wasn’t going to be enough to help men do life better. We started a podcast, we started live zoom calls, we started the eLetter.  We saw guys hungry for practical advice on all segments of the pie of man. Health, wealth, mindset, fitness, relationships, list. goes. on. It’s OK to say the last 6 months have been very challenging for many of us guys.  Stress, uncertainty, isolation, worry, purpose, self-worth, lack of purpose. Even if you haven't, you will probably know someone who has had to contend with some of these. They are all things I have heard from guys recently, and from a mixture of sectors, ages, salary brackets, locations, beliefs, and levels of perceived success in life. It’s OK to feel any or all of these, and that can be for a fleeting moment or a prolonged period.  So this week we invite you to take on our challenge and contact your mates. Check-in.  Who might you contact? What might you achieve by contacting them? What could the long term benefits be of just picking up the phone for a chat. Who knows. But at least you tried. www.wholemanacademy.com


30 Jul 2020

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Whole Man Academy

What are the things that lead to big results for a man in todays challenging world? We talk about the small but powerful things you could implement to have a belter of a day. Listen in as WMA podcast host Anthony Astbury hits on about a variety of hacks that could lead to: increased productivity, better health, a stronger mindset, calm mornings, and eliminating procrastination. The important thing is to remember: It’s your choice if you educate yourself or not It’s your choice if you live a healthy life It’s your choice to eat what you want It’s your choice to exercise It’s your choice to think what you want (for now anyway). www.wholemanacademy.com https://www.instagram.com/wholemanacademy/


24 Jul 2020

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Whole Man Academy

Which of these have you struggled with during the world wide lockdown?  Health and Fitness - Working from home - Loneliness and Boredom - Financial Issues - Mindset and self-doubt?  If any or all of these have caused you sleepless nights in the past, WMA CEO and life coach Anthony Astbury is here to help you navigate the issues and hopefully thrive through a challenging time for us men. Listen in as we talk about what you are fuelling yourself with, the importance of accountability, taking time to reflect on your life, a hidden killer, your state of mind, and having control over your finances. We guarantee you will need to work on one or all of the things we talk about! Now then, re you receiving our weekly emails? If not, you're missing out! Our Whole Man Academy weekly email is changing the game for men around the world using cutting edge psychology, gamechanging thinking strategies and inspiring tips and stories from people you should have heard of but likely never have.  So if you want to live more, be more and experience more go and sign up visit www.Wholemanacademy.com/movement


4 Jul 2020

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Whole Man Academy

Are you strong? Are you able to cope with whatever the world throws at you?Imagine being a parent and losing your teenage daughter to an illness. How would you cope and how would you react?The bad news is that you will face loss in your life at some point. The circle of life means it is unavoidable for us all. How you have and how you will react when that challenging moment arrives can shape your entire life. We talk about that and so much more on this podcast. It's actually an interview with our CEO and co-founder Anthony Astbury, and the questions are asked by Michael Chabot, based in California via his great new podcast The Daily Decision. We also talk about raising a healthy family, mindset, strength of character and making a big change in your life.

1hr 34mins

8 May 2020