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THIS Is How You Find Your Values & Understand The Concept Of Values w/ Lorraine Hamilton and Apollonia Ponti

Write Your Legend

In today's podcast, Apollonia Ponti and Lorraine Hamilton will discuss how to understand the concept of values and how to find them! So many people have asked what exactly are values and how to recognize the values you already have. This is exactly what Apollonia Ponti and Lorraine Hamilton will dissect today! Lorraine Hamilton is an ICF teacher/ certified coach who helps other people recognize their values and get a better understanding of the concept of values. Lorraine is also Apollonia's personal coach who helps her elevate her coaching skills in order to build her business and help hundreds of people struggling with their personal lives. 03:23 - Understanding your values is the foundation of everything in your life. 09:30 - This is how you can implement your values and standards in certain family situations. 👉🏽 Watch the full interview by becoming part of our VIP Membership community here! You get exclusive interviews and weekly coaching calls every month, 5 free all-access programs, entry to our VIP Facebook community and so much more! Men's Mastery Membership (VIP COMMUNITY)  https://membership.apolloniaponti.com/ Lorraine Hamilton's Website: Click Here Apollonia Ponti Coaching: Click Here Apollonia Ponti's Instagram Apollonia Ponti's Facebook Apollonia Ponti's Youtube Check Out My Website!


17 May 2022

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Lorraine Hamilton on Show #219: Becoming the Legendary Leader of Your Technicolour Life

POWER to Live More with Jo Dodds

Lorraine Hamilton PCC is a Speaker, Author, Coach, and CEO of the Coach School Academy, where she supports life coaches in making a living from making a difference. As an engineer designing mobile phone networks, Lorraine started a coaching business, then leapt into coaching full time. Lorraine has over 15 years of experience and is a Certified Professional Coach. She is the creator of the S.W.I.T.C.H Coaching Method to help coaches in their practice as well as the D.A.N.C.E framework to help clients. Her latest book, Dye Your Hair Purple Sooner, helps people transform their lives into technicolour.Today, Lorraine shares her journey from an engineering career to starting her coaching business. She reveals how her own experiences help her to help others and why she also chose to work with coaches. She shares why the way we live today has increased the need for external help and the inspiration for her latest book. She also shares why we develop avoidance patterns for uncomfortable situations, what living a life in technicolour means and how you can do it.“Getting into a technicolour life, becoming that legendary leader, comes back to putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations and recognising that you don’t need to fix it, that you can just experience it.” Lorraine HamiltonThis week on The Power to Live More Podcast:The journey that led Lorraine to start a career in coachingHow Lorraine uses her own experiences to help other peopleWhy Lorraine chose to move into coaching other coachesThe shift in attitudes over the years about coachingHow the change in the way we live has fostered a need for external helpThe inspiration and meaning behind Lorraine’s new book, Dye Your Hair Purple SoonerWhat living a technicolour life means and how you can do itWhy we develop patterns of avoiding uncomfortable situationsThe systems Lorraine uses to work with her clients to help them achieve their goalsHow Lorraine manages her self-developmentHow Lorraine approaches challenging daysWhat an ideal day of ‘living more’ looks like for LorraineResources Mentioned:ZoomCoachAccountable AccessAllyWordPressActiveCampaignConnect with Lorraine Hamilton:Lorraine Hamilton’s WebsiteCoach School AcademyBook: Dye Your Hair Purple SoonerLorraine Hamilton on LinkedInLorraine Hamilton on InstagramLorraine Hamilton on FacebookJoin the POWER to Live More CALM MembershipAttention home-based coaches and consultants!Are you tired of feeling alone, isolated, and frustrated with running your home-based coaching or consulting business? Are you sick of feeling like your life would be better, and you’d be happier if you felt more organised and productive? Do you feel like there’s simply not enough time in a day to get all the things done that you need to do to build a successful business while making time to live more?It’s time to stop the isolation and start getting more organised, productive, and focused on the tasks that will move the needle forward.It’s time to join the POWER to Live More CALM membership!If you’re ready to:Stop recreating the wheel and focus on the things that truly matter in your life and businessLearn what you need to know to be successful and ‘live more’Get accountability help from a group of like-minded home-based business ownersThen you need to join the POWER to Live More CALM membership programme!To learn more about the POWER to Live More CALM membership programme and apply, visit PowerToLiveMore.com/GetCalmConnect, Share, InspireThank you for joining me for this week’s episode of the POWER to Live More Podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and would like to help support the show, please head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, subscribe to the show and leave your honest review! You can also help me reach even more amazing business owners and leaders by sharing your favorite episodes on your social media channels.Don’t forget to check out my website join my Facebook Group, follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram to interact with me and my amazing audience!Show notes provided (brilliantly, my words not theirs!) by Lidwell Writing Services, LLCThe post Lorraine Hamilton on Show #219: Becoming the Legendary Leader of Your Technicolour Life appeared first on POWER to Live More.


30 Jul 2021

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Living Your Technicolour Life with Lorraine Hamilton

New School of Marketing

In today’s episode, I speak with Lorraine Hamilton, the coach's coach, about living your technicolour life.We dive into what holds most people back from living a life that’s aligned with their dreams and goals and what steps you can take to living a life you desire.We also talk about making a living from making a difference and how this is different for everyone.Tune in to learn more about living the life you desire 🎧


27 Apr 2021

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Maiden Speech: Dye Your Hair Purple Sooner with Lorraine Hamilton

World Domination

All about relationships! Epic Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker Lorraine Hamilton stopped by to talk about relationships & how we navigate them, understanding our values, designing your own life & keeping it real. Enjoy! The post Maiden Speech: Dye Your Hair Purple Sooner with Lorraine Hamilton appeared first on Monica Ferguson Performance Mindset Coach.


6 May 2020

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How to get better client results with Lorraine Hamilton

Leveraged & Loving It Podcast

Discover how you can get better client results by using coaching methods in your consulting practice. Lorraine Hamilton is back on the podcast, this time we're talking about how to blend your consulting skills with coaching skills to create better client outcomes. We discuss: Why communication matters How to identify gaps in our own communications skills Why is it important to listen rather than tell Opportunities that can open when you improve your communication skills. The value that you bring to your clients Business has seasons and how to handle winter Grieving losses in your business or your career How to create leverage in a 1:1 practice The benefits of blending hard skills and coaching skills in your business FREE TRAINING: www.shareyourpassion.com.au/freetraining SHOW NOTES: www.shareyourpassion.com.au/ep-143/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Dec 2019

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Start With Who Episode 3 - Lorraine Hamilton

Start With Who

Lorraine Hamilton is a self-professed "recovering engineer" with a degree in sound engineering. She spent a good chunk of her working life designing mobile phone networks in what was a very male dominated environment. She's done climate modelling in preparation for being a meteorologist, and computer programming among other technical roles. But it was when her husband came home with a corporate coaching handbook, that her working life changed dramatically. Listen to Lorraine talk about how she turned a "kitchen table business" into a six-figure international coaching practice while making mistakes by "doing everything right", then breaking the rules.  www.lorrainehamilton.net www.coachschool.academy 


21 Jun 2018

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HLP028 - On Dealing with the Impostor Syndrome and Self-Sabotage with Lorraine Hamilton

The Happy Lawyer Project | Inspiration, Advice & Lifestyle Strategies for Young Lawyers

You've put in the work. You've done the research. You are ready...so why don't you feel ready?. Maybe you just need a little more time. A little more validation. A little more certainty. Sound familiar? I definitely struggle with major self-sabotage in the form of procrastination. Today's guest, Lorraine Hamilton, is a mindset coach, who specializes in helping her clients overcome their fraudy feelings and get out of their own way so they can accomplish their goals.   What you’ll learn: Why we self-sabotage and what's behind that urge to stand in our own way How to identify self-sabotaging behavior Tips for overcoming fraudy feelings and struggles with the impostor syndrome Best Advice for Finding Happiness: Examine your core values; YOUR core values, not the ones that have been given to you by others. From that point, you can plan and move towards what makes YOU happy and satisfied. It is the first step to a better understanding of yourself, and from that point you can begin to see and understand where you might be unconsciously self-sabotaging your happiness. Connect with Lorraine: On Her Website: (http://lorrainehamilton.net/) Thank you! I know that time is your most valuable resource so I really appreciate you spending some of it with me. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it! If you'd like to help me improve and grow the podcast, I'd love if you could take 60-seconds to leave an honest review and rating on iTunes at http://bit.ly/happylawyercast. Reviews and ratings are extremely helpful when it comes to the ranking of the show and I genuinely love hearing from you! Lastly, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you won't miss an episode! ********** While you're here, check out some of these great affiliate links: If student loans have you down and you are considering refinancing, consider CommonBond. http://bit.ly/CommonBondStudentLoan using this link gives you $200 towards your student loan! They have some of the best rates and give a portion of their proceeds to charity. Stop paying those big banks and start doing some good with your interest payments! Or download your first book for free over at audible: http://www.audibletrial.com/TheHappyLawyerProject *********** Don't forget to follow me: IG:@thehappylawyerproject https://www.instagram.com/thehappylawyerproject/?hl=en FB:@thehappylawyerproject https://www.facebook.com/thehappylawyerproject/ Twitter: @theHLPpodcast https://twitter.com/thehlppodcast Podcast equipment: Blue Yeti Microphone- http://amzn.to/2pNRHch


4 Apr 2017

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Laat de concurrentie verdwijnen – Lorraine Hamilton

Decide for Impact podcast

Dit is aflevering 86 van de Erno Hannink Show.Vandaag het gesprek met Lorraine Hamilton, een award-winning entrepreneur en coach.Ze gebruikt sterke mindset werk gekoppeld een bijzondere communicatie inzichten, om haar klanten op te laten vallen in de massa en op een authentiek manier. Zo lijkt het alsof de concurrentie als sneeuw voor de zon is verdwenen.Dit is een aflevering uit de voormalige Number One Coachbiz show die niet verloren mocht gaan. De aflevering is in het Engels.Episode 86Show NotesJe kunt met Lorraine verbinden op:Haar websiteHaar FacebookLinkedInen op https://blab.im/narelle-shiell-intuition-is-your-friend-if-you-only-knew-itOpvallende uitspraken die ik mooi vind in het interview: I help my client stand out so uniquely that the competition will melt away. There is always an obstacle blocking your growth, blocking you path. We start by taking that obstacle away, the fear. Then we start looking for the true value that the client can offer. I spent a lot of time with my clients determining where they want to position themselves in their market, what their goals are and who they want to work with. In order to do this, we have to disconnect self-worth with pricing. After that we find a way to really put you value in the spotlight. When people enter the market, I usually have them set a higher price than they had in mind for themselves. This is because they don’t have a large reach yet and it is wiser to set your price al little higher. After a while when you reach increases, you can start to compensate this with a price that is a bit lower. I can do really new and exciting things while staying calm. My nature is being calm. I always follow my intuition in difficult situations, for instance when there is fear involved in making a decision. There will always be an underlying sense of calm and my gut will tell me that this is the right path. I see a lot more result for my actions when listening to my gut. This is really satisfying and this is what is try to implement with my clients. Take all of that money that you are using on trainings and hire somebody that can really help you implement knowledge rather than learn you more, if you are having trouble with that. Taking this action will give you the feedback and help you find out the next step for your business.Genoemde mensen :Nancy Marmolejo Kevin NationsVergeet niet te abonneren op de Erno Hannink Show via iTunes, Stitcher of SoundCloud.Kun je mij een groot plezier doen zodat meer ondernemers deze podcast kunnen vinden? Geef deze podcast jouw eerlijke beoordeling en recensie. Dit helpt mij enorm om deze podcast te verspreiden. Dank je wel hiervoor. Stuur me een korte e-mail om mij te laten weten dat je dit gedaan hebt en ik stuur je een verrassing.Je kunt mij bereiken op podcast@ernohannink.nl Ik hoor graag van jou.Wil je weten hoe jij ook meer klanten krijgt met online?Hoe je met internet sneller jouw grootse doel bereikt?Vraag dan nu de Online Zichtbaar Analyse aan.Bedoeld voor ondernemers die in de B2B omgeving werken met grootse plannen.In een korte analyse snel zicht op wat je online wilt verbeteren voor meer resultaat.

2 Jan 2017