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Having The Willingness To Walk In The Trenches w/ Tim Ezell

Something Extra

In an exciting and resounding episode, Lisa brings Tim Ezell, Host of The Thread and Feature Reporter for Fox 2 News, on the show to share how people and persistence led him to achieve his life-long dreams.


10 Oct 2019

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My Coffee Chat with Tim Ezell – Spirituality, the Importance in our Overall Wellness

Boot Camp Challenge

Hi my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day! A few weeks back I had a lunch date with a friend. You know him as a television personality on Fox 2 News in the morning. You may recognize him as the host of the television show, The Thread. He may be the pastor of your church. But to me, he is a friend whom I love dearly. Peeps, meet Tim Ezell. Tim and I met over ten years ago at the news station. I was a guest on his show sharing fitness and wellness with his audience. Before and after our segments every Monday, we would have a quick chat, share how things were going and ask about our families. A few months into meeting Tim, our chat turned spiritual.  This was surprising because I usually don’t share my spirituality with many people.  I mean, it‘s one of my most favorite topics but I usually keep it within my family and close friends.   Tim and I jumped right in, and it became part our chats. They would be quick, but they would be deep, full of wisdom and a comfort to each of us as we were going through things. As our friendship grew, so did the lengths of our conversations around spirituality.  We would talk God, faith, struggles and victories.  And, when we met for lunch this day, our conversation topic was the same. So, I asked him if I could share it with you. And, he said, “of course”! So, grab a coffee, wine (don’t forget, Jesus loved wine J) or water, and push play. Today our topic is Spirituality and why it is critical to our overall wellness. Here is what we talked about: Tim’s story, and how he almost died at a young age. How to respond when God doesn’t hear you. How one professor changed Tim’s heart and encouraged him to keep moving through the fire. Tim’s top five tips to keep you spiritually strong and healthy. For those of you who have watched Tim the last twenty years, you see a fun, outgoing, entertaining TV personality. But he is so much more. He is a man who has been called by God to share the message of love with the world. As always, I love your feedback. Please feel free to email, text, tweet or dm your comments, suggestions, or just say hi. Love you so hard, Lors xoxo


23 Jul 2019

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7 Oct 2018

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Tim Ezell - Addiction, Recovery, and Ministry

Constantly Under Construction with Donna Harris

Tim was an alcoholic starting in 8th grade. In our time together, Tim gives us insight into why he chose alcohol as a coping mechanism and how it was masking who he really was.    God worked a miracle for Tim through a family member that also struggled with alcoholism. His favorite uncle had just completed two years of sobriety and became a mentor to him. God provided many individuals, including his dad, along the way that helped him have a real heart change away from alcohol and toward Christ.    Tim fully embraces the idea of Constantly Under Construction as he says that God is never done with him. God continues to work through him. The pull to work in ministry was a seed that was planted many many years before he became a pastor at a church. Tim knew that he was already in ministry when he worked on TV news, but God told him it was time to step away. And in that, he saw God stripping away things that weren’t meant to be part of his life and God's plan. And it was a process of finding his identity in Christ. When it comes to identity, Tim reminds us that God works in our lives when we step into who we really are. Walking into the role as pastor was such an amazing process because Tim was able to come with confidence because of the work that God had been continually doing in his life.    Tim Ezell is a familiar face if you live in St Louis. As a TV journalist, he made us laugh for nearly 20 years amidst the heavy and necessary stories we catch on the early morning news. Tim has always been associated with levity and has been a bright spot to our mornings. We’ve watched him use goofy tactics, physical comedy, props and costumes to share a fun and light aspect to tv news.    Tim now flourishes in his God-given identity with his own television show, The Thread. Which he makes very very clear that it would never have been created without the dream, vision, and follow through of his friend and fellow show creator and producer, Virginia Kerr.    I’m so thrilled for you to hear Tim’s account about how God shaped him through his journey from alcoholic teen, to tv news anchor, becoming a pastor, and then BACK to television to complete a bigger ministry than Tim (and Virginia) has ever done before. The Thread gives the gospel message at each and every episode and the mission and message of The Thread can be summed up in the verse John 13:34- "As I have loved you, love one another."   I can’t wait for you to hear of the big dreams Tim has about the show! It’s his goal to tangibly reach individuals by means of live events and functions. Get ready to want to take part in all the fun and joy Tim wants to inspire in those who participate in The Thread!    Some things you may not know: The Thread is a show that is independent of FOX television network. Because people see Tim back on TV, they assume the show is funded by FOX. There have been moments where the show has needed financial and moral support. Tim has had bright moments where he sees God telling him that the show is doing work and there is fruit in his efforts. However, the show is funded independently and looks to outside support for viewers and donations. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the show needs support. Go to the website to support financially. And connect on Facebook and Instagram to interact with the show and it’s episodes.    The Thread will surely connect individuals and create a whole new level of community like we’ve never seen before!


24 May 2018

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