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Talking "Herman's Head" + LOTS More with MOLLY HAGAN

The Laugh Track With Gerry Strauss

Beyond her countless film appearances and dramatic roles, MOLLY HAGAN is flat-out TV sitcom royalty. From "Friends" to "Seinfeld" all the way back to "The Golden Girls", plus her regular role on Fox's groundbreaking show "Herman's Head", Molly has done it all, worked with EVERYONE from Jennifer Aniston to Bea Arthur and is here to tell us all about it! Plus, AEW's VICKIE Guerrero is back with the "Catchphrase of the Week", all supporting NO KID HUNGRY!


27 Aug 2020

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Molly Hagan Mother of a Story - No Regrets

If It's Not 1 Thing It's Your Mother

We're telling stories. In her piece for the podcast, No Regrets, Molly Hagan writes very honestly about her own decision Not to become a mom, and the surprising realization she had about her own mother. A woman she loved but pitied for having been “stuck” mothering 7 children. Molly Hagan has amassed an extensive resume as an actor over the past 35 years. Molly recurs on Jane the Virgin, iZombie, the upcoming Apple TV Are you Sleeping with Octavia Spencer, and a new Netflix series No Good Nick, premiering in spring 2019. Molly Hagan has been making a splash in film since Some Kind of Wonderful. But you also know her from Ringmaster, Election and Sully. And some of her favorite television gigs include: The Nutt House, Herman's Head, and Unfabulous. The Interactive movie The Garage Sale marked Molly’s debut as a writer/producer.  Molly can be found at www.mollyhagan.com or on Twitter @mollyhagan, struggling with photography on Instagram @molly7hagan, and completely MIA @TheMollyHagan on Facebook. If it's not 1 Thing, explores the topic of 'mother' from every angle imaginable and some you have not thought of. Each week, hosts Katie Mitchell and Lupe Padilla Mitchell share a new story and have great conversations with the writers, many of whom are in fact not writers by trade. We have excerpts from best selling novels, memoirs, poetry award winners, songwriters, stay at home moms, insurance brokers, teachers, actors, college students and beyond. Some famous. Some not at all. But they all have incredible tales to tell. Find more about us at: www.ifitsnot1thingitsyourmother.com Insta @ifitsnot1thingitsyourmother facebook.com/ifitsnot1thingitsyourmother twitter @IfNot1Thing


14 Dec 2018

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The CHIX Welcome Actress/Writer/Producer, Molly Hagan

Chit Chat Chicks Live

Molly Hagan is an actor who has amassed an extensive resume over the past 30 years. The Garage Sale marks her debut as a writer/producer. Molly's favorite movies she has appeared in are Some Kind of Wonderful, Ringmaster, Election, Ask Me Anything and Sully. Her favorite regular TV gigs include The Nutt House, Herman's Head and Unfabulous. Recently, Molly has recurring roles in iZombie and Jane the Virgin. She also had the good fortune to appear in some of the most talked about series this year, including This Is Us, Big Little Lies, Feud and Better Call Saul. You can currently see Molly on NBC as Kitty Menendez' sister, Joan, in Law and Order True Crime:The Menendez Murders.


9 Nov 2017

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S1E7 - Maternity Liv w/special guest Molly Hagan!

The iZombie Podcast with Robin & Steph

iZombie Podcast Season One Archives:Mother's Day comes early on the podcast as we talk about "Maternity Liv" with our special guest Molly Hagan, who plays Liv's mom, Eva Moore! We first talk to Molly about her earlier roles - from being rescued by a famous martial artist to coaching a famous dog - before we chat with her about sister wives, Liv's maternal instincts, wanting to trust Lowell and an experiment with rats that turns into a bloody mess. Warning: this conversation often gets Tan Gentle. Wink!Website Email us Tweet us Like us on Facebook Join our Facebook discussion group This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

1hr 11mins

1 May 2015

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TV Guidance Counselor Episode 63: Molly Hagan

TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

This week Ken welcomes actress Molly Hagan (Herman's Head, The Nutt House) to the show.  Ken and Molly discuss the speed of television, Herman's Head, Election, cringing, auditioning in front of your rivals, Northwestern University, growing up in Indiana, coming from a big family, Johnny Quest, Clutch Cargo, being too young to negotiate, Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore, The Carol Burnett, All In the Family, the conundrum of Archie Bunker, Homefront (the name of the show Ken and Molly can't remember), television as escape, private concerns, American obsession with pulling back the curtain, blue collar actors, High School Reunions the cost of living in LA, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Nutt House, getting starstruck at work, working with Harvey Korman, The A.L.F. Christmas Special, getting into personal arguments with carpet samples, Mr. Sunshine, Jeffrey Tambor, Alan Spencer, Mel Brooks, "Ringmaster", Jerry Springer, the glut of talk shows in the 90s, the forgotten exploitation past of Oprah's television show, why Phil Donahue was a good guy, EPKs, disengaged interviewers, watching yourself, Friends, Seinfeld, being on something you're a huge fan of, Matt LeBlanc, Episodes, how being a psychotic murder is easier than comedy, Bloopers Shows, swearing in front of children, Ken's awful commercial auditions, ER, stunt work, parental judgement, Ken's status as a futon, Yoga, not singing and dancing meaning you move to LA, Dallas: The Early Years, being recognized by the public, iZombie, Castle, Social Media, Spoilers, not having a TV, Alf's Sad fate, the female version of Herman's Head, Dream On, Dark Angel aka "I Come In Peace" as the greatest 90s action movie, Brian Benben, Wendy Malik, fact checking in the internet age, Ken's spite fuel, and the fluidity of memory. 

1hr 29mins

11 Mar 2015

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Interview with Molly Hagan: American Actress

Ravishly.com's Podcast Series

Gerry Strauss of Ravishly.com interviews American Actress, Molly Hagan, known for her role in "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Herman's Head" (and more). Molly shares stories about navigating a long and still-growing acting career, following her heart, and... yearning to be British?


19 Nov 2014

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"Herman's Head" and "Seinfeld's" Molly Hagan

Down With The 90's

She's played an angel in "Herman's Head", a nun on Seinfeld, and something or other on just about every 90's show you can imagine. Molly Hagan is a face you know, a voice you'll recognize, and atalented lady that you'll enjoy getting to know... if you don;t already.

1hr 6mins

11 Oct 2013