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My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Songs Gone Wrong

Drew and Bak discuss this 90s monster hit My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. They briefly discuss the 90s blockbuster Titanic and Drew talks about his senior prom that he would just like to forget. Website: Songsgonewrong.com Twitter: @SongsGone IG: @SongsGone Email: sgwpodcast@gmail.com  


19 Feb 2021

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Celine Dion's My Story, My Dream (with Stephanie Beatriz)

Celebrity Book Club with Chelsea Devantez

Chelsea and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99, In the Heights) uncover the makings of a true — and truly unique — diva with Celine Dion's memoir, My Story, My Dream. Visit Chelsea's Instagram for pictures and stories from the memoirs featured on the show.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 25mins

29 Jan 2021

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War Songs: Celine Dion? (Thor)

WarPorn Podcast

Our wildest episode yet, as we answer unpack the story of why Pat associates Celine Dion with the Afghanistan war. This week the WarPorn crew tackled yet another Marvel movie. Thor.  A movie about warrior gods learning humility on earth, we found quite a bit to unpack. Join us for all the goofs, complaints about dutch angles, as we answer the question... Is this WarPorn?

3hr 32mins

27 Jan 2021

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218 – Jason Priestley Chats ‘Private Eyes’, The Guy Who Changed His Name To Celine Dion & The Music On ‘Bridgerton’!

Roz & Mocha

What's the most popular season?  Well, the voting on this was a lot closer than we thought it would be . . .Over 68,000 people online were asked to name their favorite season.  And it's basically a three-way tie. The North West Territories is finally getting daylight again, but only 44 minutes, we called them to see how they will be spending those moments. A guy named Thomas Dodd got so drunk that he changed his name to Celine Dion, we chat with him to see what he remembers from that drunken night. Everyone is loving the Netflix show “Bridgerton” plus they turned popular songs into orchestral period songs, lets see how well Mocha does with guessing them. Plus, our good friend Jason Priestley joins us about a possible ‘90210’ reboot, knowing Alex Trebek and the new season of “Private Eyes”.

2hr 32mins

11 Jan 2021

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Milly Bobbi Brown And Celine Dion Are Basically The Same Person

Nerdy Legion

After a short hiatus, Nick and Martin are back with so much to discuss, we bring you an oversized 3.5 hour episode. No this isn't Geek Brunch, silly, it's the Nerdy Legion...you know, Geek Brunch's nonsensical twin cousin (yup). On this episode, Martin wraps up CBS' Evil, Nick has some incredible documentaries including The Con, Inside The Edge, and Wild Card. Martin then takes Nick To The Lake, an excellent Russian series that may hit a little close to home, plus, we talk about time travelling immortals, Vikings riding wolves, Vikings drinking pee, video games, and so much more! Thanks for listening!You can support this show by visiting our merch store, directly through Patreon, or by leaving us an Apple Podcasts review.

3hr 20mins

13 Nov 2020

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EP468: Sarah's Karma, White Paint, & Celine Dion

The Brain Candy Podcast

Today we find out why Sarah's apartment is reminding us of Celine Dion. Sarah is preemptively mourning the death of her dog. We hear about Sarah scratching someone's car, & her decision to do the right thing, but she wonders if she is being punished anyway by the universe. We learn how Sarah is a genius at putting together furniture. We discuss why watching people clean technology might be a new TikTok trend that Susie & Sarah are into. Scientists found a new color, & it could save the world. Plus, we hear why a new grid could help you decide what's for dinner.


9 Nov 2020

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TRACK 2: "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion

My 90s Playlist

You have only one shot at the second track, so go with the song recorded in only one take. We have a lot to say about our favorite Diva to the North and IIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEIIIIIII think you’ll like this episode. Credits - Hosts: Tracy Clayton and Akoto Ofori-Atta - Lead Producer: Eric Silver - Editor: Brandon Grugle - Executive Producers: Amanda McLoughlin and Tracy Clayton - Produced by: Multitude & Sony Music Find Us Online - Website: my90splaylist.com - Twitter: twitter.com/sonypodcasts - Instagram: instagram.com/sonypodcasts - Facebook: facebook.com/sonypodcasts About The Show The 90s are back in so many ways, but our favorite tracks never left. My 90s Playlist breaks down why we love the hits of the 90s so much, what made our favorite songs so popular back then, and why we are so nostalgic for them now. Throughout the season, our hosts Tracy Clayton and Akoto Ofori-Atta will celebrate their picks for a quintessential 90s playlist and explore the work of Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, A Tribe Called Quest and more! Track Info Track Name: My Heart Will Go On Artist: Celine Dion Album: Let’s Talk about Love and Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture Written By: James Horner and Will Jennings Produced By: Walter Afanasieff, James Horner and Simon Franglen Topics Discussed Divas, VH1’s Divas Live!, James Horner, One Take, Movie Soundtracks, The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston, media conglomeration, Jerry Maguire, Fight the Power, Beauty and the Beast, I Will Always Love You, Lose Yourself Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Oct 2020

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#78: Harper Fancies Herself the Celine Dion of Lesfic

Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

We’re recording this episode on the launch day of A Breathless Place, and Harper is feeling the stress. The book is out, at last; all info can be found here.  We finished Scott & Bailey. The last season was not as good as the rest, but we do have a question for any listeners from the Manchester, UK area (which we can’t write down here for SEO reasons.) Most movies we’ve watched lately have been romcoms, but there aren’t many that can measure up to our all-time favourite: When Harry Met Sally. We’ll also leave squid out of our meals for the foreseeable future, thanks to a Netflix documentary.Tune in again next week for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs. Get in touch with us with your questions, comments or suggested topics at harperblissandhermrs@gmail.com.  Get some free books by subscribing to the Harper Bliss mailing list. For more on Harper Bliss visit www.harperbliss.com


24 Sep 2020

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Drag Race Canada Ep5 - Snatch Game and Celine Dion

United Queendom Podcast

We LOVE this episode almost as much as Jeffrey Bower Chapman loves to shade the queens. Amazing reading challenge, iconic Snatch Game, Queen Celine and THAT lip sync. OK, Canada. You did it. We have no choice but to stan.Available on BBC Three/iPlayer.SPONSORED BY KU BAR, SOHO, LONDON www.ku-bar.co.uk www.instagram.com/unitedqueendompodcast www.instagram.com/samdowlertime www.twitter.com/samdowler www.podtail.com/podcast/united-queendom-podcast/ https://open.spotify.com/show/0TDLmRw2eSeYCtODoZxjyR(Contains Explicit Content)

1hr 1min

3 Aug 2020

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Montrealaise- What does Celine Dion mean for Quebec?


Hello!!! This episode of Montrealaise features guest and Celine-lover Sophie Moreau. Denise and Sophie chronicle the life of Celine from humble beginnings to international stardom. Topics discussed include her relationship to Rene Angelil, her children, her Felix award controversy, her role in Quebec politics and ultimately, and her place as the Queen of Quebec. What does Celine Dion represent for Montreal, Quebec and Canada?  Sophie's playlist: https://music.apple.com/ca/playlist/queen-queb/pl.u-RRbVvBNs3ZoDl6?fbclid=IwAR1-goMHYYHj7s088o38xYBK2-fC3m5ixNuJm4LkP09khcRMQWg6A47vbSM (Available on Spotify and Apple Music)--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/montrealaisepodcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/montrealaisepodcast/support


9 Jul 2020