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46- First Time Playing Dungeons and Dragons with Sara Kim

Hears the Thing

Welcome to our guest and Dungeon Master Sara Kim as she joins the pod to discuss Emily and Ashleys first time playing dungeons and dragons with her as the dm. She also explains the game, the merits of spending time with your friends, a bit on how she writes a campaign, and more! If you are interested in DND podcasts or other role playing games, the HTT hosts can not recommend the Goosebuds RPG episodes (cerca episodes 71-74), Pretend Friends, and Not Another DND Podcast highly enough, links for those shows below. We hope this maybe inspires you to start a campaign with your friends, if not shine a little light on what DnD is for you if you were not sure before. Thanks for listening! Goosebuds RPG: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1WNAMMPVftYTivV7a45hwK?si=sjJNj2nlSrGU6ZY05ftqlA Pretend Friends: https://open.spotify.com/show/4cjURMqoxL8Dx74G3P669L?si=mRhl2asyQ72bcpRDlVH8JQ Not Another DND Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/5GcTIDkgnB9wP6CmUyOSqa?si=Si7UBq1ySu29SzkQQZqF3Q


14 Mar 2021

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Episode 64: Artist Spotlight - Keeping Your Brand Consistent across Platforms with Sara Kim

Paper Talk

Sara Kim of Handmade by Sara Kim is one of those amazing creators whose work you can identify with a glance because of her incredible branding work. In our latest episode of Paper Talk, we chatted with her about the winding journey her business has taken and how she’s kept her brand consistent through changes and across platforms. As Sara said, “It’s the little details that no one really notices.” She had lots more to say on the subject, and you won’t want to miss out on any of her helpful advice for small business owners. Here’s what you’ll learn when you tune in:What will make your brand instantly recognizable across platforms.Ideas for interesting and unique photo backdrops.How to transition your business to something new, be it product or platform.Figuring out which platform to focus on, because there’s only so much time in the day. Sara, like many of us, discovered that running a business was about more than just her craft. She had to learn to do a host of other things, from photography to video editing and more. We’ve been there, and we loved talking with her about how she overcame those difficulties and successfully gave her business the stunning presentation it has today. Listen now to be inspired and fine-tune your brand’s style. Learn more about Sara by following her on social media: INSTAGRAM: @handmadebysarakim WEBSITE: www.handmadebysarakim.com


15 Oct 2020

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33 - First Time Talking Anxiety and being NOT Racist with Sara Kim

Hears the Thing

Hey friends! Happy official summer for all of our trimester friends! Would you believe that you can listen to two people with degrees talking at you this week?? (We didn't have them at the time of recording so don't expect us to sound smarter yet or anything). Special guest and friend, Sara Kim, joins us this week to talk about dealing with anxiety a family that stigmatizes mental health, the struggle of not being on neutral ground, and being overwhelmed by media.  We recognize and detest the injustice that we see on the basis of skin color. As a podcast and as humans, we stand with our peers and BIPOC communities in these days when human rights continue to be violated daily.  Sara Kim has compiled a list of resources for BIPOC and those who may benefit from it, as well as insider tips on how to be an effective ally. We love and hope that you are safe. This is a link to Oregon BIPOC Organizations. Campaign Zero is an organization that is working to end police violence in 10 different areas. While Oregon and the US have worked to pass a few laws on this issue, it's still not enough. The People of Color Caucus is currently working on a few police accountability measures to pass in Oregon. Here are a few effective ways you can communicate with your legislator, council member, or local government official -  As tempting as it is, I would encourage against using an automatically filled email from a website - many people use auto-filled emails to send to their legislators and while it's a good way to show how many people care, it's not effective in communicating why you care about that topic. If you send an auto-email, you will probably get a copied and pasted response. Take some time and write a thoughtful email to your legislator and explain why these issues are important to you. Include your name and your address or at least the town you're in - legislators typically only look at emails from their constituents unless they are holding higher positions of power in committees. They want to hear from their constituents because that is who they are representing in their district, you may even get the chance to testify! Use this tool to find out what district you're in and who your legislators are.  Know your legislator and where they stand on certain issues - do some research and find out what your legislators value and what kinds of positions they hold. From there, you can leverage your experiences to be catered to what they're familiar with. Most legislators typically have a personal website that you can find by Google, or you can their Oregon Legislator profiles here for the Senators and the House members. Most legislators also have a newsletter that you can sign up for which you can use to learn about what's going on in the Capitol and where they stand on certain issues.  Vote and stay informed - it's crucial that you vote and show your legislators and your community members that you care. It's so crucial that we all use our voices to stand up for what we believe in and tell the legislators what they should care about. Be sure to also follow the news to learn about any developments on certain policies that you really care about! 


14 Jun 2020

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COVID-19 Coverage Day 3: James Grunke/Sara Kim/Jeff Parnell/Jill Harry/Brian Kelly - March 18, 2020

TalkErie.com - The Joel Natalie Show - Erie Pennsylvania Daily Podcast

On the Wednesday program, the breaking news was that the first positive case of COVID-19 was reported in Erie County. As we covered breaking news, our focus on the Joel Natalie Show was to understand better the impact on the crisis on local Erie businesses. Our guests included James Grunke, the CEO of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, Sara Kim, owner of the boutique Lollies in the Colony Plaza, and Jeff Parnell, CEO of bricks-and-mortar and online-based retailer FishUSA. Joel also talked with PennDOT spokesperson Jill Harry on the decision to close Interstate Highway rest areas across Pennsylvania. Finally, we had our monthly conversation with Brian Kelly, Senior Pastor of McLane Church, as Joel shared "An Hour With My Pastor."

1hr 12mins

19 Mar 2020

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"F" Feat. Sara Kim

Alphabet Soup

I wonder what twists and turns this episode holds


7 Mar 2020

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Shop Small: Linda Breakiron, Sara Kim & Joe Lombardo - Nov. 25, 2019

TalkErie.com - The Joel Natalie Show - Erie Pennsylvania Daily Podcast

We began the week focusing Thanksgiving and friends and family, and then of course shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. We chatted with some of Erie’s retailers as they gear up for the big week and holiday season ahead. Sharing their experience and plans were Linda Breakiron of Breakiron Jewelers, Joe Lombardo of Lombardo’s Barber Shop, and Sara Kim, the owner of Lollie’s - a new store in the Colony Plaza.


26 Nov 2019