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30 Mar 22 – Steve Weidenkopf: The Great Schism

Hands on Apologetics

Today's Topics:1) Finding the Fallacy: Argument from IncredulityMeet the Early Church Fathers: Justin Martyr2, 3, 4) Interview


30 Mar 2022

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Steve Weidenkopf - RPL 03.23.22 1/2

Real Presence Live

A Protestant Reformation or Revolution?


23 Mar 2022

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Steve Weidenkopf - RPL 01.26.22 2/1

Real Presence Live

The real story of the Inquisition


26 Jan 2022

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10/14/21 - The History of the Church in Crisis (Steve Weidenkopf)

The Simple Truth

Steve Weidenkopf is a Catholic husband, father of six, and grandfather of one. He's also a Lecturer in Church History at the Christendom College Graduate School of Theology in Alexandria, Virginia. His new book is: "Light From Darkness: Nine Times the Catholic Church Was in Turmoil – and Came Out Stronger Than Before," published by Catholic Answers Press at Catholic.com.


14 Oct 2021

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231 Steve Weidenkopf: Light From Darkness

RED-C Roundup

Deacon Mike interviewed Steve Weidenkopf about his book, Light From Darkness: Nine Times the Catholic Church was in Turmoil - and Came Out Stronger Than Before in this latest episode of RED-C Roundup. They address the question that Steve often gets from others, “Have things ever been as bad in the Church as they are today?”  As a historian he answers this with an emphatic, “No, things have actually been much worse!”  He reflects on how to learn from the lessons of history and apply this learning so as to bring about another great time of renewal in our day. 


6 Oct 2021

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29 Sep 21 – Steve Weidenkopf – Light from Darkness

Hands on Apologetics

Today's Topics:1) Finding the Fallacy: The Sharpshooter FallacyMeet the Early Church Fathers: Amphilocius of Antioch2, 3, 4) Interview


29 Sep 2021

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#10287 Light from Darkness - Steve Weidenkopf

Catholic Answers Live

Questions Covered13:45 – How do you explain to a fellow Catholic that we’ll eventually come through current crises stronger than before? 17:17 – I’m talking to an anti-Catholic who says that anyone who attended the Council of Nicea was forming a church of the devil and was not in the Church of Christ. 22:25 – How are the titles for the clergy like “Your Eminence” or “Your Excellency” proper? Are they a bad holdover from the middle ages? 30:12 – Do you believe that the idea of a Catholic monarchy in the U.S. is a good idea? 34:44 – How much accountability is the Church supposed to take for humanitarian efforts outside of the Church? Should she focus more on worship? 40:12 – What are some actionable things we can do as Catholics or in our parishes to endure certain crises/scandals going on, whether domestic or out of our control? 43:40 – Do you talk about the Crusades in your book? 47:47 – What do you think the causes were for the sex abuse scandals? 50:28 – I think the crisis of the Church is due to communists infiltrating our seminaries decades ago. …

21 Sep 2021

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Light from Darkness with Steve Weidenkopf | 09/08/2021

Reason and Theology Show – Reason and Theology

Professor Weidenkopf discusses his new book Light From Darkness – Nine Times the Catholic Church Was in Turmoil and Came Out Stronger Than Before. https://reasonandtheology.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/yt5s.com-Light-from-Darkness-with-Steve-Weidenkopf-_-09_08_2021-128-kbps.mp3

9 Sep 2021

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18 Jun 21 – Steve Weidenkopf: The Church and the Middle Ages

Hands on Apologetics

Today's Topics:1) Finding the Fallacy: (propaganda) Glittering GeneralitiesMeet the Early Church Fathers: The Council of Ephesus2, 3, 4) Interview


18 Jun 2021

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104: Debunking Myths of the Middle Ages (w/ Steve Weidenkopf)

The Cordial Catholic

In this episode, I'm joined by Catholic historian Steve Weidenkopf to talk about the Middle Ages. What was it really like to be a Christian in medieval times? What about the Crusades? The Inquisition? The political scandals wracking the Church? We dig deep into a largely misunderstood period of time to mine for the truth of Christian history and to correctly interpret the events in light of primary source material.It's a great conversation!For more from Steve visit his website where you can find all of his books, his lectures, and his video series. For more, visit The Cordial Catholic. Send your feedback to cordialcatholic@gmail.com. Please consider financially supporting this show! For more information visit the Patreon page.  All patrons receive access to exclusive content and if you can give $5/mo or more you'll also be entered into monthly draws for fantastic books hand-picked by me.If you'd like to give a one-time donation to The Cordial Catholic, you can visit the PayPal page.Thank you to those already supporting the show!This podcast is brought to you in a special way by our Patreon Co-Producers Gina, Eyram, Susanne, Elli and Tom, Kelvin and Susan, and Stephen.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/cordialcatholic)

1hr 6mins

7 Apr 2021