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Clare Pooley, "The Authenticity Project" (Penguin, 2020)

New Books in Literature

Today I talked to Clare Pooley about her novel The Authenticity Project (Penguin, 2020).In this chatty, very British story, a few personal lines written in a “pale-green exercise book like the one Monica had carried around with her at school,” inadvertently trigger enormous personal change in a group of strangers. Monica owns the café where Julian, an aging, lonely artist, has left a few words about himself in the exercise book. Julian hopes that whoever finds it might want to share their own truth and pass it along, and surprisingly, some do. Monica writes in it and leaves it for the next person, Hazard, a coke-snorting, financially high-flying jackass. Hazard takes it to Thailand and gives it to Riley, a cute young Australian gardener. And so on, but everyone ends up back Monica’s café, grappling with the challenges of finding love, or raising a baby, or getting sober. The Authenticity Project will bring you up to date on popular culture back in 2018, when slapdash gatherings, art classes in cafes, raising a glass with friends, and jumping on a plane to Thailand were all part of everyday life. Though not literary, this is a cute, charming story, and don’t be surprised if it turns into an even cuter movie.Clare Pooley was a backup singer with ABBA when she was eleven, and later studied economics at Cambridge University, where she constantly raided the bookshelves of the English students. For years, she was passionate about drinking wine, which led to a chronic alcohol addiction. She quit drinking and started an anonymous blog called Mummy was a Secret Drinker. The blog went viral and became a memoir, The Sober Diaries, which sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. She also gave a TEDX talk on the shame associated with alcohol addiction that has been viewed over 200,000 times. Before becoming a full-time writer, Pooley spent twenty years in the heady world of advertising. She lives in Fulham, London with her husband, three children, and two border terriers.I interview authors of beautifully written literary fiction and mysteries, and try to focus on independently published novels, especially by women and others whose voices deserve more attention. If your upcoming or recently published novel might be a candidate for a podcast, please contact me via my website, gpgottlieb dot com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesSupport our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/literature


26 Oct 2021

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Episode 141 Guest Clare Pooley revisit.

Love Sober Podcast

We are delighted to share this episode with you again. We interviewed Clare Pooley author of the Sober Diaries and The Authenticity Project and the blog Mummy was a secret drinker back in 2019. She is an absolute gem, supporter of others, all round girls girl, friend and passionate advocate for living the sober life. WE LOVE HER and in the spirit of the 'summer holidays' and it's joys and challenges we wanted to re publish. There are lots of good advice here, so grab a cuppa and let's chat. If you would like to support the podcast you can via https://www.patreon.com/lovesoberpodYou can join us via links below: https://www.lovesober.com https://www.lovesober.com/community-1 https://www.lovesober.com/courses https://www.the-coaching-academy.com/cart/index.asp?uid=1603813594565 #reasonstolovesober #lovesoberpodcast #lovesober #loveyourselfsober #sober #soberlife #hangoverfree #sobriety  #recoverycoach #sobermovement #sobercurious #alcoholfree #recovery #sherecovers  #sobercoach #greyareadrinking #grayareadrinking #mentalhealth #motherhood #wineoclock #sobermums #selfcare #womeninrecovery #sobercommunity


6 Aug 2021

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# 178 - Book Club: The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

Wife of the party

We are back in person for our book club! Today we book club the book “The Authenticity Project” by Clare Pooley. We talk about our opinions of the book, our favorite parts, our least favorite parts, senior photos, envy, guilt, living with in laws and much more!  Our next book club will be “The Push” by Ashley Audrain.  Check out the new Wife of the Party Facebook groups here: http://www.facebook.com/pg/wifeotp/gr... I have WOTP merch! You can buy a brand new Wife of the Party mug, shirt, or a tote bag at http://www.wifeotp.com If you have any questions you would like me to answer on the podcast feel free to email me from my website at http://www.wifeotp.com Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast!

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1 Jul 2021

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Life Before and After Getting Sober with Clare Pooley

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 166  Are you trying to moderate your drinking but it isn't working?  Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to quit drinking than to try and "make it work?"  Well, my friend you are not alone!  My guest, the incredible Clare Pooley shares her experience with alcohol, her attempts at moderation, and some of her reasons for quitting that you will definitely relate to. Clare Pooley is an author, speaker, and blogger who shares her journey to getting sober in a lovely, light and authentic way. To learn more about Clare and view this episodes full show notes, click here: https://www.lorimassicot.com/episode-166-before-and-after-getting-sober-with-clare-pooley Please take a moment and leave this episode a rating and review: https://ratethispodcast.com/to50andbeyond I appreciate you being here. Thank you for listening! 

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8 Jun 2021

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41: #41 Leading the Sober Curious Movement with Clare Pooley

Building Better Leaders

Six years ago Clare Pooley was drinking about 90 units of alcohol a week. Fast forward to today and she’s a successful author, fulfilling her life’s dream. We talk to Clare about how alcohol works as a drug, and how our tolerance to it builds over time, bringing with it- issues of poor sleep, reduced creativity and anxiety. We talk about Clare’s previous career as a senior leader in the booze advertising industry, and how her recklessness while drinking nearly cost her her job. We Discuss the idea of ‘sober curiosity,’ and how people interested in having time without alcohol might reassess their relationship with it. This conversation provides thought provoking insight into a relationship many Brits have with alcohol that they’re not aware of, and how taking a more mindful approach to consuming alcohol can make you a better leader, and provide many with the opportunity to uncover their full potential.  Tips for leaders about being more inclusive in the workplace about team bonding without the booze: Ask your team what they’d like to do - don’t assume  Rethink networking and bonding opportunities that are richer in experience - running, walks, health club, theatre trips, afternoon teas, bakeoffs  Be mindful of what you role model. Boozy leaders tend to attract and hire boozy teams which can be an issue in itself for productivity and diversity of thought.  Clare’s Leadership Essentials: 1. Take a break - Ideally take a 100 days break from all alcohol to give you and your body time to decide mindfully what relationship you want to have with alcohol, rather than the relationship you have fallen into 2. Set yourself rules - once you’ve decided the relationship you’d like to have with alcohol, set strict rules and stick to them 3.  Keep an eye on it - Be mindful about why and when you are drinking. If you can’t stick to step one you might want to reconsider the benefits of quitting. Useful Links: You Tube: https://www.ted.com/talks/clare_pooley_making_sober_less_shameful Website & Book: https://clarepooley.com/

1hr 14mins

1 Jun 2021

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Clare Pooley - NYT Best Selling Author of "The Authenticity Project"

Sobriety: The One Day At A Time Recovery Podcast

Hello Loves, Well, this is episode 150! It kinda feels like a big milestone for me. The podcast has grown quite a bit since it started over 4 years ago. We’re broadcast to 63 countries, there have been about 220K downloads and we’ve had some absolutely amazing guests. So Thank you to all who are listening and who send me notes and leave reviews. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. You truly are the reason I stay inspired to keep publishing.  Today, my guest is Clare Pooley. She’s a NYT best selling author of The Authenticity Project, and  “The Sober Diaries” that chronicled her first year of sobriety. She is a wife,  mother of 3 kids and has been alcohol free since 2015. This episode is brought to you by Sobriety Reset.com If you are struggling to get your first 30 days, this is an online, self paced program designed to tackle the biggest obstacles of getting sober, so that you feel prepared, supported and connected and get that first milestone to build momentum. For more details, visit sobrietyreset.com So there ya have it, please enjoy this conversation, with the super sweet and super talented Clare Pooley!


8 Apr 2021

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The Sober Diaries with Author Clare Pooley

Breaking the Bottle Legacy-Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

Grab your free e-book "Alcohol Truths: How Much is SAFE?" here!  Join the private community "Change Your Alcohol Habit" here! This week on the podcast I'm delighted to share my conversation with Clare Pooley, author of "The Sober Diaries".  This book and Clare's story were a huge inspiration for me while I was changing my drinking habit. The book is a wonderful mixture of humor, science and straight talk.  A little bit about Clare:   After studying Economics at Cambridge University, Clare spent twenty years in the heady world of advertising, producing global and local campaigns for brands like Kit Kat, Huggies nappies, Barclays Bank, Rolex watches, Persil washing powder, and many, many more. Clare worked hard and played hard and ended up drinking way too much wine, so she quit drinking and started a blog called Mummy was a Secret Drinker. This blog became a runaway success and led to a publishing deal. Clare's memoir - The Sober Diaries was published in December 2017, followed by a TEDx talk titled 'Making Sober Less Shameful.' Clare then turned to fiction. Her debut novel - The Authenticity Project - was published last year in thirty-one languages, from Croatian to Korean and Hebrew and spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.  Clare is currently editing her second novel and of course, being "Mummy" to three children too.  I loved talking to Clare all about her experience as she changed her relationship with alcohol and what she's working on now.  Visit her at www.clarepooley.com


31 Mar 2021

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5. Do What You Love ft Clare Pooley (@clare_pooley)

The Mr MoneyJar Show

Join me as I sit down with Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project and The Sober Diaries, and discuss what it's like to work for your dreams, do what you love and change your life. 


21 Mar 2021

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Clare Pooley

Shelf Life

Clare Pooley - author of The Authenticity Project - reveals the seven books that changed her life. 

1hr 2mins

18 Feb 2021

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Clare Pooley

Expert Minutes

In this episode, John Hambone McGuire speaks to the fantastic Clare Pooley about public speaking, writing and blogging. In this episode, Clare discusses the power of words and what big changes they can make to one's life - including her own book, The Sober Diaries: how one woman stopped drinking and started living.


12 Feb 2021