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Episode 1: In Search of Podcast 1973-01-05 Host Rod Serling is In Search of Ancient Astronauts with Guest Carl Sagan

Strange New Worlds of Dimension X Minus One OTR

Rod Serling brings us the very first ever episode of In Search Of or what would become In Search Of!

1hr 14mins

3 Oct 2022

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Carl Sagan is Still Making Waves Today

The Show on KMOX

An excerpt from a book authored by Carl Sagan over 20 years ago predicts a future world that looks incredibly similar to our world and society today. Plus, another draft this time its the best commercials of the 1980s and Rachel Zimmerman of the DGS helps wrap up The Show.


10 Aug 2022

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Ep41 - Carl Sagan’s Sexy Space Documentary, with GUEST HOST Milk Surface

Bring Your Own Popcorn

Feature Film: Contact (1997). Other films discussed: Titanic (1997), Phantom of the Paradise (1977).  If you put the words "guest" and "host" together, you get "ghost"! But I assure you, there's nothing haunting about today's guest-host whatsoever. That was just a fun word thing for you. You'll remember Milk Surface's lively and sultry tones and attitude from Episode 35! In THIS episode, Milk guest hosts and interviews usual host Mixtape Majesty, in a spin-me-round like a record player topsy turvy turn of events. Mixtape discusses the movie that defined her entire reality, shaped her love interests, and inspired her to bring her own popcorn, while Milk leads the popcorn wagon to fun town. Follow Mixtape wherever @mixtapemajestys are found. Follow the myth of Milk wherever @milkmyths are found. Follow BYOP: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Become a treasured kernel in the BYOP bucket over on PATREON! For as little as $3 a month, you'll get access to exclusive photos, videos, polls, merch, a sense of buttery community, and more! MUSIC: Adult Problems by Richard and the Julians Copyright Richard and the Julians 2015; Popcorn Frog by MC Chris Copyright mc chris llc 2013. BYOP Logo by @MilkMyth. 


5 Jul 2022

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Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Carl Sagan Redux

Hacking The Afterlife podcast

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film CONTACT, I'm reposting our interview with Carl Sagan. FOR A FULL ARTICLE SEE RICHMARTINI.COM We first interviewed him in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 3, along with other atheists, skeptical scientists. Thought it would be a fun exercise. I'm editing those interviews into a document which I will post on medium and richmartini.com - so people can see the full interviews with Carl. The point of this post is that indeed - we demonstrate CONTACT with people no longer on the planet. Further, we've demonstrated that people who normally incarnate on other planets are just as likely to show up - and I've interviewed a number of those folks in the book ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE. So I'm just calling it what it is. We CONTACT Carl Sagan - he and his wife wrote the original script, then it was a book - and of course everyone who knew Carl knew that he was adamant that there was no God nor an afterlife. We are not disagreeing with him. "God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend, it's not physically possible to do so" we heard from a guide on the flipside in the book IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE. "God" in this research is not referred to as a religious figure, or a concept that requires "faith" or belief - as the guide put it "You can experience God if you open your heart to everyone and all things." That's not a religious concept - some will take it that way, but it's a formula to experience "God." That is - consciousness. The kingdom of heaven is within because consciousness is within - and is in all things. So the three interviews with Carl will be posted at Medium or RichMartini.com as soon as I'm done editing them. But in honor of the Carl Sagan, this is our third interview with him - caught live on our podcast. The producer of Contact mentioned that she found it surprised we'd claim to "speak to him" since he had not reached out to his family and friends in the past. The research is consistent in that regard - it's filters on the brain. Those who bypass the filters (people can use mediumship, hypnotherapy or meditation to bypass the filters) are able to access, learn new information from people no longer on the planet. But not just to prove they exist. But to get information from them - new information that may help save our planet. It's not opinion, theory or belief that these folks all say the same things about the journey - it's in the research, the data, the footage and this podcast. I'm sorry for those who adamant that he doesn't exist - he says the same thing in Chapter 20 of "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" "I was convinced there was no afterlife, so I spent a lot of time wandering before I realized where I was." It's a common refrain - if someone is convinced, believes a specific thing will happen (hell, heaven, nothing) that's what they experience at first. Takes awhile for them to realize where they are. (This isn't my opinion, we've heard it multiple times, I've filmed many saying the exact same things.) Take a look at HackingTheAfterlifeFilm.com for an example of what it was like for atheist, skeptic Harry Dean Stanton to realize there actually was an afterlife after he argued about it. "Believe in the possibility of an afterlife" he said to us prior to his memorial a week after his passing, "So then you won't waste another minute of your life arguing about it like I did." Carl repeats this admonition - for those convinced he doesn't exist they will not be able to connect with him. For those who consider the possibility that he exists, are more likely to be able to communicate. As I'm fond of saying, "As your pal to sit across from you. Say their name. Ask them questions (you don't know the answers to). When you get a response BEFORE you can ask the question you'll know you've made a connection." Happy birthday to Jennifer!!!!

1hr 1min

4 Jul 2022

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238 - Carl Sagan: The Language of the Cosmos are Boners

Roast Mortem Cast

Grant from Thought Cops joins us for astronomer, exobiologist and dank boy Carl Sagan. Sagan was a man that taught millions about the wonders of the universe, but he also kept some very horny scientist friends. We explore the amazing career of this 20th century scientist, from the US space race, to Dolphin boners.

2hr 6mins

23 Jun 2022

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Carl SAGAN & The Alien MIND

What The If?

Check out our membership rewards! Visit us at Patreon.com/WhattheifGot an IF of your own? Want to have us consider your idea for a show topic? Send YOUR IF to us! Email us at feedback@whattheif.com and let us know what's in your imagination. No idea is too small, or too big!Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe at WhatTheIF.comKeep On IFFin',Philip, Matt & Gaby


17 Jun 2022

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S2E6 - Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan

Young Sheldoncast

EXTRA SPOOKY CONTENT WARNING You are allowed to watch the terrible trailer for this episode here (WARNING: WATCH THE TRAILER IN INCOGNITO MODE OR YOUTUBE WILL JUDGE YOU)


8 Apr 2022

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#160 - Brian Toon: NUCLEAR WINTER, Putin's Nuclear Threat, Accidental Launches, Global Policy, & Carl Sagan

The AUXORO Podcast

BONUS EPISODES & PREMIUM ACCESS: https://auxoro.supercast.com/ Brian Toon is a professor of Atmosphere and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder who is a leading expert on the planetary effects of nuclear weapons. His TED Talk 'I've Studied Nuclear War For 35 Years - You Should Be Worried' has over 7 million views on YouTube.  BRIAN TOON LINKS:Nuclear War TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7hOpT0lPGI&t=336sSelf Assured Destruction (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists): https://bit.ly/36noQGnBio: https://www.colorado.edu/atoc/o-brian-toon THE AUXORO PODCAST LINKS:Apple: https://apple.co/3B4fYju Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3zaS6sPOvercast: https://bit.ly/3rgw70DYoutube: https://bit.ly/3lTpJdjWebsite: https://www.auxoro.com/ AUXORO SOCIAL LINKS:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auxoroYouTube: https://bit.ly/3CLjEqFFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/auxoromagNewsletter: https://www.auxoro.com/thesourceYouTube: https://bit.ly/3CLjEqF If you enjoy the show, please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts. It takes less than 60 seconds, helps us appear higher in searches so more people discover the show, and it boosts my ego;) Past Guests On The Auxoro Podcast Include: Aubrey de Grey, Andy Weir, Eben Britton, Eric Jorgenson, Isabelle Boemeke, Houston Arriaga, Jerzy Gregorek, Chris Cooper, Gryffin, Elsa Diaz, Dave Robinson, Meghan Daum, FINNEAS, Chloé Valdary, Coleman Hughes, Maziar Ghaderi, YONAS, Ryan Michler, Ryan Meyer, Gavin Chops, Bren Orton, Zuby, Jason Khalipa, Ed Latimore, Jess Glynne, Noah Kahan, Kid Super, Deryck Whibley, and many more.  Audio editing by dbsound: https://www.fiverr.com/dbsound

2hr 46mins

23 Mar 2022

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Episode 221: Dr. Alexander Boxer: Data Science and "A Scheme of Heaven"/Storytelling Possibilities in Data/Ptolemy/Carl Sagan

End of the Road

Alexander Boxer is a data scientist with a PhD in Physics (M.I.T.) and degrees in the history of science (Oxford) and classics (Yale).  His research has appeared in Nature Physics and he was a field agent for Atlas Obscura in Washington D.C..   In this podcast, we discuss his book A Scheme of Heaven which describes humans as pattern-matching creatures, and astrology as the ancient world's grandest pattern-matching game.  In this work of history and analysis, Dr. Boxer examines classical texts on astrology to expose its underlying scientific and mathematical framework.  Astrology, he argues was an ambitious applied mathematics problem, a monumental data analysis enterprise sustained by some of history's most brilliant minds, from Ptolemy to al-Kindi to Kepler.  In short, astrologers became the first to stumble upon the powerful storytelling possibilities inherent in numerical data.   For more information of Dr. Boxer, please see his website: http://alexboxer.com/ This podcast is available on your favorite podcast feed, or here:  https://endoftheroad.libsyn.com/episode-221-dr-alexander-boxer-data-science-and-a-scheme-of-heavenstorytelling-possibilities-in-dataptolemycarl-sagan Have a blessed weekend and may your stars align:-).  

1hr 11mins

22 Mar 2022

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Selects: Carl Sagan: American Hero

Stuff You Should Know

Carl Sagan was the world's first mainstream media super scientist, capapble of breaking down complex ideas for the common folk. But what made him tick? Billions and billions of great ideas. Explore his life and legacy with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Jan 2022