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Hour 3: Flores Lawsuit update, Mike Bridges got snubbed!!! RapSheet, LLH

The Drive with Jody Oehler

Brian Flores lawsuit update - Stephen Ross discipline for "$100,000" bribe for losing? NBA All-Star Snubs!!! Mikal Bridges should be in, Cincinnati Bengals dedicating Super Bowl for Harambe, the gorilla. Like it / Love it / Hate it


4 Feb 2022

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#1259 Music by Believe Over Hope, Puremetric, Ayla Nereo, Laura Goldman Weinberg, Mike Bridges feat Sydney Devoe, Koko Conley, Helen Zenzer, Siquoyia Blue, Nicholas Ranalli, Jane Critchlow with John Jordan

Women of Substance Music Podcast

To get live links to the music we play and resources we offer, visit This show includes the following songs: Believe Over Hope - Dark Valentine  Puremetric - I'm Your Truth   Ayla Nereo - Take it Slow  Laura Goldman Weinberg - Hold Tight To Your Dreams   Mike Bridges feat Sydney Devoe - Moved On  Koko Conley - Someday We'll All Be Free  Helen Zenzer - We're Not Together Anymore  Siquoyia Blue - Player Hater  Nicholas Ranalli - You're The One For Me  Jane Critchlow with John Jordan - Watch Your Worlds  For Music Biz Resources Visit and Visit our Sponsor Sara-Mae Dafoe at Visit our Sponsor Mike Bridges at Visit our Sponsor Patti Cole at Visit our Sponsor Bandzoogle at:


16 Jul 2021

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236 - How the Distribution Game is Played with Mike Bridges

Bourbon Pursuit

It’s the topic everyone loves to hear about, but hardly anyone is willing to talk about. And that’s the inside secrets of distribution. Distributors “hold all the chips” so it’s time we find out how deals are made. We sit down with Mike Bridges, who owns Jack's Liquor Beer Wine in Fremont, Nebraska and was once a rep for Nebraska Wine and Spirits which was later purchased by Republic. He talks about what really happens behind those closed doors, who gets allocations (high volume stores vs small mom and pop shops), and consumer frustrations. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this one.Show Notes: This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about the smoked grain debate. How did you get into bourbon? Tell us about your time in the food and beverage industry. How did you transition into a distributor position? What was the distributor called at that time? How do allocations work? Is there any transparency between the rep and the business? Do they tell you how you can get the allocated items? What motivates a distributor to sell products? How do distributors spend money to get retailers to carry products? Talk about high volume retailers vs mom and pop retailers. Do your distributors take price gouging seriously? How much blame are you putting on the distillers for not getting allocated items? Are they using the distributors to take the blame? Would a distributor advise a brand to raise a price? Do stores ever do favors for distributors in order to get allocated items? What would be a better system? Are allocations really down every year? How has your view changed as a retailer now?

1hr 23mins

16 Jan 2020

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What Mike Bridges (strongest man pound for pound) taught me that the Soviets and Bulgarians did not!

Dr. Fred Clary's Podcast

The Soviets and Bulgarians have established the best strength and power training methods  by research and results for decades.  These methods have been adopted by Westerners since the fall of the Iron Curtain. But Mike Bridges, a 180 pound power-lifter, who in the late 70s and early 80s was lifting more than National champions 100-200 pounds heavier in body-weight, taught me a few valuable lessons about Sport Specific Training. 


23 Nov 2019

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Episode: 035 - Mike Bridges

The Spodcast: A Carp Angling Podcast

A great in depth chat with Mike Bridges, discussing his current fishing, mental health and some interesting projects he's been a part of.


3 Jul 2019

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Episode: 009 - Mike Bridges

The Spodcast: A Carp Angling Podcast


12 Sep 2018

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Mike Bridges

Gaming With Gage

Welcome back to the Gaming With Gage, your podcast for roleplaying games and the periphery.Thank you for being here!This week I had the chance to talk with Mike Bridges of Greyhawkery, Gamerstable and Big 20. Mike has been playing and running RPGs for over 30 years and is one of the best resources for all things Greyhawk. We chat about Greyhawk, running games and some of the ways the community has changed. Mike’s podcast Gamerstable has kickstarter running so if you like what they’re doing, please head over and check them out.This episode was actually a suggestion from a listener. If you have great ideas for topics or guests you can reach out to us on Our Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord!Please subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes and AndroidSubscribe on Apple PodcastSubscribe on AndroidNow let’s jump into our chat with Mike Bridges


23 Jul 2018