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Talking to pets + hearing their guidance with Meghan Shea

Just Follow Joy

Ever wish your animals could talk back to you? Well, turns out they do -- and they have a LOT of wisdom, guidance and magic to share with you! In this episode, telepathic animal whisperer and healer Meghan Shea shares what it’s like to connect to our pets, and how we can use their wisdom to connect more deeply to ourselves + find the answers we’ve been looking for. Plus, we talk about managing energy/shining bright as a highly sensitive or empathic person. THE GOODS How to know when you’re experiencing an energy leak and how to plug it back up Why “hermit mode” is SO important to our personal spiritual growth, especially if you’re very sensitive to energy or want to work on your gifts Meghan’s story of finding her gift of speaking to/channeling animals Why our pets can more directly access our energy + help us work through specific issues, even if they’ve passed The different ways our pets speak — what they sound like, what they say + what they show us My *amazing* personal experience of connecting to my dog with Meghan’s help  How YOU can connect to and learn from animals. Including Meghan’s favorite exercise! Meghan’s secret (but joyful) pumpkin shame So. Much. More. “What they [animals] give us and they provide for us, you don’t have to ask for. It’s not something you have to dig for. It is so natural. It is so organic. It is so loving, and it is so free.” “Being in partnership with any animal is going to bring out, reflect, show, and share many parts of yourself that you might not get access to otherwise.” “I mean, tacos are a WHOLE separate conversation.” RESOURCES: WORK WITH MEGHAN: https://www.meghansheaanimalwhisperer.com/ MEGHAN'S FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/meghan.shea.355 MEGHAN'S IG: https://www.instagram.com/_meghanshea_/ --- GET A 1:1 READING: https://www.justfollowjoy.com/index.php/human-design-readings-2/ GET YOUR FREE ENERGY TYPE MINI GUIDE: https://mailchi.mp/justfollowjoy/energy-type-mini-guide-signup-page CHECK OUT HUMAN DESIGN 101 (ALSO FREE): https://www.justfollowjoy.com/index.php/brand-new-start-here/ [SONG CREDIT: SCOTT HOLMES]


27 Aug 2021

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Meet Filmmaker Meghan Shea

Making Media Now

Meghan Shea is an award winning documentary and branded content film director and producer. She began her career in film at Washington Media Associates as a researcher for “Peter Jennings: Reporting on Guantamnamo,” the first long-form television investigation into the Bush Administration’s detention and interrogation policies. Together with her partner, in business and in marriage, Mike Rogers, Meghan heads up Persistent Productions which has offices in Massachusetts and Singapore.


25 Nov 2020

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Meghan Shea On Asking Our Pets for Answers

The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Have you ever wondered what your pets were thinking, what they were trying to tell you, or how you can help them as they get older? I know I have! Today’s guest, the incredibly gifted Meghan Shea, is an animal whisperer and intuitive who can help you get those very answers. Meghan is a 33-year-old equestrian and telepathic animal whisperer and healer, who believes that through serving and giving back to animals, we create an impact on the world. Meghan’s ability to communicate with them shows you the world through the lens of your animals eyes and gives you direct access to who they are, what they need and why they are here. Whether you believe in this type of work or not, Meghan’s stories are sure to crack your heart wide open, give you massive confirmation that our animal friends are here to help us see beyond what may seem to be happening on the surface of our lives. In this episode: iTunes review of the week [ :42 ] Today’s guest, Meghan Shea [ 1:50 ] What animal whispering actually is and how Meghan accesses her gift [ 4:35 ] When Meghan started to develop her gift and understand that she could connect with animals [ 6:46 ] Meghan shares a story about her her work works, and how it impacts the humans she works with as well [ 11:10 ] How Meghan helps people when their animals are being aggressive or destructive [ 26:00 ] How to tap in to our animals and open up to understanding them [ 29:21 ] Real-life coaching: how to support animals who have separation anxiety [ 38:34 ] Stories about why Meghan does the work that she does [ 47:55 ] What Meghan would say to a former version of herself [ 57:45 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Part of my gift is being able to help people connect more deeply, not only to their animals, but to themselves.” “My work, my purpose, my mission in this life, is to give people something to connect to. So that even when the animal is gone, you still feel them here with you.” “When we open up to them, they open right back up to us.” “There’s so much more to this life than what we’re living now, and it continues, and it goes on...and they come back.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Find our more about Meghan on her website: www.meghansheaanimalwhisperer.com and follow her on Instagram: @_meghanshea_ Be sure to tag me in your big shifts and takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes

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18 Sep 2018

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Hour 2: Andrew Langer & Meghan Shea

Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty joins Justice and Drew to discuss several current events, including Trump's actions on foreign affairs.


14 May 2018

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Find Your Awesome with Meghan Shea

The Find Your Awesome Podcast

Meghan Shea is a Telepathic Animal Whisperer and healer on a passionate mission to spread animals’ voices like wildfire. Her mission is to deepen and awaken the relationships we experience alongside animals and to transform, heal and impact human lives with the ancient wisdom and knowledge the animals carry.


15 Mar 2018