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Kate McCombs and The Game Crafter - Episode 129

The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Kate McCombs joins JT and Jeff to discuss her Tea and Empathy cards on The Game Crafter and what contributed to the initial sales. Episode 129 also includes discussions of community, marketing, and word of mouth. Tea and Empathy cards on TGC: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/tea-and-empathy Kate's website: http://www.katemccombs.com/teaandempathy Jeff can be found at: Website: http://www.allusgeeks.com AUG Twitter: https://twitter.com/allusgeeks AUG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllUsGeeks Voice Over work: http://reliablevoiceover.com/ If you like the content we provide, please consider leaving us a rating and review!  iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/game-crafter-official-podcast/id955056351 Stitcher: http://stitcher.com/s?fid=58599&refid=stpr Board Game Geek: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgamepodcast/26560/game-crafter-official-podcast This podcast is a part of the United Geeks Network over at: www.unitedgeeksnetwork.com. You can broadcast your geekiness at United Geeks Network! The intro and outro music: "Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


28 Jun 2017

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Ep. 59: Kate McCombs on Pleasure

The Tiffany Han Show (formerly Raise Your Hand Say Yes)

100 Rejection Letters is here! Get the goods!! (Registration ends 10/19!) Join the RYHSY facebook group Show Notes: Connect with Kate: Website | Instagram | Twitter Rachel Kramer Bussel 50 Shades of Grey For the Girls "My Favorite Question" post on Kate's blog The Dreaded "Signature Move:" Why One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work for Sex post on Kate's blog


21 Oct 2015

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Sex Gets Real 68: Kate McCombs on sex and communication

Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

We've got a sex geek to blow your mind this week.  We have the amazing Kate McCombs on the show today. Sex and communication are her bread and butter. She is incredibly skilled at helping people develop communication skills in their relationships, so that they can have better sex. From empathy to kangaroo vaginas to blowjobs with a cold rock on your anus, we have a really fun and informative chat with her. Kate can be found at KateMcCombs.com and also on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to find a Sex Geekdom near you, visit the website to see what your options are for connecting with other sex geeks.  In the DC area in August? Then join Dawn at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit from August 13-16. Learn more on their website.  You know we love hearing from you, so here's how to reach us Call or text: 747-444-1840 (standard messaging rates apply) Email: info@sexgetsreal.com Contact form: Click here


19 Jul 2015

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Ep. 64 - Schooling Adults on Sex Ed with Kate McCombs!

The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Sex education expert Kate McCombs is on the podcast this week. I am so excited to share her with you all! I admit to her that being a sex educator is my not-so-secret dream day job. Kate and I talk about being sex geeks, where we learned the birds and the bees, and common tropes in sexual misinformation. It's seriously one of my new favorite Manwhore Podcasts! Kate McCombs is a master of sex! No, seriously. She has a Master's degree. She describes how she got started teaching sex ed on the jungle gym when she was 10! If you've ever wanted to be a sex educator, you should listen up about how she went from a peer educator in college to running her own sexual communication workshops around the country. Plus, are you a sex geek? Then you should be a part of the Sex Geekdom! Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide! Friday was a historic day for our nation and LGBT rights. The landmark Supreme Court ruling in the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges will go down in history as a momentous civil rights milestone. I share my thoughts on the Supreme Court decision and read some excerpts from Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority ruling that made me realize the how important marriage is to so many Americans, whether they love men or women or both! Kate got her Master's in Public Health while in Melbourne, so I asked her about the different sensibilities in Australia vs. the United States. What's their sex education like? What are their attitudes towards sexuality? She tells us all about it! One of the big parts of being a sex educator is knowing about STIs. We cover plenty of those including social stigma and getting tested. I share a recent gonorrhea scare and Kate reminds us that you've already been exposed to herpes—probably. Check out Kate McCombs all over the place! Website: www.KateMcCombs.com Twitter: @KateCom Instagram: @KateAnswers Support The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon and get awesome rewards! Make your pledge today by visiting my Patreon page! This week's episode is sponsored by Little Yellow Dog, because they showed up. Listen to them here!  Email your comments, questions and boobies to manwhorepod@gmail.com. www.ManwhorePod.com

1hr 14mins

1 Jul 2015

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056 The power of community with sex educator Kate McCombs, MPH

Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

Kate McCombs is a sex and relationships educator, blogger, speaker and workshop facilitator whose mission is to help people lead happier, sexier and more connected lives. Kate is the founder of Sex Geekdom, a community for folks like her who delight in having meaningful conversations about sexuality. There are Sex Geekdom hubs hosting meet ups in cities all over the world. In this interview with Trevor Young, Kate discusses the personal branding side-benefits that come with building a grassroots community, and the role blogging and social media play in growing profile, influence and authority.


20 May 2015

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SS 145: Geeking Out About Sex With Kate McCombs, Founder of Sex Geekdom

Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Sex is awesome. We’re all on board with that, right? Beyond the act, er, acts, for many of us (in fact I’d wager a large percentage of our listeners) getting information about sex carries with it its own form of titillation and enjoyment. That’s the purview of the sex geek. Tonight we’re lucky enough to be joined by Kate McCombs who has turned geeking out about sex into an art form, and into her life. In business, we touched on Kiss a Ginger day and on Technogeisha and Dylan heading to Catalyst East from March 14-16 to be fan boys and fan girls. Also, if you must know... here is information on echidna penis. [technical note] from Dylan: We have both a very simple process for recording our podcasts (Skype), and a slightly more complicated process (individual audio streams recorded locally) to give us better audio and to eliminate single points of failure resulting in the total loss of an episode. During the record of this episode we experience two failures significant enough that the release audio quality is not up to par, we ended up with two local audio feeds that had significant amounts of noise and feedback and had an audio feed send audio right back into the skype stream resulting in a rougher than usual sounding episode. I apologize for the audio in some parts and I'm doing my best to make sure it doesn't happen again.[/technical note] You can find Kate McCombs at SexGeekdom.com and on twitter at @KateCom! Contact us about anything at contact@lifeontheswingset.com! You can find us on twitter at @swingsetlife, @technogeisha, @dylan_swingset, and @gingerntheprof! Send us your sexy orgasmic voicemails at 573-55-SWING, that's 573-557-9464! Interested in signing up for our favorite Lifestyle site Kasidie.com? Click here to try it out! Come with us for The Swingset Takes Desire '14?  Comments? Complaints? Visit Reddit.com's /r/Swingers; search for SS 145 or visit via direct link here!


29 Jan 2014

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Sexy Safer Sex with Kate McCombs

Sex Nerd Sandra

JUST THE 4-PRONGED TIP! Loveable sex educator Kate McCombs shares how hot safe sex can be. Sandra TMIs. Everyone wins. TOPICS: Eroticizing Safety, Dumb Mistakes in Sex Ed, Magic Moments with Condoms, Animal Penis, The Importance of Choice, Sagami Condoms, Female Condoms: Butterfly Nets of Fun and/or Butt Bags, the Glove Trick Revisited, Erotica, San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), Kissing Class and Sandra’s new favorite slogan, “The knowledge is googleable. Your attitude is everything.”


14 Aug 2013