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1of1 The Emotional Source Code of Dov Baron

Leadership and Loyalty™

What makes us who we are?Why do some people come out of trauma more loving while others come out more guarded?Can we genuinely, lastingly change, or is who we are "baked in?"I'm often asked how a dyslexic kid from a ghetto got to study with masters, become a polymath and serve the world's leading icons.Although I don't hold back at diving in with my guests, many of you have sent me messages about how you would like to know a lot more about my journey and how I became a top 100 leadership speaker, advisor, and guide to those who lead and guide others.Some of you wanted to know more about where I grew up and what that environment was like. You wanted to know about the businesses I owned on three continents and how I dealt with not just falling 120 ft off a mountain but how I came back.For this special bonus episode, I went on The Kelly Cardenas podcast, one of the world's top 1% podcasts. I told Kelly that he had my permission to go anywhere that might serve the audience. And he did. This is an extraordinarily candid conversation.Before you go any further, you should know this gets pretty raw. Maybe more than you'd expect. For example, we go into what grief is and why we can't ignore it. I talk about being a recovering adrenaline junky, growing up in poverty, my father abandoning up, and a pedophile rescuing us.We talk about how children with the same parents can grow up in different families. We talked about how despite what you've been told, love and hate can exist in the same space. And So much more.I hold nothing back here if you've ever wanted to know the raw version of who Dov Baron is. Please leave me your feedback after listening.Again, this is a special bonus episode, and you will really enjoy how we pull back the curtain.A huge thank you to Kelly Cardenas for walking me down this path.Enjoy.Curious to discover how tapping into the Anatomy of Meaning can #actualize your #business, #culture, #Leadership and #tribe DovBaron.com "Those Who Control Meaning for The Tribe, Also Control The Movement of That Tribe"#videopodcast#leadership#leadershipdevelopment#emotionsourcecode#neuroscience#emotional#meaning#emotional#logic#culture#curiosity#humanbehavior#purpose Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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28 Dec 2022

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Free Thinking with Montel

On this episode of Free Thinking, Montel speaks with world renowned leadership guru Dov Baron on what unites us and what divides us on a global scale, and they break down human behavior from the perspective of the emotional source code. Dov is the bestselling author of One Red Thread and Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent. His focus on human behavior combined with neuroscience has made him the leadership authority on emotional source code and the anatomy of meaning. He is the founder & host of the top rated podcast, Leadership and Loyalty.#DovBaron #leadership #emotional 

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4 Oct 2022

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A Poor Start In Life Does Not Determine Your Future Success W/ Dov Baron

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Podcast with Peter Boolkah | Business Coach | The Transition Guy®

In today’s video, I’m joined by Dov Baron, the architect of Emotional Source Code, a best-selling author and an overall genius, as we discuss how self determination is one of the most critical success factors that can lead you to your future success.For many people, a strong start isn’t always possible. Whether it’s because of where you’re born, the time you were born, or other circumstances, many people find themselves in adverse situations at the beginning of their journey.Dov Baron was no different. He had a rough start to his life. He was brought up surrounded by crime, poverty, violence and abuse. He also later discovered that he had dyslexia, which made it hard for him to be in school. All obvious success factors just weren’t there, and made his future success seem like an impossible task for many.But he knew he was never going to reach his full potential and would just be wasting his time in this traditional school setting. So with self determination, he left school early at the age of 13 to pursue a different path in entrepreneurship.While the schooling system works for many, it’s not made for everyone. Not all people are academically strong, and not everyone thrives in that kind of structured environment. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing their own success. His current life is a testament to the fact that how you start isn’t how you end if you pursue success.Stay tuned to hear from Dov Baron about how positive self determination is one of the key success factors can influence your future success, especially if you remain curious about the possibilities that are out there for you to learn and thrive.--------------------CONNECT WITH PETER BOOLKAH:--------------------http://www.Boolkah.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Boolkahhttps://www.instagram.com/pboolkah/https://www.linkedin.com/in/boolkahhttps://twitter.com/boolkah--------------------ABOUT PETER BOOLKAH--------------------Peter Boolkah (AKA The Transition Guy) is the World’s #1 Business Transition Coach whose main passion in life is to work with talented and high performing business owners who are in the process of creating exciting, high growth businesses. Peter helps you to navigate and transition through the crucial growth pains that all growing businesses experience making it as painless and exciting as possible.It is important to remember that businesses do not just grow and develop on their own, it is up to us and our teams to make this happen by making every day purposeful. As businesses grow some parts of the journey will be easier than others and most owners do not have all the answers. Starting a business is one of the most exciting things we get to do and we all have aspirations of achieving great things. In fact Peter is yet to meet someone who started a business with the intention of failing.Peter’s ultimate life goal is to inspire and empower over 100,000 Entrepreneurs to create long term thriving businesses resulting in the creation of 1,000,000 jobs.So if you are scaling up your business, you’re in a business transition period, and want to know more then connect with Peter at Boolkah.com--------------------THE TRANSITION GUY --------------------Peter Boolkah is the World's #1 Business Transition Coach and also known as ‘The Transition Guy’. This YouTube channel and his podcast is where he shares his unique and direct approach to taking back control of your business (and your life) while growing and transitioning your business from one level to the next.As a business owner, transitioning your business is all about setting and reaching your goals as well as business transition planning and process. 


30 Aug 2022

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EP147: Why “Soft” Skills Are the New Bottom Line and Why True Self-Knowledge is the Ultimate Key to Success with Dov Baron (Throwback Thursday)

The New Wave Podcast

The New Wave Podcast: Daily Conversations On Web3.0, Business, Psychology, Psychedelics & More. A Show For People Seeking Spiritual, Psychological And Financial Sovereignty. Hosted By Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur Daniel DiPiazza. Daniel welcomes leadership expert Dov Baron to the podcast to discuss the fundamental components of being a successful leader. Be it an organization or an individual, being purpose-driven is the basic element every business entity needs to succeed. Without a purpose, a company cannot build a loyal culture amongst its employees and it will dissolve into nothingness. Dov is a Leading Expert at Full Monty Leadership for the millennial generation. He is a sought-after, authentic, leadership-driven speaker who also has the #1 podcast for Fortune 500 leaders. Tweetables: Millennials are baby boomers with balls. @TheDovBaron If you don’t love your people, someone else will. @TheDovBaron You have to create emotional safety to reach innovation. @TheDovBaron~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~🌎 Connect with guest Dov Baron 🌎👉https://www.dovbaron.com/👉LinkedIn👉Instagram ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 📌 Get Power Pack Vol. 1 ($100 Coupon): https://newwaveentrepreneur.com/powerpacks/ 📌Apply to attend The New Wave Dinner Experience July 16th in Austin, TX: https://form.typeform.com/to/ZGQFKwXI ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ⌛Timestamps⌛(03:20) Deep self-knowledge is the key to becoming a great leader. (09:32) What do quantum physics, psychology, and metaphysics have to do with leadership? (16:42) Purpose-driven organizations are 700% more profitable. (18:52) The cult of personality has a downside. (22:55) How to create a Fiercely Loyal culture. (26:35) Three simple questions to transform the way you live. (33:42) Your passion is a vehicle for your purpose. (37:33) A speaker should create a movie in the audience’s head.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~📖 Resources Mentioned 📖Rich20Something Daniel@rich20something.com Rich20Something on YouTube Under 30 CEO Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want, by Daniel DiPiazza Full Monty Leadership Dov Baron’s Leadership and Loyalty Tips Matrix.Full Monty Fiercely Loyal, by Dov Baron Leadership Unscripted Video Dov@Dovbaron.com ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~🌊 Connect with Daniel 🌊Access free guides and get early notifications on exclusive drops: http://www.NewWaveEntrepreneur.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/danieldipiazzatv Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@danieldipiazza IG: https://www.instagram.com/danieldipiazza/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rich20Something My VIP group via SMS (for exclusive drops): https://superphone.io/f/11kmu1ar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~💡Review and subscribe! 💡 Like this show? Please leave a review here. Even one sentence helps! Consider leaving your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~🎤 Want your question featured on one of our weekly Q&A episodes? 🎤Email me at Daniel@NewWaveEntrepreneur.com. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~❗Disclaimers ❗ None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is educational and entertainment content only. Remember: always DYOR! Podcast production by Risko S. 


16 Jun 2022

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Culture 101: The Anatomy of Meaning with Dov Baron

The Undefeated Marketing Podcast

In episode 24 of the Undefeated Marketing Podcast, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and speaker Dov Baron talks with Phillip about everything related to culture and meaning in your business. Dov highlights the latest things employers need to consider when building a culture, options you can offer potential employees depending on their needs, the definition of source code, and how it applies to you and your business.  *Phillip also gets personal and asks Dov about his near-death experience when he fell off a mountain, and how that shaped his thinking in life and business.  To close the episode, Phillip and Dov give their UNDEFEATED MARKETING TIP OF THE WEEK. Phillip explains the importance of launching a social media campaign that puts your customer first. Dov shares insights on how to elevate your client’s ego while incorporating their meaning. You will not want to miss this week’s tips! *A special thank you to the sponsor of this week’s episode, Atlanta Motor Speedway. Go to www.atlantamotorspeedway.com for dates and pricing for all five NASCAR races in March and July of 2022. Have a tip that you think listeners could benefit from to change their marketing today? Send it to ps@phillipstutts.com and you might make it on the air.  Want to grow your business by over 50%? Get your FREE Customer (or Client) Data Assessment at www.phillipstutts.com/insights/ About the Guest:  Dov Baron has been named twice to the list of the world’s Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus and Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers. He is the leading authority on Emotional SourceCode© and the Anatomy of Meaning©. Dov is the founder and host of two podcasts one of which is: “Leadership & Loyalty,” which has been named by Apple Podcast’s #1 podcast for Fortune 500 Execs. Inc magazine also rated it as the #1 podcast to make you a better leader. He is also an independent contributor to multiple media outlets, including CEO World, CNN, Elle Italia, Entrepreneur magazine, FOX and Medium. For more than thirty years Dov has worked privately with global leaders and Icons and their organizations. These leaders and organizations are the change-makers who are committed to having an impactful influence on leadership, business, and politics. Dov is the bestselling author of several books including; One Red Thread and Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent. As a speaker, he is honored to have presented to the United Nations, The Department of State, The World Management Forum in Iran, the famed Servant Leadership Institute and the US Air Force. Dov is also the founder of The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership — where he and his partner teach high-powered leaders how to use verbal and non-verbal ethical persuasion skills to impact and influence change makers. Dov’s strategic equation with his high-level clients is: Emotional Source Code ⇌ Purpose + Culture = LOYALTY. Finding and operating from a foundation of purpose gives us and our organization the resilience required to thrive. However, when we apply impact to purpose, we tap into the potential of creating a movement in the corporate environment and flows into the communities they serve. Follow Dov:  Leadership & Loyalty (Podcast): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/leadership-and-loyalty/id272512829 Curiosity Bites (Podcast): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/curiosity-bites/id1504520068 Facebook: @DovBaronLeadership Twitter: @TheDovBaron Instagram: @dovbaronleadership LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dovbaron/ About the Host: Phillip Stutts: Contributing to over 1,535 election victories, three U.S. Presidential victories, and working with multiple Fortune 200 companies, best-selling author Phillip Stutts plays the game of political and corporate marketing on the highest level. Phillip’s win-or-die mentality makes him a powerhouse when building research-backed marketing strategies with multi-billion-dollar budgets, battling it out with fierce competitors, and achieving maximum ROI results. He is the Founder/Executive Chairman of Go Big Media (a political marketing ad firm), CEO of Win Big Media (his corporate marketing agency), and a best-selling author that shares his marketing secrets with the world in his two books, Fire The Now(2018) and The Undefeated Marketing System(2021). Follow Phillip:  Website: www.phillipstutts.com Instagram: @phillipstutts Facebook:@ceophillipstutts LinkedIn: Phillip Stutts Twitter: @phillipstutts Resource: The Undefeated Marketing System – How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula That Elects Presidents (2021) Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it using the social media buttons on this page. Do you have some feedback or questions about this episode? Leave a comment in the section below! Subscribe to the podcast If you would like to get automatic updates of new podcast episodes, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You can also subscribe from the podcast app on your mobile device. Leave us an iTunes review Ratings and reviews from our listeners are extremely valuable to us and greatly appreciated. They help our podcast rank higher on iTunes, which exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave an honest review on iTunes. The post Culture 101: The Anatomy of Meaning with Dov Baron appeared first on Phillip Stutts.


2 Mar 2022

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Authenticity With "The Dragonist" Dov Baron

Lead At Work and At Home

I kick off this week's episode with a story from my lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and how to seize a teachable moment. We discuss the story of Dov's life-changing fall in 1990 and his "catalytic moment", finding purpose in everything we do, reassessing the meaning of success, discovering a deeper level of self, how to find meaning in your life, and what exactly is an "aha" moment. We end with my world-famous "Lightning Round" where we debate morning cereal, Ryan Reynolds, and a few other fun topics along the way. A truly fascinating interview.  To Learn More About Dov's Work Visit https://www.dovbaron.com/


28 Feb 2022

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Dov Baron, rated as one of the top 100 leadership speakers by Inc. Magazine.

The McKay Interview

Insights into Leadership and Kindness as paths to success in organisations. What is the emotional source code? Why is kindness in organisations both effective and important?  Why are so many successful achievers in pain? And can we really take "influencers" seriously? These are just a few of the topics we discuss.


27 Feb 2022

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The Key Question to Finding Your Purpose - EMOTIONAL SOURCE CODE with Dov Baron

Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

Do you want to find your purpose in life? Do you want to have a lasting impact on the world? Do you want to connect deeper? Then this is the episode you don't want to miss!!! In this, the 101 episode of Safe Space™, Dov Baron shares the key question to ask oneself to start to uncover and discover their purpose. Dov talked about the role of one's ego to protect our wound and hide it from the world. This is the greatest dis-service we can do to ourselves and the world. Understanding one's EMOTIONAL SOURCE CODE is key to fulfillment and deep connections. Francesco and Dov discuss defining what Readiness is and what is in the way from an emotional perspective. We are only curious about ourselves and others if we feel safe with them.


1 Feb 2022

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The New P&L speaks to Dov Baron, ‘The Actualizer’; Global Conscious Leadership Authority; Best-selling Author; Host of the #1 Fortune500 Podcast – ‘Leadership & Loyalty’

The New P&L - Principles & Leadership in Business

This week on The New P&L we speak to the legendary Dov Baron. Dov is one of the world’s foremost conscious leadership experts. He is known as the “The Actualizer”, and is considered to be the leading authority on actualized leadership – which is defined as getting the results you set out to achieve in the most meaningful manner.   Dov guides some of the world top business leaders on how to recognise and nurture the top talent hidden in their organisations, build powerful corporate cultures and accelerate the development of their own authentic leadership skill set. Dov believes the world needs more leaders committed to living their purpose, standing in their truth, and empowering others to find their fire and do the same. As respected and sort after leadership speaker, Dov has spoken on stages across the globe including the United Nations, The World Management Forum, The New York National Speakers Association, and The Servant Leadership Institute. He is also a best-selling author, popular media commentator, podcast host of the #1 fortune 500 podcast – Leadership & Loyalty and has been ranked as a top 100 leadership speaker by Inc Magazine and a Top 30 Global Leadership Guru. We discuss with Dov: 1. Why an emotional source code starts with curiosity 2. How to harness our emotional source code in a positive way 3. How leader extracts the most out of their strengths by trading off their weaknesses? 4. What defines authentic leadership 5. Whether we master our minds or just master many moments 6. What leadership characteristics are needed for the future of business 7. The Anatomy of Meaning 8. The challenges of Impostor Syndrome 9. How our psychology becomes your physiology 10. The importance of ‘super present’ leadership To learn more about the work Dov does, go to: www.dovbaron.com To purchase Dov Baron’s books: https://amzn.to/3F596TN To join The New P&L movement: www.principlesandleadership.com  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/principlesandleadership/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/principlesandleadership/support

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7 Jan 2022

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One's Identity is Our #1 ADDICTION with Dov Baron

Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

In this Dov Baron's 4th appearance on the show: a thought-provoking discussion on identity and why we as humans do what we do AND, more importantly, why it's so difficult to change our beliefs and behaviors.    Dov talks about the 3 big changes that are here as a result of COVID. If we don't accept these we will perish as a human and as businesses.       One's ability to face reality and have the courage to change is the key to legacy and sustainability in Family Businesses and Family Offices.


4 Jan 2022