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Heather Meri Pennycook: Are Councils Applying United Nations Agenda’s throughout New Zealand?

GreenplanetFM Podcast

This is a whopper of an interview, I can see why people in the rural sector of NZ are flocking to hear Heather Meri (and Rob Wilson) lay out the UN Agenda 21 and 2030. Plus, the planned addition of the ‘Great Reset’ that the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland is going to superimpose over our planet and civilisation. This new economic model will cover every survival contingency regarding the well being of the 7.8 billion souls on this planet, including all biota within the biosphere.  Heather Meri says that there is more legislation coming out of Parliament that is going to affect us. However she has addressed about 80 meetings around the country over the past 6 or 7 months - 37 in the North Island. Encouraging groups to form so has to assist in educating their community, but in particular, to do their own research. Some weeks ago she had about 250 people show up to a talk in the Nelson area of Moutere - because people are waking up to what is being planned for them. That there are SNA’s being ‘Significant Natural Areas’  - and the local Council has just sent out letters to people who have land holdings with circles around huge areas of their land saying that this area is going to be designated an SNA a ‘significant natural area’. This may or may not include natural bush or anything that you recognise needing protection - some people had an area of gorse … but what Heather Meri says - it's a blatant land grab …  that once this land is designated an SNA you still pay rates on it - but you have to fence it off - you have to do the weed control, but you are not allowed to put animals on it or to use it. Land owners are aware of the need to protect special areas in NZ, and people that Heather Meri knows, are already availing themselves of Queen Elisabeth 2 Covenants and Riparian planting - and fencing off native bush. People are proud to take care of our environment here in NZ - she says there may be a very, very, small minority of people who are not playing by the rules and this needs to be addressed - but you don’t blanket legislate the entire country and treat everybody like a criminal and cripple their viability on their farm.  People are losing between 30 to 90% of their land use. This is shocking … in Kaeo in Northland, we have heard at a people's meeting that 42% of the land in Northland has been claimed as a SNA - that there were a number of people at that meeting who said their entire land holding was designated SNA other than where their house presently stood and with only one meter from the house. Everything else had been designated SNA.  ( in a later text to Heather Meri, I said have them photograph that letter and share it with AAG.org.nz - and build up a file. Sometime this July, legislation is coming on a National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity - and in this the Government is going to take the criteria for allocating SNA’s - and make it even more wide spread. Heather Meri says now they are including mobile fauna - for example the native falcon - if a native falcon flies over your property and decides to nest in your pine forest - the authorities are going to put a circle around your pine plantation and make it an SNA. So once you can’t use it or harvest it or plant or run livestock on it - most of the time you are destroying the viability of one's farm. To the layman this makes no sense - but when you look at the big picture and ask where this is coming from? It’s further up the pyramid of power. You get a crystal clear understanding. In August 2019 the Prime Minister of NZ was the keynote speaker at the Goal Keepers Conference in New York - a Bill and Melinda Gates initiative where our PM stood up and told the audience how NZ was achieving the goals of implementing Agenda 21 and 2030. Saying that these agendas had already been integrated into our legislation. Though this has been enacted through Parliament basically no-one - meaning ordinary NZers has any idea of what this is all about. It’s - Hidden in plain sight. Like the 17 sustainability development goals - they look and sound wonderful - we are going to eradicate poverty and have equality - have a sustainable future and look after our environment.   But, if you go to www.aag.org.nz  (Agricultural Action Group) and go to the link and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it's a 352 page document - that covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - that stock takes every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that ‘they’ can control it. You start to get the picture, because we have not been consulted or involved.  That ‘they’ want to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that they want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us - she says that the insane legislation that is crippling our agricultural sector - starts to make sense. Heather Meri says that everyone has to do their own research - because if you are not aware of what’s in the fine print - and you hear her for the very first time - it will sound quite bizarre and crazy - so the imperative is for all NZers is to see what is being planned for your future - and if you a parent - your children’s future. (and you have been cut out of the dialogue, with zero input). She says that anyone who today criticises the Government narrative is deemed by the Government to be ‘a conspiracy theorist’ - however when you read the fine print you realise that this is ‘not theory.’ Saying that on the AAG.org.nz web site you can see the video for yourself of the NZ Prime Minister stating just what you have read. Plus the link to the UN Agenda document. The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab from Davos in Switzerland and the ‘Great Reset’ - is coming - and Heather Meri says once you destroy the agriculture industry in NZ our economy crashes and then the World Economic Forum will step in. Listen - dear reader if you do not click and listen to this interview - and grok what is being explained - you will be forever struggling to understand what is being planned for you. Because this is too much of an effort for me to convey the contents of this interview.  ( I too have to have good sleep and a life - Tim).  We hear that Agenda 21 is based on the Communist Chinese model - per David Rockefeller - Per the Rothschilds. Do you connect the dots?  We are moving towards the State controlling everything … coming down from the top of the global pyramid of power.  We also hear in this interview: There is supposed to be a new Act (or an addendum coming before NZ’s Parliament  - called the Domestic Terrorism Act - which is going to come into force very soon and it will give NZ Police unprecedented powers equal to those that were seen in Nazi Germany, or by the Stasi in Communist East Germany.  Facism and Communism joined at the hip. That our police (who are compelled to obey orders) can come around to our house - without a warrant, do a search, take anything that they want and arrest you on suspicion that you are going to be anti Government or, say something to the NZ public that would be detrimental to the Government narrative. Who we have been told “that, they are the only source of truth.” (Shades of Orwells 1984 ) Because, YOU are now wanting to become a - 'whistleblower or a truth teller.’ Like checking your facebook or youtube comments - checking your emails (note if you have a Google email address or a hotmail Microsoft email address - these emails will pass through a dictionary lens and will be read and catalogued. This is how we were sucked into their game plan) and thinking that you ‘may’ be a danger to national security, report you to someone higher up. It gets serious now. That you could be ‘done in and reported’ via an 0800 number - i.e pimped on - then arrested whilst in the street for being who you are and that once arrested, no representation and possibly with no time length on your incarceration. This could be NZ’s future - not that ordinary NZers would ever want this - but this is what could be forced on this nation - under the New World Order.  The Deputy Prime Minister showed his colours and dug himself into a hole of his own making earlier this year.  In this interview, we also hear that no politician in NZ’s Parliament is mentioning Agenda21 and Agenda2030 - or the Great Reset - Why? Because they are gagged from breaking ranks - (‘Mum’s the word’)  When in February of this year we had the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance walk out of a radio interview on radio’s Magic Talk Show - with well known national TV news reader and sports host Peter Williams. on: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/02/the-great-reset-grant-robertson-pulls-out-of-weekly-slot-on-magic-talk-with-peter-williams-after-shooting-down-conspiracy-theory.html When this very well known broadcaster Peter Williams was accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ … Listen … Follow this link and you will find that the Deputy PM has dug himself into an untenable situation. Because he actually went to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in Switzerland, with the Prime Minister in 2019. Follow this link to the World Economic Forum and you hear Prince Charles being used to front a 2 minute video focusing on the degradation of the global environment that all the corporations of the world have either contributed or let happen on their watch - and now they want to punish humanity for the situation we are now in, by imposing (a much needed clean up operation) - but have factored humanity out of being ‘helpers and educated participants’ in this equation). They are now going it alone with their top down ideological plan. https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/finance-minister-travels-davos-world-economic-forum-brussels-and-london What comes through in this interview is that our politicians lie and because they have a compliant and obedient mainstream media, (who - according to Heather Meri - have been paid off with a $125 million grant)  Have closed ranks and do not criticise the Government anymore. Therefore a great percentage of NZ citizens do not hear or read of these lies. Note - if a country of 5 million people can have their communications system ‘paid off’ with $125 million. 5 million people = $125 million 10 million people = $250 million   (2 X 125 million)  100 million people = $2.5 billion (10 X 250 million) 300 million as in America = $7.5 billion   (3 X 2.5 billion) But, the US has 330 million people = another $750 million (3 X 250 million) Plus 7.5 Bn = $8.25 Billion This amount in the US media hands 24/7 would traumatise the US population to death!  Heads Up. In this interview we hear that the word ‘Sovereignty’ or ‘personal sovereignty’ is going to be included under the Terrorism Act. That is if we NZers invoke the usage of this word in regard to our own ‘inner sovereignty’ (being our relationship with God) we could be tried in a Court of Law for being a … terrorist. This is NZ post Covid 28.03.2020. We also hear in this interview:  Regarding the land grab, SNA’s - of ‘significant natural areas’ - refuse authority to allow ‘them’ to come onto your land to do surveys of areas that they are going to map and then take. So say NO. Plus refuse to fill out the survey form they send you. Or even respond. Being aware of unknowingly ‘entering a contract’. If the Council posts you a survey map of your land - often with incorrect boundaries - asking you to respond - if you do - then you have entered a contract with them and as the Government is a ‘Corporation’ of  the City of London - by engaging with them - (so the story goes) you then ‘re-contract’ with them, again. Heather Meri gives a quick run down on NZ being a Corporation - including the Police, Work & Income NZ, the Justice Department, the Court system - all the Govt Agencies are extensions of the City of London.  She says they have a New website called www.Landfreedom.net  - go up and have a long look - these people are organised. You must listen to this interview - as Heather Meri says - once we see why we have been hoodwinked into being part of a Corporate Agenda - you amy have a momentary head explosion  - but sitting still and sitting through all that it leads to - frees you up into being a ‘free being’ - In time and space. (We just have to clean up what’s been shackling us for so long.) Especially how we have been tricked into contracting with the Government entity - time and time again. Other issues talked about The Government  centralising water - controlling it, plus adding fluoride (a neurotoxin) into all town and suburban water. (see the many GreenplanetFM.com interviews on this ) Including chlorinating even spring water  - as well as rainwater collected from roofs - the Government wants to control this too.  Trust and the NZ Government. The NZ Government, who for generations we trusted with our lives - are not what they were once - this is a great shock to most people who after looking behind the curtain realise that there are agendas that creep down from the pyramid of power. - (but do not feel disheartened - we are the 99% and we have righteous indignation on our side plus all the other virtues of honesty, right action and goodwill. https://usawatchdog.com/bio/   Interview of  Dane Wigington on https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org  - the cause of drought in the USA etc etc  Look up https://www.unanz.org.nz   - Heather Meri says the UN is going to open many more offices across NZ - why? There is a huge amount of data being shared in this interview that has not been mentioned. - please listen, share and research for your self - using - https://duckduckgo.com In closing this very important interview - I wish to emphasise that we as an individual, a family, community, region and as a country can rise to the occasion - as a heart felt unifying spirit of cooperating people. We are now starkly realising that there is a stealthy global control game being enacted  - to lock us as a humanity down.  That over the last few decades we have been dumbed down by the media - and an education system that teaches us not to question - or to be curious and to wonder … all you have to do is listen to the inane news every hour on all the talkback and music stations - 3 minutes of drivel as the saying goes. This can be seen with Mains Stream Media - with the younger generation not reading a newspaper - be it local or national - or watching the news that TVNZ and TV3 parrot virtually the same continuous rhetoric. We have found ourselves drowning in the semi - censored swamp of sameness. With a media that takes in ‘feeds’ from overseas that are all multinational corporations pushing the same agenda.  The churches have failed us too - Christianity has taken a hit in this country just like other western countries, because they virtually bore people to death, and failed to call a halt on corruption practices and stand up for justice. Sadly, you can see this today with near vacant churches across the country.  Yet from most religious accounts - ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth experience’ - that we are far more than we ever thought possible. Huge numbers of people globally have had ‘out of the body or near death experiences’ - where they have found themselves outside their body looking down on it - in many cases seeing doctors frantically working to keep their body alive. GreenplanetFM.com - has done a number of interviews based on this and what is the soul? Note that over the last 70 years universities and educational institutes have been swayed to believe that the universe is a fluke of existence that God does not exist, nor does the soul and consequently they have done away with anything metaphysical or spiritual. Yet there are more and more people having mystical experiences and there is a fast growing body of evidence realising that we live after death and that our body is in fact a temple - which we need to cherish with fresh air, pure water and an organic food chain. Plus experience love, laughter and joy             https://landfreedom.net/home.html https://landfreedom.net/objectives.html AAG.org.nz For another NZ based news web site sharing knowledge for people: https://thebuzz.nz


1 Jul 2021

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Heather Meri Pennycook & Rob Wilson: Why are Agenda21, Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset not debated?

GreenplanetFM Podcast

AAG.org.nz - the Agriculture Action Group has been founded across New Zealand to push back and question Government intrusion, especially when it has not been announced in the Governments manifestos. This is all about the lack of consultation and enforced regulations and fees at a localised level - via NZ Councils on how we use our land.  These requirements are now being foisted on an unsuspecting NZ public. This has all been arranged and 'agreed upon’ with the United Nations and is known as   Agenda21 & Agenda 2030. In addition to the above is the inclusion from Davos in Switzerland, of the World Economic Forum’s  'Great Reset’   'Where we are told 'that by 2030 we will own nothing and we'll all be happy!' That together these two models are going to be superimposed over all nations that will lead to the long planned for NEW WORLD ORDER. These words were uttered by US President George Herbert Bush when he first mentioned them back in September, 1990.   Now, today, there is an urgent need to ask, why are these two critical global ecological and economical initiatives being inserted into everyday life especially in the Western World and here in NZ. Note that recent NZ governments have made no effort at all to announce this in their political manifestos or brought any of this to the NZ public's notice via MainStream Media. Now farmers in particular are finding that they are  being regulated and having to fulfil certain conditions having had no local community input from Councils or Central Government - prior to what is happening today. Where once ‘we the people’ elected servants to act on our behalf. There was always open dialogue and consultation, with meetings and written submissions. Resulting in questions being answered so that the  electorate were ‘ kept in the loop, but in this interview we hear that farmers, essentially the backbone of the economy of our vast rural sector, have been sidelined. Instead they have found themselves controlled by bylaws and legislation that has been enacted with no consultation or their knowing.   What we are learning is that there has been a huge level of secrecy in relation to how these ‘programs' have been developed and deployed. Though, certain astutely placed ‘buzz’ words have been used to soften the story line, when finally put under the microscope we learn that, ‘we' are being told what to do and what's to happen and that we must ... comply. Agenda21 & Agenda2030 along with the Great Reset are a 'top down game plan' for planet earth. However, there is an urgent necessity to have 'grass roots' input from communities on the ground that takes localised situations and conditions into consideration and be acknowledged. Not a ‘one size fits all’.  But, this has not happened.  Yes, we are very aware of all the many serious environmental challenges within the biosphere that have to be acknowledged and dealt with. As well as the completely unsustainable failing 'casino economic system' that we are ensnared in - that is essentially corrupt to the core.   But, if we as a democratic country based on the Rule of Law - believe in an honest system of Government, are not allowed to have a country wide discussion with local town hall meetings and full media coverage - especially at 6 pm ‘ every' night - we will realise that our long held cherished freedoms - have been hijacked. This we can not allow.  Question; did you give permission to our Prime Minister to make this decision that she made in New York in 2019?   See video below  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XsUV7pwSRg&t=448s The Interview: Listen, this is critical information …  too much to write here. AAG.org.nz    The Agriculture Action Group. What is happening or about to happen is all an extension of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an omnipresent  computerised wireless world - where we are immersed in escalating oscillating frequencies 24/7.  This wireless radiation coming from both ground towers and the 40,000 plus 5G satellites that Elon Musk and SpaceX are deploying as of now. These technologies will be overlaying and bombarding all of nature and every square millimetre of the biospheres surface.      Notice with spokesman Klaus Schwab of the Great Reset who oversees the World Economic Forum’s  videos - that no ‘love' is mentioned in them - that there is a lack of heart in the narrative. Yes, they point out what the problems are - however all the answers to our planetary problems are coming from the top of the pyramid of power. That they are not coming up from the grass roots, from you and I at a localised level. What we want to hear and see is that we are included in this narrative and that there is heart in this equation.  Question …  is there any warm joy in what the Great Reset is going to do for you?  Time to mobilise - share this …. Some Talking Points of the Great Reset: A global omnipresent digital society with zero cash. The absence of small business owners - only Corporations.  Living in Smart Cities totally connected to overhead satellites. Unable to save organic seeds, or rainwater off one's own roof. Decreasing access to the great outdoors. 24/7 Surveillance and zero privacy. Breathing questionable air. Drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water.  Eating Factory and Industrial Food - non organic - no life force. Submitting to edicts around health requirements - e.g Covid.  Sourcing information via search engines that censor. Enforced ‘Gag' Orders when employed by the system. The lack of Love and connection within the Community.  These above statements need to be addressed ASAP.  More to come.


6 May 2021