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2020-08-02 Sunday: The GOAT: Matt Webber

Metro East Ministries Podcast

2020-08-02 Sunday: The GOAT: Matt Webber by Metro East Ministries


9 Aug 2020

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The Webber Group - Who is Matt Webber?

Real Estate Tips With Torie Ellens's

Today I am joined by the awesome Matt Webber where he explains what makes him different from other lenders in Arizona and why him. Listen in to hear all about the Webber group and what they have to offer. When buying a home it's always a good idea to get pre approved. Knowing your price point and loan program helps start the buying process smoothly. Having a lender you can trust to walk you through the process is key. Make sure to check out Matt Webber and The Webber Group for your buying or refinancing needs.


27 Feb 2020

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Exploring the Value of Supramolecular Chemistry—Dr. Matt Webber—Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Notre Dame

Finding Genius Podcast

In his lab in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Matt Webber is just one member of a team of engineers, chemists, and biologist who are working on supramolecular chemistry, which involves non-covalent interactions between ensembles of molecules to produce strong, interesting, and useful structures that behave in defined and predictable ways, lending themselves to a variety of potential applications in medicine and the development of therapeutic drugs. Dr. Webber explains the fundamental interest that drives his team, which is to use non-covalent interactions to build synthetic systems that resemble nature, such as the perfect symmetry of viruses and their perfectly defined components, or the ability of immune systems to recognize and respond to threats in their environment. He also explains how the use of non-covalent bonds and host recognition has allowed for the development of shear-thinning and self-healing hydrogels for use as injectable therapeutics, and discusses his recent work on creating a glucose-activatable glucagon, which he says has the potential to act as an “insurance policy” for people with diabetes to protect against dangerous dips in blood glucose levels. Tune in to learn more about this exciting area of research, and visit http://www.webberlab.com/ to learn more about the work being done in Dr. Webber’s lab.


16 Aug 2019

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Synthetic Recreations of Nature Using Supramolecular Interactions—Dr. Matt Webber—Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Notre Dame

FutureTech Podcast

“We are fundamentally interested in how we can use these [supramolecular] interactions to build systems that resemble or recreate the living world,” says Dr. Matt Webber, principle investigator in the Webber Lab at the University of Notre Dame. He’s an engineer by training and a self-taught chemist who works among an interdisciplinary group of engineers, biologists, and chemists who all have the same primary objective: to discover what types of structures can be engineered using the principles of supramolecular chemistry (i.e. non-covalent interactions between molecules) and to what degree they can control and direct those structures to meet certain therapeutic or clinical ends. Consider viruses, for example: with perfect symmetry and comprised of the exact number of components necessary for structure and function, they are perfectly defined structures in nature. According to Dr. Webber, the ability to synthetically create structures with similar form and function could allow for us to have precise control over powerful and useful molecules. Among other topics, Dr. Webber discusses interest in creating structures with host recognition ability like immune systems, the development of a shear-thinning and self-healing hydrogel, and their recent work on a drug that might act as a protective mechanism against dangerous drops in blood glucose levels. Tune in for the full conversation, and check out http://www.webberlab.com/ for more info. 


16 Aug 2019

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#157 Matt Webber – Radio Presenter – Sports Writer – AFL, Books & Guitars – Happy Mother’s Day

Gold Coast vs Drew Kruck

Happy Mother’s Day Matt Webber’s story is a great listen for anyone looking for career advice if you happen to be unhappy. It’s almost an old-school fairy tale and this conversation was a great personal boost […] The post #157 Matt Webber – Radio Presenter – Sports Writer – AFL, Books & Guitars – Happy Mother’s Day appeared first on Gold Coast vs Drew Kruck.

1hr 8mins

14 May 2017

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Scott Sailor & Matt Webber


NATA Hall of Famer Matt Webber and NATA Vice President Scott Sailor join me in Las Vegas to talk about their careers and experience in athletic training.  Matt also talks about his book and website which chronicles modern athletic training throughout since 1881.  Scott also talks about the efforts to plan this largest Annual Meeting in NATA history.


30 Jun 2013