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77 Step by Step Process for Writing a book - David Avrin

Writing To Get Business

Perhaps the biggest challenge for someone who wants to write a book is how to begin. How do you choose a subject, and how do you manage to write the 40,000 or 50,000 words, which, even in these streamlined times, are needed?Here to break this down for you in easy, understandable steps, is David Avrin, author of several books, and a business consultant who focuses on customer service.In terms of choosing a topic, David focuses on relevance. This word has a twofold meaning. The subject should be relevant to current challenges. Because these challenges change, an author, in order to continue to be relevant, especially to his actual and potential clients, needs to publish every two to three years.David has learned that if you think, “I have to write an entire book,” you can be stopped before you start. Instead, he takes one task at a time. Anyone who hesitates about taking on the work of writing a book will find encouragement in this podcast. Get more pearls of wisdom from David here.• What is the number-one rule in writing?• Why should you abandon perfectionism when writing your first draft?• How does writing and publishing a book help your business?• What is the most important quality for someone who writes about business?• What are the advantages of writing in the program Scrivener? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Sep 2021

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TRP 0065 Future proofing your business in a world of uncertainty with David Avrin

The Rainmaking Podcast

One of the most in-demand Customer Experience speakers and consultants in the world today, David Avrin, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, has shared his content-rich, entertaining and actionable presentations with enthusiastic audiences across North America and in 24 countries around the world. David helps organizations better understand and connect with their changing customers and clients to help future-proof their businesses.David's insights have been featured on thousands of media outlets around the world. He is also the author of five books including the acclaimed: It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You!, Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) and his newest book: The Morning Huddle -- Powerful Customer Experience Conversations to Wake You Up, Shake You Up, and Win More Business.Linkswww.morninghuddlemembership.comdavid@davidavrin.comwww.davisavrin.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/davidavrin/


2 Sep 2021

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Connecting with Clients and Creating a Competitive Advantage with David Avrin

The Forward Thinking Podcast, Powered by FCCS

 Is customer loyalty dead?  With constant disruptions in today’s marketplace, companies have to work smarter than ever before to maintain loyalties and meet the expectations of today’s customers, clients, and staff. Our guest today understands how forward thinking companies make this happen.  David Avrin is one of the most in-demand Customer Experience and Marketing speakers and consultants in the world today.  David will be speaking at the upcoming Forum for Ag Lending, and has joined the podcast to discuss the importance of connecting with your clients to ‘future-proof’ your business.  David shares insights into navigating the fast-paced changes that companies are facing in every industry, the importance of building client relationships in a world that demands both speed and quality, and simple steps that every company needs to take to create and maintain a competitive advantage.  Today’s Insights Include: Changes in expectations from today’s clients The pandemic has both accelerated and amplified many changes in the needs of today’s customers.  There is a greater expectation for speed and access for consumers as well as for your clients.  Customers are prioritizing speed, access, and convenience like never before.  It is time to reevaluate where our company’s real value and competitive advantage lies. Quality is the entry fee, convenience is the new standard  The importance of quality client relationships  Speed is top priority for most clients, but the expectations are also high when it comes to quality interactions.  Clients prioritize organizations that are remarkably easy to do business with.  Customer loyalty isn’t dead- it’s simply harder to gain than ever due to disruptions in every market.  Creating a competitive advantage  Companies that excel are the ones that offer multiple options for getting business done.  Simplified processes are critical to customer satisfaction.  Future-proofing your engagement means deliberately envisioning how you think about changes that are facing your industry and how you can prepare for them.  Your customers are comparing you against the best of the best in every other industry.  Modeling your customer experience for today’s demands  Forward thinking companies find ways to serve all of their clients.  Authenticity is a critical component to making meaningful connections.  Focus less on perfection and more on being human.  Connections to customers starts with being really good at what you do and being customer-centric about how you deliver it.  “Let me tell you what I can do” is a phrase that customers want to hear.  How to move beyond a limiting mindset Put conversations on the calendar.  Create space to have discussions with your clients about the things that matter to them.  Don’t try to do more, consider doing what you’re already doing differently.  Ask your team what you don’t know that you should know.  Create safe spaces that your team can speak up about change that needs to happen.  This podcast is powered by FCCS. Resources 2021 Forum for Ag Lending: Accelerate Your Yields Visibility International  Morning Huddle Membership Get in touch info@fccsconsulting.com


27 Aug 2021

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David Avrin

The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier

David Avrin is on of the most in-demand customer experience speakers and consultants in the world today with clients in 24 countries. David is the author five books including It's Not Who You Know. It's Who Knows You!, Why Customers Leave and his newest book, The Morning Huddle - Powerful Customer Experience Conversations to Wake You Up, Shake You Up and Win More Business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 2mins

7 Jun 2021

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David Avrin - How to Build and Position Your Business (F0118)

Exit Coach Radio

David Avrin is a consultant and keynote speaker on Marketing and Branding. Today, he is going to talk about how to build and position your business for growth or acquisition.  Questions discussed: 1. The marketplace has changed in recent years, what does this mean for business owners and professionals?2. How has social media changed the landscape?3. What makes a business attractive to customers or potential partners? Contact info: Email: david@visibilitycoach.comWebsite: www.visibilitycoach.com


28 May 2021

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38. The Customer Experience Advantage with David Avrin

Counsel Culture with Eric Brooker

Kickoff your day with a bang! David Avrin sets the stage for profound learning and meaningful engagement with his thought-provoking content delivered with an entertaining, energetic and humorous style. In this conversation David will provide both the content and context for you to set the stage for caring for your customers in a new and more meaningful way. Learn more at www.davidavrin.com


5 May 2021

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#32 The Customer Experience Advantage, with David Avrin CSP

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

Customers today care less about your marketing claims and more about your convenience, differentiation and speed of delivery.Despite the move to self-serve, and do-it-yourself, when you deny customer the option of talking to a real person, they will deny you their business.Social proof rules the day. People give far more weight to what others say about you than what you say about yourself.Great products, brilliant leaders and game-changing technology can all be negated by a few negative online comments and reviews.Few customers actually care about your passion, your "why" or your "story." They care about their "why" and how doing business with you benefits them.Customer service is always important, but less of a factor when so much of the buying process is automated or do-it-yourself. Loyalty has become less about the service and more about how your customers perceived the ease and speed of your buying experience. Here's the New Reality in Business:Competitive advantage today comes from eliminating friction in your buying process, and delivering an easy, intuitive and fast Customer Experience.In short, the winners in business today are companies that are extraordinarily easy to do business with!When you involve your team in structured, customer-focused conversations, you get: Engaged leaders and employees focused on your customers Access to virtually unlimited fresh ideas to solve your customer issues and enhance your customers’ experience Increased loyalty from employees who are feel valued, resulting is greater retention and more predictable long-term revenue. A future-proofed businesses model because you're consistently addressing issues and improving your service delivery!ABOUT DAVID AVRIN CSP ABOUT DAVID AVRIN CSPDavid Avrin Is one of the most in-demand Customer Experience and Marketing keynote speakers and donsultants in the world today, He's worked with thousands of CEOs and business leaders on their business brand, customer experience and competitive advantages.Author of a number of celebrated marketing books. including ‘Why Customers Leave (And How To Win Them Back), and David is ready to publish his next book, ‘The Morning Huddle’.Contact: https://www.visibilityinternational.com/ABOUT THE HOST, NINA SUNDAY CSPA Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday presents in-person in Australia and virtually internationally on transforming team culture and psychological safety. She's author of ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; proven tactics and hacks to get ahead in today’s workplace’, a selection of the C-Suite Book Club. With a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education and qualified in film and television from the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Nina is a past chapter president of Professional Speakers Australia, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and CVP (Certified Virtual Presenter).The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast is mainly for experienced and aspiring managers to explore ways to elevate and transform team culture. Each week, Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from Australia and across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others. Fiercely Australian, fiercely global. Nina frequents the speaking stage and is open to gigs. For more information visit https://ninasunday.com or https://www.brainpowertraining.com.au/training-topics/ or follow Nina Sunday on LinkedIn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Apr 2021

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David Avrin - Filling in the CX Gap

ConversationWith: CX Series

Are you addressing the gap in your CX? The truth is, brands & retailers are still struggling to meet the ever-evolving customer expectations. Companies fixated on "predicting" the customer journey are falling further and further behind. And this isn't an easy fix.To find out more, visit these links:Website: https://www.iadvize.com/cx-series​Terrence LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrencefox/​iAdvize LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/iadv...​Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iAdvize.worl...​Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iadvize/?hl=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/iadvize​Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iAdviZe


24 Mar 2021

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David Avrin - Provide The Customer Experience Advantage

Branding Matters

My guest today is David Avrin; the author of the celebrated marketing books: It’s Not Who You Know It’s Who Knows You! And Visibility Marketing! And his latest book: Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) was named in Forbes as “One of the 7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.” A former CEO group leader and executive coach with the world’s largest chief executive organization, David has helped thousands of CEOs and business leaders with their brands. This rock star (yes he used to be in a band) is one of the most in-demand Customer Experience and Marketing Keynote Speakers and Consultants in the world today. I invited David to be a guest on my show to discuss the recent shift in customer mindset and expectations. I also wanted to get his point of view on why customer experience is important to the success of a brand and why being good at what you do is no longer good enough.


8 Jan 2021

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David Avrin - Customer Experience Keynote Speaker and Consultant [Customer Loyalty]

Press 1 For Nick

David Avrin talk about his book "why customers leave and how to win them back". On this episode, Nick and David talk about how inflexible policies are bad for business, and the importance of balancing effiiency with effectiveness. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


23 Oct 2020