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Heartland Politics with Robin Johnson

Dan Glickman, former Congressman, US Secretary of Agriculture and Chair of the Motion Pictures Association of America, talks about his recent book Laughing at Myself: My Education in Congress, on the Farm and at the Movies. Among his insights are the value of experience in local government for those serving in Washington, the importance of bipartisanship, how campaigns went wrong and maintaining a sense of humor.


2 Jul 2022

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EP 483 Going Back Down on the Farm With Dan Glickman

America Trends

https://kansaspress.ku.edu/978-0-7006-3213-8.html Dan Glickman has had a very interesting life.  Following his years as a Congressman from Kansas, he became Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Agriculture and later the president of the Motion Picture industry, replacing the legendary Jack Valenti.  In his new book, “Laughing At Myself: My Education in Congress, On the Farm and the Movies’, he offers self deprecation as one of the solutions for the all too serious, and divided, state of our politics today.  In a wide ranging conversation, we explore the history and future of agriculture policy and then turn to another great American export, our culture, as expressed through the creative minds and eyes of moviemakers.  If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the family farm, what’s in the once in five year farm bill and the importance of Big Food in decision-making about agriculture, you’ll find it in a most appetizing way in this podcast.


20 Sep 2021

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Dan Glickman - Former U.S. Agriculture Secretary

Lewis at Large

Interview with Former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman from June 2021.


20 Aug 2021

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368 Dan Glickman, former United States Secretary of Agriculture

Alain Guillot Show

https://www.alainguillot.com/dan-glickman/ Dan Glickman is a politician, lawyer, lobbyist, and nonprofit leader. He served as the United States Secretary of Agriculture from 1995 until 2001, prior to which he represented Kansas's 4th congressional district as a Democrat in Congress for 18 years. He's the author of Laughing at Myself: My Education in Congress, on the Farm, and at the Movies Get the book here: https://amzn.to/3wh0a9s


4 Jul 2021

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The Brian and Lee Show: Interview with Dan Glickman the first Jewish Secretary of Agriculture

The Brian and Lee Show

Brian and Lee talk with Dan Glickman the first Jewish Secretary of Agriculture. Find out what it was like to be a designated survivor during the 1997 Presidential Inauguration and his thoughts on the current toxic politic landscapeThe post The Brian and Lee Show: Interview with Dan Glickman the first Jewish Secretary of Agriculture appeared first on WWDB-AM.


3 Jul 2021

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Former Ag Secretary and Congressman Dan Glickman

ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Claudia Cragg speaks to former Congressman Dan Glickman, @DanRGlickman, about his new book from the University Press of Kansas, Secretary Glickman (he held the post of Agricultural Secretary in the Clinton administration) tells his story of a classical family background, religious heritage, and “Midwestern-nice” roots, and how it led to a long and successful career in public office.  Now at almost 77 and newly retired from the Aspen Institute, Dan is known throughout Washington as one of the most approachable politicians with relationships on both sides of the aisle.  He tells a now infamous story of how his name was actually proposed for the job as Secretary of Agriculture by Bob Dole and Leon Panetta.  What he has written combines Dan's sense of humor with serious reflection on his rise from the middle of nowhere to becoming a successful U.S. politician and the first Jewish secretary of agriculture.  A religious man that cherishes his strong family ties, Glickman shares the lessons he has learned about success, compromise and staying true to yourself – even when stepping into the shoes of the most powerful man on Earth (a chapter in the book and his recounting of the 1997 Inauguration when he was chosen as the designated survivor).


24 Jun 2021

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Ep. 14: Dan Glickman, "Laughing at Myself"


A longtime Washington, DC, legislator and official known for his humor and friendliness, Dan Glickman (D-KS), author of "Laughing at Myself," was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1977-1995, served as US Secretary of Agriculture from 1995–2001 and was chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America from 2004–2010. He talked to Brian Lamb about his long political career, political relationships in Washington, the entertainment industry, and the importance of humor in his life.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Jun 2021

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On The Front Porch with Dan Glickman 6/7/2021

KFRM's "On the Front Porch" Podcast

On The Front Porch with Dan Glickman 6/7/2021See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Jun 2021

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Honorable Dan Glickman

Sorghum State Podcast


6 Oct 2020

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Episode 004 (Dan Glickman)

Mission: Readiness Podcast

Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman joins the podcast to talk about the evolution of the obesity crisis, crafting strong child nutrition policy, and the time he was the "Designated Survivor" at the State of the Union.(Theme: "Quit (Remix)" by Steve Combs)


14 Jul 2020