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Episode 12: Logan Gelbrich

DEUCE Racing

DEUCE Family, it is my absolute honor to share with you the latest episode of the DEUCE Racing podcast, featuring our exceptional founder & extraordinary all-around human being, Logan Gelbrich. This episode dives deep into a number of rich topics, including Logan’s core values and how they have shaped his life, how DEUCE has remained the same and how it has changed over the past 10 years, and how DEUCE’s model for developing coaches transpired and has evolved. Logan also vulnerably shares how “strengths aren’t just strengths,” including his experience learning to navigate the shadows that they cast. I’d say I hope that you enjoy this episode, but the truth is, I already know you’ll be moved by it. I met Logan 3.5 years ago and believe me when I tell you that I will forever remember – like the back of my hand – how kind, patient, and open-minded he was. Look, there are no shortage of inspiring people out there, but Logan is the rare type of person that helps you not just believe, but take action, towards pursuing your best life. As always, cheers to vulnerably going for it. Inviting you to listen, like, and share with others! Attachments area

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7 Sep 2021

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Author, Strongman, Inspirer Logan Gelbrich Shares Experiential Insights

If You Don't Grind

Friend and former Torero Logan Gelbrich does hard work on a regular basis. He shares knowledge from his diverse array of experiences while constructively laying out the case for pursuing difficult progress in life. The dialogue in the episode reflects on lessons learned through sport and how they are applied to seemingly unrelated life experiences.#IfYouDontGrind / linkedin.com/grind


3 Jun 2021

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22: #22 Perpetua Podcast - Seek your Edges - Logan Gelbrich

The Perpetua Podcast

Logan Gelbrich is a former pro baseball player turned serial entrepreneur. From opening a gym, to becoming an international speaker, writing a book, and creating the Coaches Prep Course, he’s covered a lot.  During this episode Logan takes us through the idea of “deliberate practice” being the key method of development, and how that practice in any one area can benefit you across any, and all areas of life. This one is full of phenomenal insight from someone who is quite literally leading the way for leaders, to step up and make an impact.  You can find out more about Logan and some of his work at: @functionalcoach on instagram  @deucegym His book - “Going Right; a logical justification to pursuing your dreams” ------ If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe and leave a review, and if you know someone who you’d benefit from listening please share with them. As always, we at Perpetua really appreciate your continued support. Get in touch with any questions, recommendations or requests via our social media channels: Instagram: @perpetuafitnessdublin & @james.rankin.coach  Website: www.perpetua.ie Email: hello@perpetua.ie or  james@perpetua.ie


23 Apr 2021

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EP 213: Logan Gelbrich - A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams

The Mojo Sessions

Logan Gelbrich, author of Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams, owns Deuce gyms in LA, a unique group of gyms that teaches leadership and a higher standard of performance in a gym environment incorporating strength training, strongman, gymnastics, wellness, fitness, performance and group fitness. His book is a great metaphor if you want to grow, hold higher standards, make a mark and be uncommon. It is a philosophical journey, a logical justification to chase our dreams. How does Logan see the paradox of life? How would I know I have gone right and achieved my peak expression? Are there sign posts? Why do we find it so hard to commit to something, to go chips in? Logan has a morbid attraction to adversity. When did this start? Plato to Aristotle "the first and best victory is to conquer self." What has Logan not conquered about himself? How to take agency over our story? What’s our most empowering default inner dialogue, our inner voice, when Going Right? Is it hard to hold the standard when everyone is looking to him as the Going Right guy? An important question to ask is what are you becoming. What is Logan becoming? What's Logan's superpower? Logan's parents created a home environment where he believed he could do anything. Why did he believe that was actually true?   LINKS   Deuce Gym website http://www.deucegym.com   Going Right The Book https://www.amazon.com/Going-Right-Logical-Justification-Pursuing-ebook/dp/B07P5GQ6WL   The Mojo Sessions website https://www.themojosessions.com   The Mojo Sessions on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TheMojoSessions?fan_landing=true   The Mojo Sessions on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheMojoSessions/   Gary on Linked in https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-bertwistle-helping-unlock-great-ideas-b5182011/   Gary on Twitter https://twitter.com/GaryBertwistle   The Mojo Sessions on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/themojosessions/   © 2021 Gary Bertwistle.  All Rights Reserved.

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22 Apr 2021

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Ep 483 – Why Coaches Quit w/ Logan Gelbrich

Power Athlete Radio

Every time you are willing to say ‘Yes’ to everything on your path, you express the coach’s voice inside your head. The fitness industry can be fickle to say the least. Waves of beach-bod fads, special high-intensity interests, and outlaw programs take the industry by storm seasonally making starting a career in this field a…The post Ep 483 – Why Coaches Quit w/ Logan Gelbrich first appeared on Power Athlete.


20 Apr 2021

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Episode 10 - Logan Gelbrich

Heading For Home

Whether it is on a ball field or in a board room, Logan Gelbrich is right at home. He is an entrepreneur, author and burgeoning leader in a connection based world. In this episode, Keith and Logan discuss similar beginnings, the years that molded his work ethic, and giving ourselves permission to be more than just ball players. Thanks for checking out. Please subscribe and review. Cheers!

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8 Feb 2021

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Episode #148 Development, Leadership and Building High Performance Teams With Logan Gelbrich

The Accelerate Strength Podcast

This week the boys are joined by Logan Gelbrich. Logan is the author of Going Right, a gym owner and ex professional base ball player who shares the skill set he developed while pursuing a career in baseball and how he now uses this in all pursuits in his life. instagram.com/shaun.diachkoff instagram.com/mattwilliams.coach instagram.com/functionalcoach www.deucegym.com www.acceleratestrength.com 

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27 Jan 2021

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Episode 4 | Logan Gelbrich

Bulldog Gear | Podcast

Today we are joined by Logan Gelbrich. Logan is the owner of Deuce Gyms, the author of the book ‘Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams’, and a pretty cool thought-provoking dude. We have a great conversation, some of which is pretty timely, profound and, again, thought provoking for gym owners and people in the fitness space during this current climate. Enjoy.

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21 Jan 2021

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Deuce’s Logan Gelbrich: The True Meaning of Leadership and How to Go Right - Ep 025

At The End of The Tunnel

The path to life as a professional athlete is narrow and difficult, and also one that can be easily misunderstood. Logan Gelbrich is intimately aware of this journey, having made it himself, and then veered from the original course he had projected. Logan is the Co-Founder of DEUCE, a wildly popular gym that does things a little differently. He is on the show today to talk about the roots of this project, his life on the way to becoming a baseball pro, and what led to him leaving the sport. These days Logan is a coach, an internationally-renowned speaker, and a great potential inspiration for anyone in the pursuit of their dreams. It was only after pivoting out of a career in baseball that Logan realized his true calling, which was more about pushing himself and progressing in whatever arena he found himself than about a particular sport. Through DEUCE, Logan and his team have created a training environment where everyone is treated as an athlete and is aided in raising their standards to the highest possible level. Logan explains the seeds of the 'hold the standard' idea, a philosophy that has grown into a movement that Logan has taken around the world! We also hear about Logan's book, Going Right, some of the more magical and important moments in his winding journey, and the relationships that shepherded his progress. Logan's story is a powerful example of determination and open-mindedness and how we each have our own dragons to slay and mountains to climb. Listen in to catch it all!Key Points From This Episode:Logan's early fascination with baseball and commitment to going all the way in the sport.The influences and family connections that made baseball so appealing for Logan. Thoughts on early and audacious dreams and the reality of pursuing these.Family dynamics and the philosophy that was present in Logan's home growing up.Logan's obsession with improvement and his psychology in the change room.The powerful experience that Logan had with Mike Davis of the LA Dodgers.Selecting a baseball position; why Logan ended up as a catcher. The focus that Logan paid to improve his 'pop time' and the dividends this returned.Logan's college years, recruitment, and his gratitude for attending the University of San Diego.The important relationship that Logan developed with a lecturer while studying.Logan's experience of getting drafted and reflecting on his particular path.Being released from his team and the surreal phone call that Logan received. The ideas around entrepreneurship that were always present in Logan. The three categories of his life that Logan focused on after leaving baseball. The criteria for naming 'DEUCE' and how they settled on the final name.DEUCE's definition of leadership; unpacking this important part of training.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Light WatkinsLogan GelbrichGoing RightDEUCELogan Gelbrich on TwitterHold the Standard SummitSan Diego PadresIvan RodriguezTim FerrissMalcolm GladwellBlinkEquin

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11 Nov 2020

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#126 - Best-Selling Author Logan Gelbrich

The MindStrong Project

Logan Gelbrich joins Harvey for an early-quarantine conversation regarding a few hard-hitting topics related to performance and the climate of coronavirus (Key Insights below). Logan is a former professional baseball player with the San Diego Padres, a world-class speaker, the best-selling author of 'Going Right', and owner of Duece Gym in Venice Beach, California.  While Logan wears many hats in his different roles, he takes an extremely esoteric approach to all that life offers.  Anytime the MindStrong crew gets a chance to talk with Logan, we're all ears! Key Insights: 0' - Introduction 4:21 - The Band Gets Back Together! 5:30 - Coronavirus as a Vehicle to Talk About Adversity 7:31 - Not Just Process... Results Matter Too. 12:03 - Results: The Glue That Holds Process Together 14:53 - The Paradox of Results 21:40 - Seeking Environments That Grow Us 26:23 - Breaking Our Frames of the World We're Presented 28:50 - Meditation: Making the Subjective Objective 31:15 - The Power of Asking Good Questions 32:50 - Backlash from Friends and Family During Growth 34:15 - We All Need To Grow To Accomplish What We Want In Life 38:20 - The Humbling Reality of Dissatisfaction MindStrong Membership: Become A MindStrong Member Here! Breathing 101 Course: Purchase Breathing 101 Course Here! Sauna Research Institute: SRI Web Page Here! Xendurance: Shop Xendurance Products Here! (Promo Code 'MSP25' for 25% off) Where to find Logan: Instagram: @functionalcoach Email: logan@duecegym.com 'Going Right' Book: Buy 'Going Right' Here!


26 Oct 2020