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Ep. 54: Decriminalizing Nature With Carlos Plazola

The Plant Remedy Podcast

In this episode, Bai and Carlos Plazola, founder of Decriminalize Nature sit down together and talk all things plant medicine.  Carlos is on a mission to help us as humans to reconnect with the plant world and the land we live on. He talks about his life and his path to change the negative stigma against plant medicine like mushrooms, psilocybin, peyote, and more. His goal is to improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education, and advocacy. He envisions happier, healthier individuals and communities who have reconnected to nature and entheogenic plant and fungi traditions and practices.  Together they spark light into the history of ancient cultural traditions around growing food, and the healing properties that our ancestors used from growing their own food. They believe the danger right now is the lost connection and relationship we have with nature. We need this movement, to help us heal nature and ourselves.  They also touch base on how to allow these medicines to heal our past traumas emotionally and mentally through low dose experiences. Hopefully one day to have a better balance between the ancient ways of wisdom and the new ways of technology.  Remember the earth is here talking to us, if only we have the focus and patience to listen to her. As Carlos saids it, "Put your hands in the dirt. Find that connection!"  Whats next for decriminalizing nature? They are helping provide support and momentum to pass a bill in congress in California to help decriminalize entheogenic plants, restore our root connection to nature, and improve human health and well-being.  You can check out and learn more info on instagram @decriminalizenature   Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at www.chefbai.kitchen/cookvibeheal using code: COOKWITHME Don't forget to pre-order my upcoming cookbook "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!"


17 Jun 2021

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Episode 173: Carlos Plazola and Dr. Larry Norris: Decriminalize Nature/Decriminalize Oakland/Recovering our Connection with Nature/Plant Medicines/Entheogens

End of the Road

Larry Norris, Ph.D., is the co-founder and executive director of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education) 501(c)(3), a group dedicated to the development of entheogenic education, research, and integration models.  Larry is also a co-founder and one the Board of Decriminalize Nature and helped to co-author the resolution which received a unanimous decision from the Oakland City Council and cities across the US.  He holds a Ph.D from the East-West Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco; his dissertation reviews archived ayahuasca experiences to identify transformational archetypes and insights and consider their implications for integration.  To find out more about Larry's work and ERIE's approach to integration, please visit: https://erievision.org/ To learn more about Decriminalize Nature, please visit:  https://www.decriminalizenature.org/ Carlos Plazola was educated at UCLA (BS in Biology/Anthropolgy) and Yale (MS in Environmental Science) and has lived with the Anchuar of Ecuador where he personally experienced the destruction of the rainforest and its impact on ancient traditions. Carlos has worked as a political activist with the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, ACORN, and the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice.  He eventually became the field director for a mayoral campaign, and Chief of Staff to the Oakland City Council President.  His latest efforts since 2006 have been in manifesting creativity through the build environment, becoming a real estate developer, completing over 30 projects, including two mid-rises, and winning three Historic Preservation Awards while also exploring and advancing methods of sustainable development.   Due to his own experiences with entheogens, he has become an advocate for the decriminalization of entheogenic plants and fungi in a just and equitable way, ensuring they become accessible to all communities, especially to low-income communities which experience the highest levels of life-inhibiting trauma.  To support this intention, he is currently building a financially self-sustaining healing center called The Haven Community, a co-living, co-working consciousness community in Oakland, CA.  For more information about this community, please see:  https://www.thehavencommunity.org/ This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here: https://endoftheroad.libsyn.com/episode-173-carlos-plazola-and-dr-larry-norris-decriminalize-naturedecriminalize-oaklandrecovering-our-connection-with-natureplant-medicinesentheogens Have an awesome weekend!


9 Apr 2021

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Carlos Plazola of Decrim Nature on Plant Medicines and the Legal System

The Lex Files

In 2019 Decrim Nature Oakland helped to pass a measure that made plant medicines the lowest priority for the police force and defunded enforcement. Their legislative victory has sparked others – and now there are dozens of branches of this movement sprouting throughout the world.  And Carlos Plazola was there from the beginning. Today he tells Lex about the mushroom trip that inspired him to embark on this mission of healing, why we need to reconnect with ancient traditions, and how he works with human power structures to achieve healthy social goals.  site:  https://www.decriminalizenature.org/ his op-ed on applying the lessons of legal cannabis to psychedelic decriminalization:  https://www.marijuanamoment.net/applying-the-lessons-of-legal-cannabis-to-psychedelics-decriminalization-op-ed/ 


28 Sep 2020

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Conversations: Carlos Plazola and Larry Norris, Decriminalize Nature

Report on Psychedelics

Learn more about Decriminalize Nature: www.decriminalizenature.org/Stay up to date with the latest in the business of psychedelics by subscribing to our weekly briefing: https://reportonpsychedelics.com/#briefing-signup


20 Jul 2020

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#628 Carlos Plazola - Decriminalize Nature


Carlos Plazola is Co-Founder of Decriminalize Nature which improves human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education, and advocacy. https://decriminalizenature.orgPartner ► https://newwestsummit.comWelcome ✌🏽 We Uncover The Nature of Reality1 Interview Smart People 2️ Synthesize First Principles 3️ Elevate Planetary Consciousness ⭐ http://simulationseries.com🧬 Find Us EverywhereYouTube ► http://bit.ly/SimYoTu👀 SOCIAL Instagram ► http://bit.ly/SimulationIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/SimulationTwitterFacebook ► http://bit.ly/SimulationFBLinkedIn ► http://bit.ly/SimulationLinkedInTelegram ► http://bit.ly/SimulationTG🎧 AUDIOiTunes ► http://bit.ly/SimulationiTunesSpotify ► http://bit.ly/SpotifySimSoundCloud ► http://bit.ly/SimulationSCInsight Timer ► http://bit.ly/SimInsight💰SUPPORTPayPal ► http://bit.ly/SimPayPalPatreon ► http://bit.ly/SimulationPatreonCrypto ► http://bit.ly/CryptoSimu🇨🇳 CHINA BiliBili ► http://bit.ly/SimBiliBili👕 MERCHYoobe ► https://yoobe.me/simulation🎤 PUBLIC SPEAKINGAll Videos ► https://allensaakyan.comTEDx Talk ► http://bit.ly/AllenTEDxQuestioning Growth ► http://bit.ly/QuestioningGrowth1,000 Robotics Students ► http://bit.ly/AllenFIRSTInstagram ► http://bit.ly/AllenIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/AllenT❓ QUESTIONS 📹 HIRINGList ► http://simulationseries.com/the-list Email ► simulationseries@gmail.com


16 May 2020

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"Decriminalizing Nature " with Carlos Plazola (DNO) and Larry Norris (ERIE)

Fractal Friends

Decriminalizing Nature Oakland (DNO) is a grassroots organization in Oakland, California with the mission to improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education and advocacy. In 2019 they successfully led a campaign to get psychoactive plants and fungi decriminalized in Oakland. They have since become a model for cities around the united states and the world.This episode opens up a conversation about the movement to lift up our interconnected relationship with nature and the work to harness the healing power of nature.We talk about the drug war being a war on people's cognitive liberty and Freedom of consciousness. We get into the nuances of what it means to decriminalize something as opposed to legalizing it. This leads us to interesting lessons in the power of grassroots social transformation. We talk about the concept “Entheogen,” which means the divine within as a term for medicinal plants. And we get into the burgeoning research into the powerful healing power of entheogens. And we talk about love, and community.More Info at: “Decriminalizing Nature” with Carlos Plazola and Larry NorrisMusic: "Giving Up On Us” by Mazin Jamal


25 Mar 2020

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BONUS EPISODE: Nationwide Decriminalization Efforts Decriminalize Nature founders Carlos Plazola and Larry Norris

Plant Medicine Podcast with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

In today’s special bonus episode, we’re talking with the co-founders of Decriminalize Nature, Carlos Plazola and Larry Norris. Their mission is to promote human health and wellbeing by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi. By utilizing political and community organizing, education, and advocacy, they are closer than ever to their goal. Carlos and Larry discuss how their organization began as an effort to help people reconnect with nature by way of using plants for their healing properties. This naturally led to them advocating for the removal of plants from their Schedule 1 status so that people can once again rediscover and utilize them as medicine. For anyone who is interested in organizing change in their community, Carlos and Larry share their advice on how to get started. It begins by gathering a small group of like-minded community members and developing a resolution. From there, it can be shared with a broader coalition of people from various parts of the community. Once it has gained wider support, it can be brought before the local government.  As this movement increasingly spreads around the country, more and more organizations and individuals are getting involved. We talk about recent changes in attitudes that have taken place to make this possible and how this might lead to further developments in the near future.   In this episode: The grassroots mission of Decriminalize Nature and how it has spread all over the country How Carlos and Larry became involved in advocating for decriminalization efforts Practical advice on how to organize for decriminalization at the community level What decriminalization means on the local and federal levels How the decriminalization movement has spread to cities around the United States Lessons learned from the decriminalization of cannabis How the decriminalization movement has become more diverse than ever   Quotes: “This is a moment when we can stand up and say that these are important for us to be able to work with, on a personal level, a spiritual level, and healing level. And now the science is showing that.” [3:51] “This is not a fear-based movement. This is a movement about liberation, equitable access, and remembering our connection to nature.” [12:17] “The more news that comes out, the more people see that it’s possible. The more people see the support, then everyone gets excited to jump on it. It feels safe.” [26:25] “This is a non-political issue. It’s very much a human issue.” [32:49]   Links: Decriminalize Nature Follow Decriminalize Nature on Facebook | Instagram MAPS ERIE Applying the Lessons of Legal Cannabis to Psychedelics Decriminalization VIDEO: Decriminalize Nature Addresses the Berkeley City Council Check out the full episode post Keep up with everything Plant Medicine related here Porangui


5 Feb 2020

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Dive Into Discussion Episode 40: Carlos Plazola

Dive Into Discussion

Carlos and I discuss the decriminalization of plant medicines, why entheogenic plants and fungi are important for mental health, scientific proof that can't be ignored, a powerful personal experience he went through with psilocybin, and much more! www.decriminalizenature.org


18 Jun 2019

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Decriminalize Nature Oakland W/ Larry Norris Founder of ERIE ( Entheogenic Research Integration & Education) and Carlos Plazola CEO of Buildzig


Decriminalize Nature Oakland is an educational campaign to inform Oakland residents about the value of entheogenic plants and fungi and the intention to propose a resolution to decriminalize our relationship to nature. Website: https://bit.ly/2GQVUH0 Instagram: @decriminalizenature Facebook: https://bit.ly/2VCdKpx YouTube: https://bit.ly/2PIHNXd ERIE: Larry Norris, MA, Ph.D. Candidate is the co-founder and executive director of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education) 501(c)(3), a group dedicated to the development of entheogenic research and integration models. Beginning his studies in cognitive science as an undergrad at the University of Michigan, he is now a Ph.D. candidate in the East-West Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. His dissertation will review archived ayahuasca experiences to identify transformational archetypes that induce insights hidden within the experiences. As adjunct faculty at CIIS, Larry taught a graduate course called Entheogenic Education: Contemporary Perspectives on Ancient Plant Wisdom in order to discuss the concept of entheogens as educational teachers and cognitive tools. He has also taught Paradigms of Consciousness at John F. Kennedy University. A dedicated activist and proponent of cognitive liberty, Larry’s efforts are a contribution to not only change the Western legal status of these powerful plants, fungus, and compounds but also to emphasize the potential sacred nature of entheogens given the right set and setting. Website: https://erievision.org/ Instagram: @erievision Facebook: https://bit.ly/2GHEJ9H Carlos Plazola: Education: Carlos received his BS degree in biology and Anthropology from UCLA reaffirming his love of this planet and the human experience. In 1993 for 3 months he lived among the Achuar tribe in Ecuador where he learned of their ways and impact of western society on their traditions, partook in Ayahuasca ceremony with Curandero. From 1993 to 1995 Carlo studied political ecology at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The intention was to understand how human positively and negatively impacts the use of Earth’s resources from a political, social, and economic perspective. He then took courses at the School of Management as well. From 1994 to 1998, Carlos worked at non-profits doing community organizing to learn the tool of mobilizing people. From 1998 to 2006 he worked at the congressional office and at local city council office to learn how to do political organizing, and then from 2006 to 2012, he started real estate development consulting to learn private sector success and to learn how to create the built environment, and how to do so with sustainably. From 2012 to now, Carlos has built over 30 projects, with the latest ones focusing on sustainability and social good (historic preservation). His role in Decriminalize Nature Oakland is about bringing all this together for the benefit of humanity and the planet as co-evolvers in the universe.   Carlos's Website: https://bit.ly/2LcYZW5 Other Podcast appearances featuring today's guests:  Erik Davis | Expanding Mind: https://bit.ly/2ITGdRK EntheoNation With Lorna Li: https://bit.ly/2LdgHsv Connect With Mike and Support Mikeadelic  If You Enjoy This Show Please Subscribe and Share  Show Your Love & Help Spread The Message Leave a 5-Star Rating ★★★★★ and Review on Apple Podcasts.https://apple.co/2IyVW8 Support The Show On Patreon for as little as $1 a month. Get access to weekly bonus content, stickers, T-shirts, and more great rewards like the private Whatsapp chat group: The Mikeadelic Inner Sanctum  1. Become A Patron: https://bit.ly/2ZoPyGc  2. Make A One-Time Donation On PayPal: https://bit.ly/2XyO2Q0 Connect With Mike: Website: https://bit.ly/2GqH7kX Email/ContactMe: https://bit.ly/2Dsv2v4 Facebook: https://bit.ly/2XCchg7 Instagram: @mikeadelic_podcast |  https://bit.ly/2Pqc50B Twitter: https://bit.ly/2IwIhik Listen Everywhere: Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2Vf2RKf Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2W8w72c GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/2PlJiKG Stitcher: https://bit.ly/2DrRnc6 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2IzMz8I Twitter: https://bit.ly/2IwIhik Also Available on Podbean, Speaker, Breaker, Tunein, Castro, I heart radio, Overcast, Soundcloud and everywhere podcasts are found  Subscribe to the Inner Sanctum Monthly Newsletter  https://bit.ly/2GqH7kX Thank You Intro Music Provided by Danny Barnett & Galaxia: https://bit.ly/2XB3sDr Second intro music mash-up by MUSE. https://www.muse.mu/ Sponsored By: Psychedelics Today  Get Their amazingly comprehensive and educational course Navigating Psychedelics:  https://bit.ly/2CLG0LF Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Products enter code Mike15 at checkout for 15% off https://bit.ly/2Gr68MT SYNCHRO Plant-Based & Keto Nutrition enter code Mikeadelic at checkout for 20% off https://bit.ly/2XCS2in

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29 Apr 2019

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DS005: Carlos Plazola on Developing Real Estate for a Quadruple Bottom Line

Smart Growth Developer Spotlight: Motivation, Inspiration and Guidance for the Next Generation of Real Estate Developers

Carlos Plazola Carlos is the CEO of BuildZig and the buck stops with him. He is the leader of the BuildZig team, providing vision and focus to ensure we meet our mission, core values, and goals.  Prior to helping form BuildZig, Carlos was President and founder of an entitlements company and managing member of a real estate investment company. Carlos served as Chief of Staff to the Oakland City Council President as advisor on economic development issues under Jerry Brown’s mayoral term. He has extensive experience in lobbying, community organizing, as well as the more technical aspects of real estate investment and development. Carlos received his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Anthropology from UCLA, and his master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale.  Before attending Yale, Carlos lived in the Amazon rainforest with the Achuar tribe, sparking his interest in protecting the environment. Carlos is passionate about sustainable development and reducing our impact on this planet. He is most excited about working on projects that can demonstrate how to do that in a profitable and beautiful way. Quick Links BuildZig


14 Nov 2017