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SFTH - Ken Wimberly - 117

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SFTH - Ken Wimberly - 117 by Collaborative Solutions Group


16 Aug 2021

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Cash Flow from Laundromats and App Development with Ken Wimberly

Passive Wealth Strategy Show - Real Estate for Busy Pros

Ken Wimberly, Founder of Legacy of Love, is an entrepreneur and father based in Fort Worth, Texas. Along with his current Laundromat Franchise, Ken has an extensive background in commercial real estate. In this episode, we get in on all the things that go on in a Laundromat business franchising. We also talk about app ownership and development with a new and exciting app that he has developed. [00:01 – 04:44] Opening Segment I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode I welcome our guest, Ken Wimberly Ken talks about his background [04:45 – 15:23] Cash Flow from Laundromats What it’s like to invest in a laundromat business Due diligence to commit to their laundromat businessThe birth of Laundry Love Expanding their brand Ken’s future plans for his Laundromat franchise [15:24 – 21:29] Legacy of Love App The inspiration to develop his app What separates Legacy of Love from other similar applications [21:30 – 29:14] Closing Segment Quick break for our sponsors What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?Buying Tesla Stock 3 years ago, and selling it recently Turning a $5k investment into $150k What is the worst investment you ever made?Investing in a restaurant that eventually end up bankrupt What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?Always be learning Take action Connect with our guest. See the links below. Tweetable Quotes: “Always be learning and be open to the opportunity that there is knowledge out there for you to learn.” - Ken Wimberly “If you’re just learning, you can sit on the sidelines and be the smartest person in the world sitting on the sidelines. You have to have a propensity for action, and take action on what you’re learning and take some risks.” - Ken Wimberly “We’ve created a really beautiful, elegant app, that is a safe, secure, and easy place for parents to save everything. From their little memories, moments, photos, videos , audio files. Unlike social media, it’s a private endeavor. It’s not meant to be blasted out for the world. It’s where you can be honest, vulnerable, and share the realness of life out there.” - Ken Wimberly on the Legacy of Love App Resources: Legacy of Love Connect with Ken, send him an email at ken@legacyoflove.app. Visit https://highridgecoaching.com/. You can also follow Legacy of Love on Instagram. LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.


8 Apr 2021

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Episode 176 - Investing in Single Tenant Net Lease Real Estate with Ken Wimberly

Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke

Ken Wimberly is a commercial real estate broker who had tremendous success but as his career grew he wanted more. He wanted to start other businesses but with a mission that will serve others. Check out this episode as we get an update on the Single Tenant Net Lease market as well as Ken's true passion. Ken Wimberly is the founder and visionary behind Legacy of Love, LLC. He is married to his soulmate, Amber, and has three children, Grace, Knox, and Kai. Ken has had a 20+ year entrepreneurial journey. He founded (2010) and grew KW Net Lease Advisors, a commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. He is a founding partner (2018) in Laundry Luv, a chain of laundromats with a mission to educate, equip, and inspire those in the communities where they serve. He launched a Keller Williams Realty franchise in Abilene, TX in 2015 and served as Operating Principal through 2020. Legacy of Love, LLC Want to learn more about passive investing? Grab our FREE Course: https://www.passiveinvestorsclub.com/course Thank you and I appreciate you watching this video. Please like, subscribe, and share with others that you may find this valuable. Your comments are useful and help us generate better quality content based on your feedback. Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb66-jA-WR4-LlJqp8Sn2wg?sub_confirmation=1 The Passive Investors Club is a community of like-minded individuals seeking financial freedom through passive investing in commercial real estate. More information about our club: https://www.passiveinvestorsclub.com Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dwainelclarke/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DwaineClarkeOfficial LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwaineclarke/ Website: http://passiveinvestorsclub.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/dwaineclarke Medium: http://medium.com/@dwaineclarke SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dwaineclarke Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wealth-through-real-estate-investing/id1457606006 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7B2wIQyiMgrcEJoqBUJzRR


7 Apr 2021

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Episode 58 - Leaving A Legacy Of Love with Ken Wimberly

Warrior Dads Podcast

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Ken Wimberly on the Warrior Dads Podcast.  Ken is an entrepreneur, a husband, and a of father 3. He is always up for a challenge whether it is in his personal or professional life. Ken is the founder of Legacy of Love and has over 15 different streams of income from real estate investments, operating businesses, coaching services, and oil & gas holdings. After changing his lifestyle and losing 50 pounds, he’s completed in 10 tough mudders. He continues to work on himself, speaks about personal development, and also leaving a legacy. You can find out more about Ken and his Legacy Of Love app below... https://legacyoflove.app Instagram @ken.wimberly Join The Warrior Dads Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriordads/ Links below… Please subscribe and keep on being a Warrior Dad! anchor.fm/warriordads itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/warrior-dads-podcast/id1410811364 open.spotify.com/show/2YRj95CUlOKZQAeyROgn1l www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/warrior-dads-podcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/warriordads/support


18 Feb 2021

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Single-Tenant NNN Retail and Medical Office Investment Sales with Ken Wimberly

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Ken Wimberly has over 15 streams of income from real estate investments, operating businesses, coaching services, and oil and gas holdings. He’s a Founding member of Laundry Love, a chain of Laundromats with a mission to educate, equip, and inspire those in the communities where they serve. He is the Founder and CVO of KW Net Lease Advisors, a commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. [00:01 – 06:21] Net Lease InvestmentsLet’s get to know Ken WimberlyKen talks about his backgroundKen talks about Net Lease InvestmentsInflation in Triple Net Lease[06:22 – 17:50] Healthcare and Ken’s Philanthropic venturesInvesting in the Health Care SectorKen shares some Net Leases to avoid nowadaysTheir Charitable and Philanthropic outreachLegacy of LoveLaundry LuvThe idea and operations for Laundry Luv[17:51 – 20:52] Closing SegmentKen’s advice to aspiring investorsContinue to educate yourselfHow Ken stays on top of his gameHis way to make the world a better placeHow to reach out to Ken – links belowFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“In any business, people are the key. Having the right people in place is what’s gonna allow you to grow and scale.” - Ken Wimberly“We can do good, by doing good.” - Ken WimberlyResources Mentioned: Laundry LuvLegacy of LoveKW Net Lease Advisors------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Ken on InstagramConnect with me:I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify strategy and provide solid predictable returns.Call: 901-500-6191FacebookLinkedInLike, subscribe, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever platform you listen on. Thank you for tuning in! Email me --> sam@brickeninvestmentgroup.com


14 Feb 2021

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Health Chats Among Friends with Ken Wimberly

Health Chats Among Friends

This week during our talk Ken and I discuss his unique way to leave a legacy for your family. Ken Wimberly is the founder and visionary behind Legacy of Love, LLC. He is married to his soulmate, Amber, and has three children, Grace, Knox, and Kai. Ken is a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He has over 15 different streams of income from real estate investments, operating businesses, coaching services, and oil & gas holdings.  Ken treasures time spent in nature, particularly on Texas hill country ranches. He is an avid athlete who loves adventure races, hiking, and running.


21 Jan 2021

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Ken Wimberly on Treasuring Moments with Family

18 Summers: Candid Conversations About Family

Ken Wimberly is an entrepreneur and founder of Legacy of Love, LLC, the world’s first parent-to-child journaling application. He’s a husband and father to three children, and was inspired by his stepmother to create a way to keep memories intact for his children. Join us this week to find out how to preserve precious moments with your family.


2 Nov 2020

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#106 with Ken Wimberly: How to Build Multiple Streams of Income to Achieve Financial Freedom

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Ken Wimberly on his journey from running into real estate as a restaurateur to developing a successful brokerage and many investments. Ken is a Texas based business owner and entrepreneur, using multiple streams of income to achieve his financial freedom. In this episode, we dive into topics like: analyzing real estate risk, the best way to get educated, getting out of email, and more! Top Takeaways: Risk assessment in real estate - 13:15 - 15:40 Knowing the actual worst case scenario can help you understand the real level of risk This also allows you to plan for that contingency and mitigate the risk It can also help to balance your risk tendency with a partner who opposes you The best sources of education in real estate - 16:15 - 17:30 Don’t listen to the people who haven’t done it Masterminds are a great place to find people who are actually doing the same things as you Regardless of what you want to learn, there’s a group specific to that How to escape email forever - 19:00 - 23:00 As long as you create a workable system, it is entirely possible to not handle your email Finding the right VA and developing a working relationship are the keys to success This is one of the most effective ways that anyone can reclaim their time How to bring value to Ken Wimberly: Check out Legacy of Love Resources: Book by Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Workweek Book by Gary Keller: The ONE Thing myoutdesk.com legacyoflove.app Social Links: biggerpockets.com/users/KenW35 @ken.wimberly facebook.com/lordwimberly laundryluv.com Connect With The host, Jonathan Farber Here! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarber1/ Instagram: @jonjfarb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.farber.9 Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind https://www.facebook.com/groups/860025821084224/ BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JonathanF29 Schedule a time to talk: https://calendly.com/jonathan-farber/1-on-1-with-jonathan-farber-mmtr Apply to be a guest on the podcast here: https://forms.gle/YNmALHUvDvuMWVVFA


30 Oct 2020

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Ep 325: We're all addicted to something — Ken Wimberly's journey to working out for 550+ straight days

Fit Dad Fitness Podcast

My guest this week, Ken Wimberly, details his journey of how a little spark of fitness and a little stop-and-go eventually led to him going 550+ straight days (as of recording this episode) of exercising. Ken discusses the challenges he has faced, how he had to rearrange his lifestyle and priorities, and if he thinks he'll ever stop. Check out Ken's work with his journaling app, Legacy of Love, at https://legacyoflove.app/. Go to https://www.getjupiter.com/share/fitdad and use the code FITDAD for 10% off Jupiter Organic CBD drops.


30 Sep 2020

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Ep:37 Interview with an Effective CoParent, bio-dad Ken Wimberly!

Unqualified Parenting

Don't you love hearing about other people in a similar situation? Isn't relating to someone just so satisfying? Well Ken is a dad who coparents so well with his ex, they've even considered writing a book! He and his current wife and their child are at a point of parenting smoothly with the ex and their two kids feel right at home! For tips, tricks and when this type of relationship can/can't work, listen in! Any questions, comments or suggestions? Email us at hello@unqualifiedparenting.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unqualified-parenting/message


28 Sep 2020