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Ep 59 // Marisa Dabice - Mannequin Pussy

Wear Many Hats

People ask me what’s the softest and smoothest thing you’ve ever touched and I’ve often told them, a Mannequin Pussy. Missy, head honcho of the critically acclaimed hot and bothered, sweat drippin, fire breathin, screamin demon, baby back ribbin, always rippin, homie runnin, hard workin band, Mannequin Pussy. Good Philly friends, Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy.


8 Aug 2021

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Episode 36: Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy on how physical illness affects mental health

Scream Therapy

Host Jason Schreurs is joined by Marisa Dabice from Philadelphia alt-punk band Mannequin Pussy. Marisa talks about how a cancer scare when she was a teen affected her mental health and exasperated her depression. She also talks about how toxic relationships have affected her life through the years.https://mannequinpussy.bandcamp.com https://epitaph.com/artists/mannequin-pussyFeatured songs:Mannequin Pussy - "Cream" from Patience (Epitaph Records, 2019)Mannequin Pussy - "Perfect" from Perfect EP (Epitaph Records, 2021)About this podcast:Scream Therapy explores the link between punk rock and mental health. My guests are members of the underground music scene who are living with mental health challenges, like myself.Intro/background music:Submission Hold - "Cranium Ache"Render Useless - "The Second Flight of Icarus"Artwork: Luke Ramsey - http://lukeramseystudio.comContact host Jason Schreurs - jasonwschreurs@gmail.com


16 May 2021

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60 – Bush-Era Weed feat. Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy

You Wouldn't Download a Podcast

Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy joins us to talk about turning the optimism knob from "zero" to "one" after the election, and then back down to "zero" after a few days. We also discuss what DIY will look like after COVID, the perfect timing of the new "chef's kiss" and "happy-cry" emojis, Marisa's 15-year-old nug of weed, and how Mannequin Pussy fits in the saga of Jeff's weird ex-roommate. Listen to Mannequin Pussy on Bandcamp, follow on Instagram and Twitter, and keep your ears peeled for their new EP "Perfect" dropping soon! Music: Mannequin Pussy - Drunk II Mannequin Pussy - Romantic

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13 Nov 2020

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2.8: I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt But I’m Not Afraid of Danger (ft. Marisa Dabice)

More Talk Less Rock

Lauren and Rachel talk to Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy about creating a space to scream, the importance of collaboration, and the (sometimes) lonely life of being an activist. (Note: There is a little more noise than usual in parts of this episode due to technical difficulties from recording in a new space. Thanks for understanding!) The 10 year tax abatement in Philadelphia means that property owners do not have to pay property taxes for 10 years after they purchase new or existing buildings. Check out this Reclaim Philadelphia article about how ending the 10 year tax abatement, along with other bold progressive policy changes, can drastically mitigate the lasting effects of Covid-19 and improve the lives of working class Philadelphians.For tag yourself recommendations & even more talk: Email - moretalklessrock@gmail.com Instagram - @moretalklessrock Twitter - @MTLRpodcast

1hr 56mins

30 Sep 2020

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#5 - Marisa Dabice (Mannequin Pussy)

Behind the Vinyl

This week Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy joined the podcast for an epic episode. Mannequin Pussy is a Philadelphia-based punk band that currently have three full-length albums (GP, Romantic, Patience). We discussed her love for tie-dye, being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager, dancing as a hobby growing up, learning how to play the guitar, the death of Amy Winehouse and how musicians have an impact on our lives, eventually joining forces with childhood friend, Thanasi, and forming Mannequin Pussy. Give Mannequin Pussy a follow on Instagram and Twitter @mannequinpussy

1hr 3mins

12 May 2020

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Marisa Dabice (Mannequin Pussy)

The Peer Pleasure Podcast

http://peerpleasurepodcast.com/marisa-dabice-mannequin-pussy-episode-105-the-peer-pleasure-podcast/Interviews can be done here, there, or anywhere…this one remotely takes place in a bath tub! Dive in and relax as Marisa shares her journey into the music industry and gives us an inside look at where her personal fire is fueled from. With unique views and an inspiring outlook on life Marisa submerges us into Mannequin Pussy’s third full length album, Patience.Relaxation Mode [08:45]This Is Real [9:30]But What Do They Sound Like Live? [11:45]Kush Colors – The Audiotree Experience [13:00]Epitaph – We Have the Key [15:50]Growing Up Around Music [17:30]Possible 5th Member [19:15]Song Writing Collaboration [20:35]The Side Hustles [22:20]The 90’s Are Coming Back & Legacy Overalls [23:35]I Get Older, the Music Stays the Same Age [26:05]Culture Wave [28:20]The Walmart Embassy [29:53]Living in the Experience  [30:43]Art in an Algorithm Culture [36:30]An Epic Brutal Show [40:00]The Fire in You [41:20]Stick to the Script of Life [43:37]The Freedom [47:58]On Our Own [52:47]The New Album [57:25]Emotional Distractions [59:10]Diving into Directing [1:03:20]Patience [1:06:20] Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 14mins

16 Jul 2019