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The Lisa Wexler Show - Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel - 4/22/22

WICC 600 AM and 107.3 FM

Lisa is joined by Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel who's coming to the Darien YMCA this weekend! Photo: iStock / Getty Images Plus cookelma


22 Apr 2022

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4/22/22 - Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel And The Kindness Of Strangers Ep. 24

The Lisa Wexler Show

4/22/22 - Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel And The Kindness Of Strangers Ep. 24 by The Lisa Wexler Show


22 Apr 2022

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Olympic Talent - From the Pool to the Announcer Booth With Elizabeth Beisel

Destination Different

When you make your Olympic swimming debut at the ripe ol' age of 15, there's a lot of life left to live after that.  Elizabeth Beisel went on to star in 3 Olympics, captaining Team USA swimming and winning 2 medals along the way. Now she is a 20-something with a new dream... to dominate her sport as an announcer. And she's doing just that. Elizabeth was brought on by NBC to help commentate the most recent Olympics in Japan. This episode originally aired in December of 2020 when the thought of making her Olympic debut as an announcer was justtttt coming together. I've still got Olympic fever, so seemed like as good a time as any to bring back one of our most-listened to episodes of all-time. If you want to keep up with what Elizabeth is doing, you can check her website at elizabethbeisel.com or follow her on Instagram @ebeisel34. And if you're trying to hang with Destination Different on the internet... Twitter - @ry3dunn  Instagram - @destinationdifferent TikTok - @destinationdifferent


18 Aug 2021

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Elizabeth Beisel Gives In-depth Look at the Olympic Games as an NBC Broadcaster

The SwimSwam Podcast

We sat down with 3x Olympian and now 2020 Olympic Analyst with NBC (I think this makes her a 4x Olympian), Elizabeth Beisel. Beisel gave us the FULL rundown of what life is like for the broadcasting team at Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games, sparing no detail and unafraid to get real about the physical and emotional toll these long days and weeks can take on you. To exemplify this, she recalls Rowdy Gaines DMing Airweave on Twitter and convincing them to bring 4 mattresses to the NBC trailer in Tokyo so the broadcast team could nap on them between sessions. Beisel also spoke candidly on the hardship of losing her father a week after the Olympic Trials, having to process that as well as prepare for 17 days in Tokyo.SWIMSWAM PODCAST LINKS Click here to listen and subscribe on Spotify Click here to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts Click here to listen and subscribe on Podbean Click here to listen and subscribe on Google Click here to listen and subscribe on YouTube Click here to listen and subscribe on Listen Notes Click here to listen and subscribe on Stitcher Click here to listen and subscribe on iHeartRadio Click here to listen and subscribe on Amazon Click here to listen and subscribe on Pandora Music: Otis McDonaldwww.otismacmusic.com


13 Aug 2021

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3x Olympian & NBC Broadcaster, Elizabeth Beisel

Career Competitor

We welcome in Elizabeth Beisel to the show who is known globally as a true swimming legend having been there and done it across every level of the sport, many times over. But she is now well on her to paving a successful career for herself in sports media as she has climbed her way to now being a member of the NBC broadcasting crew for the forthcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Elizabeth is a woman packed full of energy, with an uncompromising will to optimize any and every opportunity in front of her through the use of her hardworking and relentless approach. She has gone through such a wide spectrum of highs and lows in her previous career as a world-class swimmer that she is now able to rely upon such teachings in her quest to become a household name in sports broadcasting too.  There is something in this episode for everyone and I encourage you all to take the time to go give Elizabeth a follow across all her social media @ebeisel34 and also go check out her Amazon best-selling book "Silver Linings" where you can read all about her journey. Shoot me an email at careercompetitorpodcast@gmail.com with thoughts on the episode too. 


16 Jul 2021

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What's Good In Gansett Podcast

Show Notes: IN THIS EPISODE: Hey there, friend! Welcome back to What's Good In Gansett! In today's episode we are chatting with the incredible Elizabeth Beisel!! Elizabeth Beisel is a 3x Olympian, 2x Medalist, and Author of "Silver Lining."   Today's episode is incredibly special as we chat with Elizabeth about "Block Cancer." A few weeks ago- Elizabeth announced her incredible swim from Point Judith, Narragansett allllllll the way over to Block Island to help raise funds for cancer research and support a dear loved one.    Elizabeth you are truly an inspiration, our thoughts and prayers are with your family and we are beyond excited to support this incredible cause!   To support this incredible cause, kindly click the links below to learn more and donate:)       GET CONNECTED w/ ELIZABETH & BLOCK CANCER: IG: https://www.instagram.com/block.cancer/?hl=en WEBSITE: https://www.swimacrossamerica.org/site/TR/PoolSwim/National?pg=entry&fr_id=5811 P.S. Did you know I have a weekly Narragansett newsletter filled with local events, community news, and of course, all things Narragansett real estate?! If you love Narragansett, love being in-the-know, this might be the place for you! I would be so delighted to chat with you every week and hope this might be helpful!! CLICK HERE to join! (no pitches, no yucky sales tactics...just helpful about the place we love) Thank you so much for being here and hope to see you in our little Narragansett community! LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! WEBSITE: https://kaitlynpimentelrealestate.com/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/athomeinnarragansett/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/athomeingansett FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kaitlynpimentel.realestate/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunqCJ5LcQkByOuKY4uMgAw?view_as=subscriberhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwEC9xN4eBojVhkT_0OljnQ


1 Jun 2021

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Episode 15: Elizabeth Beisel

Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast

Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel joins Sasha this week. Elizabeth walks Sasha through the highs and lows of her decorated career, spanning three Olympic Games. She explains how she learned to value her mental health as an athlete. Elizabeth also shares how she learned to love swimming again after a particularly disappointing Olympic Games performance.


22 Mar 2021

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Elizabeth Beisel Part Two: Stardom Beyond Swimming

Pro Corner with Austin Surhoff

In part two of our conversation with Elizabeth Beisel, Austin steers the conversation to her career post swimming as swimmings biggest crossover media personality. Broadcasting, TV appearances, writing a book...Elizabeth has put together all of the pieces to keep growing in the industry for years to come. But even though the work is exciting, and makes her famous, and comes with all of the fun parts of being "known" in the world...it's still work. And Elizabeth got her start the same as most people in their jobs: dreams as a kid, studying the subject in college, taking unpaid jobs after college, and constantly working her ass off to improve. She even watches film to analyze her performance on camera -- just like swimmers analyzing film of their stroke. Relentless pursuit of perfection: the mark of a pro.Estimated Timeline of topics: 0:00 - Austin Introduces the Episode 2:45 - Beisel's early attraction to performance, including theater & violin classes as a kid 8:45 - What she learned from her first experiences with commentating 11:45 - Mentors & Idols she learned from in broadcasting, and how they helped her improve 23:00 - Her experience appearing on Family Feud, and what she learned from Steve Harvey 36:15 - The importance of genuine rapport in the broadcasting booth 39:45 - Writing her book Silver Linings after having zero previous experience & never thinking she'd write a book 45:30 - How much work she put into the book AFTER she wrote it: editing, design, promotionEnjoyed the episode? Rate & Review to tell us what you think, and hit Subscribe to be notified of all new episodes!Follow us on Instagram @procornerpodcastFollow Austin @AustinSurhoff on Instagram and TwitterUse this homepage for all updates about Pro Corner: https://linktr.ee/austinsurhoffThanks for listening!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/procornerpodcast/message


4 Mar 2021

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Elizabeth Beisel Part One: Reframing Olympic Success & Taking Ownership of Your Pro Career

Pro Corner with Austin Surhoff

Elizabeth Beisel is one of the toughest swimmers in the history of the US Olympic Team. A 3x Olympian in arguably the hardest event in swimming (the 400IM), she gave herself over to some of the hardest training on the planet to achieve her goals for over a decade.  What's most impressive about Elizabeth is her ability to have an impact outside the pool -- she is incredibly outgoing and postive, and always thinks of how to help her teammates succeed as much as herself. A true pro, and a true teammate.  Estimated Timeline of topics:  0:00 - Austin Introduces the Episode  4:15 - What Elizabeth is up to nowadays as a retired Olympic swimmer  11:30 - Pro Career Beginnings  14:55 - How Her Idols Positively Impacted her Path to Being an Olympian  21:50 - How Her Preparation Process Evolved As A Pro  29:00 - The Intensity and Positivity of Her All-Male Pro Training Group at Florida  29:50 - How She Put Together a "Job" From Pro Swimming  37:10 - Reframing Goals Going Into Her Last Olympics  45:50 - Her Choice to Contribute as a Leader in the Wake of Personal Disappointment  50:30 - 400 IMers are NUTS! Austin and Elizabeth discuss....  58:15 - Austin Solo Outro  Enjoyed the episode? Rate & Review to tell us what you think, and hit Subscribe to be notified of all new episodes!  Follow us on Instagram @procornerpodcast  Follow Austin @AustinSurhoff on Instagram and Twitter  Use this homepage for all updates about Pro Corner: https://linktr.ee/austinsurhoff Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/procornerpodcast/message


24 Feb 2021

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3x olympian Elizabeth Beisel on acheiving great success, dedication, and self-belief!

RAWring Twenties Podcast

In this episode Brenda and Julia are joined by 3x olympian Elizabeth Beisel to get real and raw on being a professional athlete, achieving great success, dedication, sacrifice, identity, self-belief, mental health, and more! Elizabeth on instagram: @ebeisel34Elizabeths website: https://www.elizabethbeisel.comGet her book! https://www.elizabethbeisel.com/shop/p/-silver-liningCheck out our website and shop the new merchandise: ♡ https://rawringtwentiespod.wixsite.com/r20sContact #R20 Squad! ♡E-mail: RAWringtwentiespodcast@gmail.com♡Instagram: @rawringtwentiespodcastHost personal pages: ♡Brenda @balancewithbrenda, @officialbrendaa♡Julia @jbtolchSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


29 Oct 2020