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143. Evan Sisley - Personal Aide to President George H.W. Bush

Health Gig

On this episode of Health Gig, Doro speaks with Evan Sisley as he tells us what it was like being the Personal Aide and caregiver to President George H. W. Bush through his final years. We hear stories of both the President and First Lady Barbara Bush and what an honor it was assisting President George H. W. Bush.


11 Aug 2021

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George H.W. Bush: They Live / Roger & Me

Watching Mates

America gets a little grungier as President George H.W. Bush comes into office and Lars and Michael explore trends in cinema during his brief tenure, focusing on a zeitgeist of decline and the new American economic reality through the films "They Live" and "Roger & Me."


15 Jul 2021

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Free Range American: Ep 144 Jean Becker - George H.W. Bush former Chief of Staff

Free Range American Podcast

Evan Hafer welcomes Jean Becker to Free Range American. Jean was the Chief of Staff for former president George H.W. Bush since 1994. From 1989 to 1992 she was the deputy press secretary for First Lady Barbara Bush. She helped edit and research "All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings" and has recently released her own book titled, "The Man I Knew: The Amazing Story of George H. W. Bush's Post-Presidency"

1hr 16mins

12 Jul 2021

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Marshall Bush, Granddaughter of Former President George H.W. Bush, Talks About We The People Wine & Growing Up In The White House

Talk to Chuck with Chuck Wicks

Marshall Bush and her friend/boss Ryan (wine proprietor) stop by to talk about their launch of We The People Wine and the Working Warrior Foundation. Marshall is an event planner and she booked Chuck for a show many years ago. She's also George H.W. Bush's granddaughter and George W. Bush's niece, so she shares what it was like growing up in the White House. They also talk about skydiving with the Golden Knights, diving with sharks and the special gift Marshall is going to get from George W. Bush for baby Tucker.Visit WeThePeople.Wine to check out the wine! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


17 Jun 2021

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Looking back on 25 Years as George H.W. Bush's Chief of Staff

The Political Life

Jean Becker, the author of The Man I Knew, George H.W. Bush was President George H.W. Bush's chief of staff for nearly twenty-five years, from March 1994 until his death on November 30, 2018. As chief of staff, Jean had a ringside seat to the never-boring story of George Herbert Walker Bush's life post-presidency, including being at his side when he died and subsequently facing the challenge-and great honor-of being in charge of his state funeral. Full of heart and wisdom, THE MAN I KNEW is a vibrant behind-the-scenes look into the ups and downs of heading up the office of a former president by one of the people who knew him best. This book tells the story of how, after his devastating loss to Bill Clinton in 1992, President George H.W. Bush rebuilt his life, found a way to make a difference, and how, by the time he died in November 2018, was revered by his country and the world. Bush's post-presidency journey was filled with determination, courage, love, hope, humor, fun, and big ideas. He became best friends with the man who defeated him; developed the odd habit of jumping out of airplanes; and learned how to adjust to life in a wheelchair, after having lived most of his life as a high-energy athlete. He joyously saw two sons become governors of their states, one of whom would go one to become President of the United States. What happens when you go almost overnight from being the most important and powerful person in the world to a private citizen? THE MAN I KNEW tells just such a story, of one man's humble journey from president to man of the people. Click here for more information on THE MAN I KNEW, and to purchase a copy for yourself. Help us grow! Leave us a rating and review - it's the best way to bring new listeners to the show. Don't forget to subscribe! Have a suggestion, or want to chat with Jim? Email him at Jim@ThePoliticalLife.net  Follow The Political Life on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for weekly updates.

1hr 2mins

14 Jun 2021

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Today In History - George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev agree to end production of chemical weapons

Today In History

https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/superpowers-to-destroy-chemical-weaponsSupport the show on Patreon

1 Jun 2021

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Colonel Ross Guieb - Executive Director, George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex, Texas A&M

Progress, Potential, and Possibilities

 Colonel (Ret) Rosendo “Ross” Guieb, is the Executive Director of the new $200-million George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex (BCDC) on the Rellis Campus at Texas A&M University. The BCDC was developed to support the Army’s desire for a faster procurement process, hoping to take advantage of technology advances at the rates enjoyed by the commercial and private sectors. The BCDC will include the largest enclosed-tube test facility in the U.S. for hypersonic and laser technologies and expansive laboratories and outdoor test grounds for evaluating experimental ground and air vehicles. Colonel Guieb recently retired from the U.S. Army after serving 29 years and most recently had served as a senior member and executive officer to General John M. Murray, the first commanding general of the Army Futures Command (AFC) which leads transformation of Army modernization in order to provide future war fighters with the concepts, capabilities and organizational structures they need to dominate a future battlefield. Colonel Guieb served two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in addition to a brigade command at Fort Hood, TX and multiple deployments in Honduras and Panama. He also worked at the Pentagon, where he was executive officer to then-under-secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, who also served as the 24th secretary of the Army. Colonel Guieb has a bachelors in international relations and affairs, and multiple master degrees including in education, national security policy, and business administration. 


26 May 2021

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Episode 24: George H.W. Bush

The Past, the Promise, the Presidency

Today’s episode is all about George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States, and the man who came to the Oval Office arguably with the greatest pre-presidential resume of all. Ok, Eisenhower makes a good bid in this fight, but consider Bush’s credentials: he was a war hero, successful businessman, a congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, chief envoy to China, head of the Republican National Committee, head of the CIA, and then for eight years Ronald Reagan’s vice president.  That’s a pretty darn impressive list, and Bush was a pretty darn impressive guy: tall, smart, confident, and friendly. But a long resume of loyal and competent service is not ultimately the same as long resume of leadership. Bush was a good soldier and loyal, but also modest—well, as modest as a politician could be—and wanted to be friends with everyone. A loyal subordinate throughout his career, voters were right to wonder what precisely Bush stood for in 1988 when he ran for president. A cover story in Newsweek perhaps put it best. Was Bush…a wimp? He’d followed orders and changed political positions so easily when prudence or politics required, did he actually have convictions of his own? We were thrilled for this episode not only to call upon great historians, but participants in history as well. This is something easier done for recent presidents, of course, than for 19th century ones.  So today we began our conversation speaking to Professor Tim Naftali of New York University and a regular contributor to CNN. Author of numerous books on diplomacy and politics, Tim’s claim to fame today was the biography of Bush 41 he did for the famed American Presidents Series. We then talked to Fred McClure, a veteran of the Bush Administration, and chief legislative aide to the president from 1989 to 1991. You’ll soon hear why Fred liked to joke that this job meant he was the president’s “chief spear-catcher,” except, it was no joke. Finally, we spoke to SMU’s Neil Foley, The Robert and Nancy Dedman Chair in History and author of, among other works, Mexicans and the Making of America. Together our conversations highlighted two themes:That the politics of race don’t have to be central to a president’s agenda to leave their mark.Actually, actually the more we thought about it, we want to repeat the first theme: that the politics of race don’t have to be central to a president’s agenda to leave their mark on history.To learn more, visit pastpromisepresidency.com.

1hr 6mins

18 Mar 2021

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#5: Curt Smith, speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush

Heard About

A conversation with Curt Smith, who wrote more speeches for Bush 41 during and after his presidency than anyone else, about what it was like writing for the President, three key speeches - on the national deficit, Operation Desert Storm, and the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor - and some good advice for people who are afraid of public speaking.


14 Feb 2021

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Today In History - George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev agree to end production of chemical weapons

Today In History

https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/superpowers-to-destroy-chemical-weaponsSupport the show on Patreon

1 Jun 2020