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Life, in Retrospect with Carl Paoli | Ep. 109

The Active Life Podcast

Welcome back to The Active Life Podcast. Today on the show we have Carl Paoli. Carl is a return guest to the show. The last time he was on we discussed gymnastics training and his book ‘Freestyle Connection’. But life has changed a lot for him since then and this time around we discuss emotional fitness and the lessons he learned hosting seminars around the world.  In this episode; Being a grandfather at 40 Emotion Fitness What he learned coaching world class seminars Connect with  Intstagram: @carlpaoli www.freestyleconnection.com   Are you ready to Turn Pro? Connect with us! www.activelifeprofessional.com Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuch Active Life Professional @activelifeprofessional


23 Aug 2021

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TBT: Lifestyle Design ft. Carl Paoli

The Michael Caz Podcast

One of the original CrossFit gymnastics experts, Carl Paoli, makes an appearance on the Brute Podcast this week, but instead of talking shop, Carl gets into some of his more recent accolades in lifestyle coaching. Carl shares his best tips for designing the life of your dreams, controlling your emotions and taking charge of creating your own reality. There’s a lot to be said about taking an active effort in pursuing your biggest passions, and this episode’s purpose is to guide you on the path to creating the life you’ve always wanted. Topics: 13:50 – Courage & authenticity 18:30 – 2013 hiatus & lessons learned 26:40 – Lifestyle design/life coaching 39:00 – Labeling emotions 56:50 – Creating a lifestyle Links: freestyleconnection.com Freestyle Connection Carl Paoli YouTube Books: Free+Style: Maximize Sport & Life Performance with 4 Basic Movements – Paoli

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21 Jun 2021

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Carl Paoli: Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Invictus Mindset

Host Bryce Smith sits down with world renowned movement teacher Carl Paoli to discuss his background in gymnastics and the evolution of what he describes as skill transfer. They discuss his early days at San Francisco CrossFit where he created Gymnastics WOD which was one of the first online resources to teach gymnastics progressions. He has since written a New York Times best seller called Freestyle. Carl is currently leaning in to emotional fitness and has created a learning platform called Interface where he helps to redesign how people approach and think about their life and their movement practice to develop a greater level of emotional fitness. 

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21 Apr 2021

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Rekindling the power of the practice - Episode 101 - Carl Paoli

weMove Podcast

Hey there and welcome to the we move podcast.This week we are catching up with Carl Paoli, who was the first person we had lined up to see when we started weMove. For those of you who haven’t heard of Carl, I heard of Carl as a result of his bestselling book Freestyle Connection, What I then found out was that he was coaching gymnastics movements to various action sports athletes and also at the time some of the fittest people on the planet in the CrossFit realm. So he came with a professional pedigree that interested me back in 2015/16 when I was exploring movement over sport.So Chris and I met with Carl in San Francisco that began the start of a connection as we were unknowingly on a similar trajectory for challenging what we had become for we can be.Carle was definitely experiencing, and explaining movement in that way. To move by feel, to understand the foundations, and when, when you understand the foundations, you can go and explore for yourself, and that makes the movement the practice whatever you're doing so much richer.Last year I noticed a turning down of the volume on social media, as many of us did. And I was curious to speak to him then but it didn’t feel the right time so we just let him do his thing. And then this year he posted a few posts that caught my eye and he was talking about this idea of what's beyond the training, why are we training, why are we moving.And that's very much, where Chris and I are with our thoughts, films and directions of conversation so it felt like it could be an interesting conversation to hear his story and perspective of the last year, and moving away from the very things that lit him up in the first place. The movement itself, instead of the nice to have benefits of; success and acclaim.He is always very eloquent in what he's going through, very open and incredibly sincere. And I think that there are some points made that might be would be interesting for people who are questioning where they fit in the world at a moment and how to ignite the spark for movement and training.This is not how to guide, or a telling of anyone that they should do a certain thing. Rather, this is a personal account of Carls experience. Rediscovering His love of movement, and the power and stability of a dedicated daily practice.Carl has always been a very vocal about how the body is our way of experiencing the world around us. And as he says, our bodies are the instrument we use to interface with the external world. So when your instrument i.e. your body is clean and clear (your own definition) how you experience the world around you changes.That's what I take from this conversation anywayEnjoy the podcastAnd if you enjoy it, and you find some value in it, may I make a suggestion that you support the podcast by buying us a coffee, there is a link on our app on our website, and also the link in the bio of our instant, enjoy, and peace.

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31 Mar 2021

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Episode 11 | Carl Paoli

Bulldog Gear | Podcast

Welcome back team! This week on Episode 11 of The Bulldog Gear Podcast we are joined by Carl Paoli. Carl is an incredibly influential movement coach, one of the earliest advocates in developing gymnastics as a skill in CrossFit, and author of the New York Times best seller ‘Free+Style’.This was a majorly thought provoking conversation for us, with Carl tapping into the sometimes nebulous relationship between movement, thought and emotion, while trying to draw some parallels. We sincerely hope this episode resonates with you, and that you go away with more than just a little bit to chew on. Enjoy!

1hr 12mins

11 Mar 2021

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#96: Carl Paoli Vol. 2

Conquer Athlete Podcast

Carl Paoli is considered one of the 'OG' CrossFitters. As a former gymnast who is passionate about movement, Carl has made a career out of creating educational content around movement.  Check out his website SPONSORED by: Driven Nutrition Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout. Virus Active Wear Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout


24 Feb 2021

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#127 - Movement for Cognitive & Emotional Fitness w/ Carl Paoli

Miz Unfiltered

Carl Paoli is a teacher and NYT bestselling author of Free+Style. We talk about pursuing curiosity, 3 different forms of empathy, and stages of skill acquisition. Connect with Carl: https://www.instagram.com/carlpaoli 👋🏽 Connect: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misbah.hawk Contact: https://podmahal.com/contact/ Miz Unfiltered Apple Podcasts: http://apple.co/30lqjq8 Spotify: http://spoti.fi/3c6N3iV YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MisbahHaque Pod Mahal YouTube: https://bit.ly/35HR5eI Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3xFpkzz Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3hqWbSb Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/podmahal/ FREE Stuff:Podcast Launch Checklist: https://free.podmahal.com/podcast-launch-checklist Podcasting Workbook: https://free.podmahal.com/workbook Pod Mahal Budget Book: https://free.podmahal.com/budgetbook Purebred Weirdo Podcast  Tickets: https://www.mizhq.com/comedy Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3gunLg6 Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2ZMJnys YouTube: https://bit.ly/2FcSDnw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purebredweirdo Tough Times Show YouTube: https://bit.ly/3xvE2cY Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3wAwioN Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3hqfxYI Human Evolution Project Rate & Review on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/37gaBji Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2VrZYar Subscribe on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3ylzczb


22 Feb 2021

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#90: Carl Paoli

Conquer Athlete Podcast

Carl Paoli is considered one of the 'OG' CrossFitters. As a former gymnast who is passionate about movement, Carl has made a career out of creating educational content around movement.  Check out his website SPONSORED by: Driven Nutrition Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout. Virus Active Wear Use coupon code: "Conquer" for a 10% discount at checkout


13 Jan 2021

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Ep 66 - Magical Shit Can Happen w/ Special Guest Carl Paoli

Barbell Buddha Rediscovered

This week on the show we hold tension between two truths, we have a special guest interview with Carl Paoli, and Chris reads "Magical Shit Can Happen." Enjoy!


12 Nov 2020

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Episode 146 - Carl Paoli Returns

The Lifestyle Chase

This is Carl Paoli's 3rd visit to The Lifestyle Chase. You can learn more about him or hear different parts of his story by listening to Episode 71, and Episode 89.  During this episode we got caught up about his 2020 experience. We chatted about his move to Sweden, and I learned about his meditation process. We discussed Joe Rogan, the noise in the world and where we can contribute and where we need to learn and listen. We talked about goals and seeking connection both with the famous and with the extraordinary people who live within our midst. We also talked about burnout and visualizing things happening as they happen. We chatted a bit about Carl's book, Free+Style, and he alludes that he might be in the works of a new one. So you might want to stay tuned. If you aren't already following him, you can find him @carlpaoli on Instagram or search his name on other platforms. 

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1 Oct 2020