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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Furimsky. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Furimsky, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Furimsky. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Furimsky, often where they are interviewed.

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S2, Ep 7: Ben Furimsky of The Fly Fishing Show

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In this episode, I catch up with Ben Furimsky, CEO of The Fly Fishing Show, on a rare week at home during show season. We discuss the roots of The Fly Fishing Show, how the business has changed over the last thirty years and Ben’s vision for the future. Thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Norvise. Visit the Norvise booth at any of the upcoming Fly Fishing Shows.

Upcoming Fly Fishing Shows

Edison, NJ on January 24 - 26

Atlanta, GA on January 31 and February 1

Lynnwood, WA on February 15 - 16

Pleasanton, CA on February 21 - 23

Lancaster, PA on March 7 - 8

For more information on each event and to purchase advance tickets, visit The Fly Fishing Show website.

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Jan 22 2020 · 40mins
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WFS 061 - The Fly Fishing Show with Ben Furimsky | Lefty Kreh, Gunnison River, Surfing

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Show Notes Links:

Ben Furimsky talks about the Fly Fishing Show, the largest fly fishing trade show in the world.  Ben tells us how you can get the most out of the next show an some of the famous guests that attend.

We get into the Film Festival, the Gunnison River and a bunch of more useful information.  Ben also shares his perspective on surfing, specolli from fast times and tons of other useful fun facts about his life.

Show Notes with Ben Furimsky

The Fly Fishing Show is the largest fly fishing trade show in the world.

George Harvey was a big influence for Ben's father Chuck.  Techniques for Trout was a solid book by George.

George Daniel was on the podcast in episode 55 and noted the influence of the PA school of fly fishing education.

Joe Humphries taught the Penn State Class and was another mentor for Ben and many others.

Furimsky's BDE is a pattern Ben developed and one he is most proud of.  Watch the video here.

We talk about Lefty Kreh and how it will be impossible to ever replace what Lefty brought to the sport.

Flip Pallot told a story about Lefty Krey saving the day during Huricane Andrew.

Gary Borger was on the podcast and broke down nymphing in episode 45.

Ben notes Jason Randall's book - Nymph Masters: Fly-Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers as one he's been enjoying recently.

1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly is a great article that shows what you need to succeed in any business.

Kelly Galloup was on the show in episode 52 and discussed ego among other things.

You can reach Ben at

Conclusion with Ben Furimsky

Ben shared his perspective on running the largest fly fishing show in the world and a bunch of other great background on fly fishing.

Show notes:

Feb 05 2019 · 1hr 27mins
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Ben Furimsky, The Fly Fishing Show

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Episode Summary
As a young man, Ben Furimsky studied under the legends of the sport.  Then the Fly Fisher’s Symposium and now 27 years into the Fly Fishing Show, Ben learned from the best and now has become a world class, master fly tier and fly fisherman.  With mentors in tying and fishing like his dad Chuck, Lefty Kreh and Gary Borger, Ben has taking what he learned and now shares that knowledge with others. As the Director of the Fly Fishing Show, a series of the largest consumer fly fishing shows in the world, Ben has a passion to serve the fly fishing community.  From beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado we had a really fun conversation about the Fly Fishing Show, Iceland, the Gunnison Gorge and the jungles of the Amazon.

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Jul 19 2018 · 43mins
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Ep. 4 Ben Furimsky | Fly Fishing the World

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Ben Furimsky lives and breathes fly fishing.  From his home in Crested Butte, he organizes several fly fishing conventions from coast to coast.  He's traveled the world, casting his flies for exotic fish on almost every continent, but he still comes home to his local streams and rivers in the Crested Butte and Gunnison area.  In this episode we talk about the ones that got away, why he loves to tie his own flies, his favorite places to fish in the Gunnison Valley, and what it's like to run big conventions from Crested Butte.

Crested Butte Real Estate:

In this episode's real estate minute, I spoke about the Almont area, which is perfect for flyfishing enthusiasts.  Sign up for my monthly newsletters to stay up to date on all the events and real estate activity in the Crested Butte area.

Learn more about Ben Furimsky and Flyfishing at the following websites:

May 21 2018 · 25mins
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Episode 45 Ben Furimsky And The Fly Fishing Show

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Ben is a professional fly fishing guide.  He also designs flies for several manufacturing companies.  He teaches fly tying, fly casting, and lectures on the sport.  He began fly fishing at the age of six and hasn't spent any time since then without a fly rod near by.  He has fished all over over the world for any thing that swims.  Ben also works as a sales representative in the fly fishing world.  He is the President and CEO of the Fly Fishing Show. Ben is the owner of The Angling Bookstore.

Ben is one of but a few guides certified by Tenkara USA.  If you haven't tried this exciting, active, traditional fly fishing technique from Japan, you must give it a try.  Head out on one of the rivers in the Gunnison drainage with Ben and give it a try.  It is a simple and affordable technique that can be learned in a very short time, but enjoyed for a lifetime.  

To Learn more check out

Mar 26 2018 · 22mins