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Squirt Citrus Soda with Alli Stark

Poppin' Bottles

Minnesota's own Alli Stark (Hitch*Cocktails, Trigger Happy),  stops by to celebrate The Summer of Citrus with Squirt Citrus Soda! She chats about secret societies, fancy pools, and the dangers of Whipped vodka. #NotRob raises an army and Josh plays basketball. Hopefully you can donate to Josh's ChiParks Marathon Fund!Alli-peritif aka The Stark Splash3 oz Aperol Liqueur1 oz Grapefruit Juice1 oz Lemon Juice1 oz Elderflower Liqueur5 oz Squirt Citrus Soda

1hr 19mins

22 Jul 2021

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Mortal Statebat Part 2 with Alli Stark


FLAWLESS VICTORY or STATELY FATALITY? Find out in this penultimate episode of Statesmen! We're joined by our first ever guest, and a fan favorite, Alli Stark! Who better to pose as an expert decider in the head-to-head matchups between states?! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will base a character solely on Hollywood facts and knowledge that will inevitably burn out 45 minutes into the pod? Listen now and find out! Find Alli HERE.  Find Tim HERE.  Find Stuart HERE.  Find Anthony HERE.  Find Camden HERE. 

1hr 39mins

27 Apr 2021

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State Toys with Alli Stark


Buzz? Woody? The Rest? Toys have held an indelible spot in American Culture since at least the release of Toy Story in 1995. In the decades since, some states have made the selection of an Official State Toy. Yet other boring states have refused to choose!  That's where the Statesmen come in! Joined this week by friend of the podcast and genuinely sweet human being, Alli Stark! We talk Toys, Boys, and dream of Deep Roy.  Listen up Statesmen Nation! 

1hr 36mins

21 Apr 2020

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Minnesota with Alli Stark


Elder Statesman Tim Ferrari and Junior Statesmen Anthony Rossi and Stuart Hicar explore the great state of Minnesota with Chicago comedian Alli Stark.

1hr 9mins

5 Nov 2018

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Chewing Gum with Alli Stark

Love / Hate

The passion. The rage. The spirit that went into today's topic, chosen by glorious improviser Alli Stark, is one for the books. For more Love Hate, visit www.lovehatepodcast.com


14 Mar 2018

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L: Sugar Jesus with Alli Stark

Our Father

@GlutenGiggles finds her calling in life.Priest: Padraic ConnellyConfessor: Alli Stark


21 Aug 2017

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CSI 91: Alli Stark & Brian Sullivan

Chicago Style Improv - thesaucelounge.com

DARIA. S3E4 "Depth Takes A Holiday". Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat some food and listen to CSI with Alli Stark and Brian Sullivan. Together we watched the teen classic, Daria. Scenes include: Chat Room Friends, Fashion Club, Powerpoint Presentation, Hair Mattress, and Family Thanksgiving.Follow on Twitter @CSIpodcastLike at www.facebook.com/csipodcastRate/subscribe/review on iTunes

1hr 4mins

25 Nov 2016

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CSI 68: Alli Stark & Spencer Kovacevich

Chicago Style Improv - thesaucelounge.com

HEY ARNOLD. S1E12 "Benchwarmer/Cool Jerk". Welcome CSI 68 where we watch Hey Arnold with the wonderful Alli Stark and Spencer Kovacevich. Scenes include: T-Pain's Robot, Poopy Basketball Players, Counting Matt, Stoop Kid, Doms & Mads, First Time on the Internet. Follow on Twitter @CSIpodcastLikeat www.facebook.com/csi podcastRate/subscribe/review on iTunes

1hr 10mins

17 Jun 2016

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CSI 44: Alli Stark & Jon Yelton

Chicago Style Improv - thesaucelounge.com

Happy New Year! There's not a better way to welcome 2016 than with your favorite podcast. Listen as Scott and Matt improvise with Alli Stark and Jon Yelton. Scenes include: Nutcracker musical, guilty tv pleasures, Alexander Hamilton, beatboxing class, high real estate agents. Follow Jon on instgram @Jolly_yelts and Twitter @JohnyeltonFollow on Twitter @CSIpodcastLike at www.facebook.com/csipodcastRate/subscribe/review on iTunes

1hr 22mins

1 Jan 2016

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CSI Podcast 39: Alli Stark & Ben Mendelson

Chicago Style Improv - thesaucelounge.com

Yes! CSI 39 is here! This week Scott and Matt are joined by the incredible Alli Stark and Ben Mendelson. Scenes include: bad kindergarten teacher, Chicago Bean vacation, Friends dying, Pamela's nums, rejection hotline, and a scene within a scene. Follow Alli on Instgram @haus_of_stark and Ben is too cool for social media.Follow on Twitter @CSIpodcastLike at www.facebook.com/csipodcastRate/subscribe/review on iTunes

1hr 25mins

27 Nov 2015