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Episode 6: A Career in Insights with Danielle Todd

In the Name of Insight

We talk to Danielle Todd, Insight Director at Relish, and London Lead for Women In Research about her career in the Insights Industry. We explore her experience working in both large and small agencies, doing 'extra-curricular activities', career purpose and crossfit.Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @NameOfInsight


27 Oct 2020

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#11 Make Food Not Waste with Danielle Todd

Too Good To Waste

#11 Wasted food is the food that can otherwise be eaten but is thrown away. This waste costs money — estimates are that families of four can save anywhere from $1600 – $2200 a year by not throwing as much food away. And it costs our environment because food that rots in landfills turns into a greenhouse gas that makes the earth hotter. In this episode we talk with Danielle Todd, founder and director of Detroit-based Make Food Not Waste to hear more about the creative programs and initiatives underway in the Detroit area, and ways we can do more in own communities. For more information, videos and links, check out the Show Notes at https://www.toogoodtowastepodcast.com/post/danielle-todd-ep-11 Thanks to our sponsors: NETZRO, SBC - www.netzro.us Upcycled Food Association - www.upcycledfood.org Produced by Hi-Fly'n Productions www.hiflyn.com Producer | Host: Kevin May Associate Producer: Amy Gilbert Creative Development: Sue Marshall--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/toogoodtowaste/message


9 Sep 2020

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Danielle Todd, Founder of Make Food Not Waste, Anti-Food Waste Advocate

The YOGI M.D. Podcast

Danielle Todd serves as the Director of Make Food Not Waste, a community program designed to inspire people to waste less food in the home. In this role, Danielle speaks on the issue of wasted food, conducts wasted food workshops, and leads the annual Community Feast, held in September at Eastern Market. A passionate advocate for food and the environment, Danielle is active in national initiatives related to food waste reduction. Danielle has 15+ years experience in both the for-profit and non-profit industries. She received an MBA from Wayne State University and a BA from the University of Michigan. Connect with her here.In this episode, Danielle:Shares her Story: Danielle lives in Detroit with her husband and children. She grew up on her grandparents’ produce farm in New Jersey. Food was important part of family life - cooking and gathering around the table for meals. Because it was such a strong influence in how she grew up, Danielle continued to learn as much as she could about food. A passionate environmentalist, she sought to make a career by making a positive impact in the food industry that would also benefit the environment.Describes how she became interested in advocating for the anti-food waste movement - Drawdown by Paul Hawken was instrumental in making Danielle feel that she could make a real difference in her community.Describes the Make Food Not Waste Event in Detroit - two years running with plans for 2020 already in the works!Points out the important facts to know about food waste - The most important thing to remember is that we are disrespecting the process of growing that food; we are wasting the resources that went into growing the food; food in landfills generates methane, the greenhouse gas.Invites us to cultivate respect for the labor required to make our food which would lead to less of a desire to waste it.Challenges us to think differently about food donation - donating food that someone else wants and not just what we don’t want to eat.Reports that we waste 40% of our food in America, with most of the waste coming from households. Restaurants are a close second.Tells us that we waste because of lack of time; because we don’t know how to cook; because food comes in bulk in the grocery store.Shares that the average American family wastes $2000 worth of food per year. Here are some methods to avoid wasting produce - freezing, preserving by canning or freezing, baking, roasting (especially wilting veggies), making stocks, making soups, and making smoothies.Schools us about expiration dates - They are inventory management dates for the stores, a way for the stores to keep track of the food in the store. Best by means that the food is at its optimal flavor, but has not gone bad. So, she invites us to use our sense to decide if the food is safe - the look and the smell.Tells us that avoiding waste saves money and is great for the environment; one of the few things we can do for the environment that saves us money. “You just have to use what you bought.”Encourages us to look at leftovers as an ingredient.Practical Tips:What really resonated with me in learning from Danielle is that we take responsibility and show respect for our food. I invite you to share ways that you use to avoid food waste. Connect with me on FB, IG, LinkedIN or email me at yogimd@yogimd.net 


8 Jan 2020

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Episode 9 - Danielle Todd

Goin' Ape Shhh

Episode 9 features an interview with Danielle Todd, as we talk her new single & video, her radio tour in Ontario and Atlantic Canada as well as her upcoming shows in Australia.


24 Oct 2019

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Interview with Danielle Todd

Fun with GX94

Talking Nashville, Vince Gill, and more!


6 Mar 2019

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Danielle Todd

The Drew Marshall Show

Danielle can silence a room with her nightingale voice, capture a crowd with her gripping songwriting, and move each soul to tears with her delicate story telling. From the moment she steps on stage to the very last note that echoes through the room, Danielle manages to invite each audience member into her life and to become part of her family


24 Oct 2015