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230: David Thompson, David Thompson Architect (Charleston, SC)

The Southern Fork

Restaurants are immersive experiences, and while some grow organically, most are planned with intention, and it’s often the architect who is bringing that intention to life, setting the stage for the nightly dance of server, food, guest, and environment. Architect David Thompson has been involved in the building or renovation of many of the restaurants that have been featured on this show. His firm was founded in 2010 in Charleston, SC, and he’s brought the vision of The Ordinary, The Grocery, and multiple projects by Steve Palmer’s Indigo Road to life, so his is a unique insider’s view into the makings of a culinary culture. The questions he asks when designing a space can better help us to understand not only restaurant life for those who work in them, but how our experience as diners is shaped by the space in which we are dining.


11 Jun 2021

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Thai Food - David Thompson

The Cookbook Circle

Get your woks out, grab that galangal and settle in for some very serious cooking with David Thompson's encyclopaedic, simply-titled Thai Food. Join us as we desperately hunt for a vegetarian recipe, order niche ingredients from Amazon Prime and experience a Cookbook Circle first!Do you have a copy of Thai Food? We'd love to hear what you've made from it - let us know @cookbookcircle on Twitter and Instagram. You can find some of the recipes that we discuss (if we can find them online!) on our website, cookbookcircle.comMusic credits:Intro & Outro: Funky Souls – AmariàInterlude: R&R – Blue Steel See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Jun 2021

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Special Guest: David Thompson - Former LFC Midfielder

The Liverpool Connection Podcast & ATX Reds Press

Daz and Steve chat with former LFC midfielder, David Thompson about his football career.The Liverpool Connection is an LFC podcast that aims to bring the story of our wonderful club to as many fans as possible around the world. The history, the passion, the music, the people, the City – we want to share perspectives on and off the pitch. We're delighted to have you here with us, be sure to Like and Subscribe with Notifications on for our latest podcast.🔊 Listen to The Liverpool Connection Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts: https://www.buzzsprout.com/785459📲 Follow The Liverpool Connection on Social Media:💻 Website: https://www.atxreds.com🐤 Twitter: https://twitter.com/atxredspodcast📘  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atxredspodcast/📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atxredspodcast/#LiverpoolFC#TheLiverpoolConnection#DavidThompson#LFC#DavidThompsonMidfielderJeff Goulding & Kieran Smith New Book: 'The Untouchables: Anfield's Band of Brothers', due out 9/2021Up The Reds Boss Night

1hr 12mins

8 Apr 2021

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David Thompson

Canadian History Ehx

Considered the greatest land geographer who ever lived, and my favourite Canadian historical figure, David Thompson started life on a bad note, and ended it on a sad note, but in between he mapped 1/5th of North America.  This is his story. Support the podcast for $3/month at www.patreon.com/canadaehx or donate at www.canadaehx.com E-mail: craig@canadaehx.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/canadianhistoryehx Twitter: www.twitter.com/craigbaird Instagram: @Bairdo37 YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/canadianhistoryehx


3 Apr 2021

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Embracing the direct to consumer model with David Thompson from spiritofyorkshire.com

I-Community Marketing Podcast

Today’s guest is Dave Thompson, Managing Director and Co-founder at Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery. This interview follows their journey to embrace the DTC (direct to consumer) model as they produce and launch Filey Bay, the first ever single malt whisky both made in, and of, Yorkshire. Find out how they built a loyal following and a standout ‘field-to-bottle’ product made with 100% home grown barley, spring water from a source on their farm, an instinctive approach to distilling, all coming together to produce something unique to the region of their home near Filey, on the Yorkshire Coast. David speaks with great advice for any British-made or UK brand wanting to stand out in the crowd. In this episode, we chat with David about;The challenges of starting something new and how they diversified from a farming backgroundHow online sales kept the business strong during the first lockdown of 2020 after closing the doors to their walk-in visitor attraction and distillery toursThe importance of understanding your customerWhy good design is importantPositioning the brand to a larger demographic of new enthusiasts outside of (and this is said in the politest possible sense) the sophisticated ‘whiskey nerds’   The innovative way of using a balloting system to allocate their product  This very relatable conversation is full of insight for those looking for an alternative to the traditional distributor model and building direct relationships with their consumers for the future.Here’s to another exciting and emerging  British brand. Never miss a future episode, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when a new episode is published. Email podcast@i-com.net to work with David and Ryan to grow your ecommerce store.


11 Mar 2021

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Episode #75 - Interview with Designer David Thompson


Welcome to Solosaurus, a podcast about one player board and card games. In this episode, Martin and Michael have a great discussion with prolific and acclaimed solo game designer, David Thompson.   David's list of board game credits is quite extensive, and includes titles like Pavlov's House, Castle Itter, Undaunted Normandy, Undaunted North Africa, Orc-Lympics, War Chest, and many others. You can find a complete list here, on BGG:   https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/67071/david-thompson-iNote: No Solo News, nor Stomp Discussion, in this episode.   Intro and Exposition (0:00) Interview Begins (04:19) Special Contest Announcement (1:18:13) Final Thoughts (1:19:50)   You can find great solo games (and a community to talk about them with like-minded folks) at the best online gaming store for solo gamers: Stone Valley Games (www.stonevalleygames.com). Check them out, and tell them we sent you!   To see more from Solosaurus, like us on Facebook at (facebook.com/solosaurus), follow us on Instagram (@solosauruspodcast), or shoot as an email at solosauruspodcast@gmail.com.    To read more of our favorite solo news page, head over to www.tableforone.me, or visit them on BGG at https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/9292.    Games mentioned in this episode of the podcast: Blood Bowl Star Wars X-Wing Catan Carcassonne A Few Acres of Snow 13 Days Blitzkrieg Watergate The upcoming Sniper Elite and many others - check David's BGG link above

1hr 21mins

5 Mar 2021

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JF156 Operating a Boutique Real Estate Investment Firm with David Thompson

The Passive Investor Show

David Thompson of Thompson Investing joins us and shares how to scale your real estate investment firm with lean and efficient practices. From raising capital to backend office operations, David shares how he onboards investors, why he offers funds, as well as track and manage his conversations with over 400 active investors.  Tune in and learn more about David Thompson and how he scaled his real estate investment firm. “My goal is to speak to as many investors as possible and hope to be a blessing to them through our conversation. How can I best support you?” -John Fortes Considering passively investing? Here’s how it works: What is Multifamily Syndication? Everything you need to know about: Passive Investors Happy investing! Resources: passiveinvestorshow.com johnfortes.com Become A Passive Investor Passive Investment Tracker: projectedreturns.com Courses & Fund Calculators: Start Learning Consulting Services: Consulting Network with me on LinkedIn Let’s connect on Facebook See us on Instagram Tweet me on Twitter If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than a minute, and it really makes a difference in helping convince hard-to-get guests. I also really enjoy reading the reviews! Looking to leave us a review but you’re not on iTunes? Leave us a review here: https://www.podchaser.com/PassiveInvestorShow


16 Feb 2021

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From Corporate Grind to 18 Deals in 18 Months w/Paul David Thompson

Real Estate Money School

Real estate investing gives us the opportunity to take control of our money and escape the false security of a traditional job. There are so many avenues we can use to gain freedom through real estate, provided we take that first step.  Many people who dream of becoming real estate investors spend so much time analyzing that first deal that they never take action, missing out on great opportunities in the process.  On the other hand, when they’ve gained some experience, the same investors under-analyze their subsequent deals, leading to short-cuts on due diligence and expensive mistakes. The correct approach is finding balance between taking action, making smart decisions and being cautious.  If we surround ourselves with the right people, borrow money the smart way, and follow a process, we can take decisive action while protecting ourselves.  What are some of the costly mistakes we avoid by taking these steps? How can we approach private lenders for capital for deals? In this episode, I’m joined by real estate investor, consultant and podcaster, Paul David Thompson, as he shares his transition from the corporate world, and the lessons he learned from buying 18 houses in 18 months.  Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode Why hiring contractors won’t always be perfect Hiring contractors is the hardest part of this business, and it’s a part of the process we’ll never quite perfect. The good ones are expensive and always start their own flipping operations. Everyone else can be difficult to work with. Instead of trying to perfect hiring contractors, we have to develop a system that allows us to maximize working with each contractor. How to get money for deals without asking for it We get money for deals, not by asking for it, but by offering a solution to a problem. Private lenders have a financial goal or hurdle, and our deal holds the key to making their lives easier. This is what we have to leverage. The dangers of borrowing money in our personal capacity Taking out commercial real estate mortgages in our own personal names might seem like a good idea because of seemingly lower interest rates. The problem is the bank can call the loan at any time and freeze our line of credit, leaving us with no money. This is going to happen to many investors in the wake of the pandemic, so be prepared. Guest Bio-  Paul David Thompson is a real estate investor, consultant, podcaster and president of Wincore Invest. He teaches busy professionals how to escape their day job. He helps his clients design a real estate investment strategy that fits their needs, whether that's taking control of investments, reducing taxes, accelerating debt paydown, or leveling up in their investing game. For more information and to learn about working with Paul, visit https://www.pauldavidthompson.com and listen to his podcast Ready Investor One on your podcast platform of choice.  Text INVESTOR to 33777 to get Paul’s free guide. 


15 Oct 2020

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Dear God, About Today...: Part 1: Is Jesus Alive Today? (David Thompson, Chichester)

Grace Church Podcast

The heart of the gospel is the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is alive! Furthermore, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is actively working in every person who believes in Jesus.

4 Oct 2020

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Dear God, About Today...: Part 1: Is Jesus Alive Today? (David Thompson, Havant)

Grace Church Podcast

The heart of the gospel is the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is alive! Furthermore, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is actively working in every person who believes in Jesus.

4 Oct 2020