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From ADDICT to RUNNING MAN to PRISON WARRIOR: The Story of Charlie Engle

The Adversity Advantage

Today's guest is Charlie Engle. Charlie is one of the premier adventure athletes in the world today. He’s run across more than 40 countries but by far his most important accomplishment is his 30 years of clean and sober living. His best selling book Running Man, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2016. Charlie’s record setting run across the Sahara Desert led to the creation of H2O Africa, which is known today as Water.org, cofounded by Matt Damon.  Charlie has been a featured speaker at the United Nations, at NATO Headquarters in Belgium and on board the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. He regularly trains Fortune 500 companies in strategies for resilience and addressing mental health issues. We discuss Charlies riveting addiction journey from start to finish, how he used running to save his life, why he went to federal prison after years of sobriety, how he improved his life during his incarceration and more!  Thanks to this episode's sponsor: B3 Sciences: Ride the B3 Band wave today! Checkout https://B3Sciences.com/ to order your own B3 Band. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for any B3 Band purchase. What to Listen For: 00:00 Intro 01:55 Where did Charlie’s addiction story begin? 06:59 Was he using to numb pain? 10:02 Why some people can’t handle “college life” 14:36 This is when his addiction took a turn for the worst 19:02 Charlie’s rock bottom moment (police/bullet holes) 22:46 How running saved his life! 28:30 Did his relationship with running become unhealthy? 34:47 Why did he go to prison after years of sobriety? 41:52 How did he improve his self worth in prison & make most of his time?  Connect with Charlie: Website Instagram Follow me on Social Media: LinkedIn Instagram Twitter ***Please note that B3 Sciences is a DSM company. I am not affiliated with B3 Sciences and this advertisement is for the B3 Sciences band only and NOT to join their DSM pipeline.


29 Aug 2022

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Thriving Through Sobriety, Suffering, and Struggle with Charlie Engle

True Grit and Grace with Amberly Lago

I met Charlie backstage at a Tony Robbins event, and was immediately drawn to him and his contagious, positive energy.  We talked about shared suffering and how sobriety and fitness has transformed our lives. He has such an incredible story, I was thrilled when he accepted the invite to share it on the podcast with you. Charlie Engle is a writer, runner, recovering addict, and keynote speaker. As he puts it, he's an addict who runs and a runner who writes. He's run across deserts, summited ice-covered volcanoes, swam with crocodiles and served a stint in federal prison. But his greatest challenge is the one he takes on every single day—sobriety. He has been clean and sober since July 23rd, 1992. As Engle got sober, he turned to running, which became his lifeline, his pastime, and his salvation. He began with marathons, and when marathons weren’t far enough, he began to take on ultramarathons, races that went for thirty-five, fifty, and sometimes hundreds of miles, traveling to some of the most unforgiving places on earth to race. The Matt Damon-produced documentary, Running the Sahara, followed Engle as he lead a team on a harrowing, record breaking 4,500-mile run across the Sahara Desert, which helped raise millions of dollars for charity. In his memoir Running Man, Charlie tells the surprising, funny, and emotional story of his life, detailing his setbacks and struggles—from coping with addiction to serving time in prison—and how he blazed a path to freedom by putting one foot in front of the other. In this episode Charlie tells the stories of addiction, recovery, prison, sobriety, running, and overcoming struggles with grit and grace. He is a true inspiration, a treasured friend, a light in the world and in my life, and you will get so much out of listening to this episode! Here’s what you will learn: How to welcome suffering when it enters your life and learn some of the greatest lessons (3:41) How to keep forward momentum going. From addict to record-breaking ultra runner  (12:09) A way to publicly share your sobriety story (21:04) Why owning your own struggle can be so powerful. "The addict part of me is the best part of me," says Charlie (28:31) How Charlie uses breathwork and meditation to prepare for speaking (34:27) What he learned about moving your body from his time in prison (42:38) How wearable devices help in life coaching (54:22) Learn more about his 30 year sobriety milestone and how he plans to celebrate by running for 30 hours!! What did you learn from this episode? Share on Instagram and tag me at @amberlylagomotivation and @charlieengle so we can see! Follow Charlie: Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Links mentioned in this episode: WHOOP | Your Personal Digital Fitness and Health Coach This episode is sponsored by Nootopia:  If you feel like you’re not fully maximizing your potential — both personally and professionally — then you owe it to yourself to try Nootopia’s formulas. They’re a total game changer! Simply go to nootopia.com/amberly and use “amberly” to receive 10% off any order. If you are ready to leave your mark by discovering your message and sharing it with the world, you've come to the right place!! Let's work together to build your influence, your impact, and your income! Join the tribe you have been waiting for to activate your highest potential and live the life you deserve!  Jump on the waitlist for the next "Unstoppable Life Mastermind!" JOIN NOW and let us know you are ready for greatness! Read the "True Grit and Grace" book here and learn how you can turn tragedy into triumph!  Thank you for joining us on the True, Grit, & Grace Podcast! If you find value in today’s episode, don’t forget to share the show with your friends and tap that subscribe button so you don’t miss an episode! You can also head over to amberlylago.com to join my newsletter and access free downloadable resources that can help you elevate your life, business, and relationships! Want to see the behind the scenes and keep the conversation going?  Head over to Instagram @amberlylagomotivation! Audible @True-Grit-and-Grace-Audiobook  Website @amberlylago.com Instagram @amberlylagomotivation Facebook @AmberlyLagoSpeaker

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13 Jul 2022

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Charlie Engle

The Payoff with Pete

Charlie Engle is a legendary ultra-marathon runner. He has won or placed in some of the world's most challenging races. In 2007, Matt Damon produced and narrated Running the Sahara. It's a film about Engle and his successful bid to become the first person to run across the Sahara Desert. Before all of that though, Charlie’s addiction almost killed him. But now he wears it as a badge of honor, a self-proclaimed sober warrior, he’s spent 30 years on the sunny side of the street. This conversation will probably have you wondering ‘how long till the movie comes out?’http://www.charlieengle.com/https://www.ashleytreatment.org/the-penguin-movement-for-recovery/https://www.nbcnews.com/video/was-man-unfairly-targeted-by-irs-for-role-in-financial-crisis-44479555699 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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21 Jun 2022

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Episode 108 - Charlie Engle - The Penguin - Movement for Recovery

Recovery Is Possible

Charlie Engle is a fascinating individual who is celebrating 30 years of continuous sobriety in July. As part of his celebration, Charlie will be running for 30 continuous hours to honor sobriety and to raise funds for scholarships and research in an event called "The Penguin." This event will be taking place at Ashley Addiction Treatment Center in Havre De Grace, Maryland on July 23-24, 2022, and you can participate and contribute to the cause if you wish. Charlie discusses this event as well as how we can help our citizens and First Responders overcome addiction and Mental Health issues as well as things we can do to incorporate treatment into the Criminal Justice system.  This episode is brought to you by FHE Health. Find out more at fhehealth.com website: charlieengle.com Book: Running Man: A Memoir of Ultra-Endurance Documentary: Running the Sahara (Narrated by Matt Damon) Instagram: @charlieengle Music-John Williams and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Planets III, Mercury, The Winged Messenger


20 Jun 2022

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Charlie Engle on the Circuit of Success

The Circuit of Success Podcast with Brett Gilliland

Charlie Engle is a global ultra-endurance athlete and founder of the 5.8 Global Adventure Series, one of the most ambitious expeditions in modern history, trekking from the lowest to the highest points on all seven continents. He is also one of the most accomplished ultramarathon runners in the world, completing hundreds of races around the world. His incredible determination and athletic ability was profiled in the film, Running the Sahara, produced and narrated by Matt Damon. The documentary highlighted his historic, record-setting journey across the world’s largest desert, running nearly two marathons a day for 111 consecutive days, for a total of more than 4,500 miles. His motivation to run and tackle extreme adventures stems from his battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Charlie has been in recovery since July 23, 1992, and he credits a large part of his recovery to the purposeful devotion and emotional release he experiences while running. Website: www.circuitofsuccess.com Website: www.visionarywealthadvisors.com The post Charlie Engle on the Circuit of Success appeared first on The Circuit of Success with Brett Gilliland.


30 May 2022

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No Barriers - Channeling Pain into Positive: Speaking with Running Man, Charlie Engle

World Happiness Fest

Our hosts, Jeff Evans and Erik Weihenmayer, had the opportunity to catch Charlie for an hour during his extremely busy schedule. Charlie was in the midst of training to head off on his latest pursuit: to run from the lowest point on earth; the Dead Sea to the tallest; the summit of Mt. Everest. Jeff and Erik wanted to hear more about not only his athletic accomplishments (too many for one podcast!) but to hear about how he got to this place of focus in his life. Charlie Engle is many things: a writer, runner, recovering addict and speaker. He’s run across the Sahara Desert, the Amazon, swum with crocodiles and summited ice covered volcanoes, but according to Charlie his greatest challenge has been becoming sober. He has stayed clean since 1992 and has channeled his addictive nature into his passion to run and what he calls “positive, purpose-driven pursuits.” He discusses the mental clarity and resolve it takes to run such long distances and not avoid pain but to tap into it. He also talks about the sheer logistics and planning that go into endeavors like the ones he takes on and the folks in his life who help make it all possible - like his wife who works tirelessly on logistics behind the scenes. In 2016, he wrote a memoir titled, “The Running Man” to illuminate the lessons he’s learned in his struggles and his triumphs.  To learn more and keep up to date on Charlie's adventures by signing up for his newsletter go to his website.Follow Charlie on Facebook: @charlieengleruns, Instagram & Twitter: @charlieengle  (...) “The world needs new lenses to understand growth and how humans and societies can thrive.” ~ Luis Gallardo Follow the World Happiness Foundation and the World Happiness Fest here:Website: https://worldhappiness.foundation/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldhappinessfoundation/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldhappinessfestLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/worldhappiness-foundation/Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldhappinessfYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8CGp4Y7TyGKKrT35fkXg5A


15 Mar 2022

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Vol. 11: Charlie Engle

Charges with Rex Chapman

For the eleventh episode of Charges, Rex brings Charlie Engle on to the show to talk about pulling himself from the drug induced streets to a world renowned ultra marathon runner. Rex & Charlie discuss: Where he grew up, addiction running in his family & his drug problem (5:15), when he hit rock bottom (13:20), sobriety & starting to run (24:09), when he began running ultra distances & across The Sahara Desert, the making of the documentary (27:21), going to prison (43:15), for those who need to get over the mental hurdles of running (58:38) & more. This episode is not to be missed!Charges is Created by CTRL Media & Portal A. It's produced by DBPodcasts in association with iHeartMedia. Executive Producers: Steve Nash, Brandon Kraines, Ezra Holland, Nate Houghteling, and Todd Barrish.Charges with Rex Chapman Theme MusicArtist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur)Produced by: Gene Crenshaw (@yuyuthemaker) & Draft (@Draft3009) Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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13 Jul 2021

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Charlie Engle, Ultra-Distance Runner & Adventure Sport Specialist, Public Speaker, Film Producer.


Charlie Engle discusses his life and how we can overcome adversity.🚵🏼‍♂️Ultra-Endurance Athlete🎙Keynote Speaker🎥 Running the Sahara📖 Memoir: Running Man🥗 Plant-based ☕️28 yrs Sober#englerunningman #runningsoberhttp://charleengle.com/engle.ultrarunner@gmail.comIG-  365timsmithFB- Tim Smithhttps://www.mindbodysoul365.com/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZJmu44RvxB6-J68eoBjfg365timsmith@gmail.com Tower Gardens Grow your own fresh produce in your own home without any herbicides, pesticides and no soilSalty Britches® Chafing and Winter Skin CHAFFING CREAM

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9 Jul 2021

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Charlie Engle - A "Running Man" in Recovery

Staying Fit ODAAT

Charlie Engle is a father, husband, runner, author and a recovering addict. He's overcome everything from alcohol to some of the harder drugs in life. The things this man has done to chase his next high are unbelievable. He turned it all around and became a world known Endurance athlete even being featured in film. He spent time in prison and overcame that and still left sober. Since then he has written a memoir and shared this amazing comeback story with the world. Hear his story in this 1on1 interview! http://www.charlieengle.com/

1hr 35mins

28 Jun 2021

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Endurance & Clean Drinking Water - Charlie Engle and Katie Spotz

The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Charlie Engle - https://www.charlieengle.com/ Katie Spotz - https://www.katiespotz.com/ New on my YouTube - Attempting Leadman (Episode One) New T4U Wraps (click here) - Two Color Options Training For Ultra - The Book Big ty to the show sponsors! XoSkin - use discount code of “T4U20”  http://www.xoskin.us/ Hammer referral code "252888" for 15% off your first order

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14 Jun 2021