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Ep. 170 Optimal Health, Wellness & Resilience with Dr Brett Hill

Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo

Dr Brett Hill is a health and wellness expert and is host of some of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, a resilience mentor, functional nutrition coach, chiropractor, public speaker, and author of numerous books and e-books. He's coached and inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.In this episode we discuss:When Brett hit ‘rock bottom’ in his life and how he developed resilience and clarity from this spaceWhat his tips are for others who have hit rock bottomWhat optimal health means to him and what you can focus on to support your optimal health and wellbeingWhat resilience means to him and how you can become more resilient.The dichotomy of the health sagas we’re experiencing in Australia at the moment due to misleading information and black and white thinkingAnd plenty more about health and wellness from a practical standpoint and in realistic ways that we can all thrive, regardless of our circumstances.Follow Dr Brett Hill online:https://drbretthill.com/If you’re keen to make progress and impactful change in your life then I’ve got a few ways I can support you, as discussed in the intro to this episode:My women's only online program called 'Uplevel': Put yourself first and take your health, wealth and relationships to the next level. Kicks off September 27th:https://brettrobbo.com/uplevel/My mens only program called 'The Breakthrough Program': for busy male business owners, leaders and managers who want to smash their business and career and personal goals without the stress and burnout. This one kicks off October 18th:https://brettrobbo.com/breakthroughprogram/To keep up to date with my online challenges follow me on social media or email me from the website:brettrobbo.comInstagram: @brettrobbocoachFacebook: Brett Robbo CoachKeep Thriving Legends.

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16 Sep 2021

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The Art of Mindful Communication w/ Brett Hill

Captivate the Room

Welcome to the show! I've got a great guest with me today and we are going to be talking about mindful communication. I talk about communication, especially from the Psychology of the Voice perspective and the literal voice perspective but my guest today is going to add an entirely different level to what you've heard me talk about around using your voice to effective communication. In this episode, Brett and I talk about the ways we don't communicate effectively anymore, how mindfulness plays into effective communication, why we don't communicate from a place of mindfulness and how we can and so much more! Make sure you sign up for the upcoming Masterclass training Unleash Your Voice!  Our next round starts on August 5th. www.captivatetheroom.com/masterclass Guest Bio Brett Hill is a Mindfulness and Communications expert who created The Language of Mindfulness®,  soon to be a book, training, and TEDx talk (2021).  Brett is also a published technologist with two Microsoft Press books, having worked as a technical storyteller and international speaker for Microsoft and others. Microsoft named him as a “Most Valuable Professional” for 9 years. But his real passion has been studying and teaching interpersonal communication, meditation, depth psychology, and mindfulness. He graduated with a degree in interpersonal communication and moved on to study Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz.  He also trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan and established the Quest institute meditation center in Dallas.  All of this combined with his speaking and teaching experience has led him to create the Language of Mindfulness - so we can have amazing conversations, every day. He currently teaches as a meditation instructor at Bemediation.com, hosts the Language of Mindfulness podcast, and is available for coaching, speaking, or training at LangaugeofMindfulness.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brett.hill.391 Facebook  Language of Mindfulness page https://www.linkedin.com/company/languageofmindfulness Instagram: Brett.W.Hill Linked in personal Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindfulguy/ Linked in company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/languageofmindfulness Twitter: @bretthill  TikTok: mindfulguy Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUhl0dcGWVMXsFzlANu4MIA


20 Jul 2021

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#325 - Brett Hill gets REAL about the Language of Mindfulness

Be Real Show

Imagine the impact, professionally and personally, if every conversation could be more satisfying and had better outcomes. I can help with that.  https://www.languageofmindfulness.com/ Expert mindfulness coach, author, and speaker specializing in mindful communications. Created "The Language of Mindfulness" TEDx Talk (rescheduled to Q3 2021), host of the Language of Mindfulness podcast. Contact me for a free session to explore possibilities. Guaranteed results. Why? Cause the science is in. This matters and makes difference in your life, and the lives of those around you.


22 May 2021

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174. Brett Hill: Become A Better Speaker with Mindfulness

Time to Shine Podcast : Public speaking | Communication skills | Storytelling

Brett Hill is an expert on mindfulness and coach, creator of The Language of Mindfulness, soon to be a book, training, and TEDx talk (2021). Brett has spent many years studying and practicing mindfulness in many forms. He studied Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz and he also trained as a facilitator […]


16 May 2021

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Dr. Brett Hill - Building Resiliency From Rock Bottom

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

Host Brad Kearns talks to Dr. Brett Hill, a chiropractor in Adelaide, Australia about the importance of building resiliency, especially in light of the major lifestyle upheavals in 2020. Brett shares a sensitive personal story about hitting bottom several years ago and rethinking the direction of his life and his mindset. Brett describes in detail how to transform from a state of fear, anxiousness, and hopelessness into resilience and vitality. His book is cleverly titled, Rock Bottom, which describes not only the suffering of life but also a place to build a found foundation to grow and thrive from! During the show, Brett talks us through eight distinct steps to building resilience. Start with cultivating self-love, then discover your “why”, then cultivate curiosity and personal honesty. Then release your attachment to expectations, regain control of your life, take action, and don’t forget the importance of believing in miracles. Learn more about Brett and gain access to free mentoring at DrBrettHill.com.


21 Apr 2021

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#81 How Mindfulness Can Help You With Speaking & Communication - Brett Hill

Speaking Podcast

All Episodes can be found at www.speakingpodcast.com All Social Media + Donations link https://linktr.ee/speaking If you are interested in Meditation or learning Polish /Polish Properties please visit www.roycoughlan.com Awakening Podcast to Help Corruption & Fraud with Solutions www.awakeningpodcast.org Our Facebook Group can be found at www.facebook.com/speakingpodcast About My Guest: Brett started speaking back in High School taking speech and debate. He was also an actor and musician till his mid 20's. Lots of stage time. As he got into the emerging world of technology, he spoke at many technical conferences worldwide. He was invited to be a speaker at conferences as a specialist in Server security, and eventually hired by Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Now, he's pivoting into mindfulness and communications where his passions lie and was accepted to present at two TEDx talks. What we Discussed: - Brett's speaking journey - How to make great technical speeches - His meditation journey - Tips on debating - Storytelling - How he prepared his speeches - Checking out the room - Reading the audience - How to get a TEDx speech - How to deal with lights on stage - Dealing with different pieces of equipment - Why Mindfulness is so important and more How to contact Brett: https://www.languageofmindfulness.com/ To get the TEDX paper https://www.languageofmindfulness.com/tedx101/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindfulguy/ https://www.facebook.com/languageofmindfulness/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/roy-coughlan/message


2 Apr 2021

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Thriving after hitting rock bottom with Dr Brett Hill

The Wellness Collective

Hitting rock bottom can be a very lonely and isolating time that many of us experience in our lifetime. In this episode, Brett Hill shares his own life-shattering experience and the tools and strategies he applied which he now teaches others to help us thrive beyond the tough times.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Mar 2021

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Supercharging Your Presence & Audience Connection with Brett Hill - 161

The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

After graduating with a degree in interpersonal communication, Brett Hill ended up becoming a technology expert, before bringing the two strands of technology and communication together to create a distinguished and successful career as a technical speaker and storyteller.  Alongside that career, Brett has spent many years studying and practicing mindfulness in many forms.  He studied Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz and he also trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan, before  establishing the Quest institute meditation center in Dallas. He credits much of his professional success in the corporate world to the skills and tools he picked up from the mindfulness world he also moved in. Eventually, the desire to share the many benefits of mindfulness with others, so that they could live a richer and more powerful life of intention and connection, led to the work he does today. I’m excited for you to discover some of those benefits from this interview. What you’ll learn: How Brett stumbled from a degree in interpersonal skills to becoming a technology expert.  What a technical evangelist is. The broken heart that led Brett to find his future. Why we need to pay attention to the physical sensations we experience ‘in the moment’. How we can diffuse potentially explosive situations and influence conversations by harnessing the power of mindfulness. The problem that Brett’s work helps people solve.  What it looks like and sounds like to others when someone is being truly present with them. How mindfulness can help you avoid confirmation bias and create new possibilities. The correlation between using language intentionally and mindfulness. The trap that many speakers fall into in relation to their audience. How to practice mindfulness in your day to day experiences. Tips for using mindfulness to make your presentations more powerful. All things Brett: brett@languageofmindfulness.com https://www.languageofmindfulness.com https://www.languageofmindfulness.com/tedx101 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/languageofmindfulness Linked in personal Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindfulguy/ Linked in company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/languageofmindfulness Podcast: The Language of Mindfulness Books:  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thespeakingclub/ https://www.saraharcher.co.uk/challenge  https://www.facebook.com/SarahArcherSpeak/ https://www.saraharcher.co.uk https://www.standoutpitch.com Thanks for listening! To share your thoughts:                                                       leave a comment below.     Share this show on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To help the show out:     Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and review really help get the word out and I read each one.     Subscribe on iTunes.

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11 Mar 2021

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Learn The Language of Mindfulness; Brett Hill

Mindfulness Mode

Brett Hill is a Mindfulness Coach who created The Language of Mindfulness, soon to be a book, training, and TEDx talk (2021). He studied Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz and established the Quest Institute meditation center in Dallas. He also trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan, ecstatic dance with Gabriel Roth, and contact improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith. Brett is also a published technologist having worked as a technical storyteller and international speaker for Microsoft and others. Microsoft named him as a “Most Valuable Professional” for 9 years.Listen & Subscribe on:iTunes / Stitcher / Podbean / Overcast / SpotifyContact InfoWebsite: www.LanguageofMindfulness.com Free Gift from our Guest: 8 Ways To Be More Mindful in Virtual MeetingsMost Influential PersonPhil Del Prince Senior Trainer and Co-Founder of the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, COEffect on EmotionsMindfulness has helped me mitigate my negative sides and reinforce and access as a resource, my more positive sides. By helping me be mindful with my emotions, I can go, Oh, I'm having a reactive part and I'm having an empathic, loving presence part. If you're familiar with the story of The Two Wolves; we ask the question, which wolf do I feed? Let's feed the emotional, empathic parts. Not that the other part isn't real and legit. What do I give a voice to?Thoughts on BreathingMindfulness and breathing are intimately connected for me. My breath is my go-to, ground point. I always say, when you are mindful under stress, you have to practice when you're not. It's so simple, so easy, so uncomplicated to connect breathing and mindfulness. When I find myself getting into an argument, getting angry or upset, the very first thing is, I go to my breath. So simple, just take a pause and inject a space into a ‘too-fast conversation'.Suggested ResourcesBook: Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn Book: Buddha's Brain by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius App: Headspace / Calm / Insight TimerBullying StoryI was bullied pretty badly. I could pray for mindfulness on the part of any of the bullies, that's for sure. When I put myself back in the moment, I wasn't feeling very mindful about the things that were going on. I felt very victimized and I didn't have a lot of compassion for people. I feel like I was really missing a mentor to help me reframe things.Related Episodes469 Evolve Toward Health, Joy, And Wholeness; Laurie Warren 287 Heal Faster With Mindfulness and Electromagnetic Field Therapy; Dr. William Pawluk 146 Separate Emotions From Decision Making Suggests Jeremy Ryan SlateSpecial Offer from BruceHave you been trying to lose weight? Are you discouraged? It’s not hopeless. YOU CAN DO IT. I coach ppl just like you. I’m Bruce Langford, a practicing hypnotist, and you will get results with my help! I personally lost 35 pounds and I’ve kept it off. Feel good and look good. Believe it. Go to www.MindfulnessMode.com/weightloss Watch my short video and get 5 Tips on How To Lose Weight For Good.Our SponsorUse hypnosis to help others stop struggling with their deep rooted issues like weight loss, smoking, painful experiences. Are you a coach or a healer who would love to have new skills to help your clients? Hypnosis can help people reach goals faster and easier than you thought possible. Become a hypnotherapist. The Cascade Hypnosis Center offers world-class training. www.CascadeHypnosisCenter.com


18 Jan 2021

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190: Dr. Brett Hill On Getting Back Up After Hitting ROCK BOTTOM

Real Talk With Jimmy Moore

Full show notes at livinlavidalowcarb.com Support this show by becoming a Patron at Patreon! Dr. Brett Hill is host of some of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, resilience mentor, functional nutrition coach, chiropractor, public speaker, and author of numerous books and e-books. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality. A divorced and now remarried father of three with a string of entrepreneurial pursuits and life challenges along the way, Brett brings a unique perspective to health and mindset challenges with his communication skills and emotional vulnerability. He has been able to combine his decades of research into building human health and resilience (including study of Health Science, Nutrition and Counselling) with his own personal journey and lessons to help others rediscover their own innate resilience in a profound way. Dr Brett has been able to share his journey with his three gorgeous children Tom, Charlotte, and Tim who have inspired Dr Brett to take his message to the world in order to create a healthier environment for his family to thrive in. In this interview, Jimmy chats with his Aussie friend Dr. Brett Hill who has been through some very painful experiences in his life over the past decade. He details those things along with what he did to bring himself out of it in his new book ROCK BOTTOM. Get the e-book version here Get the paperback version here: Check out the rest of Brett’s work: https://drbretthill.com


7 Jan 2021