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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Demetrius Witherspoon. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Demetrius Witherspoon, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Demetrius Witherspoon. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Demetrius Witherspoon, often where they are interviewed.

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Interview with Demetrius Witherspoon

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Demetrius Witherspoon. Founder and CEO of DV entertainment pictures, creator of The Submerge Universe line of comics, films, animated cartoons, card game, and pop Funko line. We discuss his experience in the industry, his inspiration for his Universe, and his past and upcoming work. Take a listen, grab some popcorn, and enjoy because he has some great things to say.


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Aug 27 2020 · 33mins
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Creating A Film Franchise with Demetrius Witherspoon

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Depending on the depth of your story, the genre, and the world you create with your film you can start a franchise. Demetrius Witherspoon is our guest in Episode 72 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking. He is on the Judge Panel for the 9th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego in April 2020.

A filmmaker who started out in the music industry and then graphics, developed a great network. When he wrote his screenplay he already had a number of connections he could reach to and soon after, he produced his film. But his imagination and creativity was not limited to a film and a film festival. Demetrius expanded the Submerge film series into a franchise. His franchise includes a card game, action figures, cups, tee shirts, posters, books, shoes and more.

If you are writing your screenplay for your film and you would like to monetize your film, you don’t need to solely depend on distribution. But you do need to create a world and characters that can connect with an audience in a way that excites them. If you think of the superhero movies, they connect with the audience in a way that allows a franchise to be developed.

The popularity of the newest iPhone camera has already stirred the imagination of many creators to make impressive films. The time has come to think beyond the camera and focus on what you will create with it. Your imagination and storytelling skills can enable you to create a franchise from your films which allow you to expand their reach in many creative ways.

Our guest has created a series of films that has a large fan-base. His fans line up to see him and collect his merchandise and collect autographs. He has taken it to Gen Con, Indianapolis, the largest game convention in the United States. Are you ready to create a world with your film that can be turned into a franchise? If you think you need to make feature length films to do that, then listen to our conversation because Demetrius started with a fifteen minute film.

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Jan 14 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Get Submerged in Filmmaking ~ Guest Demetrius Witherspoon

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Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Many people want to get into filmmaking but have no idea where to begin.  Join Carla Taylor as she interviews Demetrius Witherspoon, who started with zero knowledge but was determined to make it happen .... and did! Demetrius Witherspoon is a creative force to be reckoned with. This award-winning Writer and Director had a big vision and made it happen with the Sci-Fi Submerge Franchise. How did he go from dreamer to doer? How did he go from a fan of movies to making them? And how has he made this happen in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana? Call in with your questions and "Get Submerged" as Carla shines a light on Demetrius and his successes in filmmaking and beyond. Demetrius Witherspoon is the Writer and Director of the Award-Winning Sci-Fi Submerge Franchise. There are five “Submerge” films along with merchandise such as comic books, board games, action figures, apparel, and video game. The “Submerge” film series is streamed on known sites like Amazon Prime, Roku, etc. and merchandise is sold on the company’s website as well as at local conventions. As a child, Demetrius always loved to watch movies. That determination to feed the spirit and imagination of an audience has had a direct impact on his life and his community. He loves to make movies, to see dreams unfold into reality, and being an active participant in nourishing the creativity that abounds in his local art community. Demetrius partners with local artists, actors, and professionals to create projects that give people a feeling of empowerment as they face the challenges in their own lives.   ~ More Bring Your Brilliance ~ Carla Taylor ~ Are you ready to find your voice and bring your message to the world? Do you know you need a personal brand but aren’t sure what it should be? Do you want to create your own “pension plan” by having a personal brand that outlives any role or company? Each week, Personal Branding Evangelist and LinkedIn Strategist Carla Taylor interviews amazing people who are bringing their brilliance and forging their own path. She helps business leaders navigate the unknown by helping them stay relevant and known in their field, be their authentic selves, and love what they do. After supporting thousands of clients in achieving their goals, Carla Taylor realized she needed to “walk the talk” for her own personal brand. She started saying yes to opportunities, making social media connections in real life, and having a lot more fun along the way. To get more of Bring Your Brilliance ~ Carla Taylor, be sure to visit the archives page for replays of all her shows here:
Jul 19 2019 ·
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Episode 240 Demetrius Witherspoon

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Demetrius Witherspoon has become a friend of the show. As has the Submerged Universe. This gut does it all from writing and directing to producing and marketing. He recently joined us to talk about whats going on in that universe. Joined by David Banks, Johnny Lyles stayed excited the whole time on this one.

Apr 25 2019 · 1hr 12mins
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Episode 226 : Demetrius Witherspoon

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Demetrius Witherspoon joined myself, David Banks and Shane Nelms to talk about his new movie and a few other tidbits. Now D was a real trooper, because is rained that day. No I mean it came down like no other. But we got him recorded and set.  D owns DV entertainment Pictures and he is right in the middle of some pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

Sep 20 2018 · 1hr 2mins