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David Maraniss, "Path Lit By Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe"

Madison BookBeat

Stu Levitan welcomes Madison’s favorite journalistic son, and his most frequent guest, David Maraniss. As proud Madisonians know, David grew up on the west side, the son of Capital Times editor Elliott Maraniss and University of Wisconsin Press editor Mary Cummins Maraniss, graduating from West High in 1967. To the rest of the world, he is a best-selling author and an associate editor at the Washington Post, where he won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting in 1993 for his coverage of presidential candidate Bill Clinton, and was part of the Post’s team that won the Pulitzer in 2008 for its coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting. Stu has had the pleasure of interviewing David about several of his bestselling books, most recently A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father, about the aforementioned Elliott. We’ve also aired conversations about his books Barack Obama: The Story, Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero; Once In A Great City: A Detroit Story; Rome 1960: The Summer Olympics that Changed the World, and the book that hits closest to home, They Marched Into Sunlight: Vietnam and America October 1967. Unfortunately, Stu didn’t have a show like this when he published When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi. Today, we’re going to do something different, and talk about a book that hasn’t even been published yet, because David has only just finished writing the main text, and this is the first public conversation he’s had about it. It’s another in his series of using sports to examine larger social issues – this time, the promise and plight of the American Indian in modern America, as exemplified by one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. The book is Path Lit By Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe, and you can look for it from Simon and Schuster late next summer. But before we talk about Jim Thorpe, we’re going to take a few moments to preview something that’s also very near and dear to David, the Cap Times Idea Fest, a week-long series of panels and interviews on reckoning with change that kicks off a week from tonight. As always, it is a great pleasure to welcome back to MBB, our friend, David Maraniss.

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6 Sep 2021

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#94 Author David Maraniss on Vince Lombardi: “Freedom Through Discipline.” (RCS1)

Sport and the Growing Good

In the first episode of our Running a Championship System (RCS) series, Pulitzer Prize winning writer and Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss joined us to discuss the life and leadership of Vince Lombardi. In this SGG episode, we discussed:1.  What David knew of Coach Lombardi before beginning the book project. “I wanted to study that tension between his traditionalism and the world that surrounded him.”2.  Lombardi’s relationship with the media.3.  “As a biographer, I’m a profound believer that the early years shape someone’s future in profound ways.”4.  “I don’t think you can overstate the influence that the Jesuits had on Lombardi as a leader.”5.  Freedom through discipline. “It’s only through putting in the hard work, of learning something in minute detail that you can then have the freedom to experiment off that.”6.  What David has learned from freedom through discipline: “It’s only by thoroughly learning the craft that you can have the freedom to improvise off of it.”7.  How Obama, Clemente, and Rafer Johnson were shaped by early experiences.8.  Readiness for leadership. “You can’t overestimate being totally prepared in terms of true leadership excellence.”9.  The precarious status of the Packers franchise prior to Lombardi’s arrival.10.  How Lombardi became a great teacher. “He taught in a way that didn’t assume anything…And he had a capacity to make complex things simpler, easier to grasp.”11.  Why Lombardi was “useless” on gamedays.12.  Lombardi as “master of the psychology of the moment.”13.  An observation on many great leaders – who are professionally successful but commonly struggle with family: “They’re much better at creating a group of leaders out of strangers than they are out of their own flesh and blood.”14.  Judging players’ performances in precise, specific ways.15.  Lombardi as a paradox.16.  A common sentiment among players regarding Lombardi: “On a daily basis, I hated the guy. But, overall, I loved him.”17.  Differences between Lombardi and Landry, who referred to Lombardi as “Mr. High-Low.”18.  Did Lombardi seek difference on his staff?19.  The limited coaching tree of Lombardi. “The Lombardi coaching tree is just this enormous oak tree and nothing could grow under it.”20.  The hidden jewel in the story of the Packers: Jack Vainisi, the general manager.21.  Lombardi’s sense of social equity and justice.22.  Stewardship and the Packers. “There’s a foundation of community pride.”23.  “He was proof that this little town in the Midwest could survive against LA and New York and everywhere else. And he gave them enormous pride. That’s part of that community spirit. But the paradox is that he also left because of that.”


16 Aug 2021

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42: David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Journalist

The Madisonian Podcast

David Maraniss is an incredible award winning journalist and author. He has written 12 incredible non fiction and biography works. He is an associate editor for The Washington Post and has dedicated his life to his work. Listen to hear about how he got into journalism, what the challenges and successes have been, and what he's working on now.  David Maraniss: davidmaraniss.com Nutkrack: nutkrack.com Our Website: themadisonianpodcast.com Merchandise: teespring.com/stores/themadisonianpodcast Music Credits: Voices by ASHUTOSH | https://soundcloud.com/grandakt Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US


26 Apr 2021

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Boomer talks with David Maraniss

Game Time with Boomer Esiason

Boomer talks baseball and football with two-time Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author David Maraniss.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Jan 2021

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David Maraniss, "A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Family"

Madison BookBeat

An encore presentation of a conversation with Madison’s own David Maraniss, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, associate editor for the Washington Post and best-selling author, about his latest book, A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father. The hour originally aired in May, 2019, when David appeared at the Wisconsin Book Festival, and was rebroadcast Nov. 16, 2020, to mark the publication of the paperback edition. David Maraniss has earned the sobriquet “Madison’s favorite journalistic son” because while he wasn’t born here, he did grow up here, West High class of 1967. That was because his father, Elliott Maraniss, was himself one of the city’s leading journalists as a reporter and editor for The Capital Times from 1957 to his retirement in 1982. But that is at the end of the story which David tells in A Good American Family, the very troubling and sadly still-relevant saga of how Elliott was blacklisted in 1952 when he was exposed as having been a member of the communist party, and what happened after. Among David's eleven earlier books - biographies of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Vince Lombardi and Roberto Clemente, and a trilogy of books about the 1960s - Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed The World; Once In A Great City: A Detroit Story, and They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America and Vietnam, October 1967. That book has special relevance for local listeners because it is the most comprehensive account of the events leading up to the protest against the Dow Chemical Company that month. Before we begin, two disclaimers. First, like almost everyone who has reviewed the book or interviewed the author, I’m pleased to say that David is a friend of mine and in fact while he doesn’t realize it, our connection goes back to 1956. Second, unlike everyone else who has reviewed the book or interviewed David, I worked for Elliott at the Capital Times, as the Washington correspondent and then general assignment reporter from the summer of 1975 to the fall of 1977, when I quit the paper to support of the strike by the production unions. We'll get to that at the end of the hour.


16 Nov 2020

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#23: David Maraniss - "Barack Obama: The Story"

Axelbank Reports History and Today

This episode is the perfect companion to Barack Obama's new autobiography, "A Promised Land." We talk with one of America's greatest writers, David Maraniss, about his stunning biography of Barack Obama. "The Story," explores not only Obama's early years, but his background that makes him the quintessential American. Maraniss argues that Obama's upbringing left him yearning for stability and for an answer to the question: Who am I? His biography traces both sides of Obama's family. How did a suicide in a Topeka garage lead the Dunhams on a westward journey that would eventually take them all the way to Hawaii? How did Barack Obama's dad wind up there at the same time his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was studying there? Why is there a slab of concrete near Barack Obama's high school with the word, "OBAMA" etched in it? Maraniss also explains the future president's journeys to Jakarta and Kenya. To understand Obama is to understand the remarkable, against-all-odds journey he has been on.Maraniss is available on Twitter @davidmaraniss. His website is davidmaraniss.com.Axelbank Reports History and Today is available on Twitter and Instagram @axelbankhistoryWe do want to invite listeners to our Patreon page, to ask for your support in keeping the show going, which is www.patreon.com/axelbankhistory

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16 Nov 2020

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Episode 054. Learn From the Lives of Leaders with Pulitzer Prize Winner David Maraniss

Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin

David Maraniss has been covering leaders for decades. He’s written a dozen books including biographies of Bill Clinton, Vince Lombardi, Roberto Clemente, and Barack Obama. He’s won two Pulitzer prizes and was a finalist for three others. Join us in the Leadership Lab as we talk about building trust, freedom through discipline, and what he’s learned from studying leaders throughout the course of his career. Sign up for our newsletter at leddingroup.com/newslettersignup to get the latest articles, videos, and updates from Dr. Leddin and Leddin Group.


19 Aug 2020

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Episode 423: David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author and Journalist

Writer's Bone

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist David Maraniss joins Daniel Ford for a conversation about his career, his book A Good American Family, and Ink In Our Blood, the podcast he hosts with Sarah Maraniss Vander Schaaff and Andrew Maraniss. To learn more about David Maraniss, visit his official website, like his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Today’s episode is sponsored by Libro.fm and OneRoom.


17 May 2020

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Ep. 34: David Maraniss on What Does It Mean to be a "Real American"....And Who Gets to Decide?

The Truth Report with Chauncey DeVega

David Maraniss is an associate editor at the Washington Post and the author of many books, including bestselling biographies of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Roberto Clemente and Vince Lombardi. Maraniss's new book, A Good American Family, is clearly his most personal. It explores the life and experiences of his father, the journalist Elliott Maraniss, who stood up for civil liberties and human rights against the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and its agents during the McCarthy period of the 1950s. David Maraniss has won the the Pulitzer Prize for journalism twice and was a finalist on three other occasions. In this conversation, David Maraniss reflects on Donald Trump and the threat he represents to the American presidency as an institution. Maraniss also explains how Barack Obama's idealism and assumptions about the reasonableness and intelligence of other people left him unprepared for the rise of Trump and for the way Republicans have jettisoned norms of political civility and respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. And Maraniss also shares what he learned from his father's life of principle and courage and its lessons for a United States where truth itself is being assaulted by Fox News and the right-wing disinformation machine. WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME? On Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaunceydevega On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chauncey.devega My email: chaunceydevega@gmail.com Leave a voicemail for The Truth Report: (262) 864-0154 HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE TRUTH REPORT? Via Paypal at ChaunceyDeVega.com Music at the end of this week's episode of The Truth Report is by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. You can listen to some of their great music on Spotify.


3 Jan 2020

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Pulitzer Winner David Maraniss On His Father and The Red Scare

The Bill Press Pod

Maraniss, biographer of Obama, Clinton, Gore and Gingrich, reveals the damage The Red Scare did to his family and the country in his new book, "A Good American Family."See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


3 Dec 2019