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Selling Trust First with Tom Shea, Co-Founder of Adgile Media Group

Unlimited Partners

Today's Unlimited Partner is Tom Shea, Co-Founder & COO of Adgile Media Group. Adgile boasts itself as the leading data-driven truck-side media company. Tom is a detail-oriented tech wiz with experience as a full stack developer and operations manager. He graduated from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Tom holds a degree in Finance, Computer Science, & Chinese from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. We get to hear about how Tom came up with the idea while at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The original idea involved digital screens that displayed ads on the sides of the trucks. And they could display ads specific to businesses geotagged to mile markers along the highway. However, the feedback was that this was too expensive. Listen to the episode to see how Tom and his team solved this problem... Topics include: Tom's ideation of Adgile Media Group while at UofC Booth School of Business Getting people onboard who knew more about marketing and advertising Progress 15 months into their newest iteration Using statistics and geotagging to isolate what type of traffic they were driving for clients Diagramming who their customers are Pricing your product & services Shea family values from Tom & Jerri Shea (sister is Katie Shea of Divergent Capital) Guest: Tom Shea, Co-Founder and CRO of Adgile Media Group Host: Thomas McGannon, CFA Links Linked In Tom Shea @tomshea Twitter Thomas McGannon LinkedIn Creator Ventures Follow us on social media: Like and subscribe and all that stuff...stay in touch as we will have exciting updates and content soon... @uppodpod Twitter @uppodpod Instagram UP YouTube Channel up-pod.com Email us: show@up-pod.com


14 Jul 2022

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5: Tom Shea, OneStream Software CEO: The Platform Evolution

The Platform Journey

Tom and Avanish kick off the session focusing on what it means to build a platform, and a partner ecosystem around that platform. Then, they dig into where Tom is on the platform journey. He’s been building OneStream for some time and it has grown amazingly well, with a marketplace of over 50 solutions and over 200 partners. They cover… Driving towards constant improvement and platform dependency (7:23)What the true definition of “platform” is and the necessary mindset to achieve platform status (9:27)Recognizing the right patterns early on in the platform journey (15:25)Separating platform thinking from traditional product thinking (17:00)The biggest roadblocks for platform building (19:10)The evolution of cloud ecosystems over the last several years (28:09)Guest: Tom SheaTom is an original founder of OneStream Software™, an original architect of OneStream, and serves as CEO of the company.  He is passionate when it comes to delivering value, success, and support. Tom’s vision is to change the entire CPM ecosystem with a solution that combines power and flexibility with ease of use, deployment, and maintenance. Prior to OneStream, Tom was an original founder of UpStream Software in January of 2000 where he invented and architected UpStream TB and later UpStream WebLink. These products pioneered a new space called Financial Data Quality and achieved a better way to manage data quality for Hyperion products by providing a packaged product (UpStream/FDM) every company could use. Tom is a graduate of Oakland University, where he earned his BS in Accounting and Finance as well as an MBA in Systems Analysis and Design.Host: Avanish SahaiAvanish Sahai is a Tidemark Fellow and has served as a Board Member of Hubspot since April 2018. Previously, Avanish served as the vice president, ISV and Apps partner ecosystem of Google from 2019 until 2021. From 2016 to 2019, he served as the global vice president, ISV and Technology alliances at ServiceNow.  From 2014 to 2015, he was the senior vice president and chief product officer at Demandbase.  Prior to Demandbase, Avanish built and led the Appexchange platform ecosystem team at Salesforce, and was an executive at Oracle and McKinsey & Company, as well as various early-to-mid stage startups in Silicon Valley.About TidemarkTidemark is a venture capital firm, foundation, and community built to serve category-leading technology companies as they scale.  Tidemark was founded in 2021 by David Yuan, who has been investing, advising, and building technology companies for over 20 years.  Learn more at www.tidemarkcap.com.LinksFollow our guest, Tom SheaFollow our host, Avanish SahaiLearn more about TidemarkYou can find the full transcript here. 


23 Jun 2022

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My Traumatic Change - Episode 195 - Featuring Tom Shea

The Marc Jeffrey Show

The countdown to episode 200 has begun !! And what an awesome way to start it off, with an episode talking to a totally inspirational  Gent called Tom Shea. Tom has has a very rough past 20 years. It all started off when he was involved in a Road Traffic Accident where he broke his neck, back and many other parts of his body and as a result suffered a major Brain injury. His pain didn't stop there but he never let his Trauma get him down. He has battled every step along the way , dealt with everything that has crossed his path and it was an honour to have him on this episode to share his Traumatic Story. May I just add that Tom would never have reached where he is today without the love and support from his amazing wife.... Please head over to his youtube channel where he goes by the name PreacherBear . Also please head over to my new Web page . Warning it is still in the construction stages . www.themarcjeffrey.com head on over to insta for my new channels @the_alcohol_free_reviewer @design_4_life

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14 Oct 2021

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Founder Friday: Tom Shea @ Adgile Media Group

Chicago Capital

Tom Shea is the Co-Founder and COO of Adgile Media Group, the first ever tech-enabled, nationwide truckside advertising company. With data at the center of all that we do, Adgile delivers advertisers the biggest bang for their advertising dollar.


8 Oct 2021

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375 Keeping calm when chaos is all around you with Tom Shea

The Fitness Business Podcast

In this episode, guest Thom Shea explains what the 3 Simple Things are to lead during chaos. His leadership style, of which he learned from the Navy Seals, is prevalent as he shares what has worked for him during his years in the military. Thom Shea is passionate about making people, from all different backgrounds, become better leaders by listening more and placing the right people in the correct roles.


27 Jul 2021

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EPM Conversations -- Episode No. 8, A Conversation with Tom Shea, CEO of OneStream Software

EPM Conversations

From Enterprise administrator to CEO, from market disruptor to Magic Quadrant visionaryWe at EPM (or should that be CPM?) Conversations are – unsurprisingly – pleased beyond belief to have OneStream Software CEO Tom Shea as our very special guest.  We think you'll be pleased as well.OneStream is in the moment and of the future. How did that happen? Who made that happen? What is its genesis? Where is OneStream right now and where will it be in the future? Why is it such a success? This podcast answers all and throws in more than a few surprises.OneStream as a rocket shipCertainly its rise has been meteoric. What has enabled OneStream to evolve so quickly from an industry insurgent to a market visionary? I could opine (those of you who have had the misfortune to cross Yr. Obt. Svt.’s path have long known that I have many opinions, performance management and otherwise, some of which are even correct) on why that is but ultimately that’s just a geek’s take on a force somewhat larger than him.Better instead to listen to the man himself as he takes us all on a journey from CPA to CEO in a frank and forthright manner. You’ve not likely heard a CEO speak like this before – this conversation is essential if you want to understand what makes OneStream tick.Hear the conversation00:00 - 02:00 Introductions02:00 - 15:05 Tom’s Career Path to OneStream15:05 - 19:35 The “One Platform” Concept19:35 - 23:00 What Is OneStream?23:00 - 25:30 New Features for Planning Processes25:30 - 28:45 OneStream Customer Community and Growth28:45 - 33:30 Changing from Being a Bootstrapped Company to a Large Company33:30 - 35:40 Development of a Community35:40 - 40:40 Analytics, Consolidation vs Aggregation and Architecture in OneStream40:40 - 42:25 Working with Public Sector Clients42:25 - 47:30 Roadmap for Machine Learning47:30 - 52:10 Roadmap for Analytics52:10 - 53:20 UpStream, OneStream, and The Fish53:20 - 61:50 Set-Based Languages and OneStream Block Language61:50 - End OutroductionsWe hope you like the episode as much as we do. If you do enjoy it, please give us a good rating on the provider of your choice as it both bathes our ever-needy egos and also – and rather more importantly – allows listeners just like you to more easily find EPM Conversations.Join us, won’t you?

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6 Apr 2021

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An Interview with Tom Shea, CEO of OneStream Software

GrizzTech Talks

Tom Shea graduated from Oakland University in 1991 with degrees in Accounting and Finance, and he brought his business acumen with him as he transitioned into the world of software and technology. Tom’s work and the products he built pioneered a whole new space of Financial Data Quality. He sold his first company in 2006, and a few years later he founded OneStream Software which is a company based in Rochester, Michigan currently valued at over a billion dollars. Tom Shea is the founder and CEO of OneStream Software. In this episode, listen to Tom talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, from his time studying at Oakland University to founding OneStream. Tom talks about the innovation happening at OneStream Software and shares his best career advice along the way. Shownotes: Learn more about OneStream Software at https://www.onestreamsoftware.com/ and view their job openings at https://www.onestreamsoftware.com/about/careers.


19 Mar 2021

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Xocolatti | Tom Shea & Farnaz Mansuri

CultureNOW | A Celebration of Culture & Community

Xocolatti is a tiny store in New York City's Soho district. Tom Shea and Farnaz Mansuri of De-Spec share the challenges behind its design.


16 Mar 2021

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Episode 120: Retired Lt. Tom Shea.

Wellness for You

20 years in law enforcement and a veteran. The insight and solutions are worth a listen. A great man and he is a published author, 115 Proven Ways to Dramatically Improve your agency, your officers & your leadership available on Amazon.com. Stay safe friends. Please like, share, & subscribe💙🌻


8 Sep 2020

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Tom Shea On Building A $1 Billion Business By Creating Software That Modernizes Finance


Tom Shea is the cofounder and CEO of OneStream Software which is an independent CPM software company. The company has raised over $600 million from investors like KKR. Prior to this he founded UpStream Software which was acquired by Hyperion which would later be acquired by Oracle for over $3 billion.


26 Aug 2020