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137. Inclusion: Race, gender, and generations, with Kimberly Ellison-Taylor


As we near the end of Women’s History Month, and with Black History Month still firmly in our memory, it’s essential to take a look at diversity and inclusion in the CPA profession — both how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go.Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is a former Maryland Association of CPAs chair, a former AICPA Chair, and the executive director of finance thought leadership for Oracle. She is also the incoming chair of the AICPA’s National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, and the incoming president of Beta Alpha Psi, the international honor society for accounting and finance students and professionals. She has her pulse on the profession’s D&I initiatives. She talks about what the AICPA’s National Commission is focusing on these days, how generational issues factor into the diversity-and-inclusion conversation, and how we can start moving this conversation away from groups of individuals and toward more inclusiveness across the board.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.Resources:AICPA National Commission on Diversity & InclusionMcKinsey Women in the Workplace 2020Watch: International Women's Day: Women strengthen the accounting profession, during and beyond COVID-19Future-Proof is a production of Crate Media


30 Mar 2021

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Spotlight on Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA

CPA Risk Chat

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA. Ms. Ellison-Taylor served as the chairman of the AICPA’s Board of Directors. She has a long history of volunteering for the profession: She has served on the AICPA Business and Industry Executive Committee, the AICPA Board of Directors, the Benevolent Fund, and as a Council representative. She is a past Chair of the Maryland Association of CPAs, and has served on many of its committees. Ms. Ellison-Taylor is currently the Global Accounting Strategy Director for the Financial and Professional Services Industries for Oracle America, a leader in cloud solutions and enterprise technology. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, her MBA from Loyola University, and holds a Master's of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Our interview is conducted by Candace Coach, Account Representative for the AICPA Member Insurance Programs.


24 Feb 2021

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FY 21 - Ep 5: Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA, Global Technology and Finance Leader

Accounting for Us

In this episode, we interview Mrs. Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, a NABA member, certified public accountant, chartered global management accountant, and certified information systems auditor. From 2016 to 2018, Ellison-Taylor served as the 104th chairman of the American Institute of CPAs, where she received numerous awards and recognition. Notably, she was the youngest person, fifth woman, and first person of color to serve as chairman in the AICPA’s 130-year history. Join us for an interview discussing her advice on navigating careers, her affiliation with NABA,  and her passion for diversity & inclusion. You absolutely won't want to miss out.


2 Nov 2020

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“Working Twice as Hard to Get Half the Credit” With Kimberly Ellison-Taylor


Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is an advocate for inclusive leadership, and what it means to create an equitable workplace environment. It’s not as simple as giving everyone the same opportunity — you need to meet people where they’re at. We are, unfortunately, not all created equal.  The first Black woman and the youngest person to act as chairperson of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, on top of a career including roles at NASA, KPMG, and Motorola, Kimberly Ellison-Taylor is a pioneer.  On #BlackLivesMatter, Ellison-Taylor doesn’t care if your business is buying into it for commercial purposes: Net net, if you are creating opportunities for people of color who would not have them otherwise, it’s a move in the right direction, she explains. Listen as Ellison-Taylor talks about diversity in the workplace, being a woman in a man’s world, structuring your business so diversity is not only doable but also scalable, and having to work twice as hard to get half the credit on this episode of SheVentures. 


24 Jul 2020

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102. Building a more inclusive accounting and finance profession | with Avonette Blanding and Kimberly Ellison-Taylor


Inclusion remains a huge problem in our profession. As of 2016, just one percent of CPAs employed by public accounting firms were Black. And 0.3 percent of partners at those firms were black. Meanwhile, roughly 13 percent of our country’s population is Black. And the numbers for other people of color weren’t much better. We want our profession to look like the public it serves, but it isn’t close — and it isn’t making much progress, either.Our guests this week, Avonette Blanding and Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, offer some poignant insights that might help us take the first step. Avonette is chief financial officer at Maritime Applied Physics in Baltimore, which designs and builds advanced technology systems and vessels for the Defense Department. She is also the incoming chair of the Maryland Association of CPAs. And Kimberly is executive director of finance thought leadership at Oracle. She is a past chair of both the MACPA and the American Institute of CPAs, and just the second chairperson of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. She’s also a fixture on Accounting Today’s list of the most influential people in accounting. They are both Black women and true leaders in our profession, and they have insights, life experiences, and mindsets that the vast majority of people in our profession do not — but that we desperately need.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit blionline.org/blog.Resources:Avonette’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/avonetteblandingcpaAvonette’s Twitter: twitter.com/avonetteb_cpaOracle: oracle.com/corporate/executives/kimberly-ellison-taylorKimberly’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kimberly-n-ellison-taylor-b1a13a2“Together, We Can Make A Difference: A 12-Step Plan To Address Racism And Unconscious Bias.”Future-Proof is a production of Crate Media


22 Jun 2020

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Episode 32: Improbable Does Not Equal Impossible With Kimberly Ellison-Taylor

Breaking Beliefs

We hear a lot of amazing stories of unlikely people rising to success through a combination of luck, the right mindset and hard work. Improbable does not equal impossible; no matter your background, rising up the ranks of any profession, even the most prestigious professions, is something you can achieve as long as you set your mind to it. Joining Amy Vetter is Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Global Executive Director for Oracle and Former Chairman of the Board of the American Institute of CPAs. Kimberly shares her life’s journey from the inner city of Baltimore and the lessons she learned as a child that led to her success as a CPA in the accounting profession.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How » Join the Breaking Beliefs community today:amyvetter.com/breakingbeliefspodcastAmy Vetter’s FacebookAmy Vetter’s InstagramAmy Vetter’s LinkedInAmy Vetter’s TwitterBreaking Beliefs YouTube


21 Apr 2020

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January 2020: A Conversation on Global Accounting With Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA

VSCPA Leading Forward

VSCPA Leading Forward host Maureen Dingus, CAE, goes in-depth with the past Chair of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA of Oracle about her focus on global accounting.


23 Jan 2020

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S2E26 - Kimberly Ellison-Taylor | Community, Mentorship, & Adaptability: The Ingredients for a Better Future

Change Your Mindset

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, a powerhouse in the accounting profession whose drive, energy, and passion is unparallelled. Kimberly is currently a Global Strategy Leader at Oracle, and she has held positions at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Motorola, KPMG, as well as having a role in government in Prince George's County, Maryland.On top of that, from 2016 to 2018, Kimberly served as 104th Chairman of the American Institute of CPAs, where she received numerous awards and recognition. Notably, she was the youngest person, the fifth woman, and first person of color to serve as chairman in the AICPA's 130-year history. Kimberly was also the second Chairman for the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, an organization founded in 2017 that has 667,000 members in 184 countries.Kimberly has been able to walk the fine line between technology and accounting throughout her career, but she’s been able to leverage her accounting and finance acumen in every role she’s had. Even working at NASA Goddard, Motorola, and now Oracle, she’s always recognized that there were both technology and finance implications of every business decision (as well as people and process implications). “And I've been able to leverage both of those on top of the foundation that my parents set for me when they said very early, ‘don't be afraid, and you need to pay your dues, and work hard to get ahead.’”Kimberly also learned from her parents and the church that she needs to give back – and she really took it to heart! She’s held executive roles, chair roles, and leadership, and she’s a passionate advocate for state CPA societies.So why does she do it? It all comes back to servant leadership, and recognizing that other people inspired and helped her when she was younger. Some people may just need a little bit of help. Other people may need role models. Other people may need to hear that you made it through some tough times to get where you are. It's about helping people who might just need a small helping hand or inspiration, especially other people from socioeconomic backgrounds that are less common in the accounting and technology fields. “It's important to lift as we climb,” Kimberly says. “And I think it is important because the more of us that can give visibility to the options that are available, the more of us that will be attracted to the profession, that will stay in the profession, will be advanced and promoted to the highest levels of the profession. And I think that if not me, who? If not now when? And we all have individual accountability and responsibility to do our part and to pay forward.”Resources:Check out AICPA-CIMA.comConnect with Kimberly on LinkedIn--Change Your Mindset is produced by Podcast Masters Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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15 Apr 2019

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119: Kimberly Ellison-Taylor – Immediate Past Chair of AICPA

Where Accountants Go - The Accounting Careers Podcast

We were very fortunate this week to be able to interview Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, the Immediate Past Chair of the American Institute of CPAs, for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast.A Fortunate Turn of EventsKimberly knew from an early age that she wanted to be a CPA.  As early as 3rd grade, she realized that becoming a CPA would be a career that was both stable and financially sound.  Due to a miscommunication though, she ended up attending a university that did not have a formal accounting major path available, so she instead majored in Information Systems Management.  However, this path ended up to work out much better in the long-run.  She still followed her dream and acquired the additional hours she needed to take the CPA exam, and now has enjoyed a career that mixes both her financial & accounting acumen with her strong background in information technology.Failed the CPA exam at first!We include this note as a motivator for anyone that has had difficulty with the exam.  Kimberly was recently the chairperson for the national CPA association – AICPA – but believe it or not she failed the exam the first time.  It doesn’t matter if you fail it once, or a few times even.  Rather it’s important that you learn from the experience and you try again.  If a goal is worthwhile, then it’s worth investing in.  Kimberly very openly shares this ‘failure’ experience in hopes of inspiring those other individuals that are striving to pass the exam and realize that it may take a little more effort than they originally anticipated.Soft Skills Are ImportantWith Kimberly’s technology background, you may find this interesting, but she stressed a few times how important skills like the ability to inspire and the ability to motivate will be moving forward.  As more and more of our routine accounting functions are taken care of by AI, we will be left with the more exciting and interesting parts of our jobs – the parts that require people skills and judgement.  Anything you can do to increase your abilities in these areas will be invaluable as you continue to grow your career in our ever-expanding tech-filled world.If you enjoy this episode, make sure you visit these as well:  Kurt Rathmann and Donny ShimamotoTo listen to the full interview, please click on the player below:


26 Feb 2019

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10. Finding & Developing the Next Generation of Leaders for our Industry | with Kimberly Ellison-Taylor


My guest today is Kimberly Ellison-Taylor. Born in inner-city Baltimore, Kimberly discovered the profession at an early age and devoted herself to it. She has since risen to the very top of the profession, but there are two key things you need to know about Kimberly: First, she has never forgotten her roots. She is a Marylander through and through, and she is the biggest fan of state CPA societies the world will ever know. Second, she has seen it all, from this profession’s standpoint. She’s talked with thousands of folks in this profession throughout the world over the past couple of years and has developed a really unique perspective on where the profession is now and what’s waiting for us in the future. In This Conversation We Cover: What the American Institute of CPAs & the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants are (and how they’re different) How Kimberly’s perspective on the industry has changed after her board positions Who has impacted Kimberly over the past few years Why state societies are so relevant today The biggest challenges & opportunities facing the profession today How our industry can better appeal to women and people of color Resources: Learn more at AICPA-CIMA.com Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn Future-Proof is produced by Podcast Masters


18 Jun 2018