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2021 Hamilton East By-Election Candidate Interviews - Jennifer Myers - 11-08-2021

2021 Hamilton East By-Election Candidate Interviews

Gary Farrow speaks with Jennifer Myers about her candidacy for the Hamilton East Ward By-Election. Podcast produced and first broadcast at Free FM 89.0 - a platform for direct involvement in the media. Hamilton Kirikiriroa, NZ


11 Aug 2021

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Pitfalls - with Jennifer Myers Chua

Podcaster Community

Pitfalls - with Jennifer Myers Chua


26 Jul 2021

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ep #18 Confessions of a Top Producer... w/ Jennifer Myers

The Agent Mind Podcast

Jennifer Myers Created Agent Grad School back in 2011 when real estate agents quite literally kept knocking on her door asking her what she was doing to get so many clients and growing a successful business. Well… She started teaching what she was doing. Jennifer went from a struggling new agent to a top producer and brokerage owner. Today with Agent Grad School and her podcast Confessions of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent she has helped countless agent become top producers just like her. Find Jennifer on-line: https://agentgradschool.com/ https://agentgradschool.com/podcast/


17 Jun 2021

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Jennifer Myers | Agent Grad School | People Passion Power

People Passion Power

Listen to the story of Jennifer Myers, through her first 5 years of real estate, she struggled. Then she started doing $100 million in production. Zero to 5 years of struggle, then $100 million dollars in production.#AgentGradSchool​ #PeoplePassionPower​ #JasonMartinGroup​www.agentgradschool.comHow to contact Jason:(202) 641-0299jason@jasonmartingroup.comHow to contact John:(202) 427-9689john@jasonmartingroup.com


3 May 2021

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Growing a Wholesale Business With Values by Jennifer Myers Chua

Better Business Founder

===========CONNECT WITH JENNIFER MYERS CHUAAt HIP MOMMIES: https://hipmommies.ca/Buy products that are useful, well-made, thoughtfully designed that are responsibly from suppliers that are good people, supporting good causes, and that are doing business ethically Jennifer's podcast: COST OF GOODS SOLD===========BRANDS MENTIONED IN THE CONVERSATION:EZPZGATHREWOBBEL===========Host: Leekei TangContact: hello (at) betterbusinessfounder.comMusic credits: Ukulele Fun by Liosound Music / Wooden Xylophone by Floraphonic


28 Apr 2021

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An Introduction: Building a Business Based on Values with Hip Mommies' Jennifer Myers Chua

Cost of Goods Sold

Jennifer Myers Chua here, the host of Cost of Goods Sold. In today's episode, I'm going to tell you this story of how I got here, how I went from a career in the food television world to becoming the CCO of Hip Mommies,a boutique distribution company. How I reluctantly joined the struggling family business, scrapped it all and rebuilt a seven-figure business based on values. What I've learned over the past couple of years, supporting product-based businesses. What the costs of bringing a product to market really are and why I've decided to share what I've learned with this podcast in hopes of learning alongside you and inspiring more intentional innovation. Links from this EpisodeFailure Diaries: Jennifer Myers ChuaFuzziBunz On Shark Tank: A Look At Their History, Innovation And Trials Over The YearsFake baby products are everywhere—here's how to spot the differenceezpz feeding productsHip MommiesIf you are enjoying this podcast, please consider taking the time to rate and review it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. It helps us spread the word about this project, and about brands that are truly making a difference. This episode is brought to you by Hip Mommies, carefully curated wholesale merchandise for modern retail. If you want to stock your shelves with brands that are socially responsible and sustainable, or if you want to be a part of the collection that is delighting Canadian retail, visit hipmommies.ca.Questions, Comments or Feedback? Have a founder story you think we should feature?Instagram @ofgoodssoldTwitter @ofgoodssoldFacebook @ofgoodssoldWeb: thecostofgoodssold.com


27 Apr 2021

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Open Heart Raw Story: Story of Jennifer Myers

Open Heart Raw Story

SEASON 1: EP. 1 THEME: You Are More Than Your Tragedy and Let Your Tragedy Be Your Testimony On this inaugural episode of Open Heart Raw Story, host Jennifer shares her raw and honest story, where she talks about her childhood growing up in Queens, New York, the unexpected hardships and loss that truly shook her to her core and the key moments in her life, such as becoming a yoga teacher, that positively shifted everything for her to help her arrive at the person she is today.  The episode concludes with a Quick to the Heart Fire-round questions and a guided meditation narrated by Jennifer Myers  Trigger Warnings: This episode mentions death, violence, divorce and trauma  About Open Heart Raw Story:  Open Heart Raw Story is a podcast spotlighting the raw, honest stories of everyday people leading extraordinary lives. Hosted by Jennifer Myers, this weekly podcast features guests discussing and openly disclosing their challenges and traumas along with the pivotal shifts they made to transform their lives, step into their power and inspire the lives of others. These are the stories that epitomize the hero's journey and stand as living proof that deep healing and transformations are possible.

1hr 4mins

21 Apr 2021

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HealthRules #3 - Patient Safety - Jennifer Myers MD

Health Rules Podcast

So this episode is heavily rooted in the field of healthcare delivery science. Our topic is patient safety. It is a super important topic! Some think 3rd leading cause of death. Now that is regarded as probably hyperbole. But everyone agrees, it is a very big problem and causes far more adverse outcomes and yes deaths than many other industries.We are SUPER privileged to have a real world expert in the field of patient safety as our guest, Dr. Jennifer Myers. Dr. Myers is Professor of Clinical MedicineDirector, Center for Health Care Improvement and Patient Safety (CHIPS), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, a fellow in the American College of Physicians. and a Fellow in Hospital Medicine in the Society for Hospital Medicine.So here’s the deal.When you receive health care, there is risk. Almost everything we do in healthcare carries pretty significant possibility of error or imperfect care. Some have attempted to quantify the impact of error in medicine. The common finding is that it’s a very big problem. In the hospital, errors happen about 3% of the time, and they are deadly about 6% to 13% of the time. AHRQ estimates that 1 in 8 Medicare patients in the United States experience medical error in a given hospitalization. In an outpatient setting, recommended treatments are followed only 55% of the time. There is a newish field of medicine to the rescue it is called patient safety. Organizations like CampaignZero and government bodies like AHRQ have identified some best practices to minimize medical error and maximize quality of care.The recurring theme is to take an active role. Communicate, a lot. Ask questions, question decisions, track events. Don't assume your health care team has seen your results or correctly acted on them. It can feel frighterning to ask questions but it is essential to keeping yourself safe. Healthcare providers need to make a welcoming environment, and some do this better than others.There is another kind of error that is seldom discussed or researched. It is failure to enact what is possible through behavior change. In many ways, the modern healthcare system is a hammer that looks to all of our health problems as nails that need hammering with tests, medications, and procedures. Lifestyle medicine practitioners observe that modern traditional healthcare systematically omits discussions on how profoundly beneficial behavior change can be, when done right. So I hope that in this discussion, Dr. Jennifer Myers and I are able give you some tools that can help you engage with it safely.

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7 Feb 2021

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105: Prison… A Path to Freedom with Jennifer Myers on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Change It Up Radio

For nearly everyone, the idea of incarceration would be life’s greatest nightmare. But for Jennifer Myers, it was the opening of the door to freedom. Upon her release, she vowed to make it different and better for other women going through incarceration. Join us to hear the incredible story of how Jennifer turned her tragedy into a triumph and how, through her non-profit, R.I.S.E. to Empower, is shining a light on the path to freedom for teenage girls and women newly released from prison. To Learn More About the Show, Visit: www.ChangeItUpRadio.com


9 May 2020

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Jennifer Myers: From Drug Trafficking & Prison to Advocacy and Empowerment

Curious with Jake Heilbrunn

Today’s guest is Jennifer Myers. Jennifer’s story is straight out of a Netflix series, especially if you’ve ever seen Narcos or Ozark. As a recent and innocent college grad, Jennifer soon found herself involved in one of the biggest Marijuana drug trafficking operations in the United States. After her wild journey of illegally moving millions of dollars of marijuana and eventually getting caught and being sentenced in prison, a new calling and life trajectory was being birthed.After Jennifer learned about our country’s massive incarceration problem, especially with nonviolent offenses, her passion to be an advocate for women in prison and youth with incarcerated parents led Jennifer to co-found R.I.S.E. to Empower, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls and women to make positive choices. Their work with at-risk, teen girls led to their program being accepted into San Diego U.S. Federal Probation’s reentry initiative, where they facilitate high-risk women recently released from Federal Prison.Jennifer is a TEDx Speaker, ghostwriter, federal prison consultant, and author of the award-winning memoir, “Trafficking the Good Life.” Jennifer is incredibly inspiring and I’m so excitd for you guys to hear this one. So without further ado, today’s episode with Jennifer Meyers. Show Notes / Links:Jennifer’s website: http://jennifermyers.co/Jennifer’s Nonprofit: http://www.risetoempower.org/Jennifer’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenmyers198/Jennifer’s Book: http://jennifermyers.co/book/Jennifer’s TEDx Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_myers_don_t_tell_me_what_you_did_wrong_tell_me_what_you_do_right_jan_201728:00 - What life is like in prison28:50 - The shame of being in prison and the human indecency 31:00 - sex and companionship in female prison 36:00 - what it’s like being freed from jail40:00 Why changing our sentencing policies are the key to changing nonviolent crime sentences


6 May 2020