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Zach Wycuff

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Sometimes Luke and Loren finish these episodes with more hope in their hearts than when they began and that couldn't be more true this episode! Zach is a cherished member of the cincinnati comedy scene and brightens every life he comes in contact with. On top of being a sweet angel he is also incredibly funny. He proved that fact by winning the Funniest person in Cincinnati Contest in 2019 which is why his bombing stories are so juicy. This kid never fails so when he does the story is nothing other than epic. If you actually read these descriptions then go the extra extra mile and rate and review the show on itunes or even better tell all your friends and family about the show! Thanks For Lsitening.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/love-the-bomb/message

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13 Jan 2021

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Ep. 28 - Being Christian Ft. Zach Wycuff

You Can't Laugh At That

When comedians talk about religion, it tends to be pretty cutting criticisms, and when you hear a Christian comedian perform, it tends to be pretty preachy and cringeworthy.Not Cincinnati comedian Zach Wycuff.Zach is a true artist, turning his faith into punchlines that connect with his audiences, whether they're devout Christian or more cynical. His centered approach to making jokes about his own belief system not only humanizes him, it serves as a reminder to ask questions about OUR beliefs too.Produced by Golden Ox Studio | Music: Producedbyzip

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31 Aug 2020

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Ep. 106 with John Hays and Zach Wycuff

Zorse Industries Podcast with Giles Chickering

The new Digital Mixer for Champions tracks its first recording with John Hays and Zach Wycuff. Enjoy the new soundboard feature as we discuss everything from Flat Earth to winning the Kentucky lottery.  Other action we packed into this adventure: Flesh Mother Sneaky Worship Preacher Sneakers Writing like Weezy Dr. Chickering's Podcast for Champions is powered by Zorse Industries Please send love/hate to the following: Instagram: @ZorseIndustries Facebook: @ZorseIndustries Email: zorseindustries@gmail.com


17 Feb 2020

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Ep. 91 with Zach Wycuff

Zorse Industries Podcast with Giles Chickering

Zach Wycuff joins the Podcast for Champions for the first Ohio episode. You won't believe the midwestern charm spouting from this comic/probation officer as he details his history in a christian family band and his work as a zoo security guard. Other charming topics: Prison colors RIP Harambe Fiona the hippo An actual friendship test Dr. Chickering's Podcast for Champions is powered by Zorse Industries Please send love/hate to the following: Instagram: @ZorseIndustries Facebook: @ZorseIndustries Email: zorseindustries@gmail.com

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4 Nov 2019

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089- Zach Wycuff

The Cincy Shirts Podcast

Christian comedy, being a meme, and a probation officer. Zach is a Christian comedian, but it’s not what you might think. It’s kind of like U2 is a Christain rock band. He’s a comedian that just happens to love the baby Jesus. He’s also a probation officer, AND we accidentally turned him into meme with one of our FC Cincinnati shirts back in the spring. Be sure to listen for the special promo code for 20% off near the end of the episode. Support the show my donating via PayPal or Venmo: podcast@cincyshirts.com Find great Cincinnati vintage T-shirts, including defunct teams, stores, and other great places you remember, as well as apparel for Fiona the Hippo, FC Cincinnati, and baseball. Get social with us: Facebook: Cincy Shirts Official Facebook Page Twitter: Cincy Shirts Official Twitter Page Instagram: @CincyShirts Snapchat: @CincyShirts The Cincy Shirts Podcast theme is “Cincinnati” by Big Nothing who are actually from Philadelphia. 

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23 Oct 2019

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The Gospel of Zach Wycuff

Joey Burtoft's Podcast

How the love of God increased Zach's sex appeal.


31 Mar 2016