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All Killer No Filler: The Art and Science of Scaling YouTube Ads with Tru Earth’s Ryan McKenzie, Saul Garcia and Jacob Geary from Pilothouse

DTC Podcast

This week on All Killer No Filler we’re talking about the art and science of YouTube Ads with Ryan McKenzie the co-founder and CMO of Tru Earth, Pilothouse Head of Google Saul Garcia and Pilothouse Lead Media Buyer Jacob Geary. Want to hear more from this dream team? Look over the shoulder these expert practitioners as they give you the step-by-step playbooks they used to create crazy-profitable YouTube campaigns – LIVE on Zoom for FREE! Join our FREE two-day all-access sessions on March 25 - 26, 2021 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST. Unlock YouTube Creative & Scaling Secrets From 2020's 2nd Fastest-Growing DTC Startup In our TWO one-hour, all-access sessions, experts from Tru Earth and Pilothouse will cover: How to create compelling, high-converting videos (on any budget). How to profitably find, refine, and scale your target audience on YouTube. How to optimize your campaigns and scale your DTC eCommerce brand on YouTube. Sign up today (FREE)!


20 Mar 2021

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Saul Garcia | Sales and Marketing Alignment


Saul Garcia has built out sales and revenue operations functions at portfolio companies of Vista Equity, Google Ventures and others. He shares with us practical tips on when and how to start with this critical function and how it serves as a catalyst for the alignment of sales and marketing.


4 Dec 2020

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The False 9s Special w/ Saul Garcia: FA Cup Quarter Final Preview

Coming Home Newcastle: for NUFC fans

Two episodes in three days for The False 9s! For this special episode we welcome Saul Garcia, the co-manager of SBNation's Bitter & Blue, to preview tomorrow's FA Cup match between Newcastle and Manchester City. Saul provides us with assurance on the outstanding depth of City, why Newcastle could pose a potential threat to the reigning champions, and how he expects his side to come out angry against the Toon. For more from Saul, follow @Bitterandblue1 on Twitter, as well as @ComingHomeNUFC and @ZPensak for all things Newcastle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Jun 2020

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Corruption in Rowing - Saul Garcia


There's both corruption and racism in rowing. Saul Garcia is a former Mexican team international lightweight athlete. Having studied in Canada and trained in the national development squad there, he has a unique insight into the differences between both systems. 03:00 Background in rowing - I chose University of Victoria in Canada for my rowing career. Howard Campbell was my training partner. https://govikesgo.com/sports/mens-rowing/roster/coaches/howard-campbell/11210:30 The differences between Canada and Mexico rowing. We “tropicalize” rowing in Mexico07:00 I just asked Mike Spraklen if I could join his group in Canada. The Mexican system has less structure. In Canada people and careers in rowing after university; in Mexico it’s juniors. I was too serious for Mexico and spend as too light hearted for Canada!15:00 Kenia Lechuga Alanis is the most famous Mexican rower - she’s from Monterrey who row on a windy dam but trains in Mexico City on the man-made basin. It’s really flat water. She is fearless!18:30 Corruption in rowing. It’s a sad topic. In Mexico public funds were used to fund the President’s Federation and lifestyle.22:30 The Canadian corruption is more sophisticated. Giving jobs to people for years who pander to their interests while athletes have to fund raise for their expenses. $6m spent on salaries while athletes have $1500 per month to live on.24:00 Is there systemic racism in rowing? There is no program for First Nations or inner city kids in Canada, Rowing Canada posted on Instagram about their “Podium Program” and I was one of only 2 non-white athletes on the team. The other was Chinese Canadian.30:00 The old boys club. In Mexico it is much more open and the people are changing in leadership. In Canada you don’t rock the boat. You get punished if you throw rocks. It’s more the coaches, There’s always someone else willing to take your slot on an olympic team.33:00 Can athletes initiate change? Alumni and current team athletes need to speak out. Question decisions and funding; form a union for the national team. Alumni with resources need to get involved. Scholarships or your own club - agglomerate around a goal.SponsorsPlease help us by clicking on these links and sharing with your friends.GPS speed order raceshttps://rowing.chat/sponsor/gps-speed-orders/Blake Gourlay The movement of Rowing book offer discounthttps://rowing.chat/sponsor/blake-gourlay-book/


18 Jun 2020

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MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs Episode #131: Saul Garcia

MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs

Saul Garcia followed his dream of seeing people enjoying themselves while sharing a meal at his own restaurant. Garcia is the co-founder of Los Aztecas and Sol Aztecas restaurants in Louisville, Ky. Originally from Mexico, Garcia spent his early years without most modern amenities and began working at an early age to help his family. At age 11, he learned he had Leukemia, began chemotherapy, and pulled through with a new motivation in life. As a teen, he worked in a restaurant and became fascinated with the restaurant experience. He especially enjoyed seeing how customers left so happy after sharing a meal together. Garcia began studies at a local university, earning a law degree. At one point, the university shut down from a student strike, and he made plans to come to America with intentions to earn enough money to complete his education. He walked, alone, six days across the desert to get work in Fresno, Calif. as a migrant farm worker. Garcia fell in love with the country and decided to stay. In 1997, with his brother and two friends, he opened the first Los Aztecas in Louisville. Since then, Garcia has opened 14 more locations of Los Aztecas and Sol Aztecas restaurants.


27 Jun 2017

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Pastor Saul Garcia - Una Cisis de Identidad (entrenamiento de Pastores)

Alcance Victoria San Bernardino

1hr 14mins

30 Mar 2017