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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Imperfect Allyship with Erica Courdae

Jump Start Your Joy

In this episode, Erica and are diving in to the important topics of racism in the US, and what it means to be an imperfect ally. I had the pleasure of meeting her at ShePodcasts Live, and I was deeply inspired by her presentation there on imperfect allyship and anti-racism. Erica is an an entrepreneur and certified coach, and her work is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), imperfect allyship, and imposter syndrome. I deeply appreciate her insights on how white people, like myself, can be better allies for people of color. I know from experience that it can be vulnerable to make changes and that there's an underlying fear that we may do something (with good intentions) that is more harmful than helpful. And, that if it's not right, it could backfire. And so many of us freeze and do nothing. The truth is, action is what is needed. We can't continue to do nothing because of our own discomfort. And, the only way to make any change is to start trying it out, in small steps, and in little ways. And that's what the heart of imperfect allyship is all about. If you've been feeling deeply unsettled by what you've felt over the many acts of racial injustice that have been happening, and you know you want to do something (but you don't know what or how) - this is the episode for you. Get all the show notes and a full transcript at the website. Sign up for Newsletter on my website. Purchase my book, Jump Start Your Joy: Heart-Centered Ways to Find Joy in The Messy Middle


29 Apr 2021

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Ep. 28: Bringing Inclusion into Beauty w/ Erica Courdae

Business Remixed

Leading through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion should be a top priority for every business owner. When your business practices are aligned with your values of DEI, you are letting your customers know that they are important and your business is accessible to all. I’m talking more about these ideas this week with beauty entrepreneur, podcaster, and DEI coach & consultant Erica Courdae. She is passionate about creating open spaces where leaders can learn to be true to who they are, own the changes they want to make, and pivot their mindset to create an inclusive, supportive, and value-aligned business culture that honors their clients.  In this episode, Erica is diving deeper into what it means to ALWAYS do business through the lens of DEI. She’s sharing what she’s learned on her journey in multiple roles in the beauty industry, how it’s impacted her as a business owner, and what you can do to shift to a message of inclusivity in YOUR business practices. Listen now to hear more about: Erica reflects on the culture of exclusion in business and teaching practices in the beauty industry—and why she was ready to make a change Being efficient, defying stereotypes, and creating an inclusive space as a stylist & business owner The importance of feeling CONFIDENT in your hair—especially for folks with textured hair Erica shares her TOP TIPS to create an inclusive & accessible business (and reach your TARGET market!) Why you can make money AND make an impact with a client-centered biz And so much more! Short on time? Check out the show highlights: [6:00] Inefficient and noninclusive practices in the beauty industry [23:30] Shifting to a message of inclusion [29:40] The connection between hair and confidence [35:30] Practices to implement for an accessible and inclusive biz [42:00] Support yourself AND honor your clients Connect with Erica Courdae! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ericacourdae/ Website: https://www.ericacourdae.com Listen to her podcast Pause on the Play: https://www.pauseontheplay.com Pause on the Play Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pauseontheplay/ Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trudilebron/


27 Apr 2021

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Creating A Membership Community With Erica Courdae

Rebel Therapist

How do you create an incredibly valuable and thriving membership community? As you're about to hear, it takes planning, intention, care and the willingness to experiment. You're about to get a masterclass on creating a community from Erica Courdae, co-founder along with India Jackson of the Pause On the Play Community: a hub of entrepreneurs and change-makers connecting at the intersection of values and visibility. Meet Erica Courdae. She's dedicated her life to expanding how others interact with the world through powerful conversations. As an entrepreneur and certified coach, her work is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), imperfect allyship, and imposter syndrome. This work has taken her into communities and onto national stages as a speaker and educator at events like AltSummit, ShePodcasts Live, and Being Boss. Erica is also the owner of an inclusive beauty salon, Silver Immersion, and the host of Pause on the Play, a podcast that features open dialogue on topics like company culture, visibility, and mindset. Here's some of what we talked about: Creating the Pause On The Play podcast, almost by accident Choosing their platforms intentionally, and why they left Facebook Creating different events including workshops, trainings, sound baths, podcast episodes and movie watch parties Being experimental and responsive with what they offer the community How they draw the right fit people and also detach from the need to be the right fit for everyone at every time Being consistent with their values and their communication style so people sign up knowing who they're getting as their community leaders Why they stopped using an application for their community and what they do instead The deep empathy they see between their community members How Erica and India protect their friendship and business relationship in loving ways Show notes at http://rebeltherapist.me/podcast/144


23 Feb 2021

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91. How to Integrate Values Into Your Business: Erica Courdae

LIBERTY For Her with Nada Jones

This season on LIBERTY For Her we are discussing the importance of pivoting. We are grateful to be launching this important discussion with Erica Courdae. Erica Courdae is what you call a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the owner of an inclusive beauty salon, Silver Immersion, and the host of Pause on the Play podcast and a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) coach. Nada sits down with Erica to discuss all the different facets of each business but also the way her work has primarily pivoted to her DEI coaching in the wake of the racial unrest and movement for equity. In her DEI coaching, Erica seeks to guide founders and business to truly embody their values in the day to day of their businesses.Erica is steeped in wisdom and insight that we know will encourage you to make big or small pivots in the way you run your business.You can learn more about Erica’s DEI coaching here. Listen to Pause on the Play podcast here. Enjoy Silver Immersion’s services here. You can also follow Erica on Instagram and Facebook.Don't forget to follow us at @libertyforher on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Please let us know your thoughts about this episode by using the hashtag #libertyforher  and please rate and review us—it helps to know if this podcast is inspiring and equipping you to launch and grow your ventures.


3 Feb 2021

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172 Being an Imperfect Ally…Even If You’re a Sensitive Soul with Erica Courdae

Quiet Messenger: (formerly Unforgettable) Leadership through Brand Messaging for Sensitive, Introverted Coaches + Online Business Owners

Today, we’re joined by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coach Erica Courdae in a conversation that will make it easier for you to keep speaking up ~ especially if you’re scared you’ll mess up. This is to get us into imperfect action…even that thoughtful, caring side of ourselves that second-guesses what we share and just wants to say it the “right” way. What I learned from Erica: Being in conversation with people who don’t look, live or love the way that you do is essential for us to collectively get to a place where no one has to feel othered.  Listen in. Erica and I talk about: How to avoid going down the shame spiral of, “Oh no, I did that wrong!” The ableist phrase I unconsciously used in our conversation…that’s common in the leadership community Why what you watch on tv, the music you listen to, the brands you trust, and the experts you follow all affect your strength as an ally Where Erica sees well-intentioned people mess up when using a DEI framework How to discern when to speak up and when to pass the mic Why the change is mostly NOT happening in the comments on Instagram or Facebook — and how to redirect your actions When it’s okay to rest your voice  Deeper support from me: What’s your Messenger Archetype? Take the quiz. My Messenger Mastermind is an intimate circle of up to 6 women coaches & leaders who want to feel solid, confident & consistent in their messaging and grow a movement that matters ~ both to the world and to their business’ bottom line. As a Copywriter + Messaging Expert, I craft websites that make your dream clients feel SEEN and convey the true value and impact of your work so that it moves them to sign up.  Erica’s Links: EricaCourdae.com Pause on the Play Podcast and Community Erica’s Instagram What sparked for you from my conversation with Erica? Let us know in the comments of this episode’s post over on Instagram. Warmth, Adria


2 Feb 2021

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Imperfect Allyship in Business with Erica Courdae

The Sell it, Sister! Podcast

For business owners who want to run more ethical and inclusive businesses that means opening up to learning, listening, and changing. And the work is often uncomfortable, but it's necessary. In 2021 we can no longer pretend we don't know about systemic inequalities. At this point if you aren't doing the work to consciously create a more just, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist business, then you are choosing to cause more harm. Even if the intent isn't there, the impact is. Entrepreneurs are constantly having to do new things & push themselves out of their comfort zones. This means we can do hard work! And because our businesses give us tremendous opportunities for positive impact, we need to commit to doing what is right for everyone, not just a select few. LINKS: Erika’s website ADDITIONAL LINKS: Get my free No-Sleaze Sales Method delivered right to your inbox: Get Instant Access Here Your Next Big Thing Intensive: http://bit.ly/nbt-intensive

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27 Jan 2021

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Imperfect Allyship 101 with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusions Expert Erica Courdae

Whiskey & Work Podcast

This week’s episode is so important and near and dear to my heart. Joining us today is the amazing coach and consultant, Erica Courdae. We’re talking about how to navigate tough conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion, plus learning how to be the best ally you can be. Come listen as we educate and open ourselves to the knowledge that Erica has to share! What we’re talking about... Defining what it means to be an ally Taking a step back and listening to the experiences of the BIPOC community Expanding your network to those with different life experiences  Being a part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem Understanding equity in today’s society Is your business model accessible to everyone? Examining all of your privilege Being open to criticism on this journey of  Pushing yourself to learn even if it’s uncomfortable Using your platform to speak out against injustice Upholding the pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion everyday LINKS MENTIONED Erica Courdae Website Erica Courdae Instagram


26 Jan 2021

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117: Poverty Mindset with Erica Courdae

The Inspiration Place

Today, we’re talking all about poverty mindset. In this podcast, you will discover... The difference between poverty mindset and starving artist mindset, and how to break free of these limiting beliefs. For full show notes, go to schulmanart.com/117 ++++++++++++++++++++ 🎉FREE GOODIES!🎉 Don't forget to check out the Inspiration Place goodie bag. Go pick up your party favor over at SchulmanArt.com/freebies. Whether you're a passionista or a passion professional, I've got something just for you. ++++++++++++++++++++ 🎤NEVER MISS AN EPISODE! If you loved this, I've got more inspirational episodes coming your way! Please make sure you hit the subscribe or follow button in your podcast app. And if you're feeling extra generous- leave me a review-- ++++++++++++++++++++ We've now made it SO MUCH easier for you to leave a review-- just pop on over to https://ratethispodcast.com/inspire BTW If you pop your Instagram handle at the end of the review, I'll even give you a shout out over on my IG stories! ++++++++++++++++++++ I'd love to chat with you on Instagram: http://instagram.com/schulmanart


24 Nov 2020

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How to Use Your Voice for Change with Erica Courdae

And She Spoke

It’s okay to be an imperfect ally when navigating difficult times.  Wanting to participate in an emotionally charged conversation is important, even if we’re afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. The beauty of it is… we don’t have to get it right or be perfect. We have to see where we can do more, be better, and expand.  Everything we do in life requires practice and co-creation... we learn in tandem with others. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about taking action that aligns with your values and then seeing where you want to be different. When we keep the conversation moving forward, we can finally shift the narrative for the better. On today’s episode of “And She Spoke,” we tackle how to address anti-racism as individuals and entrepreneurs through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with DEI Coach and Consultant Erica Courdae. She bases her work on these premises: A shame & blame-free environment It’s not about being perfect  Taking care of the WHOLE human  Being better in a way that makes sense for you Imperfect allyship To truly evolve, we must show up because we want to do the work... not because we think we’re supposed to!  Infusing everything we do with DEI allows us to show up and support what matters to us – even if we aren’t always perfect. Every time we engage, we chip away at the barriers that hold us back.  Here’s a peek at what else we discuss: Tone-policing Values Reconnecting to what matters  Imperfect action Privilege  Resources: Erica Courdae - Website Pause on the Play - Podcast This week’s Joy:  Our joy is Conversation – the catalyst for everything and the cornerstone of hope. This week’s Hustle:  Our hustle is Voxer… because sometimes context can be lost in text. This free app gives you a way to communicate effortlessly through instant voice memos. You can say what you need to say in the moment and send it when you’re ready. Know Your Numbers In our business, we're big fans of financial literacy and accountability. Knowing your numbers is an essential aspect of building a successful business and inherent responsibility for any entrepreneur.  What you focus on grows, so pay attention to your money. We use Bench for our bookkeeping. It's simple, elegant, and saves us so many hours that would otherwise be spent neck-deep in receipts on the other side of a spreadsheet. Each month our transactions are automatically imported into Bench and we get on-demand financial reports. We even enjoy opening up our profit and loss statement to review each month. When tax time comes around, we are up to date and ready to go. And this is what Financial Empowerment feels like. Use this link to save 20% off your Bench Accounting plan for the first six months!


28 Oct 2020

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88: Owning Your Identity Through An Evolution // Erica Courdae

Pattern of Purpose

Entrepreneurs know that one year can feel like seven. We learn lessons fast and hard, which means our businesses are constantly evolving. But evolving is uncomfortable — like our ideas are laid out on the table without any rhyme or reason.  Erica Courdae knows this feeling intimately. She’s back on the show to reflect on being propelled into the spotlight earlier this year and how important it was to have consistency in her message, positioning, and owning her multifaceted identity during this time. On this episode Erica and I discuss: What it feels like to get an influx of new followers and prospects on your channels overnight; How strong the urge can be to water down your message for fear of being too much; The power of having a strong and accurate bio; Why every leader, no matter their expertise, needs someone to help them see their greater potential. Visit Pattern of Purpose for show notes and links to resources mentioned on this episode.


15 Sep 2020