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Season 7, Episode 6 "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" with Catherynne M. Valente

Enterprising Individuals

The Original Series crew goes out with a bang this week as we explore "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"!New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente returns to the show this week to discuss the triumphal exit of the TOS crew from the cinematic stage. When an ecological disaster threatens the existence of the Klingon empire, Kirk and the Enterprise are sent to ease their transition into the interstellar political community. But when the Klingon High Chancellor is assassinated and the blame falls on Kirk, the Klingon's greatest for will have to put aside his own prejudice to stop another century of war!The Star Trek film franchise--perhaps always on a somewhat shaky ground--was fully in crisis with the failure of Star Trek V. With the 25th anniversary of the franchise approaching and a new series in syndication, Paramount turned to their reliable savior Nicholas Meyer, who had twice before flipped the script on what audiences expected from a Trek tale. The result was a rousing send-off for the beloves TOS crew and a piece of political commentary that was eerily prescient for the time of its release. On this episode, we talk about the "big year" of 1991, the naivete of the "End of History", the fall of the USSR and its political ramifications, the haunting specter of mutually assured destruction, making Trek's diversity text, the deleterious political effects of racism, the modern shifts in TV storytelling, and how Star Trek VI makes "feeling like a long episode" a good thing.We also discuss the Eurovision results, Grim Fandango sequels, Hugos Susan Lucci, the "Call me, Star Trek" phase, the ultimate war/prison/political thriller/space adventure/racial commentary/murder mystery flick, the Nicholas Meyer reverse curse, Law & Order: Special Mogh Unit, onward Christian Slaters, and going as hard as you can without getting canned!Kick him in the knee balls!Follow Catherynne on Twitter and read her books!https://twitter.com/catvalentehttp://www.catherynnemvalente.comGet Cat's new book, Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods!https://amzn.to/3Oaotj0Learn the story behind your favorite Trek episodes with BackTrekking!http://www.twitter.com/backtrekkingFace the future with us on Facebook and Twitter and the Just Enough Trope Discord!http://www.facebook.com/eistpodhttp://www.twitter.com/eistpodhttps://discord.gg/WVvCHVWqzfBuy us Starfleet china on Patreon and Ko-Fi!http://www.patreon.com/eistpodhttps://ko-fi.com/E1E01M2UASubscribe to the show on iTunes!https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/enterprising-individuals/id1113165661?mt=2

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22 Jun 2022

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082: “The Future is Blue” by Catherynne M. Valente

Why Is This Good?

If you enjoyed this episode, consider joining our Patreon. Your support helps us keep the show running. Find out more at http://www.patreon.com/whyisthisgoodpodcast In this episode, we discuss “The Future is Blue” by Catherynne M. Valente. What can we learn from this cli-fi story? What makes a great prose style? How can we make our prose fun to write and fun to read? How can sentence rhythm be evocative? How can we quickly build an immersive fictional world? For daily writing tips, industry news, and great short fiction, join our Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/napleswritersworkshop You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter at http://www.napleswritersworkshop.com


15 Jun 2022

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HUGO NOMINEES REPOST 22 Catherynne M. Valente

Geekdom Empowers

This week, we're reposting two awesome interviews with authors who were just nominated for the Hugo Award. Our guest today was nominated 3 times for best short story, best novelette, and best novella.Today’s guest is fantasy and science fiction author Catherynne Valente.Catherynne Valente is the writer of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (and the four books that followed it), Palimpsest, the Orphan’s Tales series and so many books you’ve probably read or heard about. She’s a New York Times bestselling author, winner of the Andre Norton, Tiptree, Sturgeon, Eugie Foster Memorial, Mythopoeic, Rhysling, Lambda, Locus, Hugo awards, and more.Usually, in Geekdom Empowers we follow the paths of the geeks around the world who are not highlighted. And yet, Cat’s path is exactly the path we talk about. She talks about how, with the power of social media, before it was called social media, she got from knowing no one to what she is today. Social media helped her every stage of the way, including today where her Patreon gives her financial independence from the publishers.It is the story of a rise to success of an author who came from nothing, knowing no one. It is the story of an author who made her own niche, who kept her style and authenticity, and who has withstood, as we’ll see, quite a bit of terrible pushback from science fiction and fantasy fans.I think you’ll enjoy this interview. It’s fascinating.You can find Catherynne Valente here:Website: catherynnemvalente.com/Twitter: twitter.com/catvalenteInstagram: www.instagram.com/catvalenteGeekdom Empowers comes out Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can find us here:Website: www.geekdomeempowers.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/geekdomempowers/Twitter: twitter.com/GeekdomEmpowersFacebook: www.facebook.com/geekdomempowersTikTok: www.tiktok.com/@geekdomempowers


14 Apr 2022

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Catherynne M. Valente - Radiance


Eden is back on the solo episode grind, this time covering the beautiful, wonderous, and deco-punk "Radiance" by Catherynne M. Valente. Phantasmagoria on the moon, magnificent space voyages, ruminations on the miracle that is bread, trans-dimensional whales and more!Featured music:Dunsmuir - What Manner of Bliss?https://dunsmuir.bandcamp.com/album/dunsmuir


19 Feb 2022

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Comfort Me With Apples by Catherynne M. Valente


This episode is also available as a blog post: https://forthenovellovers.wordpress.com/2022/01/07/comfort-me-with-apples-by-catherynne-m-valente/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


15 Feb 2022

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COMFORT ME WITH APPLES by Catherynne M. Valente, read by Karis Campbell

Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine

Karis Campbell narrates a chillingly familiar story taking place in an unexpected setting called Arcadia Gardens. Host Jo Reed and AudioFile’s Michele Cobb discuss Catherynne M. Valente’s slim thriller that is expertly narrated and will definitely ramp up your heart rate. Sophia and her husband are perfect for each other. In fact, everything is perfect – or is it? As the story unfolds, Campbell shifts her narration from poised to frantic as Sophia unravels after discovering awful truths. A tense and compelling listen.Read the full review of the audiobook on AudioFile’s website. Published by Dreamscape.Find more audiobook recommendations at audiofilemagazine.comToday's episode of Behind the Mic is brought to you by Oasis Audio, publisher of The Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley, and more. Visit oasisaudio.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Jan 2022

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Episode 500-With Catherynne M. Valente

The Functional Nerds Podcast

This week, Patrick and Tracy celebrate episode 500 with Catherynne M. Valente, author of The Past Is Red. About The Past Is Red: The future is blue. Endless blue…except for a few small places that float across the hot, drowned world left behind by long-gone fossil fuel-guzzlers. One of those patches is a magical place called Garbagetown. Tetley Abednego is the most beloved girl in Garbagetown, but she’s the only one who knows it. She’s the only one who knows a lot of things: that Garbagetown is the most wonderful place in the world, that it’s full of hope, that you can love someone and 66% hate them all at the same time. But Earth is a terrible mess, hope is a fragile thing, and a lot of people are very angry with her. Then Tetley discovers a new friend, a terrible secret, and more to her world than she ever expected. About Catherynne M. Valente: Catherynne M. Valente is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of forty books of fantasy and science fiction. She lives on a small island off the coast of Maine with her partner, one medium-sized dog, one very enormous cat, a baby son slightly less enormous than the cat (for now), a red accordion, an uncompleted master’s degree, a roomful of yarn, a spinning wheel with ulterior motives, a cupboard of jam and pickles, a bookshelf full of folktales, an industrial torch, an Oxford English Dictionary, and a DSL connection. This week’s picks: Cat #1: For All Mankind Cat #2: The Bad Episodes of Star Trek Tracy: The Album of Dr. Moreau by Daryl Gregory Patrick: Music on Vinyl Links: Catherynne M. Valente on Twitter Tracy Townsend on Twitter Patrick Hester on Twitter The Functional Nerds Patreon Page © 2021 Patrick Hester The post Episode 500-With Catherynne M. Valente appeared first on The Functional Nerds.


27 Jul 2021

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Season 6, Episode 12 "Sub Rosa" (TNG) with Catherynne M. Valente

Enterprising Individuals

Turn off the lights and light a candle as we become one with "Sub Rosa"!Author Catherynne M. Valente returns to the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that will challenge everything you know about amorous ghosts on Scottish planets. After the death of her grandmother, Beverly Crusher discovers that her nana had a mysterious younger paramour named Ronin. As she begins to investigate their connection, she discovers a malevolent force that has stalked her ancestors for centuries . . . and she's the next target!On its face, Sub Rosa seems irredeemable as an hour of Star Trek, but if you look past the Celtic sex ghost candle, you'll find an episode that is positive about female sexuality, that provides rare glimpses into the back story of an underdeveloped main character, and one that pushes plain old Trek into cosmic gothic romance. *If* you can look past the Celtic sex ghost candle, that is. On this episode, we discuss the flexibility of Trek's setting, if and when Trek succeeds with horror storytelling, what pop culture is like in the 24th century, the English Lit tropes endemic to Trek stories, how the tech of Trek is updated, how longform Trek storytelling has lead to actual relationships being depicted on-screen, Byronic characters in Star Trek, and not actually going far *enough* with your sex candle story.We also discuss Bean Dad and insurrections, this year's Eurovision winner, the surprising number of bite-hiders in society, "hopepunk" and finding beauty in a crapsack world, the "warm milk bath" of TNG, how TV lighting kills horror, The Ballad of Jeanna F. Gallo, Irottish appropriation, no Internet = old people hobbies, a masturbation-based narrative, casting Dracula as "Dracula", sex cringe on TNG, eating grapes for cancer, leaving your job for ghost love, a Golden Girls ep in space, Blazin' Bev, and Space Fabio the Hereditary Sex Ghost!Lights! Camera! Writhe!Follow Catherynne on Twitter and join her Patreon!https://twitter.com/catvalentehttps://patreon.com/catvalenteBuy Cat's new book, The Past is Red, and preorder her upcoming book, Comfort Me With Apples!The Past is Red - OUT NOW!https://amzn.to/2W62tQiComfort Me With Appleshttps://amzn.to/3kJ63KuLearn the story behind your favorite Trek episodes with BackTrekking!http://www.twitter.com/backtrekkingLuxuriate with us on Facebook and Twitter and the Just Enough Trope Discord!http://www.facebook.com/eistpodhttp://www.twitter.com/eistpodhttps://discord.gg/ATMBeUDBuy us matches on Patreon and Ko-Fi!http://www.patreon.com/eistpodhttps://ko-fi.com/E1E01M2UASubscribe to the show on iTunes!https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/enterprising-individuals/id1113165661?mt=2

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21 Jul 2021

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S1E40 - Reviewed - The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew by Catherynne M. Valente

Short Story, Short Podcast

Episode Notes You can read this wonderful story at Clarkesworld! You can find us on Twitter at @podcast_short Find out more at https://short-story-short-podcast.pinecast.co

3 Jul 2021

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Episode 555: Catherynne M. Valente and Telling Tales

The Coode Street Podcast

Welcome to episode 13 of Season 12 of The Coode Street Podcast. This week Jonathan and Gary are joined by the wonderful Catherynne M. Valente to talk about her new book The Past is Red, which continues the tale of Tetley Abednego, first introduced to readers in the Sturgeon Award-winning "The Future is Blue" from Jonathan’s anthology Drowned Worlds. We discuss the origins of that story, of the Hugo-nominated Space Opera and its forthcoming sequel Space Oddity, the thriller Comfort Me With Apples (also forthcoming this October), and the importance of working with supportive editors and agents As always, our thanks to Cat for taking the time to talk to us. We hope you enjoy the episode!


26 Jun 2021