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Raising Capital, Breaking Down Barriers, and Studying at Oxford with Rachel Carrell | Two Teachers Talk Business Episode #7

Two Teachers Talk Business

In Episode 7, Rachel Carrell provides us with a fascinating insight into her journey in life and business. Rachel was born and raised in New Zealand and moved to the UK when she was awarded a scholarship at the University of Oxford where she went onto achieve a Doctorate. After this, Rachel has had an amazing career, she has been a CEO, Managing Director, an Angel Investor and now she’s back to being a CEO of a business called Koru Kids. What stood out to us more than anything during the podcast was Rachel’s mindset, it was incredible, she has clearly never put any barriers in her way and she has clearly worked extremely hard to achieve everything she has so far. Some of the standout moments for us during the podcast were Rachel discussing: · Why she left a successful corporate career to start her own business. · How she has managed to raise millions of pounds for Koru Kids. · What she looks for when investing in other start-ups as an Angel Investor. We hope you find Rachel very insightful and her words very valuable.  If you are interested in business, remember to subscribe to our podcast to hear our upcoming episodes first. Follow us on the following socials to see even more Business content: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twoteachersbusiness Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwoTeachersBusiness Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwoTeachersBiz​​ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/two-teachers-business 


31 Mar 2021

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The Power of Creating a Positive Working Environment with Rachel Carrell

40 Minute Mentor

In today’s 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by the Founder and CEO of Koru Kids, Rachel Carrell.After a successful career in strategy and innovation, including working at McKinsey and growing the healthcare company DrThom to 1.3 million paying users in 3 countries, Rachel took the leap and launched her own business, Koru Kids. The idea for Koru Kids was born out of her own frustration with the lack of affordable childcare options for working parents and is now London’s fastest growing childcare brand. Not only has the business survived the multiple lockdowns of the past 12 months, but it’s thrived. Navigating the restrictions and changing its business model at pace. Speaking to Rachel was truly inspiring and we cover some really interesting topics in our conversation, including:- The importance of getting the other areas of your life on track, both financially and emotionally, before launching a startup.- The power of creating a positive working environment, and why you want to focus on ensuring that everyone is on the same page. - And the self-talk that’s helped Rachel through the tough times over the last year, her advice to others and why we all need to find our own “Sasha Fierce”. Rachel is so passionate and shares so many insights on how to ensure that everyone around her, from her clients to her employees, feel positively about the business.If you’re thinking about launching a startup, or if you’re looking to build a positive work culture around you, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please do get in touch at james@jbmc.co.uk If you want to find out more about Rachel, take a look at her LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachcarrell/ If you want to find out more about Koru Kids, head over to – https://www.korukids.co.uk/


31 Mar 2021

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Rachel Carrell, Koru Kids: Powerful lessons in business and childcare

Startup Dads

Welcoming our first startup mum this week… Rachel Carrell! Rachel is the founder and CEO of Koru Kids, a childcare tech startup. It was only when Rachel had her first baby that she realised how limited childcare options were in London. The idea for Koru Kids was born out of her frustrations! In this episode, Rachel and Amrit examine the many parallels between managing a team and bringing up kids, such as making sure they both have autonomy and purpose. Rachel also gives us some insights on how Koru Kids successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic. Keep up to date with everything Startup Dads related on Twitter - https://twitter.com/startupdadspod/This weeks Startup Shout Outs:Little Village A Fascinate Production. 


16 Mar 2021

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Rachel Carrell - McKinsey Consultant to Start-up CEO (Life after Consulting)

NOT-SO-CORPORATE (by The Abundance Psyche)

McKinsey consulting to disrupting London's start-up scene - today I have with me, a very special lady who has actually been an inspiration to me without probably even realizing that she was. She is an ex McKinsey consultant turned startup CEO. And she runs one of the coolest, and yet, I think, most valuable of London startups. She runs Koru Kids, which basically, is a technology company that helps parents with childcare. And as a new parent myself, I have realized that this was certainly one of the things that was missing from the startup scene here in London.  If you want the transcript instead, go here.


11 Feb 2021

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Koru Kids Founder Rachel Carrell

Unplanned: adventures in venture

Rachell Carrell grew up, as she describes it, "at the end of the world," in a small town in New Zealand. Wanting to learn more about the world, she earned a scholarship to Oxford, where she eventually got her PhD and became a political economist.Rachel says one of her keys to decision making is the need to keep her options open. This led her to McKinsey and eventually a role as a CEO at Dr. Thom, an online doctor service.Rachel founded Koru Kids, an online childcare resource. Before she began her startup, the risk-averse Rachel said she needed to have a solid foundation of a relationship, savings, and an idea. And when starting Koru Kids, she was torn between that idea and another.  It was a 5 minute conversation with her friend Alice Bentinck of Entrepreneur First that gave her that "aha' moment.As with all our guests, Tara asks Rachel about balancing a career with family life.  Our guests discusses outsourcing some domestic responsibilities, and  "housekeeping standards as low as they can possibly be."   Rachel also talks about the pandemic, and how it led to a physical move she would never have expected.Finally, we talk about the importance of having a large network, and why Rachel maintains that when seeking very specific advice.Mentioned in this episode:Koru Kids: https://www.korukids.co.uk/Entrepreneur First: https://www.joinef.com/OMERS Ventures Legal Disclaimers: https://www.omersventures.com/Legal-and-DisclaimersThe Unplanned Podcast is produced by JAG in Detroit Podcasts: https://jagindetroit.com/


13 Nov 2020

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Raising society: Koru Kids Founder and CEO Rachel Carrell

Entrepreneurial Leader

Former McKinsey consultant and health technology CEO Rachel Carrell on how great childcare is a foundation for a great society and making the executive CEO to Entrepreneur / Founder transition. 


2 Nov 2020

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with Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids

The Entreprenora Podcast

In Episode Seven, Rachel and I get honest about the trial-and-error process so many of us founders go through on our way to uncovering a business and mission we truly care about. Her own journey to founding Koru Kids involved dozens of discarded ideas until the ah-ha moment when she saw how deep the childcare problem was and decided to create a solution to help families flourish.Rachel shares her vision for fulfilling her maximum capability, bringing Koru Kids to the world, and changing lives each day. We talk about solving one of many Founder's Dilemmas (pivot or stay on course?), about the received wisdom that isn't always wise, and the importance of having a community of founders around you. Her energy, honesty, and thoughtful approach to startup and solo-founder life will leave you buzzing and inspired. Check out Koru Kids at: https://www.korukids.co.uk/And for more great Entreprenora content, please follow us on Instagram at @Entreprenora_official or by signing up to our newsletter at www.entreprenora.co.uk.Let's do great things together.


26 May 2020

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#6 - Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids - Positioning long term, part time childcare for success

The First 1000

Rachel Carrell joined me to discuss the beginnings of Koru Kids - a new childcare platform solving the biggest problem in childcare, in London. Sound small? This market is huge and Rachel is cracking it. Shout out to the non technical founders out there. Rachel (formerly of McKinsey) is a sharp and strategic business centric founder who had to get by with bare bones tech in the beginning. What many may see as a hinderance was key to her success as she could focus on the problem and not the product!


3 Sep 2019

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#050: “I wanna do it fast” with Rachel Carrell

3.5X Podcast: | Start-ups | Entrepreneurs | Scale-ups

“I wanna do it fast” with Rachel Carrell In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Carrell - Founder and CEO of Koru Kids. Rachel’s career before founding Koru Kids is impressive enough on its own, and after being the CEO of other companies previously, Rachel was well set to build Koru Kids to the brilliant business it has already come to be. The team of 30 based in London now support over 17,000 families to support their childcare needs, and their vision is to become the “World’s best childcare service”. Rachel has raised £4.1m to date, with other rounds in the pipeline, and amazingly she ‘accidentally’ raised the second round of £3.5m whilst pregnant and gave birth halfway through the process! This episode is a great example of how to take on a large issue within a very large sector, and Koru Kids seems to be growing from strength to strength! In this episode we discuss: Fundraising - how to do it, and when is it right to do it? Understanding how to negotiate with investors Research and development in the early stages Validating your idea Marketplace companies Building your entrepreneurial network And as always, plenty more


24 Jun 2019

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045: Rachel Carrell - Airbnb for nannies and after-school childcare

The Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast

Childcare is a massive issue for parentpreneurs. In this latest episode I interview London-based Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids a childcare service that provides nanny shares and after school childcare. Before entrepreneurship, Rachel worked at McKinsey – one of the world’s most esteemed management consultancies. She became a mother, and soon noticed the many childcare challenges experienced by her and her friends. This widely spread problem inspired her to start Koru Kids in 2016. In our chat, you’ll hear us discussing how Rachel transitioned from corporate career to startup trailblazer and how she raised £600,000 of funding some of which was given by Gumtree’s founder. We will also discuss why her business is being compared to Airbnb, after being touted as ‘Airbnb for Nannies’ by The Evening Standard. In line with our steadfast Parentpreneur values, we will ask Rachel her tips and solutions to consider in addressing the tribulations of modern-day childcare, and how she balances work with family life! Show notes: https://www.parentpreneur.com/podcast-045-rachel-carrell-airbnb-for-nannies


28 Mar 2018