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Ep. 5 Hope and Happiness after Heartbreak with Robin Choe

Born Unbreakable Podcast

Robin Choe is a Relationship Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Award-Winning Author of the book, The HQ: How to Overcome Your Divorce and be a Better Father. From an aspiring professional Canadian hockey player to the party scene to suddenly growing up fast after becoming a young father, Rob is no stranger to life’s unexpected challenges. One of those challenges for him was how to build a burgeoning life as a single father after divorce. Hardship catapulted Rob into the self-development world and on a journey that led him to becoming a thriving example of hope and happiness after doing the inward work of healing. He has coached a countless number of people on the road to a happy, healthy life after heartbreak. We all can relate to the difficulties that come with matters of the heart. Whether it’s you or someone dear to you, this episode will leave you with gems. Don’t miss it! Shout out to our Sponsor, BRA-sériē, creator of designer bra straps in styles from dainty to daring. Go to https://www.braserie.com/ and use promo code BUSHIP to get free shipping on your order today!

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19 May 2021

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117: Robin Choe - Relationships with Rob

Every Day is a New Day

Robin Choe is an Award-Winning Author and Motivational Speaker. His book "The HQ (The Happiness Quadrant): How to Overcome Your Divorce and Be a Better Father" spawned his relationship-based podcast (“Relationships with Rob”) that is a highly rated show on iTunes, with more than 100,000 downloads from 30+ countries. He interviews hundreds of people including men and women to showcase that everyone has it in themselves to bounce-back after heartbreak. Robin also facilitates a large group of divorced fathers offering support and advice. His group members come from over all over the world, including 5 continents, and representing more than 50 countries. Additionally, Robin coaches men and women worldwide, and is setting the stage to come to your hometown to speak.


4 Mar 2020

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Robin Choe: Step By Step Entrepreneurial Game Plan (Ep. 7)

The Marcia Miatke Show

Today’s guest is my friend, and seriously dope soul – Robin Choe, serial entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Men’s relationships and divorce coach and host of the ‘Relationships with Rob’ podcast(which I had the honour of being a guest on earlier this year), Robin Choe is my dear friend and seriously dope soul.  In this episode Rob shares his advice to up and coming entrepreneurs as well as a step by step game plan for those ready to step into the arena. If you're looking to join an amazing community for divorced dads, join his Facebook group 'Dads Overcoming Divorce'. Connect with Rob on Facebook @robinchoe and Instagram @therobinchoe  If you loved Rob's content please help spread our message of inspiration and share this episode with someone. Also, be sure to tag us on your IG stories @marciamiatke and @therobinchoe with your biggest takeaway!  I'd love to connect with you:  Website: www.marciamiatke.com Facebook: @marciamiatke  Instagram: @marciamiatke LinkedIn: @marciamiatke YouTube: @marciamiatke 


21 Oct 2019

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Online Dating Sucks Part 2 | Robin Choe

Relationships With Rob

Happy Hump day! Welcome back to part 2 of analyzing why Online dating or dating in general may suck for you. You may not be able to see things the way you normally would because we aren't paying attention to what's outside of the bubble you may be stuck in. When we gain perspective it's a way for us to view our own world through a  different lens. And that could very well possibly be the missing insight that you've been needing to figure out the unknown in your own life. LINKS BELOW www.robinchoe.com www.instagram.com/therobinchoe www.facebook.com/therobinchoe www.twitter.com/therobinchoe


5 Jun 2019

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Online Dating Sucks | Robin Choe

Relationships With Rob

What is up my beautiful people...this week you will be stuck with me. Solo episode FULL STEAM ahead. I've been hearing stuff. I've been listening carefully, and fine tuning my program. A LOT of people out there are sick of online dating. I'm hearing it with my coaching clients, I'm hearing it from friends, and i'm hearing it from my private Facebook Group. Why does online dating suck so much? It's a question I knew nothing about until I started Awakened.  Wanna hear my opinion on the matter? SUBSCRIBE and all that good stuff. LINKS BELOW Check out the previous interviews that we had with these awesome human beings. Layra's Interview - www.robinchoe.com/podcast/104 Jane's Interview - www.robinchoe.com/podcast/119 Seak's Interview - www.robinchoe.com/podcast/120 Dale (Kickin' it) - www.robinchoe.com/podcast/150


4 Jun 2019

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Ride the Momentum | Robin Choe

Relationships With Rob

What up! I come on here to do a long ass solo to document my journey of the last two years of this amazing entrepreneurial journey. I wrote a book, I started a podcast, I wanted to speak, host seminars and webinars and all that fun stuff. I wanted to become a thought leader in my industry and impact a billion lives. I know this may not be YOUR dream, but this is mine. I welcome you on this journey but encourage you to start yours today. RIGHT NOW. Time's of the essence and we got so much of it left. Ride the momentum. LINKS BELOW Podcast -https://www.robinchoe.com/podcast-2 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/therobinchoe Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/therobinchoe Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/therobinchoe


29 May 2019

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Divorce Support for Dads – Robin Choe

Man Alive

Divorce is challenging enough on its own. Add to that the responsibility to take care of your kids and navigate with your ex. Robin Choe gives hope for dads going through divorce! http://traffic.libsyn.com/manalive/divorce-robin.mp3 Show notes Having been through divorce myself I know firsthand it’s not an easy road. I also know from experience that it’s even more challenging as a parent. It’s a time of transition, when everything can seem to be falling apart around and within you. You may feel exhausted, defeated, hopeless or even want to end your life. But I, and today’s Man Alive Podcast guest, wants you to know there IS hope! There will of course be challenges, but when you’re open to it life will bring you new people and experiences to support you, even amidst the pain. Robin Choe has been through his own divorce as a dad and now hosts a group of thousands of divorced dads. The group offers understanding, guidance and people to lean on. You do NOT have to go through this alone. In fact you actually can’t. Going through divorce is often a time when men realize they can’t heal in isolation. In our podcast conversation we discussed…  Something you can count on every day you’re alive that will give you hope What’s possible when you shift from “Why me?” to seeing an opportunity to grow and know yourself  The importance of letting go of the”Nice Guy” persona Balancing taking care of those you love AND yourself Robin’s path into the darkness and back out into the light Robin shared a quote by Lao Tzu that is an inspiring reminder: “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”  If you’re going through a separation or divorce know that we believe in you and are here to support you. Check out Robin’s website and my new guide: 4 Keys to Date After Divorce Without the Same Pain and Problems below. Links: Robin Choe Shana‘s new report: The 4 Keys to Date After Divorce Without Repeating the Same Pain and Problems Bio: Robin Choe wrote the award-winning book: The HQ: How To Overcome Your Divorce and Be A Better Father He is a men’s divorce and relationship coach, podcaster and serial entrepreneur who’s heart centered approach to life and business is beginning to catch wave. He is passionate about creating solutions to make the world a much more loving and efficient place by serving the needs of others. He’s on a mission to normalize talks about divorce between families and within society, while helping the children thrive. He knows for men to pave the way they must turn inward to transform how they show up every day in their lives. He helps hundreds of divorced dads get over the mental road blocks and traps they put themselves in, and fights to bring them out of isolation in some worst case scenarios. The post Divorce Support for Dads – Robin Choe appeared first on Shana James Coaching.


30 Jan 2019

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Robin Choe Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T (Episode 108)

Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T

As we all know IN THE FILM WORLD, having a purpose for writing a script for a feature or a tv show could MAKE or break your whole storyline. In this episode I called upon someone who is helping people to discover, rediscover their purpose of themselves. And that is why I invited Robin Choe In The Film World. He is someone I HAD connected with through another popular podcaster and life entrepreneur Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness. We were both a part of his online mastermind school of Greatness, 10.0 back in June/July 2017.We talk on the 5 key reasons why purpose is lost as well as how to find it again. Now please let me introduce the one the only Robin Choe!http://www.robinchoe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therobinchoeTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/therobinchoeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/therobinchoe/

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9 Mar 2018