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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Julia Day. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Julia Day, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Julia Day. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Julia Day, often where they are interviewed.

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015 | Showing Up Online With Julia Day

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Are you bored hearing everyone tell you to just SHOW UP online?

I was getting a little frustrated by seeing it all over Instagram and Facebook and yet no one was really sharing what that actually means. That's why I invited the fabulous Julia Day from The Independent Girls Collective on to the podcast.

Julia shows up on Instagram effortlessly and so in this episode we discuss; what showing up actually means, why it's different for every business and doesn't look the same for everyone. We also touched on some really important points including how to get started if you're just scared right now, some great examples to go and watch including @beautieuk_ @pollyvdsz & @fionalikestoblog.

Make sure you go and follow Julia over on Instagram - she's at @independentgirlscollective and you can sign up for the waiting list for the membership & find out all about her services on her website >

Sep 02 2020 · 1hr
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Build Your Business and Make More Money, with Julia Day founder of The Independent Girls Collective

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This week I sit down with Julia Day, Business Coach and Founder of The Independent Girls Collective. We dive deep into the mindset strategies, tips and routines that we use within our businesses, and Julia recommends to her clients. Whether it's believing in yourself, having a strong money mindset or just wanting to feel better day to day, these tips are golden. ✨

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Julia's resource - Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

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Feb 17 2020 · 53mins
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Managing Money Confidently with Julia Day from the Independent Girls Collective

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Fretting about your finances? Taxed by your taxes? Mindblown by money? This week we chat to Julia from The Independent Girls' Collective about how to feel in control of your finances as a self-employed or freelance worker. Working to help creative women make, manage, and feel good about money, we chatted to her about tracking your money, where to start with tax, pricing, self-worth and why the 'stop buying a latte a day' money advice is totally useless. 

Apr 11 2019 · 58mins
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Take control of your business finances and feel confident about money, with Julia Day, Easy As VAT

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Julia Day is on Put Yourself First today helping us take control of our business finances and feel confident about money in 2019. Whether you need tips on taxes, bookkeeping, late payments or other money struggles as a business owner, Julia shares loads of practical advice and helpful tips today.

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Jan 21 2019 · 41mins
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044 | The aftermath of taking a break and facing your tax return w/Julia Day

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Curious about how others are finding getting ‘back to it’ after taking a break from work? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the looming tax return deadline? Well this episode is most certainly for you.

I sat down with Julia Day (financial coach and overall lovely person) to chat about our experience of easing back into work after the Christmas break and how we’re utilising the ‘new year new me’ spirit for good. Julia also shared some much needed insight and encouragement for those tackling their tax return this month - something which can very often bring with it a bit of uncertainty and fear!

PS- there’s another guest episode up today with the lovely Sophie French! Why two episodes you ask?! Well, both these women are guest hosts on my new retreat Gather & Grow and as tickets launch this week (!!) I thought I would get them on the podcast so you can get to know them and have a taste of what they're bringing to the retreat… enjoy!


Find the show notes and get connected to everything mentioned in the episode HERE.

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Jan 07 2019 · 40mins
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12: Let's talk about money with Julia Day

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In episode 12, I chat all things money with Julia Day of Easy as Vat. We talk about Julia’s journey in setting up her own business, money mindset, why we find talking about money so difficult, pitching for your business and Julia’s new membership - the Independent Girls Collective.

You can find Julia here:
Dec 05 2018 · 59mins
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[14] Finance Basics for Side-Hustlers with Julia Day from Easy as VAT

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If you’re feeling unsure about where to even start with finance for your creative side-hustle this is a must listen. In this episode I chat to Julia from Easy as VAT who shares a wealth of knowledge and so many useful tips on the basics of accounting for creative business owners.

If you feel you might be burying your head in the sand when it comes to your business finances or you’re worried that HMRC might be after you, this episode should help to put your mind at ease and introduce you to the basics of business accounting. Julia really has the knack of making the money stuff simple and approachable so if you’re currently trying your best to ignore the finance-y side of your side-business I really recommend have a listen to this episode. I promise it’s not scary!


Instagram: @josephinepbrooks

Oct 29 2018 · 41mins
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015: JULIA DAY - Financial Coach

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This week on The Creative Leap is financial coach Julia Day, who helps women in all walks of life take control of their finances so they can live fun and sustainable lives. Sounds pretty good, huh? Julia helps people with tax, money management and pricing through one to one coaching, workshops, courses and her fab podcast, Easy Numbers (episode 6 is a personal fave).

We talk about how money mindset might be holding you back, how to make sure your invoices are paid on time and creating appropriate pricings based on your value & target audience.

Find Julia below:


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Oct 25 2018 · 47mins
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#28 Discussing Money with Julia Day

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In this episode of The Fringe Of It (which is a day late in being uploaded, apologies *sickness*) we talk to one of our very own listeners all about finances! Liverpool based, Julia Day runs her own business called 'Easy as VAT'. Julia is passionate about empowering women, by helping to managing their finances and cultivate confidence around money. After working as an accountant in the corporate world for years and knew in her heart wasn't for her, she now teaches women how to deal with everything money, from tax and managing business finances to budgeting and knowing your worth. We got to sit down with her and ask her all the questions we've ever wanted to ask an expert about money!

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Oct 02 2018 · 58mins
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033 - Julia Day, Financial Coach // Accounting For Small Businesses

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In this week's episode, I'm joined by the wonderful Julia Day, owner of Easy as VAT. Julia is a financial coach who helps female business owners gain the knowledge and confidence they need to manage their finances successfully and establish a positive relationship with money through 1:1 coaching, courses and informative blog posts. With a background in accountancy and having overcome her own issues with money, she wanted to provide a resource for women in business to take control of their finances and I just knew I needed to get her on the podcast. We talk about:
- Julia’s story and her journey to becoming an accountant for small businesses.
- What you can expense on the business.
- How to keep on top of your accounts.
- Why knowing your numbers can be an empowering thing, not just scary.
- LTD or sole trader?.
- How to get clients to pay you on time.
You can find Julia at and @easyasvat. I would definitely recommend a look at her blog for some amazing financial resources.
Apr 17 2018 · 31mins