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Episode 45 - The Godfather of Red Hat Openshift Clayton Coleman

The POPCAST with Dan POP

Timeline/Topic00:00 - 5 Days of POPCAST's Intro00:55 - Sponsor 1 - Cockroach Labs - https://www.cockroachlabs.com/popcast (Free T-Shirt?)01:50 - Intro to the Godfather of Openshift Clayton Coleman03:22 - Clayton's Journey05:55 - Community and understanding what community contribution is from the beginning of Kubernetes08:31 - Early Redhat and Openshift13:24 - Sponsor 2- Sysdig -https://bit.ly/38vEKgk14:45 - Docker and its impact and AUFS work from Redhat / Early stages of Kubernetes23:52 - Differences between Kubernetes and Openshift, Clayton gives his perspective on it.28:38 - Sponsor 3 - Carbon Relay - https://www.carbonrelay.com/29:41 - CoreOS acquisition and the due diligence37:45 - Clayton's Crystal Ball for Openshift AND Kubernetes (predictions)50:33 - Clayton's pastimes, sleeping and surfing!51:41 - What work Clayton is most proud ofCheck out our sponsors to support the show and see some amazing tech!Code Fresh - http://Codefresh.io/popcastpopCockroach Labs - https://www.cockroachlabs.com/popcast (Free T-Shirt?)Carbon Relay - https://www.carbonrelay.com/Sysdig -https://bit.ly/38vEKgk LIKE/SUBSCRIBEWatch (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/c/thepopcastpopListen (Apple PODCAST and others): http://popcast-d9f7b6dc.simplecast.comFollow us on (Twitter): https://twitter.com/PopcastPopFollow us on (Linkedin): https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-popcast-with-danpop


17 Nov 2020

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Kubernetes Impact with Clayton Coleman

Cloud Engineering – Software Engineering Daily

Kubernetes is in production clusters around the world with hundreds of thousands of containers. Kubernetes provides a distributed systems management environment for small startups and giant enterprises with applications ranging from microservices to machine learning pipelines. Because the use cases are already so wide-ranging, and the project has had so much adoption, the focus of many of the Kubernetes core contributors is stability. Clayton Coleman joins the show to talk about the impact that Kubernetes is having on software engineering and the efforts of the community to improve stability. Clayton is the lead engineer for OpenShift, a platform-as-a-service from Red Hat. Autoscaling, monitoring, and etcd are a few of the topics we discuss. Improvements to each of these areas are making Kubernetes easier to work with. There is a possibility that the Prometheus monitoring system will get pulled into Kubernetes itself, and we explore the pros and cons of this architectural decision. From his experience working on OpenShift, Clayton also has a lot to share around the idea of a platform-as-a-service. Platform-as-a-service tooling can make enterprises significantly more  productive, serving as a layer between a cloud provider and a developer that is shipping application code. Cloud providers can be complex to learn how to work with. As enterprises adopt cloud more aggressively, they are using platform-as-a-service tools as an interface for developers to work with those clouds in a more opinionated way. Kubernetes is used as a foundation for platforms like OpenShift, because Kubernetes can orchestrate resources on a cloud in a way that makes it easier for a deployment to be multicloud, or portable between clouds. In our previous episode with Clayton 2 years ago, we covered the basics of OpenShift and the developments that were occurring around Kubernetes at the time. In today’s show we go deeper into how the Kubernetes ecosystem is evolving, and his personal experience working on OpenShift. Full disclosure: Red Hat (where Clayton works) is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. The post Kubernetes Impact with Clayton Coleman appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.

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30 Aug 2018

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Kubernetes and OpenShift with Clayton Coleman

Open Source – Software Engineering Daily

Kubernetes is the container management platform that came out of Google’s experiences managing data centers. Kubernetes abstracts away many of the frustrations of distributed systems management. OpenShift is a platform built on top of Kubernetes to provide an additional layer of usability. Clayton Coleman is the lead engineer of OpenShift, and in our conversation today, we start with the basics of Kubernetes, then talk about OpenShift–Clayton explains why we need another abstraction on top of Kubernetes. Near the end of the conversation, we discuss the current state of cloud products–which can be confusing. Mesosphere, Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenStack, ECS–why do we need all of these different products? Clayton gives his perspective, and explains why it is not going to get any less confusing any time soon. The post Kubernetes and OpenShift with Clayton Coleman appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


1 Jun 2016

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CTL 013 - Interview with RedHat's Krishnan Subramanian and Clayton Coleman About Docker in OpenShift

CenturyLink Labs Podcast

RedHat and specifically the OpenShift team was an early adopter of Docker technology. OpenShift Online 3 (the hosted service) and OpenShift Origin (the open-source part of OpenShift) of was recently released.This week we talked to Krishnan Subramanian (director of OpenShift Strategy @krishnan on twitter) and Clayton Coleman (lead engineer for OpenShift, @smarterclayton on github) about why they believed in Docker so early and what makes RedHat a company philosophically aligned with the Docker project.Show notes: http://www.centurylinklabs.com/how-does-redhats-openshift-work-with-docker/


12 Sep 2014

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