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135: Live and Lead with Greater Purpose and Grace - John Baldoni

Work From The Inside Out

John Baldoni is a globally recognized leadership educator, a highly sought-after executive coach, and author of fifteen books that have been translated into ten languages. Impressive, right? John grew up in Perrysburg, Ohio where his mother served as Mayor and today at 92 remains very involved in the community. His maternal grandfather was a Detroit-based news photographer who fueled John’s lifelong love of photography. His father was a physician who went to medical school in Ann Arbor, Michigan where coincidentally John has raised his family for the past thirty years. When his Dad was a fourth-year med student he physically bumped into Dr. Jonas Salk as he was headed to announce his discovery of the polio vaccine. John Baldoni comes from impressive roots, don’t you agree? In addition to his parents, he credits his Jesuit education for instilling the principles of accountability, responsibility, and making a positive difference as being foundational to his life and work as a leadership expert. John’s newest book, Grace Notes: Leading in an Upside-Down World, was inspired by his experience playing piano in a hospital lobby (pre-COVID) and unlike his other books, is written in short prose-like pieces, along with his unique approach to black and white photography.  John coaches senior leaders in virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care. In 2021, the International Federation of Learning and Development named him a World-Class Mentor and to its Hall of Fame. Since 2007, Global Gurus has ranked him a Top 30 Global Leadership Expert. Inc.com named John a Top 100 speaker in 2018 and a Top 50 leadership expert in 2014. John is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia, and social service.  In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about John’s  journey: John’s other books include MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, Lead by Example, Lead Your Boss, and The Leader’s Pocket Guide. He has authored 800+ online articles in Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Inc.com John produces and appears in a video coaching series for SmartBrief, a news channel with over 4 million readers. He is the host of LinkedIn Live’s Grace Under Pressure interview series. Learn more and connect with John here:  https://twitter.com/JohnBaldoni https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbaldoni http://www.johnbaldoni.com/http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnbaldoni/


28 Jul 2021

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John Baldoni: Defining Grace Under Pressure

The Drop In CEO

John Baldoni explores what it looks like for leaders to navigate change with grace and simple strategies to incorporate into your management routine. Listen in as Deborah and John discuss encouraging your team to think, understanding the emotional aspect of your team, and why John is committed to living a life of service. John Baldoni is a globally-recognized leadership educator, certified Master Corporate Executive Coach, and author of 14 books that have been translated into 10 languages. John’s books include GRACE: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us, MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, Lead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss, and The Leader’s Pocket Guide. You can connect with John in the following ways: https://www.johnbaldoni.com/gracenotes/ https://www.johnbaldoni.com/live/ https://twitter.com/JohnBaldoni Are you a CEO dealing with change? Part inspiration, part strategy, I’ve created this resource for CEO’s who leading their team through a rapid transition and looking for a resource and guide to help them stay confident, focused, and a mentor for others. You can download it here: https://mailchi.mp/coviellocm/the-ceos-compassSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Jul 2021

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Grace Notes: Leading in an Upside Down World with John Baldoni, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

Leading with Gratitude with Chester Elton

If you love this episode, feel free to share It with a friend and leave a five-star review! (If you don't love it, no need to review) You're invited to join my Gratitude Community, with over 105K subscribers to "The Gratitude Journal", published biweekly.We are grateful for our sponsors!LifeGuides is a peer-to-peer community that helps people navigate through their day-to-day stressors by providing a place of empathy, listening, wisdom and support with a Guide who has walked in your shoes, experiencing the same challenge or life experience as you. It's this easy -  Schedule a demo and drop Healthy2021 in the “Any Questions?” box and receive 2 FREE months service.At Methods Of, you will learn the "Methods of Leadership" from some of the best CEOs, executive coaches, thought leaders and business thinkers on the planet. Use my discount code COMEBACK2021 at checkout for a 50% discount!###Our guest today is John Baldoni, certified Master Corporate Executive coach, and author of 15 books that have been translated into 10 languages. As a highly sought after executive coach and leadership educator, John has had the privilege of working with senior leaders in virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care. John is a member of the renowned Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia and social services.John is a globally recognized speaker. Those who attend his keynotes and workshops find his advice to be practical and inspirational. Mixed with stories of great leaders, and leavened with light-hearted humor, John seeks down-to-earth practical advice that individuals can apply immediately.  John’s presentations blend his passion for leadership with genuine enthusiasm for helping people achieve their ambitions. John is an accomplished pianist and often incorporates music in his presentations.John’s newest book is GRACE: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us. Focusing on grace as a secular force for helping people channel their purpose into creating the “greater good” for others, GRACE mixes stories of everyday heroes with interviews with noted thought leaders. The results are practical insights into generosity, respect and compassion--coupled with the energy and actions--it takes to deliver on these virtues.##Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton have spent more than two decades helping clients around the world engage their employees on strategy, vision and values. They provide real solutions for leaders looking to manage change, drive innovation and build high performance cultures and teams. Their work is supported by research with more than a million working adults across the globe. They are auth LifeGuides is a peer-to-peer community that helps people navigate through their day-to-day stressors by providing a place of empathy, listening, wisdom and support with a Guide who has walked in your shoes, experiencing the same challenge or life experience as you. 


2 Jul 2021

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Episode 094. Lead With Purpose and Grace Featuring John Baldoni

Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Are you ready for the next crisis or inevitable change that is coming your way? John Baldoni joins Patrick to discuss how to respond with purpose and grace. John is an award winning author, speaker, and executive coach. With over 15 books to his credit, he’s known worldwide for his leadership expertise, guidance, and insights. This 30 minute discussion might make all the difference in your efforts to tackle the next challenge. Learn more about John at JohnBaldoni.com As promised, here's a link to the book's website so you can pre-order and get a whole bundle of bonus goodies! 5weekleadershipchallenge.com


26 May 2021

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Season 2 - Episode 44 - John Baldoni

Fidelis Leadership Podcast

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized executive coach and educator and the author of 14 leadership books published in 10 languages. In this podcast episode we talk about leadership and how leaders can maximize their potential! Learn more about him at: https://www.johnbaldoni.com/ Find him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbaldoni/


27 Apr 2021

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Living & Leading in a More Grace-Filled Way with Author John Baldoni

The Workplace Therapist Show

So excited to have leadership guru John Baldoni as a guest on this week’s podcast! We discuss leading with empathy and grace and John details how to provide your team focus and clarity while you give them space and the resources to not only survive, but thrive. SO many nuggets!


11 Jan 2021

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Challenges of the C-Suite with John Baldoni

CB Bowman LIVE: Challenges of the C-Suite

John Baldoni is a globally-recognized leadership educator, certified Master Corporate Executive Coach, and author of 14 books that have been translated into 10 languages. In 2018 Inc.com named John a Top 100 speaker and Trust Across America honored John with its Lifetime Achievement Award for Trust. In 2019 Global Gurus ranked John No. 9 on its list of Top 30 global leadership expert, a list John been on since 2007. In 2014 Inc.com listed John as a Top 50 leadership expert. John is also a member of the renowned Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia and social service. John established a career as a highly sought after executive coach, where he has had the privilege of working with senior leaders in virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care.


28 Oct 2020

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The Covid-19 Special Series 5: New Game with John Baldoni, John McCusker and Richard Boston

The Game of Teams

Introduction: Covid-19 struck like a thunderbolt and has thrown the world upside down. Many are still reeling as we grapple to right side for a new order. All of us have been forced to wake to a new reality, to pause and immediately assume a virtual reality for most of the population. Teams have been beset too. Episode Five is an invitation to look at how we make meaning and how we re-emerge as a collective. I was curious about  what we chose to  embrace and reflect on as we experience Covid-19  & what we can generatively create with grace and gratitude. Podcast episode summary: To answer these and several more questions I interviewed John Baldoni, John McCusker and Richard Boston. The conversation spoke to the very real uncertainty and grief that exists in society and the huge variability that is evident in terms of how people are responding. The panel spoke about societies polarities, the swift change in orientation to value people and connection and the many assumptions around organisational life that are being questioned. The pause had put a lot into perspective and the panel left the conversation being hopeful that as a resilient species we will figure our way out and hopefully make some meaningful changes to the way we relate to life. Points made through the episode: Enormous focus and engagement is evidenced in organisational life Witness to huge variability and different phases people are at with respect to Covid-19 Wide array of emotions from panic initially to overwhelm to expediency and focus to now hope and encouragement “Nobody knows anything” a great deal of grief being witnessed in the world-the question is what next? The difference between business and life has been collapsed. We are allowed to show up as real humans. This is an incredible time to reflect, do some self-discovery and be inquiring of self and others Important that the tone from the top echoes need for compassion and understanding to know that people are in complicated and difficult situations dealing with family life and role expectations of an order that is unprecedented. Important that businesses look after the physical and mental needs of their people and the business will follow. This message has been communicated before, but it is now real. Huge amount of pressure on employees right now and the imposter syndrome if it existed is now exaggerated. Leaders need to lead with Grace, Generosity, Respect, Action, Compassion and Energy Leaders cannot project fear , but they can show concern Two strong values are emerging in corporate life include Gratitude and Goodness Assumptions about team life and organisational life are being questioned. Can we continue to be more questioning with our assumptions ? We need to invent new normal and we do not know how long this pandemic will last creating considerable ambiguity. Our mortality is being questioned. We are in the process of rehumanising our workplaces putting purpose and empathy centre stage. Purpose or our higher level purpose is now front and centre. This crisis has shown teams can operate in a very purposeful and creative manner. In some ways decision making is timelier and team work more expedient. Shines a light on purpose, our humanity and need for empathy. We cannot make excuses for not knowing we have never known. Probably only 6/7 possible choices from here. We need to sit down and start planning and same goes for teams. Practice anti-fragility This pandemic may be a dress rehearsal for future crisis as climate change continues. Are we ready to be with this new reality? In any uncertainty be with what you can control to square the circle. Important to act and change if we get things wrong. Perfection is the enemy Sad that it has taken Covid-19 for us to appreciate our humanity, our connectedness and our frailty The panel hopes that leaders and teams will find a way to collapse societal polarities When times are good Profit hides a lot of flaws Covid-19 has shown us the cracks. Virtual is Okay. There is an acceptance that video and connection virtually is powerful and can remain Virtual does not distract from our connection Zoom etc is same as physical and in some ways better, we can focus more and be discerning in how we ask questions and how we relate. A greater sensitivity is called for over virtual. Consider Purpose more often and ask about the purpose of organisational life. We have been reminded of the beauty of nature can we nurture it? The panel left the conversation with a few things they know and can rely on: We are stronger and more resilient than we think Trust your teammates for their support We will get through this-look internally for resource Be mindful of our narrative. Some of the language around Covid-19 is defensive. Can we be in choice about the story of recovery and our identity post Covid-19 Resources: the following include the resources I alluded to in this episode. Richard Boston: leader-space.com John Baldoni: johnbaldoni.com John McCusker: bacardi.com Nassim Nicolas Taleb, Antifragile


29 May 2020

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The New Age Leaders ft. John Baldoni with peopleHum

peopleHum's Podcast

Aishwarya Jain talks to John Baldoni, about evolving leadership in the new age of the workforce! If you like the podcast, please follow the channel, so we could keep producing more content like this!


14 Apr 2020

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How To Lead With G.R.A.C.E - John Baldoni

Superhumans At Work by Mindvalley

“We all want to belong and participate in something greater than ourselves. G.R.A.C.E becomes the facilitator that focuses on that.” In this Superhumans at Work episode, we’ll be exploring the world of quality leadership, and it goes way beyond the out-dated Command, Conquer, Control paradigm. From spotting the signs and dangers of servant leadership, to discovering the 3 elements of building long-lasting influence, you’re about to get the advice you need to quite literally boss it at work. Listen out for: The Golden Link Between Your Business Mission and G.R.A.C.E The Altruism Gene - By understanding it, you understand your employees The Meaning of the G.R.A.C.E. Acronym, and how it could save your business Like this commercial-free episode? Leave us a review on iTunes. Tag us @Mindvalley on Instagram or Twitter and share it with your friends!  And don’t forget to grab a copy of John’s new book, ‘GRACE: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us - http://gracethebook.com/


31 Mar 2020