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Leading Challenging Interactions with Dr. Katrina Burrus

Mind Your Leadership

In this episode, I will speak with Dr. Katerina Burrus. Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, is known for "Fast-tracking leaders to the C-Suite and Beyond" and for "Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders."  In this episode, we will talk about handling challenging interactions with employees and colleagues and how to help them transform into inspiring leaders. 


11 Jul 2021

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#137 – How to Turn Around a Brilliant Jerk in Your Organization, with Dr. Katrina Burrus

The Manage 2 Win Podcast

Dr. Katrina Burrus is the Founder and CEO of Excellent Executive Coaching. She is also an expert at how to manage “brilliant jerks.” Do you have any of those in your organization? Transforming a superstar who offends others can be quite a challenge. That’s why many large corporations and nimble smaller organizations call the good doctor for her analytical, proven approach to help any superstar crush their bad habits so they can fully achieve their potential. Join our discussion to hear how she does it. Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC, along with her team, enable leaders to harness their brilliance and engage followers through a unique "Fast Track to Success" program. They specialize in helping tenacious but frustrated leaders add missing interpersonal skills so they are promoted more rapidly. Dr. Burrus has written two books in French: Global Nomadic Leaders; When the Visionary is Blinded: Coaching Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders; and one in French and English, Managing Brilliant Jerks: How Organizations and Coaches can Transform a Difficult Leader into a Powerful Visionary. A sample of her clients include Nestle, Philip Morris, United Bank of Switzerland, Novartis, Givaudan, Levi’s, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, International Labor Office, UNAIDS, et al.


14 Jun 2021

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268: Katrina Burrus—Maybe It Is The Perfect Tme To Manage A Total Jerk Boss?

On the Brink with Andi Simon

Hear how to turn a jerk boss into someone you want to follow! Have you ever had an amazing boss or manager who was a leader in many ways yet always seemed to be a “jerk”? If so, you might want to read “Managing Brilliant Jerks: How Organizations and Coaches Can Transform Difficult Leaders into Powerful Visionaries” by Dr. Katrina Burrus, today's podcast guest. A wonderful speaker, author and executive coach, Katrina and I were kindred spirits as we discussed the challenges we have all experienced when having to work for an individual who is terrific in so many ways but fails terribly when leading others. The big question is always, “Can you take that jerk and turn him/her into a star?” Yes! Learn how. Watch and listen to our conversation here Often people do not know how they impact others, and why that impact matters What Katrina has learned coaching executives, high-potential emerging leaders and even middle managers is that people can only lead if others will follow them. Their styles can be engaging or irritating, embracing or terrifying, but without followers, they accomplish little. So how do we help make the difficult leader into one who everyone wants to follow? In our podcast, Katrina clarifies for you the complex processes at work in the mind of an abrasive leader—and empowers you to forge a productive and cooperative relationship with the jerks you encounter in your own professional life. Meet Katrina Burrus Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC, holds a PhD in human and organizational development from Fielding Graduate University and a Masters in global management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. As the first International Coaching Federation's Master Certified Coach in Switzerland, Katrina has worked for 20 years as an executive coach with companies in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. She is also an international keynote speaker, consultant, author of three books, and a TV and podcast host. You can connect with Katrina on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, her website or her podcast. Want to learn more about how to handle a difficult boss? Start with these Blog: 6 Management Traits That Successful Leaders Share Blog: To Be A More Effective Business Leader, Try Being More Likeable Podcast: Danielle Grant—Authentic, Ethical, Caring And More Effective Leadership Additional resources for you My best-selling new book: "Rethink: Smashing The Myths of Women in Business" My award-winning first book: "On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights" Simon Associates Management Consultants website


24 May 2021

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71 - Brilliant Jerks with Dr. Katrina Burrus

MaYapinion™ - The Leadership Podcast for Women

Welcome to another exciting episode of Women for Women Wednesday. This week, I have Dr. Katrina Burrus (yes, she is also Swiss and into leadership) on the podcast. What does she do? Well in her own words, "I help transform Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders as well as help Leaders to Fast-Track to the C-Suite and Beyond." Need I say more? Among her many accomplishments, Katrina is the CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching. She is a keynote speaker (which is obvious on the podcast) and she is also a published author. She wrote, "Managing Brilliant Jerks." She has over 18 years of experience in leadership and she started in the banking industry. Join us as we talk about Brilliant Jerks and who they are and what they really means. I ask Dr. Katrina about her story and how she got to where she is today and how she came up with "brilliant jerks," because it's honestly, so funny, smart, but most importantly, true. We talk about the importance of EQ and IQ which I loved as I work my way through my own EQ series right now. I definitely felt that Dr. Katrina walked onto MaYapinion at the right time. She shares her wealth of knowledge in leadership and gives a lot of advice to women out there climbing the corporate ladder. I can't wait for you to tune in. Here is where you can connect with Dr. Katrina Burrus: https://mkbconseil.ch/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinaburrus/ https://business.facebook.com/ExcellentExecutiveCoaching/ https://twitter.com/KatrinaBurrus Don't forget to listen and connect on our website: https://mayapinionpodcast.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mayapinion/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mayapinion/support


12 May 2021

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Transforming Brilliant Jerks – Katrina Burrus, P.h.D.

Dream Business Radio

Dream Business Radio #417On this week’s Dream Business Radio Show, I interview the Founder and CEO Excellent Coaching LLC, Dr. Katrina Burrus. Dr. Burris is known for “fast tracking leaders to the C-suite and beyond” and for “Transforming brilliant jerks into inspiring leaders. This is a high-power interview.Download MP3Connect to Dr. Katrina on their website: ExcellentExecutiveCoaching.com


5 Nov 2020

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Avoiding Points of Derailment - Dr Katrina Burrus

Shock Your Potential

Do you know any Brilliant Jerks? Our guest today does, and she also knows how to help them. Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, is known for fast-tracking leaders to the C-Suite and beyond and for "Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders." She is also the author of Managing Brilliant Jerks: How Organizations and Coaches Can Transform Difficult Leaders into Powerful Visionaries.   https://amzn.to/35zUOur In today’s episode we talk about her passion for developing agile leaders to excel in all environments and helping them to understand the power of their words. She also shares the (not surprising) statistic that 74% of successful leaders say they have had at least one intolerable boss in their career. Dr. Katrina Burrus has worked with Nestle, Novartis, the World Health Organization, the International Labor Organization, the United Nations, and many more and was most recently featured in Mexico, India, the U.S., Kazakhstan, and Russia. Dr. Burrus has 18 years of experience as the first Master Certified Coach and Founding Board Member from the (ICF)International Coaching Federation in Switzerland. Listen in! Follow Dr. Katrina on social media; https://mkbconseil.ch LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinaburrus/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MKBCoaching Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatrinaBurrus Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/ExcellentExecutiveCoaching/


27 Oct 2020

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Coaching : A constant in a world full of change ft. Katrina Burrus

peopleHum's Podcast

Katrina Burrus talks to peopleHum on how in this time of changing world and times, coaching remains the constant pillar. Listen to the entire episode to know more. If you like the podcast, please follow the channel, so we could keep producing more content like this!


19 Oct 2020

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“Working with Brilliant Jerks” with Katrina Burrus | Ep. 105

The Transformative Leader Podcast: Culture Transformation | Corporate Coaching

In this episode, Amir talks with speaker, author, and master coach, Katrina Burrus, about the psychology of “brilliant jerks,“ how to effectively work with them, and how to support them in making the leap to become inspiring leaders. For more: theghannadgroup.com/blog/ttlpodcast-105Guest LinksWebsite: excellentexecutivecoaching.com/Book(s): Managing Brilliant JerksLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/katrinaburrus/, linkedin.com/company/mkb-conseil-&-coaching/Twitter: twitter.com/KatrinaBurrus, twitter.com/IntlcoachingFacebook: facebook.com/Katrina.BurrusInstagram: instagram.com/DrKatrinaBurrus/Email: DrKatrina@ExcellentExecutiveCoaching.com——————————The Transformative LeaderWebsite: theghannadgroup.com/Buy the book: theghannadgroup.com/store/the-transformative-leaderCulture Transformation Guide (FREE): theghannadgroup.com/culture-ebookLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aaghannad/Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmirGhannad/Twitter: twitter.com/AmirGhannadEmail: amir@theghannadgroup.comThe Transformative Leader PodcastWebpage: theghannadgroup.com/podcastEmail (guest inquiries welcome): naveed@theghannadgroup.com


1 Oct 2020

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How to Transform Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders with Katrina Burrus

Sales POP! Podcasts

Sometimes, people with brilliant minds are known as brilliant jerks because of their social behavior. Thus, in today’s Expert Insight Interview, our guest Katrina Burris discusses the process of turning brilliant jerks into effective leaders.


30 Sep 2020

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Brilliant Jerks with Katrina Burrus


On this episode of Money Savage ENGAGE, we talked about what to do when a brilliant person in an organization also happens to be a jerk, the danger of doing nothing, and how to help that person develop awareness, increase emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, with Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO of Excellent Executive Coaching, speaker, author and podcast host.  Listen to learn a process for successfully dealing with difficult people in your workplace! For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:15! You can learn more about Katrina at MKBConseil.ch, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Ready to take back control of your attention, health and finances?   StriveDetox.com.  Enter “moneysavage” at checkout for 25% off.  George is honored to be included on Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2019! You can learn more about the show at GeorgeGrombacher.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook or contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.  Check out Money Alignment Academy as well!


8 Sep 2020