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Why you keep attracting MR. WRONG with Marcia Miatke

Unapologetically Abundant

The One thing she wants people to know about her:I am a guide in this world as I found my purpose now I am showing women how to live a life that is true to themOn this episode: Men lose respect for women when women lose themselves  We give up things that light us up and it is because there is an underlying sense of unworthiness  When you feel good enough you set loving boundaries Say a loving NO and what is important to you  It is about the energy you are bringing into a relationship Your energy of expectations co-creates your experience  You get to be truly PRESENT to really loving yourself to practice self-love and self-care  If you think that WHEN relationship comes you will be happy you are filling a void  At the moment you are ok by being by yourself is the moment you are ready to attract the king  When we want something it comes with resistance  One foot on the gas and one on the breaks is when you are just wanting  Stop creating wish lists filled with BS and start creating one that matter with how you want to feel with him The moment she feels happy and at peace, she will attract the man who is respecting her BE the dream woman to attract the dream man  External beauty doesn’t equal self-care  Women who is in love with herself attracts the love  Your presence is the GIFT to man  Our feminine is to BE present and receive our king, to receive his love  Last thing that’s on my heart: No more seeking there’s nothing outside of you that can fill you up  About Marcia: Marcia Miatke is a Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Executive Coach, best-selling author, podcast host (The Hustler’s Guide To Flow), female empowerment enthusiast and mama of one incredible little girl and a baby boy just a few months away. In addition to transforming her life to overcome personal challenges  (i.e., being born into poverty, adoption and drug addiction) to build her career and business  – she is certified in Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Case Western University USA) and has 4 years research experience (University of Western Australia) in leadership, emotional intelligence and commitment to change. Her mission, after being a conscious parent is to empower women to lead exceptional lives by experiencing more love, success and fulfillment, thereby enhancing their lives and the lives of those around them. WEBSITE: www.marciamiatke.com IG: @marciamiatke FB: @marciamiatke FBG: @empoweringwomenforsuccess PS: Remember to find love within yourself first to attract love into your life. Join us for Tulum retreat in person or virtually and learn how to create the love you have always dreamt about. See more information below:bit.ly/TrueLoveTulum


12 Jan 2021

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Empowering Women For Success With Marcia Miatke #67

The Lukemindpower Show

Marcia Maitake is a leadership and emotional intelligence consultant, executive coach, host of The Hustler's Guide To Flow podcast, she is a female empowerment enthusiast, and conscious mother of two. Marcia Transformed her life to overcome adversity (i.e., being born into poverty, adoption, and drug addiction) to build her career and business while nurturing her love and family life. She is also in international bestselling author and I can truly appreciate the work that she does, myself growing up in a family with 4 women I understand the energy and benevolence needed to maintain the nature of being a women in todays society. Marcia is a game changer and gladiator here to empower and guide women into there greatness. Please help me in welcoming Marcia Episode Notes: Adoption, drug addiction, cocaine, censorship, inner healing, and empathy, mainstream media and trying to spread the truth and not getting overwhelmed Follow and Connect with Marcia https://www.instagram.com/marciamiatke/ Connect with more from Marcia on https://www.instagram.com/empoweringwomenforsuccess/ Luke and his team hope you enjoy this episode. Let us know by sharing the  episode and tagging @lukemindpower on your IG or FB You can follow Luke on IG @lukemindpower and Tik Tok Subscirbe to LukeMindPower on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLNqujqOtwjLOcLKz_FXnw?view_as=subscriber Want to go from where you are to where you should be? Why not enquire about Luke's Ultimate Success Coaching click here www.lukemindpower.com To your Ultimate Success & Fulfilment LMP --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lukemindpower/message


9 Jan 2021

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Love Yourself Quarantine Edition: Part 1 - Marcia Miatke

The Beautifully Nasty Podcast

It’s finally here! Episode 1! Bianca welcomes her first guest Marcia Miatke. Listen as they dive into the main topic of self love (in quarantine), their individual journeys, their struggles due to the Covid 19 lockdown, and how it has led them to where they are today. Also discussed: loving yourself in relationships, career paths, and social media. We’ve got you covered on The Beautifully Nasty Podcast ;) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Jan 2021

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The Kind Boss Episode 23: How to build emotional intelligence to experience more love, success and fulfilment with Marcia Miatke

The Kind Boss

A working mum is a special person and is someone who needs to know how to build emotional intelligence. When there are many things pulling you in different directions, you need to know how to build emotional intelligence to experience more love, success and fulfilment. Meet Marcia Miatke, Director at Miatke Consulting. As a law of attraction coach and a conscious mother of two, Marcia is enthusiastic about helping female entrepreneurs achieve love, success and fulfilment. In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, Marcia speaks to the founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti about the importance of personal development for women and how to have work life balance that is enriching and satisfying on multiple levels. A highly experienced emotional intelligence consultant, Marica can help you heal your emotional wounds, build your career and nurture your family to the best of your abilities. If you’re a working mum struggling to find balance in your life, then listen on and learn: ·        how to have work life balance as a female entrepreneur ·        how developing emotional intelligence is key for your success ·        how work life balance for women is within your reach ·        how to start your emotional healing process for a more secure and confident you To find out more about how to find balance in life and to start living your exceptional life, visit Marcia at www.marciamiatke.com


29 Sep 2020

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How Marcia Miatke Had Her Best Month at $48,000.

The Online SuperCoach Podcast | Attract, Sell and Serve like a Million Dollar Online Coach.

Marcia Miatke, the "Emotions Queen" empowers people from all walks of life from executives to stay at home moms to live their most fulfilling and authentic lives by helping them achieve their definition of success. Helping people change their lives for the better is Marcia's passion and purpose in life.       In  addition to transforming her life to overcome personal challenges  (i.e., adoption and drug addiction) to build her career and business  – she is a fully certified coach (Quantum Success Coaching Academy USA). Marcia has a certification in Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Case Western University USA) and 4 years of research experience (University of Western Australia) in leadership, emotional intelligence and commitment to change. Connect with Marcia Miatke: Miatke Consulting Facebook Instagram       For show notes, links, information and How to Attract, Sell and Deliver like a Million Dollar Online Coach go to OnlineSuperCoach.com


11 Oct 2019

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Welcome to The Hustler's Guide To Flow with Marcia Miatke

The Marcia Miatke Show

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level? Are you ready to learn a new model for peak performance, one where stillness complements the fast-paced nature of the hustle; where purpose and fulfillment add to rather than detract from your competitive edge?  If so, join Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Executive Coach, Marcia Miatke as she takes you into the minds of some of the most incredible leaders in the medical, research, business and spiritual fields to equip you with powerful insights and practical strategies to level up in business and in life.  A mix of interviews and personal insights, Marcia shows how to infuse the hunger, focus and determination of the hustle with the presence and ease of flow to reach unprecedented levels of success in all areas of life. The next level version of yourself, starts now. I'd love to connect with you: Website: www.marciamiatke.com Facebook: @marciamiatke  Instagram: @marciamiatke  LinkedIn: @marciamiatke  YouTube:@marciamiatke 


1 Oct 2019

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Episode 108 - Heal Yourself You Heal The World with Marcia Miatke - Relationships with Rob

Relationships With Rob

 We have Marcia Miatke on the show today. She is a fully certified Law of Attraction Coach, an author, a consultant and lifestyle entrepreneur. After overcoming personal challenges such as being born into poverty, to being adopted and experiencing several kinds of abuse and drug addiction, she has since invested over hundreds of thousands of dollars into her formal and informal education and graduated with first class honors in Management and Marketing. But we get so deep into her life and I love her openness, her generosity and her vulnerability and we get serious on some of the topics that she's currently in the trenches with.  So make sure to give the entire episode a listen and follow Marcia over on social media.   LINKS BELOW   Website - http://marciamiatke.com/ IG - https://www.instagram.com/marciamiatke/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MarciaMiatke1 Hustler's Guide to Flow Podcast - http://marciamiatke.com/podcast-2/


6 Feb 2019

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27: LIfe Transformation with Marcia Miatke

Extreme Health

Dr. Al talks to Marcia Miatke about her life as a South American born international adoptee who transformed her life from drug addicted victim to PhD scholarship recipient, leadership consultant and executive coach. Contact Marcia: Instagram Facebook Contact Dr. Al: Instagram Facebook


12 Jul 2018