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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emily Esfahani Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emily Esfahani Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emily Esfahani Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emily Esfahani Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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008 | Emily Esfahani Smith: " Is This All There Is."

Depression Detox Show
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Emily Esfahani Smith makes her debut on the show to share her thoughts about happiness and meaning.    Emily also shares her four pillars to build a meaningful life.    You can watch Emily’s talk here    Connect with on her website and check out her latest book The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness.   Hosted by Malikee Josephs (Muh leek Jo seffs) connect with him on instagram at @DepressionDetoxShow.

Jun 17 2020



Episode 28 - Making Meaning instead of Chasing Happiness with Emily Esfahani Smith

Third Space Thoughts to Policy
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Join Amina as she interviews Ms. Emily Esfahani Smith on the program over Zoom to talk about meaning making. Emily Esfahani Smith's Ted Talk titled “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy” has over 8 million views on and over 3 million on YouTube. In this talk she explained that even though “our culture is obsessed with happiness” she learned “chasing happiness can make people unhappy” and that having meaning in life is more beneficial to individuals. Emily lets us know why she thinks this topic resonated with so many people and elaborates more on how she came to this conclusion. She also discussed her bestselling book, The Power of Meaning: Crafting A Life that Matters, where she names 4 pillars of meaning: belonging, purpose, storytelling, and transcendence. Emily shares these with the audience and explains how they contribute to meaning making and ways to best cultivate them in our communities.

Jun 02 2020


Episode 213 - The Power of Meaning with Emily Esfahani Smith

Ask Science Mike
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This week Science Mike talks with Emily Esfahani Smith about her research and work on the power of meaning and how it can transform our lives as reported in her bestselling book The Power of Meaning.

Mike also shares an exciting announcement about his upcoming book tour for You're a Miracle  (and a Pain in the Ass)--available in book stores on April 28, 2020.

Feb 24 2020



Why Trying to Be Happy Will Make You Unhappy: Emily Esfahani Smith

The Suzanne Venker Show
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Is there more to life than being happy? What gives your life purpose? Do you ever think about your legacy?

These are just some of the questions Emily Esfahani Smith asks in her book, The Power of Meaning. Our culture is obsessed with happiness, but what if there’s a more fulfilling path? Happiness comes and goes but having meaning in life—serving something beyond yourself and developing the best within you—gives you something to hold onto.

Emily is a writer, editor, and speaker in Washington DC. Her work draws on psychology, philosophy, and literature to write about the human experience—why we are the way we are and how we can find grace and meaning in a world that is full of suffering.

Emily is also an international speaker who has delivered dozens of keynote addresses and workshops around the country and world. In 2017, Smith delivered a talk called “ There’s More to Life Than Being Happy” on the main stage of TED, which was based on her book. It has been viewed over 8 million times.

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Oct 28 2019



049: I Mean Meaning feat. Emily Esfahani Smith

Amber on Podcasts
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A meaningful life is about connecting and contributing to something beyond yourself in a community. Raising your children, doing important work that you feel proud of, and finding joy in giving to others creates meaning in our lives.

Most of us are taught to search for happiness, when it’s really meaning we need. It’s meaning that give our lives purpose and drive. It’s meaning that gets us through the tough times and the good.

In this episode, Amber discusses the four pillars of meaning and why chasing success will never satiate.


Feb 15 2019



Why Happiness is Overrated - Emily Esfahani Smith

Don't Keep Your Day Job
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Instead of happiness, what should we really strive towards? Emily Esfahani Smith, writer, author and TEDTalk speaker has spent years researching the power of a meaningful life. She explains how to infuse the four pillars of meaning into your everyday existence, how to change your story, and why you don't need to have purpose in your work in order to be fulfilled and make your contribution.

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Feb 14 2019



Emily Esfahani Smith

Road to Somewhere
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Emily Esfahani Smith says meaning is life’s essential pathway and expecting fulfillment by seeking happiness will only lead us astray.

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Feb 06 2019



Stop Chasing Happiness and Do This Instead with Emily Esfahani Smith

The Science of Success
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In this episode we discuss happiness. Can the pursuit of happiness backfire? Why are people more depressed an anxious than ever in a time when the world is physically safer and healthier than ever before in history? We look at the crisis of meaning in our society and examine how we can cultivate real meaning in our lives, beyond ourselves, and move towards an existence of purpose with our guest Emily Esfahani Smith. 
Emily Esfahani Smith is a journalist, positive psychology instructor, and author. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and earned a master of applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her articles have been read over 30 million times, her TED talk has over 1.3 million views and her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, TIME, the TED stage, and more.Should we be pursuing happiness?There’s more to life than being happyWhen we pursue happiness - it’s very self-oriented2 reasons why the “pursuit of happiness can backfire"It’s not possible to be happy all the time - and it’s a fool's errand to try and pursue happiness all the time - it’s not a realistic expectation for your lifeHappiness is very “self-focused” - how is this affecting ME - its a very selfish perception People are healthier, safer, more comfortable than any time in history - and yet anxiety and depression are increasing, suicide rates are increasing - why is this happening?Meaning is about connecting and contributing to something beyond yourself - being connecting to your family, to god, to nature, to the universe, etc Some of the essential characteristics of people with meaning in their livesYour life has worth and significanceYour life has a sense of purposeYour life is coherentHow can we find meaning beyond ourselves in a world where most of our major social institutions have eroded away to a large degree (patriotism, religion, family, etc)?In the modern era - the challenge of being alive is the challenge of trying to find meaning on your ownThe Four Pillars of MeaningBelonging - being in communities and relationships where you feel valued for who you are intrinsicallyPurpose - using your strengths to serve other people. Having something worthwhile to do with your time. Making a contribution to the world. Children who do chores around the house have a higher sense of meaningTranscendence - when your sense of self-starts to turn down or turn off completely. Stepping beyond yourself.Storytelling - the story that you tell yourself about yourselfHow do we create belonging in your life?Forming intimate relationships with othersBelonging is a choice that we make - and we can choose to cultivate in any given momentYou can also take the initiative to create these new types of communities within your own life and communityHow do we change the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves?The first thing is to recognize that we are constantly telling ourselves stories about ourselvesA “contamination” story and how that can change your self-perception and create negative results in your life?Something happened in my life, then there was a negative result, not I’m “contaminated"A “redemptive” story - a story that moves from bad things happening to good things happeningSomething bad happened in my life, and that has made me grow, made me stronger If you’re telling a negative story, how do you start telling a better story?Narrative writing, journaling Is leading a meaningful life just about accomplishment and achieving results?
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Aug 02 2018



Why Settle for Happiness in Your Retirement? – Emily Esfahani Smith

Retirement Wisdom
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In this episode of our retirement life podcast, we talk with Emily Esfahani Smith, author of The Power of Meaning.
Emily shares her insights on why purpose and meaning offer great fulfillment and how they can be cultivated in a culture that’s obsessed with happiness.
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Show Notes

Emily’s Book:
The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith
Emily’s TED Talk:
There’s More to Life Than Being Happy Stick Around for the Noteworthy segment where we discuss an article we think is worth your time.

This week’s selection:
Kick Back or Live With Purpose? Why Choose? by Anne Colby and Jim Emmerman
This article summarizes new research conducted by Stanford and noting that over 30 percent of adults over 50 are purposeful beyond themselves – and dispels the belief that a purposeful retirement life cannot be integrated with your personal pursuits.

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Jul 23 2018



EP137 - Journalist and Author, Emily Esfahani Smith: A World Obsessed with Happiness

One Idea Away Podcast
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Have you ever accomplished something that you were certain was going to give you utter happiness, only to find a continued void—like something was missing? You’re not alone. Get ready to answer the unending question, what’s it all for? Emily Esfahani, journalist and author of The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment In A World Obsessed With Happiness, breaks down the research to what we need to find, build, and sustain a life worth living.

Emily’s articles and essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Criterion, and many other publications. She’s an editor at the Stanford University Hoover Institution where she advises the Ben Franklin circles project, a collaboration with the 92nd Street Y, and Citizen University to build meaning in local communities.

There’s a life bursting with meaning and purpose waiting for you, it’s time you found it.

Key takeaways:

The chosen path. There’s a “happy” life and a “meaningful” life. Pursuing one of these has actually been proven to cause loneliness while the other can leave you feeling connected to something beyond yourself. THIS is the life you should pursue and why…[10:38].

The friendly side. When was the last time you spoke to your neighbor? If the answer’s never, you’re not alone. Communities are dissolving, interpersonal skills such as empathy are on a decline, and while this doesn’t seem to be problematic, the NEED to belong is an existential one. Break this phase of isolation—start HERE…[18:00].

The nonfiction story. Who are you and how did you become this version of yourself? Your inner narrative colors your day, your week, your life. All too often we focus on the negative side of ourselves, the parts that need “work,” but what if we changed that? Learn to focus on the BIG picture of yourself—try THIS…[28:47].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

May 01 2018