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Ep 192: Breaking Away From A Wirehouse To Build A True Fiduciary Multi-Family Office with Paul Pagnato

Financial Advisor Success

Paul Pagnato is the Co-Chairman and Chief Visionary Officer of Cresset Capital, a multi-family office with nearly $9.5 billion of assets under management for more than 600 ultra-high net worth clients. After a nearly 20-year career at Merrill Lynch—and working with Hightower Advisors as a partner—Paul decided to go out on his own and eventually merged his multi-billion-dollar boutique advisory firm into Cresset Capital to further expand the reach of his vision. Listen in as we talk in-depth about Paul’s entrepreneurial journey through the industry, why he chose to follow his true north and walk away from a 20-year wirehouse career, and why it’s so important to have a strong support structure in place with experienced vendors when breaking away. You’ll learn about the $90,000/year flat fee structure his firm uses to serve its ultra-affluent clientele, how Paul services those clients with unique concierge offerings, and how he has been able to scale successfully with a philosophy of outsourcing as much as he can. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/192

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1 Sep 2020

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511: What It’s Like to Be a Top Ranked Wealth Advisor With Paul Pagnato, PagnatoKarp [Main T4C Episode]

Time4Coffee Podcast

Paul Pagnato is the CEO and Founder of PagnatoKarp, a top-ranked family wealth advisory with over $4.8 billion in assets under advisement. In 2019, Forbes ranked Paul as the number one advisor in Virginia (29th in the United States), and Barron’s ranked him at #2. Prior to founding PagnatoKarp, Paul worked at Merrill Lynch for 19 years, where he founded its Private Banking and Investment Office in Washington, D.C. The post 511: What It’s Like to Be a Top Ranked Wealth Advisor With Paul Pagnato, PagnatoKarp [Main T4C Episode] appeared first on Time4Coffee.


27 Jul 2020

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Episode 26: Paul Pagnato, CEO and Founder at PagnatoKarp and Author of The Transparency Wave


Paul Pagnato migrated from a career as a scientist looking for life in outer space to one of the top financial advisors in the U.S. with a keen eye for tracking innovation, exponential change, and other emerging global issues. He is also the author of the recent book, The Transparency Wave, which highlights the essential role that transparency plays in future innovation and entrepreneurial success. Paul A. Pagnato is Co-Chairman Cresset, Founder PagnatoKarp, a top family office and private wealth management firm with over $9.5 billion assets under management.¹ Paul is a top advisor with more than 27 years of industry leadership, ranked #1 in Virginia on Forbes Top Wealth Advisors and #2 in Virginia on Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors lists. PagnatoKarp is Best Multi-Family Office ($2.5B to $5B AUM/AUA) by Family Wealth Report Awards and a Virginia Business Best Place to Work. Paul is also founder of the TrueFiduciary® Institute, a non-profit with a Massive Transformational Purpose of positively impacting one million lives through digital education and True Fiduciary® standards of exponential transparency, targeting the well-being of students, individuals and advisors. Paul has been advising clients for more than 27 years, specializing in CEO Founders, entrepreneurs and UHNW families. Paul spent 19 years with Merrill Lynch, where he founded the Washington, D.C. Private Banking & Investment office. He began his career as a microbiologist with NASA and McDonnell Douglas working collaboratively to search for life in outer space. In this OODAcast we tapped into Paul's extensive background to seek insights relevant to decision-makers building high growth companies. We also dive into his newest book, The Transparency Wave, where he examines how in a time of exponential growth across multiple sectors, those who fear transparency are doomed to remain in the past. Paul provides example after example of how exponential growth is here now and how transparency provides significant advantage to any organization in this new domain. For more see: The Transparency Wave Pagnato Karp


23 Jul 2020

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114: The Courage to Find the Lion Inside of You with Paul Pagnato and Kimberly Faith

Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss embracing transparency and keys to exponential growth and living our fullest life. We explore:       - The transparency wave and revolution that's followed the communication and digital waves - The six components of exponential transparency - Six steps that lead to consumer trust - Why companies that figure out how to take transparency to a whole new level thrive - Embracing personal transparency and what actions we can take to inspire growth - Innovation and experimentation, and why success is failure turned inside out - Looking deeper to uncover if we are in alignment with our subconscious programming - What makes people stay stuck in their "smallness" rather than owning their personal power - Why a glass ceiling can be a mirror that allows us to redefine our narrative on new terms - How we can dive into our subconscious and start to erase the beliefs that are holding us back       Visit: https://voicesofcourage.us/


1 Jul 2020

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Episode 231 – Transparency Wave — With Paul Pagnato

Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Transparency changes everything for advisors. Being transparent means communicating all aspects of your business.In this episode, Matt speaks with Paul Pagnato, CEO of PagnatoKarp. Paul shares the importance of being transparent in the finance industry, how trust and transparency go hand in hand, and he discusses his book, “Transparency Wave.”In this episode, you will learn:How to use transparency to differentiate yourself in the industryThe six Ts of transparencyThe importance of building trust with clientsHow to scale credibilityAnd more!Tune in to learn all about transparency!Resources  Top Advisor Marketing | PagnatoKarp | Transparency WaveBrought to you by: Iris.xyz


28 Apr 2020

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271: Paul Pagnato: Transparency Brings Trust into the Customer Experience

Fast Leader Show | The Show for the Customer-centric Leader

Paul Pagnato was working in the financial industry when the financial crisis hit. With the lack of transparency in the industry, people no longer knew if it was all going to work out for them. Unable to stand this lack of transparency, Paul took the courage to leave the industry to become an entrepreneur and bring transparency to the financial world.


1 Apr 2020

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The Transparency Wave: Finances, Coronavirus, Leadership and More, with Paul Pagnato - ACEWEEKLY050

Ace Weekly

TRANSPARENCY CHANGES EVERYTHING: In the current climate of fear and uncertainty with the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm, transparency is more important than ever. People are sick & tired with the lack of transparency & trust in our society. This week, Paul Pagnato joins the show to talk about the new “Wave of Transparency” rolling over our culture today.  Paul Pagnato is the CEO of PagnatoKarp, a wealth management firm with almost $5 Billion in assets. He’s been ranked as a top financial advisor by Forbes, Barrons, and other top authorities in the financial industry. He’s had extensive experience working for Merrill Lynch, and has even worked with NASA as a microbiologist searching for extra-terrestrial life. He’s an author & speaker who has worked with top universities & corporations sharing his expertise and impacting as many lives as possible.  Paul talks about the role of transparency in our society, the value of mentorship, and the differentiator of high performers. He also shares his thoughts and gives a mature perspective with what is going on in our world with Coronavirus and its impact on our economy.  Pre-order Paul Pagnato’s book, “The Transparency Wave” https://www.amazon.com/Transparency-Wave-Exponential-Changes-Transform/dp/1936961458/ref=nodl_ Follow us on social! @andrewevansofficial @aceweeklypodcast 00:19- Intro 02:00- Introducing Paul Pagnato 04:00- Paul’s background in microbiology & working for NASA  07:30- Thoughts on COVID-19 and it’s impact on the economy  14:00- Transparency changes everything  19:00- Seeking mentors 24:00- What differentiates high performers? 29:00- Transparency & trust quickening the path to success 33:00- 3 massive waves of innovation  35:00- Is it possible to be too transparent? 39:00- The 6 T’s of transparency 42:00- What can young people read/study to get them on the fast track for success 46:00- How to prepare for an exponentially changing environment  49:00- What should someone look for in a financial advisor?


23 Mar 2020

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248 CBJ: How Transparency Can Revolutionize Your Career with Paul Pagnato

Careers by Jenn Podcast: Get the Job, Love Your Work, Advance Your Career

Paul Pagnato is the CEO and Founder of PagnatoKarp, and the author of Transparency Wave: Exponential Changes That Will Transform Our World. Join Jenn and Paul as he offers his perspective on how transparency will change the world.


27 Feb 2020

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How can you judge a book when it has no cover? A lesson in transparency with Paul Pagnato

Rich Dad Radio Show: In-Your-Face Advice on Investing, Personal Finance, & Starting a Business

Have you ever tried downloading an App on an App store and there is this super lengthy list of things about the rules, regulations, contracts and other boring stuff that makes us just want to click that “agree” button and move on from it? This and complicated contracts, sophisticated terms, privacy standards, digitization etc, play a huge part in the money world.In today’s episode of Rich Dad podcast, Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Pagnato talk about how transparency, or lack thereof, affects people’s trust and how some companies or personalities are doing things with transparency. Paul is named Barron's top financial adviser and Forbes tops wealth advisor and author of “Transparency Wave”. We will touch base on a wide array of subjects from Wall Street to Bitcoin, pension and student loans, Bernie Madoff, shadow banking system, and more.To find out what's really going on under the sheets, listen to today’s episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 Feb 2020

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E397 Paul Pagnato | CEO / Founder Of PagnatoKarp Wealth Management

15 Minutes to Freedom

Paul is a man on a mission to change the economic future of this country.   In 2008 during the financial crisis in the United States, Paul saw a major opportunity to educate the next generation to create new financial opportunities.  Through the creation of PagnatoKarp Wealth Management and the non-profit True Fiduciary Institute, Paul is making major strides in changing the way people think about money and prepare for their future.  Paul digs deep into transparency in the corporate world and how it can lead to an economic boom in this country. In addition, we touch on his fascinating time as a Microbiologist with NASA. If you’d like to get in touch with Paul about either PagnatoKArp or True Fiduciary Institute, feel free to contact him at ppagnato@pagnatokarp.com.  Also, be on the lookout for Paul’s upcoming book “Transparency Waves”, coming soon to bookstores and online retailers everywhere. To alter the course of your life, join a group of like-minded individuals in the 10 Day Challenge.  Click here to sign up! https://go.lifeoptimizationgroup.com/10day-video-training Are you looking to connect further with a group of like-mind people? Join myself and others in the Life Optimization Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeoptimizationgroup/.  I will be dropping daily nuggets to help you live an optimized life.  


23 May 2019