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04: The Pros & Cons of a Narrow Niche in Cybersecurity with Marty Edwards

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Podcast: Control System Cyber Security Association International: CS2AIEpisode: 04: The Pros & Cons of a Narrow Niche in Cybersecurity with Marty EdwardsPub date: 2021-09-14There’s a lot more to cyber security than what meets the eye. While many opt for more traditional paths within the industry, there are unique and niche opportunities available. Todays guest, Marty Edwards, is the Vice President of Operational Technology for Tenable, former director of ISC/CERT, an amateur radio operator, and a jack of all trades in many fields. Today Marty discusses his journey of moving through his career, the pro’s and con’s he’s seen from having a narrowed niche, what he’s learned along the way, and so much more. Tune into this episode to hear more about Marty’s journey, along with an array of insight into his career. Show Highlights: Marty shares what his childhood on a ranch in Canada was like How Marty’s education helped him get into his career now What Marty’s career looked like directly out of college How Marty got into the position he has now What is INL and what do they do Marty shares what his role as an “industry liaison” looked like How Marty became a Federal Civil Servant What led to going from being in charge of a sector to overseeing the whole program How having mentors impacted Marty’s career The pro’s and con’s of having a really specialized niche The benefits of having industrialized experience Why certifications may or may not help your resume The importance of being present in conversation What excites Marty in his career today Doing a critical analysis to resolve the problem The evolution and movement to cloud based technologies Resources:TenableCS2AIThe podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from Derek Harp, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc.


15 Sep 2021

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Tenable's OT Strategy with Marty Edwards

Unsolicited Response Podcast

Marty Edwards has worked for an ICS asset owner, INL, DHS, ISA and late last year he made the move to a security product vendor, Tenable. This happened at the same time that Tenable acquired Indegy for $78M, indicating they are serious about OT security space. I talk with Marty a bit about his past career and then focus on why he moved to Tenable and what Tenable's strategy is for the OT space. Marty’s impressions on what DHS / CISA / ICS-CERT has done since he left. Why Marty even considered working for a cybersecurity version? Did the Tenable acquisition of Indegy play a part in his decision? Is Tenable.OT rebranded Indegy product or something else? What are the plans to integrate the Indegy product into the Tenable.sc (Security Center) system? Is this simply a push of OT to SC? Or will it be bi-directional communication? What is Tenable’s commitment to the ICS security space? Given that Tenable and many others, McAfee, Symantec, Mandiant, …, have invested only to pull back in a bad quarter. Is Tenable an OT asset management solution? If so, what parts of asset management and how does it interact with the missing parts? How do the Tenable products prioritize vulnerabilities discovered in Tenable.OT or Tenable.SC? Links Tenable.OT Product Page Subscribe to Dale's ICS Security: Friday News and Notes


7 Apr 2020

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Different Voices 2017: Pastor Marty Edwards

Living Spring Podcast

What has God given you to use for His kingdom? This week, our guest speaker Pastor Marty Edwards shares with us how his Harley Davidson was used by God to build His kingdom, and how he created Black Sheep, a motorcycle ministry that has reached thousands of people throughout the US and several other countries. What has God given you that He wants to use for His kingdom?

11 Jun 2017

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Interacting with Heaven Part 7 - Mike and Marty Edwards - Audio


Missionary team Mike and Marty Edwards join us from Honduras to express their gratitude and share the amazing things God has been doing through their ministry over the past several years. Pastor Scott opens the message by reminding us how we have been called to interact with Heaven wherever we are and Mike and Marty give us a stirring account of what that looks like through their experiences.


26 Oct 2014

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Interacting with Heaven 7 - Mike & Marty Edwards

Grace House Church


26 Oct 2014